Prince George’s County

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Madrillon Way, 17116-Summerwood Corp. and US Home Corp. to Todd Minor Sr., $379,990.


Buck Lodge Rd., 2525-Deutsche Bank and American Home Mortgage Investment Trust to Jun Yan, $172,969.

Metzerott Rd., 1824, No. 105-Edward V. Barrett to Heather A. Byer and Don A. George, $50,100.

Notre Dame St., 3408-Jeffrey A. Pinder to Feng Chen and Meizhi Wang, $296,500.

Rambler Dr., 8304-Shirley M. Brinsfield to Hua and Zhouding Yan, $300,000.

Towhee Ave., 10107-Susan W. Goldsmith and Blanche S. White Trust to David Scott Blackmon, $125,000.


Bear Creek Terr., 12622-David M. and Alice S. Ryan to John and Sunny Yee, $527,500.

Beltsville Rd., 3125-Robert H. Schulze and Linda Lapointe to Anthony Mintu Gomes, $211,665.

Cherryvale Dr., 3512-Patrick J. and Elizabeth J. Petit to Evaristus K. Ndi, $370,000.

Odell Farms Ct., 11216-Stephen P. and Laura A. Dragos to James Richard Bice and Nina Chuen Mei Bice, $425,000.

Stanmore Dr., 7710-Merle and Gerry Leon Chambers to Chong Pun Kang, $301,000.

Worcester Ave., 10602-HSBC Bank to George and Theresa Perantonakis, $200,000.


Atwell Ave., 11005-George P. and James L. Karseboom to Willco Properties Corp., $166,500.

Blackwell Lane, 12607-Frederick J. Grzeskicwicz Jr. and Nancy Suzanne O’Brien to Erin O’Hara, $259,900.

Gabriel St., 6301-Robert C. and Melanie D. Stancliff to Carl Douglas Baker, $400,000.

Kingsley Lane, 2613-Bradley and April Troy to Ethan and Kimberly Brown, $285,000.

London Lane, 14925-Dawn S. Greene to Robert J. Louie, $145,000.

Mercer Dr., 3700-Matthew J. Hudson to Stanley Wayne Fletchall, $290,000.

Ockford Lane, 4422-Prince George’s Restorations Corp. to Mark D. and Sarah A. Robinson, $358,900.

Quail Ridge Lane, 7423-Lakshmi and Deepak V. Ramani to Leslie Walker and Beverly Fox, $440,000.

Raging Brook Dr., 11281, No. 307-Tina Devita Yeager to Bankole D. Ekunola, $105,000.

Shakespeare Ct., 11902-Gordon M. and Dawn M. Alexander to Afshin Nabili, $354,100.

Stretton Lane, 12407-Weber Trust to Peter Meli and Maria Dieguez, $275,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 8113-Judith J. and David C. Cich to Michael D. and Robin G. Condon, $300,000.

Fifth St., 13107-Fred and Cynthia Osazuwa to Edgar Placido and Karen D. Castillo, $199,900.


Eagles Nest Dr., 2900-Anthony L. Davis to Charmaine A. Mckie, $328,000.

Eldbridge Terr., 3804-Maryland Community Development Administration to Megan J. Dunn, $200,000.

Everglade Lane, 15600-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tishelle S. Blaize, $87,000.

Palm Lane, 1312-William D. and Sandra G. Halloran to David D. Gustin and Mary R. Holzhauer, $325,000.


Earnshaw Dr., 7501-Freddi Angela and Theodore A. Karnezis to Jennifer V. Davis, $255,000.

Moores Rd., 7703-Richmond American Homes to Juan D. and Goldie Cannon, $444,564.


Allison St., 3503-Shea Bennett to Luis A. Cardona Hernandez, $186,000.

42nd Ave., 3300-Juan P. Soriano and Maria N. Rivera De Soriano to Dinora Villatoro Ramos, $90,000.


Byers St., 4102-Re Properties Corp. to Darius White, $188,000.

Dewitt Ave., 1601-Reo Corp. to Samantha Scheddel, $148,888.

Giddings Dr., 7103-Greater Washington Real Estate Investors to Christopher Beeler, $189,000.

Karen Blvd., 1321, No. 402-Wesley T. Johnson to Walker Mill Corp., $83,000.

Mountain Lake Pl., 6713-Johnie and Donette E. Branch to Donte Shields, $125,000.

Thomasson Ct., 5-Gtis Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Vashon E. and Jocelyn E. Saunders, $294,367.

Walker Mill Rd., 7608-Frank and Keiko Hoshi Adams to Charles Artis, $190,000.


Cheverly Ave., 2216-Axe Properties & Management Corp. to Eric P. and Bronwen M. Loeb, $285,000.

Forest Terr., 6802-Robert Blumenkrantz to Stanley S. Braeger, $26,420.

Jurgensen Pl., 515-Centex Homes to Helen A. Harewood, $294,580.

Laurel Ave., 3303-Gregory D. and Amy Beth Spraul to Brandon and Dana Hirsch, $352,500.

