Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aspen Hill Rd., 4314-Yen Da and Hien Thi Ngo to Jian An and Qi Huan Chen, $325,000.

Chadwick Lane, 14215-John E. Buonora and Mary Louise Marasco to Christopher B. Higgins and Susan T. Johnston, $375,500.

Crispin Way, 13414-Cynthia T. Mann to Andrew and Michelle Brooks, $445,000.

Evanston St., 12819-Patricia Elizabeth Lopez to Pedro A. Cruz and Delmy C. Pinto, $331,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 4712-Brian E. and Karen E. Cropper to Clinton D. and Shenita Y. White, $640,000.

Norbeck Rd., 4211-William R. and Maureen R. Graves to Ilene Wendi Fine, $605,000.

Rams Head Ct., 4705-David B. and Kathryn A. Rowland to Matthew J. and Michelle A. Stergio, $570,000.

Superior St., 13213-Sean R. and Stephanie M. Smith to Yi Qing Xia, $342,000.

Walkingfern Dr., 4949-Ronald A. Manslow to Eric Z. and Carmen R. Naibert, $582,000.


Anniston Rd., 6003-Jih Jui Su and James Chin Chun Su to Rita L. Albina, $525,000.

Barrister Ct., 9707-Adam M. and Yuko S. Robinson to Dennis A. Boiter and Marie Dominique Kaul Meledje, $750,000.

Blackistone Rd., 5406-Anthony Craig Asher and Jennifer L. Hills to Adam and Monika Blaszkiewicz Schwartzman, $1.26 million.

Broad St., 10008-Lieselotte and Charles Victor Parle to Kowsar P. Chowdhury, $532,013.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 663-FH Bethesda Corp. to Robet M. Gair, $374,000.

Carmichael Ave., 7004-Roslyn Marill to Anthony W. and Keiko I. Greenberg, $1.08 million.

Charleston Ct., 7913-Adolfazl H. Sarraf and Laili Nasr to Janki and Pankaj K. Sanwal, $857,900.

Cindy Lane, 7700-Robert and Marta Patterson to Vivek Vedpathak and Geeta Dharmadhikari, $500,000.

Conway Rd., 5828-Steven J. Kmieciak to Joseph and Julia Hutter, $950,000.

Custer Rd., 8204-Jeanne T. Kayne to John J. Veselka Jr. and Gloria R. Jacobovitz, $837,500.

Edenwood Ct., 7608-Joyce L. Sexton to Susan G. Board, $790,000.

Falmouth Rd., 5409-Victoria Joanne Perry to Malcolm A. and Rachel D. Burke, $1.65 million.

Glenwood Rd., 5708-James Stephen and Wendy Hayward Shaw to Ryan H. Burgess, Veronica Velez Burgess, Carmen Victoria Paschke Velez and Eduardo M. Velez, $880,000.

Harrogate Rd., 9910-Rajakanthan and Nandini Thillairajah to Michael J. Hammes and Truc Lu, $705,000.

Haviland Dr., 6316-Martha De Rossel Revocable Trust to Jessica T. Cowan and Sanjaya Krishna, $740,000.

Hoover St., 5608-East Terrace Corp. to Edward D. and Galia Messika Greenberg, $715,000.

Jordan Rd., 5606-Andrew M. Argyris and Anna D.G. Argyris to Nathan M. Hirsch, $955,000.

Leesburg Pl., 7500-Nadine R. Davison and Michael Greenzaid to DHIR Farber Corp., $725,000.

Maiden Lane, 6112-Louis and Patricia G. Siegrist to Seth Belford and Alissa R. Peltzman, $1.15 million.

Maryknoll Ave., 7904-Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders Inc. to Andrew and Brigette Gold, $1.56 million.

Milo Dr., 6002-Michael and Rebecca Schoonover to Jorge A. Cabanilla and Alexandra C. Koprowski, $870,000.

Montgomery Lane, 4832-Karen Hainline to Li Shen and Lana Shiu Kong, $1.18 million.

Oldchester Rd., 7731-Robert Segner and Lou Segner to Matthew H. and Carrie E. Collins, $1.28 million.

Quarry Manor Terr., 8319-Carol Rose to Ana Afonso Dias Lourenco, Joao Manuel Goncalves Lourenco and Cristina Giovanna Dias Lourenco, $1.73 million.

Redwing Ct., 6205-Maryam Ducker to Javier Eduardo Baez Ramirez and Sofia Margarita Morales Vergara, $860,000.

Ridge Rd., 8820-Nutan and Nitin Deodhar to David Allen and Emily Anne Kingsland, $780,000.

Royal Dominion Dr., 7500-Chet and Candace Thompson to Morgan G. and Melissa R. Smith, $1.16 million.

Saunders Ct., 7104-John Dorsey Trezise and Sharon Marie Allender to Daniel Fox Rabinovich, $1.3 million.

