Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Amberstone Ct., 40, No. K-Susan Jones to Catherine Claire Davis, $205,000.

Beach Dr., 605-Jacqueline and Stanley Biess to Stanley J. Samorajczyk, $633,109.

Blackwalnut Ct., 1311-Brendan M. and Alexis R. Curley to Jamie and Henry Fawell, $460,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 706-Andrew and Kinkley R. Bray to Bradley T. Senn, $585,000.

Edgewood Green Ct., 16-Linda L. Nolan to Geoffrey M. and Carol Lawton Christhilf, $255,000.

Hull Ave., 27-Kathleen A. Bove to Padraig I.J. Burns, $465,000.

King James Landing Rd., 936, No. 20-James A. and Geraldine H. Williams to Ernest E. and Patricia Chance, $425,000.

Mainsail Dr., 1127-Beverly Frances Veit and Jenienne M. Fagan to Kathryn C. and Ridgway N. Mills, $482,000.

President St., 196-Kristin Yakimow to Peter and Karen Weiler, $635,000.

Quiet Waters Pl., 160-Bouland & Brush Corp. to James C. and Brooke E. Smith, $2.8 million.

Summerfield Dr., 71-James W. and Doreen F. Skillen to Jillian Hess Johnson Wright and Danalo Ellis Wright, $300,000.

Washington Dr., 1301-Pride Homes Corp. to Ryan G. Barney and Candyce E. Kimmel, $374,000.


Astern Way, 930-Jean Pope and John V. and Anna F. Sullivan Trust to Andrea L. Robinson, $225,000.

Berth Terr., 2816-Janice M. Hamer and Rebecca A. Mitchell to Richard J. Palleschi, $215,000.

Boyds Cove Ct., 203-Patrick Bryan Ullrich and Laura Margaret Bichell to Robert G. Johnson and Karen M. White, $790,000.

Carraway Lane, 108-Spa Gate Corp. to Spencer and Rachel Temkin, $553,000.

Compass Dr., 2624-Richard J. and Barbara J. Muller to Rudolph P. and Marla C. Mieriseh, $290,000.

Cunningham Hole Rd., 2680-Sandra K. Pertica to R. Whaley, $288,800.

Fairglen Lane, 613-Paul T. and Susan J. Gilbert to House Buyers of America Inc., $250,000.

Halsey Rd., 292-Benjamin A. Coker and John E. Coker to John Leupold and Alessandra Schneider, $402,000.

Homeland Ave. S., 130-Granstan Properties Corp. to Jonathan I. Lange and Loree A. Benziger, $675,000.

Market St., 83-C. Cantey to Joanne and Herman L. Seedorf, $1.28 million.

Misty Ridge Cove, 2580, No. 69-Carol Reeves and estate of Gloria F. Rothgeb to Donna K. Porricelli, $266,900.

Murray Ave., 32-Andrew and Anne Lessard to Samuel and Joyce Blick, $719,000.

Pearson Point Pl., 703-Ziad E. Batrouni and Michelle M. Decere to Matthew and Mindi Nader, $638,500.

Ritchie Lane, 1562-Matthew and Marguerite Jahns to Chantal Guedon, $360,000.

Seasons Way, 2803-Kathleen M. Reddy Smith and Thomas J. Smith Jr. to Timothy J., John F. and Margaret McCloskey, $344,000.

Valley Rd., 1988-Frank A. and Eleanor H. Dorbert to Kari G. Champlin, $435,000.


Friar Tuck Hill, 124B-Derek and Karen Ann Coss to John Arscott, $1.6 million.


Broadwater Rd., 308-Christine A. Parks and Rebecca Cable to Jason W. Doyle, $299,000.

Jones Station Rd., 1426-Joel Seth and Chester Mark Wright to Louis Anthony and Cynthia Palmer Etgen, $300,000.

Quail Run Ct., 657-Patricia M. Newman to Kevin and Lisa Gattie, $585,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 434-Gerald Herson to Jason and Megan Geist, $550,000.

Summerwood Ct., 1209, No. 97-Patrick Kristie and estate of Maureen M. Kristie to Marlene Zapata, $150,000.

Wilson Rd., 851-Ann Marie Owens to 2011 City Properties Corp., $163,164.


