Prince William County

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Bagpipe Ct., 9926-Charles D. Matykowski to Allan E. Curlee and Janice Hall, $459,900.

Boreland Ct., 10009-Jeffrey Lohr to John Pohzehl, $345,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 10910-Junius Tjen to Billy Rasnake, $515,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12935-Somer S. Roberts to Janet E. Carter, $293,000.

Darnaway Ct., 10037-Jean P. Shane to Edward Estelle and Christina K. Wallace, $351,000.

Dawkins Ridge Lane, 11814-Ryland Group Inc. to Smita Maskey, $342,490.

Elliston Ct., 10124-Jeffrey V. Le to Carol K. Backman, $375,000.

Grantham Ct., 8809-Robert John Rogers to Young J. Lee, $389,000.

Hawkeye Run Ct., 14063-Christopher M. Clayton to Errol D. Paje, $381,000.

Jennell Dr., 12184-Joseph Richardson to Lina P. Hussaini, $450,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11849-Ryland Group Inc. to Subash B. Amatya, $369,990.

Mossy Rock Ct., 9101-Lynda Adell to Christina Brink, $430,000.

Partridge Run Way, 8784-Jason Rowley to Amy R. Thoman, $365,000.

Rilda Pl., 9182-Adam K. Clark to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $420,756.

Scottish Hunt Lane, 13216-Anthony W. Sollars to Crusaida Jones and Christian A. Benites, $425,000.

Telford Ct., 8900-Erika J. Veizaga to Pov S. Pea, $437,000.

Wembley Loop, 13524-Jennifer Kolesar to Shannon E. Seay, $544,000.


Abilene Way, 14920-James B. Baxter to Daniel A. Dant, $568,000.

Austin Ct., 3105-Ana Investment Properties Corp. and Fredy Vasquez Flores to Agnes F. Bull, $290,000.

Barksdale St., 14758-Yang Soon Huh to Sylvia A. Alexander, $209,900.

Braddock Dr., 3433-Carolina Coca to Jose Alvarado, $194,000.

Briggs Way, 15200-Willie L. Lewis to Otis W. Mahatha, $484,900.

Cardin Pl., 15037-Gregory A. Reese to Angel D. Mateo, $228,000.

Catalpa Ct., 15139-Gilberto Aviles to Edgardo Chavez, $239,999.

Christy Lane, 3531-Juber R. Funes to Maxine D. Harris, $250,000.

Del Mar Dr., 3707-Mary Atkins to Cam C. Duong, $275,000.

Delaney Rd., 13835-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Angel Figueroa, $240,000.

Ensor Ct., 14817-Surety Trustees Corp. and Carlos G. Gaviria to Venus Properties Corp., $165,000.

Florence Ct., 14301-Kathy Carr and Barbara W. Kroner to Rongtao Xu, $135,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3596-Nicole R. Smith to William C. Miles and Ingrid M. Quiroz Lopez, $250,000.

Glendale Rd., 4201-Alberto C. Kalaskas to Choonton Tangchandaeng, $188,000.

Greenbriar Dr., 13716-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Michael Cox, $259,900.

Hetten Lane, 3737-Eduardo M. Sanchez to James P. Manis Sr., $375,000.

Keating Dr., 13424-Surety Trustees Corp. and Laurie J. Leonard to Wadan Homes Inc., $247,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13213-Dennis M. Cuneo to Hilda C. Medrano, $247,500.

Kingsman Rd., 13607-Robert F. Barb to Joseph A. Shoop and Debra L. Bucklen, $319,900.

Ladino Ct., 3308-Stacey H. Cambers to Naim Sobhani, $200,000.

Lebourget Ct., 15573-Michael D. Howard to Nikkola E. Batham, $239,900.

Madrigal Dr., 14392-Patricia L. Hutton to Viktoria Grygorian, $286,990.

Moonbeam Dr., 5717-Susan S. Hilley to Bruce S. Bailey, $350,000.

Opal Lane, 13118-Donald S. Workman to Marguerite Taylor, $410,000.

Park Ct. N., 14351-Kenneth P. Sweet to John A. Diaz, $175,000.

Princedale Dr., 13590-Hoa V. Nguyen and Trang Thi Anh Nguyen to Alan Tran and Trang B. Nguyen, $246,000.

