Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Ashleys Park Lane, 9209-Raushan A. Haque to Mohammad M. Hossain and Khaleda Bagum, $385,000.

Big Springs Loop, 9170-Michael G. Namey to Travis R. Vernon, $410,000.

Caithness Cir., 12177-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Stephen M. Sharbaugh to Apple Financial Investments Corp., $170,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12916-Richard B. Moore to Umar Randhawa, $290,000.

Daltons Grove Way, 8552-Nathan E. Posey to Carrie B. Kamara and Beth A. Stanton, $469,900.

Dawkins Ridge Lane, 11812-Ryland Group Inc. to Setyan Jarath, $349,990.

Earls Ferry Cir., 9808-Michele Roberts to Seth Goldrich, $248,000.

Garry Glen Dr., 12578-Timothy A. Crocker to Jason E. Chandler, $415,000.

Island Fog Ct., 10019-Donald M. Daigler to Brian D. Leone, $460,410.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11841-Ryland Group Inc. to Adelaide H. Offei Ani, $364,990.

Lennice Way, 9701-Eugene A. Zuniga to Brian P. Gwinner, $479,900.

Orland Stone Dr., 10113-Rickey Thomas to Vincent D. Prysock, $370,000.

Raging Water Dr., 9035-Glenn L. Hayes to Peter Gonyo, $520,000.

Scales Pl., 9601-Heather F. Studley to Michelle B. Lee, $270,000.

Sounding Shore Lane, 9884-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Mario A. Marzette to ANG Business Corp., $260,400.

United Park Way, 12272-Jonathan Abramson to Darrell W.A. Platz, $550,000.


Boxwood Farms Dr., 12511-Brian C. Wynkoop to Larry P. Wynkoop, $20,000.


Ashdale Ave., 14804-Nhan T. Nguyen to Fazila Dawar, $260,000.

Barksdale St., 14745-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Fredy Donis to Aslam Ansari, $159,500.

Beale Ct., 3433-Thomas Nguyen to Helen Phung, $123,600.

Bluefin Dr., 13711-Frederic J. Melnichak to Miguel A. Torrez, $345,000.

Brentwood Ct., 14495-David S. Jones to Blanca E. Gonzalez, $190,000.

Campbell Lane, 15113-Deutsche Bank to Shabana Abbasi, $165,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 3526-Robert D. Lyons Jr. to Alay Tsige, $216,000.

Christy Lane, 3498-Georgia F. Black to John M. Molle, $256,000.

Decatur Dr., 4395-David R. Mauck to Christian F. Fuentes, $345,000.

Delaney Rd., 13419-Nectar Projects Inc. and Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $215,000.

Empire St., 14812-Aaron Ortiz to Jose A. Romero, $269,000.

Fallbrook Lane, 14212-Michael A. May and May Family Trust to Terry L. Shuler, $216,100.

Forestdale Ave., 3591-Home at Heart Corp. to Han Quang Bui, $185,000.

Gibson Ct., 4203-Joseph W. Gibson to Kalsoom Nawaz, $190,000.

Granby Rd., 4303-Sarah S. Robertson to Mohammad Mobin, $245,000.

Hawthorn Lane, 13225-Alexander I. Olson to Olufemi Elegbe, $238,500.

Keating Dr., 13420-Alfredo Morales to MMHH Investment Corp., $219,100.

Kentmore Dr., 4503-Manuel Hirezi to Ethan Mowry, $290,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13425-Elvira L. Tuazon to PSS Homes Corp., $170,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4733-Zonia Y. Torres Reyes to Green Properties Corp., $170,000.

Langstone Dr., 13887-Wittstadt Title & Escrow Co. and Andrew H. Goodman to Waterford Investors Corp., $201,600.

Madrigal Dr., 14144-Susan M. Lariscy to Tawfiqul M. Islam, $265,000.

Mellowdew Ct., 13769-Traci L. Lowe to Heather Wenk, $227,000.

Neabsco Overlook, 14998-Alan L. Cox to Christopher Carter, $445,000.

Papillon Pl., 15470-Spriggs Neighborhoods Corp. to James A. Sweeney, $415,355.

Princedale Dr., 13525-Elaine M. Streaker to Russell K. Walters, $297,500.

Reardon Lane, 5599-Wilfredo G. Ruiz to Alfredo E. Guardado, $287,000.

Satterfield Dr., 5361-Robert Langsam to Mark Langsam, $278,500.