Cortez Rd., 4317-Daniel N. Coleman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $76,500.

Moore St., 5710A-Melody G. Drum to Sharon L. Frederick, $223,000.

Phillips St., 5715-Cynthia M. Hamill to Martin Fritz Dimaandal, $212,500.

Fourth St., 5300-Michael D. Hardman to Federal National Mortgage Association, $109,000.


Broadmoor Dr., 706-Keegan Mills to Michael J. and Megan A. Long, $320,000.

Holly Dr. N., 782-Charles D. and Darlene P. Mansur to Thomas E. Clinch, $2.02 million.

Mount Alban Dr., 716-Elaine J. Thompson to House Two Corp., $130,000.

Puritan Pl., 240-Per E. and Andrea M. Anderson to Joseph R. and Marion D. Brenner, $745,000.

Shadyside Ct., 1010-David L. Purdy and Jessica L. Durosky to Barry F. and Brynn E. Treloar, $265,000.

Sun Valley Dr., 1066-Janis Dorward to Adam P. and Christina M. Kiser, $280,000.

Woodview Ct., 330-Paige A. Smith to Allison Dehenzel, $239,900.


Harbor Way, 1122-Jack R. and Patricia A. Wade to Heather Lynn Hirstius and Jason Teitelbaum, $275,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1712, No. 10G-David M. and Ashley Lilly to Brittany Nicole Weinstein, $210,000.

Cambridge Dr., 1904, No. 46-Joseph B. Welsh to Barbara Szczepanik, $249,950.

Danewood Ct., 1544-HSBC Bank to Victoria N. Chambers, $218,000.

Flatwood Ct., 1460-U.S. Bank National Association to Sally Luttrell Hinds, $191,000.

Higher Ct., 2104-Tracy M. Allcock and Heather C. Allcock to Brett Gregorie and Meredith L. Bujac, $506,000.

Josef Ct., 2802-Mark A. and Debra J. Gilkey to Robert M. and Laura B. Dailey, $570,100.

Manomet Ct., 2331-Ronald J. and Kathleen R. Walsh to Jeremy and Lynn Parmentier, $325,000.

Nantucket Dr., 2461-Rachel E. Ash to Justin Allen Wyman and Shannon Nicole Spero, $239,900.

Rochester St., 1764-Timothy J. and Karin O. Madden to Derrick L. and Kamianne Boyd, $580,000.

Swinburne Ave., 1701-Margaret K. and William H. Burke to Timothy C. and Lindsay J. Robinson, $438,100.

Yorktown Ct., 1680-Stephanie A. Kopin to Francis Xavier Jahn IV and Laura Ellen Dunaj, $240,000.


Sunrise Beach Rd., 1260-Cheryl R. Diggs and Joanne Diggs to Mustafa Kazzalbach, $195,900.


Siske Rd., 1008-Walter D. and Evelyn J. Miller to Michael A. Viles, $315,000.


Central Ave. W., 413-Emily Ahlstrom/Douglas to Michael L. and Stacey E. Fletcher, $385,000.

St. George Barber Rd., 985-Gordon J. and Merritt Ringer to Jeffrey A. and Jacqulyn G. Schneider, $580,000.


Flood Ave., 5940-Blake L. Waters to Gregory L. and Mary C. Hartley, $275,000.


Braxton Way, 272-Julie E. Shank Obringer to Melvin L., Laura R. and Catherine S. Bach, $354,900.

Colony Point Pl., 3802-Darryle C. Hall to Rita K. Custer, $319,000.

Glebe Meadow Way, 3757-Paul E. and Erin W. Jones to Bradford W. and Clarissa Wagner Baker, $395,000.

Old Trail Rd., 3563-Arthur D. and Dorianne A. Meloy to Dirk D. Haire, $1.32 million.


Aquinas Dr., 1905-Keith J. Hayden Jr. and Mary J. Raimondo Hayden to Christopher W. and Michelle Washburn, $695,000.

Summer Hill Dr., 989-William B. Aumiller Jr. to Melissa L. Doelle, $315,000.


Baltimore Ave. SW, 203-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kenny and Leah Porritt, $174,750.