Regal Ct., 13824-Barrett L. McKibben II to Ahmad S. Hassanzai, $350,000.

Savannah Dr., 14235-Erin Deyerle to Tu My Truong, $227,000.

Still Pl., 4726-Landry Decorators Corp. to Vava Johnson, $161,000.

Tina Lane, 15309-Julian O. Boggan to Keith Winfrey, $460,000.

Trident Lane, 6156-Equity Trust Co. to Alusine L. Kabia, $220,000.


Antrim Cir., 3181-Wardell Mills to Ishri Khooblall, $210,000.

Cosgrove Way, 17413-Jose E. Lemus to Guity N. Shahbaz, $199,500.

Lounsbery Dr., 17899-Maria T. Magsanoc to Otilio I. Torres, $182,000.

Point Pleasant Lane, 16900-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Claude M. Kikoni, $230,000.

Telescope Lane, 16622-Annie O. Jackson and Keith Taylor to Nana K. Donkoh, $315,600.

Wilson St., 17383-Daniel F. Post to Nelson O. Villatoro, $215,000.


Berry Rd., 4245-George Johnston to Pierre Bouscaren, $547,700.

Buschwood Mews., 8016-Alan Grofe to Joseph Buckley, $545,000.

Charismatic Way, 13731-David A. Norton to Anna Lenox, $415,000.

Covantry Lane, 13887-Nadeem Butler to Edward C. Schaeffer, $493,400.

Dancing Twig Dr., 13983-Yvonne M. Smith to Ronald R. Reed Jr., $380,000.

Flicker Ct., 14113-Brian P. Carlin to Cory S. Gillette, $419,000.

Kerfoot Dr., 8205-Jeremy D. McCluskey to Stephen L. Donohoe, $459,000.

Landseer Dr., 6982-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $325,093.

Loftridge Lane, 17096-David M. McLoughlin to Jon W. Panian, $420,000.

Manahoac Pl., 7013-Janelle E. Powell to Samuel A. Boadi, $299,500.

Onan Ct., 15008-Christopher T. Davids to Jonathon D. Segal, $385,000.

Royal Sydney Dr., 7808-Dennis R. Hooks to Lee L. McElroy, $565,000.

Sauvage Lane, 7025-Audrey I. Thornton to James Boisvert, $269,990.

Stanwick Sq., 6940-Craig B. Driver to Lee H. Nam, $350,000.

Sunapple Pl., 6993-Allen Wagner to Doris Chow, $278,000.

Victory Gallop Way, 13480-Lee Lankford to Stephen Arntson, $334,900.

Woodpecker Ct., 9004-Ashley Leigh to Leon Davidson, $500,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6064-Charles Norman to Adalberto Maldonado, $228,000.

Blair Brook Ct., 14584-Walter M. Castillo to Susan D. Kendrick, $519,900.

Curran Creek Dr., 5123-Daniel D. Hurley to Thomas J. Stubblebine, $439,900.

Guilford Ridge Rd., 14522-Jason W. Wenrich to Laura Moldowan, $380,000.

Jordan Lane, 14810-Charles A. King to Ravinder K. Singh, $50,000.

Mellon Ct., 15525-John J. Dibacco to Charles E. Smith, $625,650.

Mountain Rd., 1829-Equity Plus Estate Corp. to John Tavares, $240,000.

Padgett Dr., 4305-William T. Miles and Deborah E. Sagan to John C. Dempsey, $490,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15266-Jennifer P. Russell to Alicia Bernal, $230,000.

Silica St., 15151-Bank of America to Michaelson Connor, $258,494.

Tucson Ct., 5578-David P. Donaldson to Michael E. Mathis, $639,000.

Waterfall Rd., 17033-Scott Spelbring to Brian E. Hagerich, $717,500.


Basswood Dr., 12528-Richard J. Zins to Jeffrey D. Lange, $300,000.

Bowmans Folly Dr., 15257-Terrence M. Gregory to Brian K. Gulizia, $389,900.

Brookmead Dr., 13020-John W. Hiett to Andrew Patrick Koelsch, $555,000.

Campaign Ct., 10802-Jose L. Escalante to Atekah Khurram, $250,000.

Classic Springs Dr., 12838-Michael D. Chrisman to Michael B. Pritz, $614,000.

Community Dr., 8214-Independence Realty Corp. to Milvia Isabel Ordonez, $175,000.