Starry Night Ct., 15001-Eric Wise to Robert Reidsma, $350,000.

Taxi Dr., 12969-Corey A. Palmer to Emmanuel N. Kwaw, $249,000.

Torrence Pl., 4411-Joseph T. Buckley to Angela D. Rexrode, $265,000.

Wits End Dr., 15312-NVP Inc. to Joseph F. Bradley Jr., $543,000.


Cahill Lane, 3059-Jeffrey C. Rojas to Andy C. Piazza, $236,000.

Larkin Dr., 17247-Jason G. Lampel and Katherine J. Nigro to Zhi J. Zou, $255,000.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2804-Harold Menton to Quang Nguyen, $399,000.

Telescope Lane, 16501-Roderick S. Ray to Shaheena Zafar, $349,900.

Tripoli Blvd., 17476-Steven C. Kirchner and David C. Haas to Keenan Hanks, $310,000.


Arrowleaf Turn, 8210-Melvin B. Mooring Sr. to William J. Morgan, $825,000.

Bullen Bluff Terr., 6550-E. Bain White and Jean M. Becker Trust to David R. Marble, $435,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7832-Patricia J. Kaylor to Bryce A. Stenholm, $281,000.

Colonel Wood Rd., 14437-Rosemary Sheehan to John L. Olsen, $260,000.

Crimson Crossing Way, 8305-Samuel D. Makarevich to Jon T. Tiller, $484,900.

Fieldstone Way, 13245-Marvin Josaitis to Frank P. Scotti, $550,000.

Heritage Valley Way, 13679-Cheryl A. Beilharz to Tommie R. Massey, $379,900.

Landseer Dr., 6978-Robert Holte to Four Corners Real Estate Investment Corp., $299,995.

Loftridge Lane, 17008-Nicholas Panepinto to Somer S. Roberts, $411,000.

Manahoac Pl., 7003-Frank Dankwa to Noni Properties Corp., $265,000.

Newbern Loop, 14367-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ryan D. Ennis, $234,900.

Rogue Forest Lane, 7071-Garret R. Reed to Jason B. McDuffee, $285,000.

Saddle Run Way, 6860-Eugene F. Dammer Jr. to Judith L. Hauptli, $525,000.

Shelford Way, 14666-Patrick I. Tappia to Scott D. Black Sr., $220,000.

Sudley Rd., 4500-George P. Beasley to Michael Pearce, $499,900.

Victory Gallop Way, 13456-Gail B. Kettlewell to Nancy Langley-Ijland, $335,000.

Wharfdale Pl., 10508-Erik J. Foster to John D. Rowland and Stella M. Russ, $406,000.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6473-David P. Munger to Joon Ho Kim, $435,000.

Blair Brook Ct., 14580-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Joseph F. Decosta, $565,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5826-Fortune Homes Development Corp. to Keith Ludeman, $500,000.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15930-Dana D. Richardson to Lakshmanna Murukutla, $350,000.

Jennifer Lane, 4517-Leigh O. Moore to Maureen Tickle, $342,160.

Mellon Ct., 15500-Keith M. Ludeman to William P. Gaines, $619,900.

Misty Ridge Dr., 4353-John H. Shannon III to Branden R. Running, $420,000.

Mozambique Ct., 14804-Randy A. Ream to Gregg Buddenhagen, $507,000.

Ridge Rd., 1903-Donald R. Trent to Ryen K. Staley, $255,700.

Shortgrass Lane, 5012-Robert Heginbottom to Michael J. Murray, $613,000.

Toledo Pl., 6184-Benjamin S. Tiso to Brian P. Frankovic, $359,000.


Assateague Pl., 5615-Jett R. Buchi to Ian B. McColley, $385,000.

Botsford Rd., 9710-Dorsey A. Rohrbaugh to John G. Glascock, $459,500.

Brentsville Rd., 9823-Federal National Mortgage Association to David B. Yiadom, $300,000.

Camfield Ct., 11053, No. 8B-104-Luis R. Ludwing to Big T. Properties Corp., $75,000.

Claremont St., 8216-Federal National Mortgage Association to Heidi Summers, $232,000.

Colton Lane, 7456-Mark Halloway to Stacy A. Harris, $225,000.

Damascus Dr., 9501-George C. Wanzer to Jose D. Calderon and Omar D. Calderon Mejia, $197,000.