Braden Loop, 1424-Rae J. and Frederick A. Miller to Zachary M. Riser, $299,000.

Georgia Ave. NW, 18-Eric C. Foster and Thomas B. Foster to James E. Rutledge, $359,000.

Heather Stone Way, 135-Danielle Bell and Cass Bell to Kyle Allen, $155,000.

Kelso Dr., 1005-Federal National Mortgage Association to Monico Coronado, $68,000.

Magnolia Rd., 410-Pamela A. Smith and estate of Shirley J. Thomas to Stephanie A. Smitherman and Spencer E. Tatte, $208,000.

Oak Lane SW, 212-Kristen L. Merkel to Janice L. Greever, $259,900.

Tieman Dr., 1537-Joanna K. Fuller to Roger L. Dasher, Joseph R. Cox and Anne B. Cox, $235,000.

11th Ave. NW, 14-Triple L Construction Corp. to Robert Dennis Fox, $240,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7817-Florence P. and Edwin D. Macomber to House Buyers of America Inc., $90,000.

Buskin Lane, 6601-Oladele O. Ogunsuyi to Tomika Haynes, $240,500.

Elias Way, 726-Erik Leo Melanson to Stephanie L. Henze, $229,900.

Hammarlee Rd., 233-Rock H. and Kara A. Wills to Gary Postell, $699,000.

Kent Cir., 405-Michael S. and Joyce N. Gering to Julie M. Young, $195,000.

Louise Terr., 154-Boo J. Cho to Donald Ackley and Racheal Lysher, $200,000.

Meadow Dr. N., 141-Winifred A. Murphy to Jill Windsor, $144,900.

Oriole Ave., 835-Everett N. and Teresa L. Nichols to Tessania Alston, $325,000.

Seagrove Rd., 810-Deutsche Bank Co. to Vernon and Gretchen Leimbach, $139,549.

Stone Haven Dr., 8014-Ramon Thompson and Randi Thompson to Megan Nicole Randolph and Brandon Thomas Maas, $289,000.


Elmcrest Rd., 7623-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve No. 10a Corp. to Warren Page, $428,865.

Pinyon Rd., 7723-Stephen P. and Mary K. Tedeschi to Edward D. and Karen L. Melby, $275,000.

Suffolk Way, 7717-Samuel J. and Mercy P. Jackson to Christopher M. Riley and Elizabeth J. Alexander, $540,000.


Sands Rd., 4753-Harold Murnane to Bryan and Tina R. Funk, $319,000.


Cokeland S., 343-Miguel Guevara to David Y. Chen and Ruihua Bao, $184,600.

Ellerton S., 340-Jason A. and Stephanie S. Wright to Carlos H. Marroquin, Roxsana C. Sandoval and Henry A. Morales, $265,000.

Lunar Ct., 3105-Mark Rosenberg and Sally A. Moore to May L. Samonte, $325,000.

River Bend Ct., 3103, No. A203-Anne Y. Corley to Aaron L. Ziegler, $175,000.


Greenwood Rd., 310-Dawn Elaine and James S. Potter to Robert E. Frost, $405,000.

Lynvue Rd., 905-Federal Natonal Mortgage Association to Brandi Burkhardt, $160,000.


Bayard Rd., 1051-Denise R. and Gregory P. McMillian to George R. Foulke Jr., $500,000.

Rapidan Ct., 5414-Joseph A. and Cynthia Govan Hauser to Elizabeth A. O’Brien, $745,000.


Courtland Manor Rd., 907-Robert E. and Karyn M. Butler to Daniel Ian Kelley and Lourdes F. Aguilar Saballos, $510,000.

Finnegan Dr., 257-Kirk D. and Laura E. Lynn to Vincent and Riitu M. Sachdev, $812,500.

Kirkwood Rd., 311-Kyden W. and Julie A. Floyd to Bret A. and Emily L. Viguers, $575,000.

Victoria Rd., 8246-RMG Investments Inc. to Eileen P. Keck and T. Lynn Cahoon, $299,999.


Barred Owl Way, 2622-Teresa Lafourcade to Daniel E. and Marlene Baldwin, $320,000.

Clarion Ct., 2607, No. 402-Francesca Evans to Nancy Nicholson, $208,000.