Erika Dr., 8210-Gregory J. Weiler to Richard B. Kitch III, $375,000.

Fincastle Dr., 5801-Edgar Magpayo to Doreen C. Cougar, $397,500.

Gales Ct., 7595-Sriram Srinivasan to Jose B. Barrientos, $105,000.

Gwendolyn Dr., 6224-Angela Drummond and estate of Carolyn Yeary to Veronica L. Kaltrider, $320,000.

Helmsdale Pl., 7630-Hamayun Khan to Phuong Duong and Ann Phan, $240,000.

Hume School Ct., 15588-Steven S. Gauthier to Kristin Poon, $530,000.

Irongate Way, 8368-Walter L. Davis to Adugna Degefu, $200,100.

Kittewan Ct., 5856-Mark A. Alderman to Kermit Santos, $487,000.

Lenfant Pl., 8638-Anthony E. Zeruto and Kimberlea A. Etchison to Peter L. Piscitelli, $420,000.

Mariposa Dr., 7319-Craig M. Delacalzada to Matthew Gisinger, $353,000.

Old Compton Rd., 7317-Edward Allen to Barbara D. Vaughan, $200,000.

Passage Creek Lane, 6560-Doreen C. and Daniel D. Cougar to Daniel J. Boersma, $683,000.

Persinger House Ct., 6025-Gilbert and Angell W. Rosa to Jason Lerner, $489,900.

River Forest Dr., 6124-Patrick Crile to Lee Fletcher, $380,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7321-Grant A. Worth to Shavir Dinyarian Rahatabad and Roya Jahangiri, $235,000.

Sentry Ridge Rd., 11023-Touchstone Properties Corp. to Susan B. Hooper, $192,500.

Spriggs Rd., 13305-Lee D. Ford to Antonia L. Arcella, $239,000.

Summit Ridge Ct., 11536-Steven P. Clark to Max O. Maple, $595,000.

Teakwood Ct., 8854-John Pauswinski to Thomas A. Minetree, $160,000.

Three Otters Pl., 15628-Commonwealth Asset Services Corp. and Brian Marchi to Federal National Mortgage Association, $242,417.

Violet Ct., 10808-Ryan Lahuti to Teresa D. Cruz Alonso, $199,000.

Walton Dr., 14143-Paul M. Waksmunski to Anne C. O’Donnell, $338,000.


Arlington Ave., 9318-Ethel M. Sham to Tony A. Knapp, $230,000.

Cello Way, 8136-Manjit Singh and Amandeep Kaur to Anil Khanal, $305,000.

Davis Ford Rd., 6622-Bradford Nixon to Amy Jennifer MacIver, $416,000.

Evans Ford Rd., 10204-Musa Abukhdair to Allen R. Osborn, $300,000.

Knollwood Dr., 10523-George F. Gorman III to David J. Lemelin Jr., $557,500.

Leland Rd., 8107-Thomas H. and John E. Massey to Kelly R. Blake, $125,000.

Newood Dr., 11080-Ellen L. Noakes to Chad J. Nelson, $425,000.

Somerset Lane, 7669-Minh D. Vo and Nguyet T. Nguyen to Xuantrang Nguyen, $150,000.

Wallwood Dr., 10260-Alg Trustee Corp. and Mark Trodden to Federal National Mortgage Association, $371,374.

Wooldridge Dr., 11031-Howard S. Havener to Derek J. Larkin, $309,900.


Autumn Lane, 15394-Christopher E. Simonetti to Koji Otani, $285,000.

Candlestick Ct., 4288-John A. Mainella Jr. to Christopher Chang, $300,000.

Equinox Way, 3738-Frederick C. Frey to Bronel T. Jerrell, $410,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17168-Herbert C. Abraham to Mary L. Jones and Jacqueline L. May, $450,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15146-Jonathan R. Scheider to Uriel Moore, $391,000.

Lindenberry Lane, 15087-Frances P. Brayden to Francesco Fiermonte Jr., $365,000.

Stockbridge Dr., 4205-Kate Baddoo Osei to Kathryn E. Eads, $175,000.

Taconic Cir., 16298-Christina R. Hall to Lashawn L. Hayes, $165,000.


Bluegrass Ct., 11991-Linda K. Hingorani to Trey R. Brockett, $330,000.