Muncy Rd., 7716-Rose Kimeu Craigue to Skyline Property Corp., $46,168.

Portia Ct., 923-Re Properties Corp. to Jonathan N. and Ronda A. Smith, $159,000.

63rd Ave., 3602-Walter Bruce Nuckols and estate of Walter W. Nuckols to Fredis Armando Maltez, $289,000.


Branchwood Cir., 8304-Michael Berice Jones to Jaison D. Fletcher, $249,990.

Darlene Dr., 5901-Atkinson Properties & Builders Inc. to Cortez T. Baylor, $355,000.

Hardesty Dr., 9022-Thomas Franklin Bryant Jr. to Menthalee Thompson, $180,000.

Killarney St., 6807-Department of Veterans Affairs to Leigh Lapaglia, $167,255.

Pumpkin St., 2805-Maryland Homes Cy Corp. to Jacob J. and Reschelle M. Samuels, $428,580.

Surratts Manor Dr., 9409-Janice M. Turner to Akrami Real Estate Inc., $181,000.


Goucher Dr., 5811-Robert L. and Rena J. Brewrink to David H. and Eleanor R. Miner, $309,000.

Lakeland Rd., 5016-Leonard J. and Audrey M. Smith to Xingzhu Liu and Yan Chen, $280,000.

Ruatan St., 6117-Janet Mendenhall Boctor to Christopher J. Rasmussen, $251,000.

48th Pl., 9705-Kellie C. Baker to Lyle J. Morris and Shanshan Wang, $230,000.


Gateway Blvd., 7005-Dionne Ray Murphy to Andre L. Johnson, $119,950.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 5771-Keyonia Parsons to LoanCare Corp., $290,000.

Little Hill Lane, 3423-Russell L. Morgan to Nova Partners Corp., $125,000.

Starshine Dr., 7501-Foster Communities of Maryland Inc. to Pamela V. Mathis, $324,900.

Tulip Ave., 1706-Amt2 Corp. to Jazmin Thompson, $160,000.


Bernard Dr., 8310-Fahy Baker Low to Metro Area Management Corp., $137,000.

Cimarron Lane, 4412-Juan and Maniphone Melendez to Eric and Stephanie Rose Aguirre, $215,000.

Edgewater Terr., 10042-Alma J. and Joseph P. Peterson to Tony and Wanda Knotts, $150,000.

Kerby Pkwy., 315-Willco Properties Corp. to Rennie Renay Lovelace, $260,000.

Mckay Rd., 11004-Peter Ferraro to Adewole A. Ogundepo, $229,600.

Old Musket Lane, 1400-Henry and Lori Facen to Purcell G. and Cheryl C. Conway, $800,000.

Ramsgate Pl., 3013-Marion Slaughter to Terrance L. Manago, $190,000.

Saint Ignatius Dr., 6700, No. 8204-Jacqueline McKnight to Ramani Reddy, $75,000.


Guinevere Rd., 12506-Rajni J. and Sarla R. Gosalia to Christina M. Daems, $366,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8661, No. 201-Claudette Cook to Federal National Mortgage Association, $74,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 7704, No. 7704-Norberto O. Regoli and Susana G. Rodriguez De Regoli to Junye Chen and Heng Zheng, $168,900.


Longfellow St., 4554-Pulte Home Corp. to Bruce J. Zehr, $397,565.


Hickory Hill Ave., 9028-Mihai Pruteanu to Cheryl J. John, $210,000.

Sheridan St., 9310-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Hong Hoa Thi Nguyen, $135,100.

Eighth St., 9108-Josephine L. Parker to PSB Capital Corp., $102,000.


Argos Pl., 14717-Nanaishetu Bedell to Darren G. Hollis, $342,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15215-US Home Corp. and Lennar to Thelma T. Wallace, $339,990.

Chester Grove Rd., 3093, No. B-Dorothy L. Chapman to Hana Hadad, $80,000.

Darcy Rd., 9154-Triple Worth Holdings Inc. to Bekelech Bezabeh Aragaw, $65,276.

Fittleworth Terr., 2112-Richmond American Homes to James Irvin Ridley Sr. and Nicole R. Turner Ridley, $490,000.

Hawley Lane, 14651-Tyque E. and Madia R. McCarthy to Terria McGee, $325,000.

Jumper Lane, 2406-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Andre A. and Alecia H. Hylton, $407,679.

Merganser Ct., 1007-Andrew R. Gorbonos to Justine Atugye Fokala Ndakwah, $300,000.

Prince Royal Pl., 9916-Vanessa M. Martin to Metro DC 2 Corp., $160,000.

Watkins Park Dr., 7, No. 4-Ivan S. Collins to Daniel E. Wilson, $64,000.


Carroll Ave., 915-Steven A. Bartino to Federal National Mortgage Association, $217,924.

Farnham Lane, 14603-Dae Hong Shin to Nikunj Patel, $360,000.