Eastridge Cir., 132-Amanda Anne Kohne to Mark G. Logico and Josephine Antoinette C. Logico, $280,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8610-Debra C. Ingel to Pamela L. Garland, $230,000.

Hallock Dr., 1307-William and Lorraine Selway to Marina Abell, $155,500.

Maple Ridge Lane, 551-Wanda G. Burton and estate of Calvin A. Burton to Jerry D. Arnold and Denise L. Boseck, $299,000.

Orchard Overlook, 700, No. 304-Maureen B. Smith and W.F. Sparks to Melanie D. Frailer, $207,000.

Samantha Lane, 1009, No. 304-Federal National Mortgage Association to Helen and Jay Yoo, $209,000.

Settlers View Dr., 2854-Margaret Foster to Allan Patrizi and Fany B. Rios Rivas, $327,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8615, No. 307-John P. and Helen T. Devine to Linda G. Leek, $275,000.


Cedarlea Dr., 5163-Ashley N. Weaver to Jordan A. and Jannelle C. Black, $439,000.


Abbey Ct., 8034, No. G-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Renee R. Smith, $100,000.

Bay Dr., 8429-Deborah Clark and estate of Kenneth Hall Stevens to Jamie M. Anderson, $248,000.

Brickwall Lane, 3579-Thomas L. Davis Jr. and Melissa M. Wallace to Walter J. Glinowieck Jr., $185,000.

Cedrela Dr., 7800-Peter C. and Tracey D. Pasqualini to Steven W. and Eva C. Nettleton, $455,650.

Dale Rd., 214-Karen Marie Shepke and the estate of Ronald J. Jensen to Timothy Peek, $188,100.

Dorshire Ct., 3617, No. 34-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Brittany Suller, $131,000.

Elizabeth Rd., 8008-Lighthouse Baptist Church of Pasadena to Ameri Star Homes of Elizabeth Place Inc., $240,000.

Hamburg Ave. W., 93-U.S. Bank to Rashpal and Jasbir Kaur Singh, $336,400.

Irene Ave., 190-Steve and Joann Catramados to Scott J., Sara R. and Gary J. Roberts, $392,000.

Littleton Way, 3397, No. 4L-Catherine C. Woods and Merry K. Woods to Diane M. Klasmeyer, $153,000.

Marble Arch Dr., 3429-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Stephanie Johnson, $235,000.

Milburn Cir., 17-Theodore Walter and Edith F. Synowka to David Darick, $395,000.

Patapsco Rd., 8280-Frederick J. Martin Jr. to William H. and Tanka T. Bowman, $785,500.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 2019-John H. Serra Sr. to William E. and Viola L. Cook, $440,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7746-Nicholas J. Mashinsi and Elisabeth A. Smith to Matthew and Alyssa Horne, $541,000.

Ventnor Rd., 8125-George R. Lopez to MSF Reo II Corp., $425,000.

Wellesley Ct., 7900-Kevin M. and Tiffany S. Franc to Barbara H. Riddle, $155,000.


Breckenridge Cir., 1274-Jeffrey A. Rindin and Kimann Fandetti to Jeremy G. and Brooke L. Greilsheimer, $400,000.

Solway Ct., 254-John W. Dewey to John E. and Katherine K. Schietz, $571,000.


Battersea Pl., 8013-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to James Wade Trapp Jr. and Felecia Alana Ramsey, $594,454.

Dicus Mill Rd., 1441-Charles D. Kane to Jim B. and Rebecca Batts Legg, $575,000.

Lexington Dr., 8216-John Charles and Shannon Nicole Shiffrin to Jeremy Scott and Allison D. Sellick, $359,000.

Provincial Lane, 1556-Robert J. and Natasha J. Green to El Rita Ewing Cook Harmeling and Jay Scott Harmeling, $375,000.

Severn Tree Blvd., 7883-James Wade Trapp Jr. to Felecia E. McInnis, $440,000.

Virginia Ave. W., 123-Donald M. and Diane Naomi Onks to William J. and Mary Margaret Bickhart, $308,000.


Ben Oaks Dr. W., 404-Michael A. Zampi to Harry B. and Carol W. Jones, $844,000.