Eppes Island Pl., 5601-Barbara J. Haynes to Dustin C. Knapp, $415,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11933-John Ellis to Lorna V. Ramos Zayas and Gamaliel P. Feliciano Martinez, $409,000.

Folksie Ct., 11021, No. 202-Phyllis J. Watson to Laura Monaghan, $150,000.

Gracie Dr., 8092-Jeffrey S. Cook II to Justin T. Burke, $339,000.

Honeysuckle Rd., 8232-Louis G. Mendez III to Barry A. Croker, $525,000.

Impalla Dr., 8409-Jose L. Romero to Orlando R.U. Perez, $250,000.

Jordon Hollow Ct., 7640-Daqi Wang to Maria R. Sanchez, $160,000.

Lakeway Dr., 11609-David A. Thoma to Paul S. Fraser, $670,000.

Lyre Ct., 12101-Eric W. Schnaible to Cartus Financial Corp., $700,000.

Meadow Grove Ct., 10686-Abdul Rahimi to Hung N. Nguyen, $204,000.

Occoquan Forest Dr., 6303-Jeremy G. Batson to Thomas Miles IV, $355,000.

Paradise Ct., 10491-Erin L. Nolan to Nathalie Anderson, $158,000.

Pennycress St., 10879-Kevin J. Woods to Scott Pitts, $427,747.

Quail Run Lane, 7767-Darrin C. Decoster to Jose S.L. Hernandez, $201,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7309-Erik Q. Contreras to Yongjie Fan, $203,000.

Scotland Loop, 8374-Neighborhoods IV Corp. to Wei Wang, $299,990.

Simmons Ridge Ct., 7205-John L. Pipes to Brent A. Woodruff, $535,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 11110-Ronald E. Sullivan to Dennis M. and Eris S. Santos, $650,000.

Superior Ct., 13172-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Barrett L. McKibben II, $570,000.

Three Otters Pl., 15628-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dayrin Pezo Berrios, $240,000.

Victory Loop, 5550-Navy Federal Credit Union to Derrick J. Kanouse, $552,000.

Walton Dr., 14141-Bryon D. Delk to Ali Nzem, $350,000.


Appomattox Ave., 7702-John W. Blandin to Laura P. Galban, $235,000.

Bright Pond Way, 8108-Pamela Bates to Augustine Boateng, $306,000.

Davis Ford Rd., 6616-Carl Nubile and Leanora Dean to Raul Martinez, $335,000.

Evans Ford Rd., 9811-Conrad Korzendorfer to Kevin E. Grimes, $216,200.

Knightshayes Dr., 7996-Steven R. Zeswitz to William A. Decker, $535,000.

Leighlex Ct., 8359-Richard J. Gordon to Harinarine Singh, $320,000.

Mineola Ct., 9149-Victoria M. Pratt to Barbara B. Hansen, $365,000.

Shelley Lane, 7615-Trevor B. Reid and Christine Kim to 7615 Shelly Lane Rental Properties, $145,000.

Vermont Pl., 8262-Libardo Duran to William Stueber Jr., $233,900.

Willow Pond Ct., 7880-Karen E. Mosteller and Wayne M. Black to Sheryle A. Moore, $110,000.


Ashgrove Dr., 4385-Francis R. Hastie to Cristian Andrei Marin, $255,000.

Blowing Leaf Pl., 3817-Doris J. Williams to Kenneth M. Howard, $387,175.

Edgewood Dr., 15922-Deborah Bobbitt Harris to Steven G. Schmitt, $306,000.

Fairway Dr., 15908-Brian S. Lindamood to Paul N. Anderson, $399,500.

Groveside Ct., 15403-Jeff A. Lutz to Steven M. Diantonio, $260,000.

Larkspur Lane, 15276-Andrew R. Moore to Ronald G. Brooks, $260,000.

Silvan Glen Dr., 15449-Kevin J. Klein to Robert A.R. Egan, $340,000.

Yorktown Dr., 15518-Susan Webster Linden to Bradley O. Martinez, $339,900.


Hooker Lane, 12039-Patrick M. Dempsey to Paul J. Miller, $690,000.


Fortress Way, 414-Noel G. Metcalfe to Jerry M. Harvey, $224,000.


Barnette Cir., 18924-American Investor’s Solution Corp. to Kyle R. Couse, $270,000.

Corby St., 18506-Cynthia Lee to Melissa G. Wilkerson, $235,000.