Misty Creek Ct., 10901-Thomas P. Russell to Michael G. Jones, $732,500.


Washington St., 146-Gary Kipe to Andrew T. Sabata, $365,000.


Barnette Cir., 18952-William Pritts Jr. to Mark A. Schuppin, $210,000.

Dondis Creek Dr., 3308-Robert S. Bressers to Jason Strickland, $536,000.

Sharon Rd., 18318-Toni L. Robinson to Mohannad K. Suger, $230,000.


Alton Hotel Ct., 2790-Stephan Swick to Henry F. Eversole, $395,000.

Anns Brook Ct., 17075-Daniel E. Braswell to Chang Tao, $433,000.

Barkham Dr., 14527-Jason A. Bretzke to Frank Yeboah-Kodie, $273,000.

Baxter St., 13317-Lawn L. Young and Rasy Phlong to Manuel D. Rivera, $266,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 458-Marc Overman to Ann M. Dalter, $550,000.

Bixley Hill Ct., 2814-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Delana J. Brandon, $315,000.

Brewster Cir., 12728-Adam Gilden and David A. Ventura to Michael L. Rega Jr., $355,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2413-Phyllis A. Acquah to Gill Partnership Inc., $250,000.

California St., 1427-Omar A. Leon to Jose A. Navarro Barrera, $253,000.

Cantania Pl., 2715-Martin J. Blanco to Nng Noorullah, $180,500.

Chanceford Dr., 11808-Curtis C. Connell to Christopher T. Blair, $630,000.

Chickasaw Ct., 12322-Elvira E. Bass to Nabil Azekri and Hind Lagouit, $245,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 3015-Joseph Anthony Stahl to Stephen F. Barrett, $276,000.

Colby Dr., 12503-Michael G. Cooper to Ashley Roth, $350,000.

Condor Lane, 3474-Paul H. Ssenyonga to John Laourakis, $270,000.

Cressida Pl., 4011-Sherif Tiab to Abul Kalam, $165,000.

Dashiell Pl., 4910-Jack R. Clark to Valmiki T. Rajbansee, $375,500.

Eagle Flight Cir., 16265-Damon L. Watts to Timothy Lee, $472,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2629-Jason S. Strickland to Rita E. Walkup, $339,000.

Exmore Ct., 15502-Aaron J. Nance to Leslie Y. Porter, $339,000.

Fox Tail Ct., 2942-Ruth A. Saenz to Kyle D. Dornbos, $360,000.

Gorham Way, 13070-Rafael E. Landrau to Jared Pitts, $417,100.

Hawkwatch Ct., 16110-John A. Morgan Jr. to Susan Rhea, $490,000.

Hildas Way, 2511-Floyd D. Sartin to Jeff L. Evans and Krystol M. Sanchez, $248,000.

Hyatt Pl., 14920-Elsa Herrera to Jose A. Blanco, $212,000.

Jennings St., 2199-Richard F. Mitchell to Malek A. Nofal, $315,000.

Lamar Rd., 14505-Henry F. Eversole to Derek D. Knight, $272,500.

Lotte Dr., 12809-Basheer & Edgemoore Potomac Crest to Kimberly Baer, $292,478.

Marquis Pl., 3886-Jason R. Byrne to Daniel T. Burgett, $255,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1956-Mounir Dourrachad to Carmen E. Arredondo, $270,000.

Normandy Ct., 16004-Jacquis T. Kye to National Financial Corp., $254,100.

Occoquan Rd., 12731-Jane M. Mercer to Jose A. Parada, $225,000.

Ottawa Ct., 3725-Andrew M. Crisp to Scott T. Hasley, $268,750.

Perchance Terr., 12711-Kurt R. Holscher to Bakhtiar Barznji, $278,000.

Pinewood Ct., 1613-Chong K. Kim to Pyung I. Jung, $116,000.

Pohick Creek Ct., 1920-U.S. Bank to Deifilia E. Meneses, $241,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14875-Won T.C. Kim to Florence M. Pullo, $330,000.

Putnam Cir., 13192-Beeren & Barry Investment Corp. to Bonnie S. Ervin, $242,000.

Regatta Lane, 16430-Jason F. Hester to Michael D. Culbert, $405,000.

Sandy Ridge Ct., 16321-Brandon M. Renner to Brian J. Doty, $450,000.