Cindy Ct., 6-Brian J. Lawton to Kimberly L. and Daniel Reid Bloomfield, $380,000.

Emerson Rd., 34-Sue Winterfeld to Amy Chesser Lewis, $465,000.

Holly Rd., 47-Peter A.S. Pfeiffer and the estate of Peggy A. Pfeiffer to Thomas A. and Marcia L. Rickloff, $329,500.

Kensington Ave., 666-William G. Beavers to Robert A. Bickel, $440,000.

London Lane, 480-Nancy W. Greene to Matthew J. and Jessica A. Peterson, $552,500.

Marba Rd., 360-Mark D. and Marilyn B. Meyerson to Tina M. and Eric R. Larson, $579,000.

Point Somerset Lane, 86-Steven M. and Allyson P. Grames to David E. Kiddney and Vanessa M. Garnett, $599,000.

Riggs Ave., 210-John M. and Ottillie C. Habercam to Kirk D. and Laura E. Lynn, $690,000.

St. Martins Lane, 542-Richard E. Croissant and Croissant Family Revocable Trust to Robert Thomas Blizzard, $310,000.

Thomas Way, 632-Brian W. and Kristi L. Parsons to Donald A. Worm Jr., $449,900.

Wye Oak Ct., 132-Sean T. and Anastasia T. Prigge to Deanna R. Fuchs, $360,000.


Hawthorne St., 1248-Pegasus Home Corp. to Amie E. Crwford, $145,000.

Lerch Dr., 4917-Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas Ale, $108,200.


Shore Lane, 6214-Diane F.M. Grant to Mary Ellen Srnecz, $300,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Deer Trail Ct., 2808-Thomas A. and Susan E. Kujawa to Prashant Raghavan and Sripriya Sundararajan, $710,000.

Dunes Dr., 3100-Debra and Aaron D. Phelps to John J. and Melissa Glover, $600,000.

Fairway Dr., 10200-Richard C. and Harriet A. Williams to Xin He and Qiongman Kong, $502,000.

Frederick Rd., 9218-Roy Yongkuk Kim and Palwole Jang to Han C. Lee and Christopher W. Chiu, $485,000.

Helmwood Ct., 9861-Adrian D. and Kathleen Zeh to Timothy E. and Karen C. Capelle, $527,500.

Lucys Overlook Way, 9101-NVR Inc. to Laurie H. and Floyd Q. Roberts, $654,815.

Millbrook Rd., 9314-Patrick Wedeking to Courtney E. Wagner, $425,000.

Pans Spring Ct., 12336-Herbert J. Arnold and Robert M. Titelman to Obibobi and Adora E. Ndu, $615,000.

Route 99, 9321-Henry R. and Casey L. Shoemaker to Nicole I. and Jason A. Walend, $515,000.

Terra Maria Way, 3019-Thomas J. and Heather B. Faucher to Denise C. Geiger, $645,000.

Whitworth Way, 9940-Jeffrey E. and Elaine A. Letzkus to Mark A. and Krista Story Newgent, $639,000.


Chamblis Dr., 5654-Eugene J. Cyprych and Sherry L. Valente to Kenneth and Diane Wesche, $745,000.

Erin Dr., 6408-Ling Yin to Hua Di and Mei Li, $661,600.

Highland Rd., 13575-Charles E. and Mary Ellen Williams to Veitl and Valerie Wirth, $440,000.

Sandy Creek Ct., 6905-Stone Financing Corp. to Kuan Hua Chen and Michelle Ihsiu Lin, $655,500.

Western Star Run, 6448-Joel Aronchick and Wendy B. Abramson to Jose Miguel Guzman Molina and Monica A. Villarreal Martinez, $722,000.


Black Star Cir., 8564-Gary and Gina Zeppetella to Robert L. Blackwell and Maria S. Cabell Blackwell, $290,000.

Curtis Dr., 9250-Mohammad Tajaddini and Mojgan Setarehdan to Wade Carpenter and Maryann Delgado Wilson, $475,000.

Deep River Canyon, 6255-Adli M. and Lubna A. Merchant to Christopher and Talia Lucernoni, $334,000.