Quantico Gateway Dr., 18498-Alan Aubin to Mukesh Kumar, $388,000.


Alabama Ave., 14839-Shanda Khanum to Luz A. Guevara and Maria M. Cruz, $270,000.

Ann Scarlet Ct., 1750-So Yeon Yun to Usman Ali Khan, $337,740.

Augustus Ct., 12944-Gregory C. Winters to Linda F. Higgins, $255,000.

Basque Pl., 12546-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Imelda S. Cruz to Federal National Mortgage Association, $242,266.

Belfry Lane, 3530-Michael Sundino Bryant to Jose W. Romero Orellana and Esperanza D.L. Bonifacio, $195,000.

Bixley Hill Ct., 2803-Robert Osborne to Daoud S. Zadran, $412,500.

Bramblewood Lane, 16581-Norrell Gregory to Emmanuel Agbemble, $325,000.

Brier Pond Cir., 2809-Renato Ossio to Chantalle Guy and William Baker, $203,000.

Cairo Pl., 4018-Rolunda R. Pickett Hicks to Kumson Yi, $319,000.

Candlewood Ct., 14784-Brian Anthony Hungarter to Alexis Guevara, $218,600.

Carly Lane, 3409-Norman L. Duncan to Alison Weeks, $525,000.

Chatsford Ct., 13409-Marie F. Gibson to Jeffrey M. Leitz, $420,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 3012-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and A. Minor to Synergy Gateway Corp., $209,000.

Cinnamon St., 12277-Helen D. Neighbors to Lucio D. Orellana, $265,000.

Colonial Dr. E., 104-Melinda S. Gillis to Adam J. Pavlik, $365,000.

Columbia Rd., 1251-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Charles A. Payne to Federal National Mortgage Association, $207,097.

Covered Bridge Lane, 3523-Fatima Fouzi to Tigami Corp., $223,900.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12184-Robert J. Alcapparas to Robert J. Inkpen, $372,495.

E St., 1308-Isabel A. Villatoro to Mohammad A. Ali and Iqbal Zaidi, $185,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2485-Adam Martin to Edward Crowley, $230,000.

Everest Peak Lane, 12464-Concepcion Jime Halagao to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $277,000.

Flint Hill Pl., 3443-Eric J. Depukat to Sarah J. Cabrera, $369,000.

Georgetown Rd., 16615-Ahmed Fahim to Jaime Villatoro, $185,000.

Habrown Ct., 13173-Tsion T. Abraham to Dereje Gessesse and Kidist G. Mitiku, $385,000.

Henry Watts Loop, 2228-John Rhodes to Zhen Zhen, $351,430.

Hunterbrook Dr., 13026-Louis C. Passaro Jr. to Elton E. Fortson and Stacy A. Johnson, $250,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16869-Linda J. Morris to Robert A. Culpeper, $255,000.

Kingsbury Lane, 2316-Maria C. Mooney to Michelle K. Bennett, $300,000.

Litza Way, 13546-Terry M. Depetro to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $433,000.

Maryland Ave., 1441-Nicole R. Smith to Freddy Suazo, $252,000.

Monument Sq., 793-Andy Nguyen and Phuongthao Doan to Alvaro Fernando Higuera, $455,000.

Occoquan Rd., 12721-Philip C. Marinakos to Rubina Rahim, $450,000.

Old Post Terr., 1911-Sardar M. Rafat to Jose A. Perez, $200,000.

Pennington Lane, 3818-Sandra B. Anderson to Anthony M. Bennett, $474,900.

Pinewood Ct., 1613-Pyung I. Jung to Esther A. Lee, $162,000.

Pohick Creek Ct., 1910-William Werneth III to Attal Vaziry, $240,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14855-Gabriel A. Saclolo to Mohammad H. Razavi and Mojdeh Zarandazchi, $315,000.

Powells Landing Cir., 1915-Krishan K. Satija to Geetha P. Balasubramanian, $435,000.

Radcliffe Lane, 16638-Cameron B. Sutton Co and Sutton Family Trust to Stone Financing Corp., $575,000.

Royal Ct., 16571-Afshan Zaheer and Jose Icochea to Daniel C. Silva Castro, $173,000.

Seminole Rd., 3038-Rozlon D. Bradley to Xiufeng Yang and Ying Mu, $223,000.

Silvia Loop, 12849-Khurram W. Bhatti to Adam Mathers, $305,000.