Shearwater Ct., 3302-James Caballero to Shane Acuff, $292,000.

Square Tiller Mews., 2081-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Vincent Oliver Harvey, $489,000.

Stone Lined Cir., 12594-Nikko N. Rice to Shaunta S. Russell, $436,000.

Sylvan Moor Lane, 2470-Marisa S. Faria to Raymond Milani, $280,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1845-Donna M. Ano to Crystal Rodriguez, $175,000.

Torbay Way, 15256-Beazer Homes Corp. to Willie O. Holt Jr., $319,990.

Valleyhill St., 12827-Gretchen M. Bailey to Natalie Sposato, $380,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2941-Surety Trustees Corp. and Susan E. Christman to Aasef Shafik, $125,000.

Winslow Ct., 1991-Rhonda T. Reed to Shahid Nawaz, $174,000.

Woodfern Ct., 2902-Geoffrey Greene to Charles R. Viggiani, $335,000.


Everett Ct., 1012-Benjamin P. Stinson to Ray Gulcynski, $449,900.

Lewis St., 614-Judith H. Barton to William L. Murray, $400,000.

Virginia Ave., 409-James M. Peregoy to David T. Sckrabulis and Emma A. Webster, $270,000.


Bonham Cir., 9041-Scott H. Brotherton to Fredis B. Salmeron, $185,000.

Buckner Rd., 9833-Robert Musseman to Kevin J. Huber, $123,000.

Corydalis Ct., 10165-Damon A. Redfield to Margaret C. Firth and Javin Livingston, $392,000.

Fort Dr., 8704-Michael R. Dickson to Wayne M. Smith, $359,000.

Hutchison Lane, 9808-Terri L. Sutton and Lynnette S. Brunson to Vicki J. Kamp, $250,000.

Liberty Trail, 8600, No. 204-Loretta L. Ruffin to Harvey Horowitz, $200,000.

Mcclellan Cmn., 9064-Silvia Sanchez to Rajesh Acharya, $205,000.

Poe Dr., 10309-Michael Pattton to Silvia Sanchez, $279,000.

Ruskin Ct., 9915-Jennifer L. Smith to Richard Brockman, $324,800.

Sudley Rd., 8921-Gavin Swank and Michelle S. Gross to Kenneth Voss, $280,000.

Taney Rd., 9307-Keith Morris to Oscar M. Zelaya Garranza, $150,000.

Verbena Ct., 9128-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Muhammad A. Waheed and Maryam Akram, $218,000.

Willow Glen Ct., 8454-Lisa M. Gilbert to Dominic B. Cosby, $201,400.

Manassas Park

Andrew Dr., 9234-Jennifer G. Stratton to Doribaldo Z. Garcia, $255,000.

Holmes Pl., 9720, No. 401-Classic Realty Investments Corp. to Ki Yang Pak, $195,000.

Lambert Dr., 123-Ronald Shawn Stanley to William N. Portillo, $253,000.

Paul Dr., 9309-Paul E. Chute to James T. Kirkland, $300,000.

Rosebud Ct., 9412-Mark L. Boggis to Matthew C. Russell, $370,000.

Zachary Ct., 9217-Kelly J. Tynes to Richard Roy Schubert, $418,000.

Stafford County

Aquia Dr., 2019-Wayne A. Ekblad to Michael S. Davis, $295,000.

Arbor Lane, 25-Oscar V. Sessoms IV to Anthonol L. Neely, $399,900.

Aurelie Dr., 20-Curtis D. Keith to Jason Thompson, $319,500.

Avocet Way, 121-Ian P. Doyle to Lawrence Crews, $442,900.

Barrows Ct., 401-Lisa J. Quinton to Han Su, $150,000.

Belle Plains Rd., 533-Gavin Yates to John M. McAdams, $225,900.

Boundary Dr., 104-Calvin D. Welch to Jose R. Alvarado, $244,500.

Brittany Lane, 44-Brian G. Keeven to Debbie L. Taylor, $399,000.

Brown Cir., 32-Nelson E. Stephens to Brian D. Reader, $225,000.

Cambridge St., 278-Alg Trustee Corp. and Kris Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $183,286.

Cathedral Lane, 29-Joshua D. Merritt to Randolph E. Ward, $298,900.

Chesterbrook Ct., 206-Joseph E.W. Dolgos to Tim J. Schroeder, $239,000.