Farewell Rd., 9538-Jeffrey B. Jollie to Shannon Brady, $295,000.

Hickory Limb, 9423-Gary W. Loudermilk to Nina K. Dix, $190,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7188-Kathleen M. and Jan R. Schweinfurth to Erin R. Griffith, $296,000.

Pigeonwing Pl., 9250-Rennae L. Cager to Ehsan Falsafi, $305,000.

Silver Arrows Way, 6143-Denise M. Miles to Michael Mannone and Theresa Fucci, $345,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6141-Frank B. and Veronica Christensen to Richard L. Beuachamp III and Dawn M. Beauchamp, $314,000.

Tamar Dr., 6253-Kevin M. and Emily R. Hartz to Andrew W. Elliott and Sarah E. Brockley, $355,000.

Window Latch Way, 8567-Jeffery S. and Kimberly A. Hodgkinson to Alexander L. and Aimee Jacobs, $550,000.


Avalanche Way, 11229-Cheryl A. Blanchard to Steve and Juanita Nias Reaves, $185,500.

Caravan Ct., 6830-Carol K. Askin to Laura K. Askin and the Martin E. Askin Revocable Trust, $520,000.

El Camino, 5420-Camille T. Adams and Jerome Jones to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $143,650.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10637-Robert Lloyd Shirer to Tyler J. Boehmer, $255,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5003-Debbie Tayyem to 813 23rd Street Corp., $60,000.

Iron Frame Way, 5922-Brian M. and Brina H. Krupp to Wei H. and Quiao Xing Xue, $415,000.

Minute Hand Ct., 6103-David M. and Joanne P. Schultheis to Keely R. and Corey Cooke, $445,000.

Stray Camel Way, 10603-Daniel R. Melnick to Gregory J. and Irma N. Oliver, $661,001.

Thoroughbred Way, 6015-Alissa Dalgewicz Cole to Frederick O. Udochi and Cynthia S. Diamond, $229,900.

Vantage Point Rd., 5690-Community Housing Partnership to Lauren Beaman, $285,000.

Whitewasher Way, 10354-Elijah Aaron and Kristin Leigh Underhill to Seahawk Real Estate Group, $295,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001-Daniel G. Hayes and estate of Alice H. Hissey to Chin Po and Lih Jian Ho, $235,000.

Windstream Dr., 10103-Suzanne L. and Arlan C. Drenning to Kathryn Mcelgunn, $169,000.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 14492-Thomas Meachum to William T. and Lisa M. Bonk, $643,000.


Bellanca Dr., 5854-George B. Haker and James J. Haker to Thomas J. and Elizabeth W. McGuire, $396,000.

Collingwood Ct., 7180-Michael A. and Ruthanne E. Maldovan to Beth Ann and Thomas L. Ronnenburg, $720,000.

Fox Glen Ct., 5910-Deborah A. Mills to Andra M. Cain, $380,000.

Mayfield Ave., 7945-Joseph J. and Meagan K. Lesinski to Brian and Samantha D. Andrews, $341,000.

Patuxent Oak Ct., 7713-Daniel B. Flynn to Nicholas A. Peluso, $284,500.

Sandpiper Ct., 6215-Garrett Oie to Amanda Mittelkamp, $155,000.

Watermill Ct., 8034-Tai La to Christopher J. and Megan E. Phillips, $300,000.


Bending Sky Way, 5027-NVR Inc. to Scott and Christina Menter, $654,313.

Brian Ct., 2809-Majid Hussain and Sarvat Tehmeem to Asif N. Ahmed and Fauzia Ishrat, $440,000.

Brightridge Ct., 8106-Karla J. Ruhl to Lorenda A. Naylor, $312,000.

Cedarcreek Ct., 8414-Linda G. Leek and Shari A. Adams to Benjamin J. and Aubrey L. Schmitz, $442,000.

Crestwood Lane, 5161-Genet Belachew Giorgis to Elizabeth Denious and Carlos Morato, $655,000.

Ellis Lane, 5020-Esther Thevathay Benjamin to Alexander S. and Dana C. Baras, $782,000.

Governor Grayson Way, 8374-Bank of America to Sherin Gerges and Maher Messiha, $536,000.