Stargrass Ct., 2006-Allen W. Brown to Sandra Heavner, $150,000.

Sunny Brook Ct., 3857-Christopher Dorer to Heni N. Azzam, $260,000.

Tendril Ct., 3420-Nicholas B. Hanner to Ji Hee You, $212,900.

Torbay Way, 15209-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anita Perkins, $272,000.

Valley Dr., 13204-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Jose De Jesus Chavez Granados to Futuri Real Estate Inc., $191,500.

Wentwood Lane, 15218-Sauossen Bahri to MHZTH Investments Corp., $153,600.

William Bayliss Ct., 15668-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $334,281.

Winston Lane, 16824-Stephen K. Christenson and J Judson McKellar Jr. to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $329,245.


Charles St., 1411-Ethel B. Lewis to Christopher O. Ryder, $250,000.

Hanson Ave., 450-Kenyon E. Coble to Anthony James and Katelin Joanne Laseur, $227,130.

Royston St., 1313-Todd L. Garner to Christopher D. Breth, $365,900.

Woodland Rd., 122-William H. Baker to Edwin C. Peterson, $260,000.


These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bens Way, 10190-Larry L. Kauffman to Albert P. Roosendaal III, $430,000.

Braxted Lane, 8538-Scott H. Brotherton to Cristalle L. and Robert J. Faurot, $168,810.

Cloudberry Way, 9381-Franklin T. Wilson to Guillermo Canales, $280,000.

Falcon Point Way, 10369-Deutsche Bank to Younus M. Qureshi, $459,000.

Haag St., 8600-Joseph J. Iovanna to Leigh E. Gurke, $365,000.

Liberia Ave., 8592-Angel Figueroa to Pedro A. Morales Melendez, $224,000.

Maury Lane, 9810-Reina Lovo Mendoza to Jose O. Lovo Mendoza, $121,000.

Olde Mill Run, 8855-William T. Trillhaase to Stephen B. Dotson, $263,000.

Racquet Cir., 10225-Scottie W. Dotson to Richard P. Malloch, $330,000.

Stonewall Rd., 8490-Joshua S. Ochs to Roberto Flores, $232,000.

Taney Rd., 9305-Wilmer Mendoza to Olimpia Canales, $130,000.

Verbena Ct., 9122-Comonwealth Trustees Corp. and Gary N. Fox to Federal National Mortgage Association, $238,863.

Weir Pl., 9119-Derek A. Poteet to Francisco Molina, $260,000.

Yoder St., 8571-Raed Hammad to Nael Hammad, $334,500.

Manassas Park

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Andrew Dr., 9233-Richard NcNealy to Eric K. Notestine, $259,000.

Denver Dr., 133-Roger Dasher to Mario E. Solorzano and Deysi E. Aguilar, $230,000.

Jessica Dr., 9259-Surety Trustees Corp. and David N. Tietz to Synergy Gateway Corp., $211,000.

Paige Ct., 9406-Jason M. Sigmon to Christopher Johnson, $368,000.

Yost St., 103-Llefren Velasquez to Buddha Homes Corp., $193,200.

Stafford County

Amelia Ct., 34-Clifton H. Mower to William E. Roberts IV, $205,000.

Arbor Lane, 4-Edwin W. Forrest to Jimmy Palma, $284,000.

Aston Ct., 101-Foundation Residential Corp. to Naheeda Miakhail, $215,000.

Averil Ct., 16-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $378,896.

Barrett Heights Rd., 163-U.S. Bank to Jessie-Jerm Corp., $152,100.

Beaver Ridge Rd., 11-Phillip L. Waddingham to Darrel R. Evans, $569,900.

Bluefield Lane, 3-Geoffrey F. Lawrence to Robert E. Lawrence Jr., $280,000.

Bristol Ct., 26-Kathleen S. Hacker to Roshani Persad, $115,600.

Brooke Rd., 467-Aaron L. Krebs to Foundation Residential Corp., $134,800.

Bush Hill Ct., 82-Joseph W. Strantz to Stone Financing Corp., $350,000.

Cathedral Lane, 2-Charles J. Watson to Jawaid Ahmad, $286,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 11-Jeffrey Schulz to Churchill Corp., $125,000.

Clover Hill Dr., 21-S & S Realty & Investments Corp. to Jeffrey Ritter, $325,000.