Clover Hill Dr., 33-Wittstadt Title & Escrow Trust and Edwin S. Gumb to Foundation Residential Corp., $63,800.

Corduroy Ct., 3-Rita J. Hickey. and Wilmington Finance Inc. to American General Mortgage Loan Trust, $212,729.

Crosswood Pl., 4-Daniel A. Schmitt to Joshua L. Magura, $289,000.

Decatur Rd., 300-Tanner E. Mulvihill to Troy L. Trahan, $270,000.

Executive Cir., 170-FFC Properties Corp. to Erica R. Foster, $267,500.

Fern Lane, 3-Foundation Residential Corp. to Phillip J. Bach, $220,000.

Glacier Way, 79-James B. Johnson to Sylvonia Williams, $318,000.

Greenway St., 132-Paul L. Gustavson to Daniel L. McDonald, $380,000.

Harborton Lane, 60-John M. Gray to Thomas E. Berry, $181,500.

Hartwood Rd., 294-Amy E.B. Jenerette to Lake Shore Associates Inc., $118,000.

Hemlock Dr., 112-Earl Hinson to Douglas A. Gracia and Maria L. Velasco, $220,000.

Hillside Ct., 208-Aaron A. Shreffler to Sidra Younas, $210,400.

Joshua Rd., 125-Vida Zavich to Stephen D. Pursley, $234,000.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 873-John M. Embrey to Rose M. Heflin, $199,000.

Kirby Lane, 16-Jon M. Demartino to Michael E. Provost, $560,000.

Larkwood Ct., 16-Jesse L. Moore Jr. to Michael A. Turner, $290,000.

Legal Ct., 13-Michael T. Wichar to Jason Rinne, $345,000.

Lord Fairfax Dr., 24-Janet M. Wernli to Patrick J. Bopp, $225,000.

Martin St., 28-Alg Trustee, Corp. and Jason J. Murillo to Federal National Mortgage Association, $254,763.

Mount Olive Rd., 241-Equity Trustees Corp. and Barbara Hill to Foundation Residential Corp., $104,289.

New Bedford Ct., 21-Kevin M. Miller to Robert Moody, $335,000.

Nugent Dr., 62-Bryan Sprankle to Michael Shoup, $495,000.

Overlook Ct., 230-Fredy Orellana and Jose O. Leiva Alas to SRB II Corp., $110,000.

Pendleton Rd., 51-Surety Trustees Corp. and Aun M. Sidam to Devonshire Investments Corp., $123,500.

Pickering Rd., 11-Mark C. Reefe to Karl Warnick, $290,000.

Portland Dr., 115-Louise W. Cortesio to Paul L. Gillikin, $370,000.

Puritan Pl., 11-Scott Compton to James A. Lee Jr., $320,000.

Ramoth Church Rd., 609-Franklin and Neale Res Corp. to Jason P. Bormann, $187,500.

Rock Hill Church Rd., 240-Eugene Shifflett to Daryl Shifflett, $300,000.

Royal Crescent Way, 21-Donald R. Deshazo II to Julianne E. Hatfield and James C. MacDonald, $309,900.

Saint Lisas Ct., 12-Romeo A. Perdomo to Steven B. Cossette, $280,000.

Sassafras Lane, 12-Jimmy H. Hammock Jr. to Stone Financing Corp., $355,000.

Shale Ct., 2-Eric Wilson to Jeffrey A. Furnia, $320,000.

Smithfield Way, 33-Edward R. Krieger III to Edward Barlow Jr., $241,670.

Sovereign Natalie Walk, 131-Jeffrey A. Wade and Albert W. Lazar to Daniel A. Mehochko, $459,000.

Summerfield Lane, 22-Justin W. Brown to Keith E. Kovats, $364,900.

Tamar Creek Lane, 118-Brandon M. Gilbert to Laroslav Sukhomlynov, $217,500.

Thaxton Ct., 12-Rudy J. Gutierrez to Mason D. Greene, $365,000.

Truslow Rd., 64-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alexander Henderson, $114,000.

Vine Pl., 240-Dennis C. Trogus to Francisco Benitez Sanchez, $225,000.

Wayside Ct., 32-Raman M. Patel to Ihab S. Jaber, $100,000.

Willow Lane, 11-Wesley Bennett to Parish W. Blair, $165,000.