Jopenda Dr., 8434-Roger A. Miles to David H. and Rosemary E. Long, $405,000.

Manahan Dr., 8782-Michael J. and J.F. Walden to Akbar Sayed and Nadia Hashimee, $335,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8391-Michael Dean and Jill Corina Jennings to Daniel R. Williamson and Ashley D. Beller, $205,000.

Old Columbia Pike, 3786-Michael and Bobbie J. Davis to Amber Georgieff, $259,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4437-Joseph F. and Patricia Ann Annelli to Samir Narmouq, $420,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8621-James and Alli Ilson Lee to Nayyar A. and Anwar Khokhar, $620,000.


Chase St., 11246, No. 2-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Joon Y., Go E. and Chong M. Lee, $440,000.

Pindell Chase Dr., 11720-Hi Sung Kang and Myeong Ok to Nitin and Kinjal Patel, $915,000.

Water St., 7712-Janine M. Scott to Richard T. and Anne B. Douglas, $575,000.


Dorsey Mill Rd., 14540-Otto L. and Venita M. Keller to Thomas C. and Jennifer L. Shanley, $715,000.


Fairbourne Ct., 6210-Daniel J. Sheridan and Margaret A. Jozsa to Kyle E. and Haley D. Schmitt, $400,000.


Montell Ct., 6730-Jeffrey Robert and Mary Christine Davis to James J. Bogard and Alyssa J. Cotler, $480,000.


Cotton Mill Lane, 10058-Marvin and Synthia S. Zelkowitz to Jeremy Roy and Jessica Susan Walter, $415,000.

First League, 7435-Mary H. and Eric G. Wilson to Leslie Startup and Hunter A. Dejarnette, $375,000.

Morning Walk, 7120-Edward and Janice Steinbacher to Bridget A. Tachie Menson, $338,000.

Rain Flower Way, 7535-Barbara Joan Demanincor to Paul A. and Marilee Rose Stonestreet, $290,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7515-Aminollah Yazdanian to Joseph Perry Grassi, $200,000.


Woodbine Rd., 1979-Kenneth Wayne Culver and Elizabeth A. Bohle to Jessie A. Emrick, $385,000.


Frederick Rd., 17129-George J. and Shelley A. Kalfas to Ashley Reed and C. Ziomek, $627,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 16455-William J. and Patricia A. Pollack to Julie and Stephen Uphoff, $569,900.


Canterbury Riding, 9592-Rapheal Ebinum to Vimal H. and Kashmira V. Patel, $120,100.

Fall Rain Dr., 10040-Steve and Minsoo Lee Yoon to Chaltu Wakijra and Wondaye T. Deressa, $690,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8490-NVR Inc. to Tobi Sue Hoppe and Amanda Dawn Hoppe, $245,907.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8490-NVR Inc. to Katherine L. Shelter, $262,175.

Melvin Ct., 11211-Srinivas Ganta and Madhuri Vemuri to Jennifer Adu Frimpong, $745,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9290-Wanda Faye Fansler and Nancy Carol Styers to Jagannatha Prasad Senesi and Thao Nhi Luu, $315,000.

Vast Ocean Pass, 10204-Lian and Michelle Shen to Aaron M. Lasure and Keisha K. Rutland Lasure, $570,000.

White Chute Way, 9307-CS Riverwalk Corp. to Howard County Housing Commission, $267,404.


Emory Farm Lane, 12670-Charles R. Van Anden III and Elizabeth G. Van Anden to Edward J. and Joanne M. Olsufka, $590,000.

Indian Hill Dr., 12520-Daniel E. Rosenberger and Kelly Ann Fields to Lisa Marie and Justin K. Takasaki, $695,000.


Wynfield Rd., 2671-Keith A. Uithoven to Dumitru and Ofelia Mazilu, $550,000.


Frederick Rd., 14825-Gerald Wayne Livesay and the estate of Grace Ruby Livesay to Karol L. Strommen, $363,000.


Bromley Ct., 2204-Sung H. Han to Woonam Lee and Jungsun Yang, $415,000.

Merion Pond, 2237, No. E-Charlene D. Kroeger and Sandra Lee Burns to Lisa Ann Ruther, $467,000.