Columbus Dr., 1138-Craig R. Johnson to TW Real Estate Group Corp., $180,000.

Crossridge Ct., 506-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Joseph D. Miranda to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $180,000.

Danbury Ct., 10-Donald A. Nicholas to Fritz Pfeiffer, $328,500.

Ella Ct., 11-Benjamin T. Bierly to Gustavo Espinoza and Patrica M. Gutierrez, $335,000.

Falling Water Ct., 6-Gary L. Simpson to Christopher N. Dorsett, $280,000.

Fieldcrest Rd., 1-Samuel Houser to Anthony P. Bariletti, $310,000.

Gentle Breeze Cir., 230-James E. Lupi to Adam J. Stanton, $475,000.

Greenridge Dr., 52-George W. Solhan to Jacob M. Jones and Heather Sadler, $330,000.

Halcomb Lane, 3-Juana Cardoza to Jose R. Pereiras, $275,000.

Hartlake Dr., 80-Federal National Mortgage Association to Amy Kim, $246,236.

High St., 317-Anne M. Mason to Matthew L. Sumpter, $195,000.

Hunton Dr., 49-Wade C. Hall to Matthew Serbinski, $354,000.

Jessica Rae Lane, 6-Ronald L. Ichenhour to Thelma L. Smith, $241,750.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 58-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Marcus T. Starich, $239,019.

Kings Crest Dr., 709-Nakesha Walton to Parag Majethia, $158,000.

Larkwood Ct., 3-Anne C. Tunney to Justin Harris, $330,000.

Lawhorn Rd., 24-Carl E. Haselden Jr. to Miguel A. Garcia Calderon, $320,000.

Live Oak Lane, 29-David M. Woodruff to Jason C. Perdew, $397,000.

Marlborough Point Rd., 240-CMH Homes Inc. to Michael A. Moss, $482,382.

Midway Rd., 80-Lawrence Massey to Jason E. Ladue, $375,000.

Mount Ararat Lane, 11-Tim J. Schroeder to Tanner E. Mulvihill, $515,000.

Myrtle Rd., 24-David E. Finney Jr. to Samire A. Radman, $250,000.

Northridge Dr., 1412-James M. Mykut to Christine Boyer, $175,000.

Olympic Dr., 108-Sean C. Beauregard to Gino Roncagliolo Agramonte and Julia M. Ascarza, $294,000.

Payton Dr., 803-Federal National Mortgage Association to Franklin Property Corp., $120,000.

Pewter Lane, 96-Dawn C. Barbachano to Joshua A. Sims, $270,000.

Pointe Lane S., 41-Michael F. Davids to Kathlene A. Seratte, $232,000.

Puritan Pl., 8-William C. Crabbe to Matthew D. Rogers, $319,900.

Ramoth Church Rd., 550-Department of Veterans Affairs to Khalilullah Ahmadi, $130,500.

Revell Rd., 115-William Williams to Jean-Paul B. Neall, $417,000.

Ripley Rd., 59-Commonwealth Asset Services Corp. and Naila Hasan to Federal National Mortgage Association, $295,115.

Rome Dome Ct., 8-Joseph T. Small to Mark A. Westerbeck, $492,500.

Saint Christophers Dr., 7-Stone Financing Corp. to Michael T. Estes, $318,500.

Sassafras Lane, 12-Stone Financing Corp. to Joshua K. Elder, $355,000.

Settlers Way, 59-Alexander Henderson to Daniel G. Herrera, $350,500.

Silverleaf Ct., 12-Michael A. Jackson to Stevie L. Ikner, $434,900.

Somerville St., 2-Foundation Residential Corp. to Candido R. Carcamo, $242,000.

Stafford Glen Ct., 509-Jeffrey Hood to John J. Yacobozzi, $199,000.

Tamar Creek Lane, 116-Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven P. Schantz, $241,000.

Telegraph Rd., 421-Gerson Campos to Ricardo A. Santos Chavez, $150,000.

Timberidge Dr., 78-Henry A. Mura III to Darryl D. Crawford, $419,000.

Townes Pl., 16-Stephen A. Robbins to Adam M. Palkowski, $195,000.

Vine Pl., 230-Karl L. Warnick to Jared R. Blackway, $225,000.

Waller Point Dr., 34-Robert L. Grant to James J. Gallagher III, $355,000.

Wildwood Pl., 15-Jody I. Wagner to Terrill L. Allen, $325,000.