Joyce Lane, 15800-Sturbridge Associates Corp. to Timothy A. Jessie and Alisa Ingram, $575,356.

Mccahill Dr., 6615-Ryan P. and Joanna R. Anderson to Nelson K. Bricker and Elizabeth A. Berndt, $300,000.

Montrose Ave., 1110-Lori Lee Jean to Alfreda Woods, $262,000.

Prince George St., 511-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Bella Homes MD Corp., $143,000.


Accokeek Rd., 2711-Earl F. Johnson and Gale P. Bowling to Jeffrey A. Jackson, $150,000.


Bristolwood Ct., 10313-John L. and Carol A. Kopolow to Raymond M. Brooks Jr. and Catherine G. Sutcliffe Brooks, $326,000.

Churchfield Lane, 8906-Laura Paine to Shun Chee and Bobbie Elizabeth Ma, $308,000.

Snowden Loop Ct., 8409-Eric I. and Jacqueline S. Land to Victor A. and Sandra D. Jamison, $295,000.


Decatur St., 6947-Patrick D. Thompson to Roberto Herrera, $115,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5536, No. 1606-Carlton A. Thompson and Angele M. Gerrick Thompson to Ilori Properties Corp., $28,000.

69th Pl., 4903-Duane Thomas to Felipe A. and Jorge A. Gonzalez Hernandez, $180,000.

86th Ave., 6229-Franklin Benitez to Patricia C. Colon, $150,000.


Delaware Dr., 5615-Jeremy K. Fishman and Samuel D. Williamowsky to Jason An, $111,000.

Ferndale Pl., 302-Raymond W. and F. Adelle Robert to Louis M. Johnson, $195,000.

Mohican Dr., 206-Teresa L. Patterson to Manochehri-Kalantari Manochehr, $134,900.

Wheeler Rd., 4710-Thong Nguyen to Noris A. Bonilla, $150,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 565, No. 6764-HSBC Bank to Ali and Farahshad Assayesh, $45,300.


Kenilworth Ave., 6413-Selvin A. Gutierrez to Dora A. Santos and Gloria Cabrera, $240,000.

57th Ave., 6302-Margaret E. Millison and Carol A. Deprato to Mario A. Guatemala and Maria O. Rivera, $145,000.


Baxter Dr., 6112-Sparta Corp. to Charles A. Smith Jr., $230,000.

Skyline Dr., 4310-Cheickna Kone to D Home Corp., $61,800.


Anvil Lane, 2214-Tangela J. Roundtree to Jessica V. Stein, $133,000.

Carriage Dr., 4204-Residential Value Corp. to Shirley Braddy and Dwayne Donnell Spriggs, $210,000.

Coolridge Rd., 6801-Dap Homes Corp. to Brian Hansberry, $289,600.

Keating St., 2506-Timothy Gladden to Marlin Corp., $97,000.

Robinia Rd., 6716-Nelson Dubon and Maria Velasquez to Adrienne Greer, $195,900.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 209-RCC Plaza Lofts 22 Corp. to Ronald J. Fleenor, $161,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 803-RCC Oip Corp. to Jay C. Chang, $197,500.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 409-Aaron P. Maier and Richard A. Martin to Millennium Trust Co. Corp. and Guan Hua Xu, $85,000.

Eversfield Dr., 7006-Kathleen J. and Gerald R. Hotakainen to Jean A. Lague and Douglas S. Holmes, $465,000.

Oliver St., 3510-Orazio Puglisi Jr. and estate of Maria G. Puglisi to Rita R. Pender, $275,000.

Van Buren St., 4219-Harry E. Rimmer to Sarah and John Brian Hurtt, $475,000.


Binghampton Pl., 8631-Andrea D. Mackall to Rasheed O. Griffith, $175,000.

Croom Rd., 8064-Stephen D. and Mary K. Oliver to Donald V. Payne, $345,000.

Grainger Terr., 6404-Phillip J. and Eleanor A. Thompson to Julius A. Gamble II, $560,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14326, No. 914-Anabelle Hernandez to Anis and Seyed Mohammad Ali Alemzadeh, $100,000.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13809-Greater Washington Real Estate Investors to Latasha S. Humphries, $205,500.

Mount Calvert Rd., 15430-Elizabeth L. Jones Lukacs to Charles Treft and Susan Kolb, $719,000.

Quarter Pole Ct., 13506-Eric Amo and Shiela Amo Gottfried to Desiree E. Johnson, $295,000.

Thrush Pl., 12614-Matthew Lee and Wanda Delores Bryan to Terence B. Robinson, $230,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9708-Christine M. Bowers to Mark A. Toran II, $230,000.


Dawn Whistle Way, 14002-Marc S. Riekford and Gillian A. Southwell to Michael S. Pugh, $629,900.

Jaystone Ct., 409-Edward B. and Clarise F. Tolbert to Kymberly R. King, $339,000.

Old York Rd., 11012-Paho/WHO Federal Credit Union to Michael and Elaine Dubose, $430,000.