Singleton Dr., 9608-9608 Singleton Drive Corp. to David and Carla Nadler, $1.32 million.

Springfield Dr., 6000-Philip H. and Doris M. Stoddard to Kim David and Anna Burkhead Edhegard, $830,000.

Surreywood Lane, 6737-June Hinson Allen to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $540,000.

Town Gate Lane, 9215-William G. and Connie A. Greif to Ping Wang, $1.03 million.

Wessling Lane, 5120-Douglas M. Bregman and Charles M. Heyda to Iris Markel, $1.28 million.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. HR-Aaron I. Engel Revocable Trust to Walter R. Victory and Marilynn R. Thomas, $460,000.

Wissioming Ct., 24-Lewis S. Bloom to Bethesda Leasing Corp., $3.5 million.

Woodhaven Blvd., 8508-Frank E. Young and the Leanne Young Residuary Trust to Matthew J. and Carole A. Groux, $1.03 million.


Autumn Gold Rd., 14213-Deepesh and Himanshi Singh to Bin Zhu and Zhenzhen Xu, $687,000.

Chrisman Hill Ct., 21104-Andrew T. Battin to Michael L. and Susan E. Owens, $566,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 1610-Florence Elizabeth and Lawrence Edward Derx to Michael D. and Karen Sussman, $549,000.

Honeystone Way, 2410-Thomas J. Yates to Christopher and Colleen Roux, $610,000.

Sutcliff Terr., 2574-Catherine E. Maire to Michael D. Groft, $432,850.


Greencastle Rd., 2904-Craig W. and Betsy B. Parker to Jesse M. Lanier Jr. and Ellyn H. Rainey, $505,000.

Regalwood Terr., 4321-A. R. Cruz Jr. to Jeffrey R. Rosen and Katharine S. Sobotka, $250,000.


Long Ridge Ct., 7914-Laurence G. Taff and Lois B. Feingold Taff to George and Holly Scott Atallah, $1.09 million.

78th St., 6511-Mark Leatherman to DHIR Farber Corp., $610,000.


Blakely Ct., 12305-Luis G. and Patricia E. Alomar to Marcus C. and Kimberly K. Walker, $385,000.

Collingwood Terr., 13513-Nathaniel M. Dowery and estate of Gordon K. Dowery to Steven Emrick and Ekaterina V. Tregub Emrick, $335,000.

Fallston Ave., 3008-William H. and Myonghee C. Skofield to Abebe H. Natea, $379,000.

Highgate Terr., 517-Beth Harkaway and estate of Jane W. Harkaway to Martha E. Monser and James S. Venable, $348,740.

Morningside Dr., 1201-Donald R. and Joan D. Lewis to Rogerio and Helen H. Pionorio, $350,000.

Notley Rd., 13761-William J. and Martha Scott Jarvis to Nestor Montoya Hernandez, $463,000.

Starcrest Dr., 2331-Daniel Gabel and Jill Rosentock to Tung Thanh Do and Chilan Huynh Nguyen, $385,000.

Turquoise Terr., 12706-Rosetta D. and Stanley L. Peet to Tigist Metaferia and Zekacrias Y. Woldeyes, $275,000.


Blackthorn St., 3805-Gordon Wesley and Barbara M. Price to Khanh K. and Hester J. Nguyen, $1.25 million.

Brookside Dr., 5709-Renee K. Subrin to Veronica Grigera, $740,000.

Coquelin Terr., 3301-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Marsha A. Francis, $740,000.

East-West Hwy., 3916-Audrey Sheppard and Charles E. Zeitlin to Ashley E. Iddings, $875,000.

Edgevale Ct., 4102-Louis O. Smith III and Adrienne L. Potts to Sandra L. Deighton, $791,000.

Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1803N-Nathaniel and Karen Fuller to Anirban Ghosh and Avanti Iyer, $514,000.

Grafton St., 126-James E. and Joanne M. Anderson to Dina Lassow and the Meridian Trust, $1.9 million.

Kenwood Forest Lane, 6724, No. 63-Nancy B. and John F. Parsons to Blythe and Ryan Swift, $790,000.

Ridge St., 4412-Robert Wolinsky and Danielle M. Estrada to Darren J. and Lisa S. Katz, $1.3 million.

Thornapple St., 3413-Steven K. Galson Living Trust and Jessie Wolfe Galson Living Trust to Rasool and Khadijeh Anooshehpoor, $900,000.

Westport Rd., 5002-Beatrice C. Larson to Gregory Meier and Scarlet Narciso, $705,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600-Ann M. Fenton and Sondra Lee Harvison to 20A Associates Corp., $2.13 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 22824, No. 115-Clarksburg V Corp. to Nicole Nicolas, $153,910.

Basswood Hill Dr., 23118-Joan B. Joyce to Robert D. Fitzpatrick and Rachel R. Derisi, $375,000.

Clarksridge Rd., 23421-Dustin and Jong Dae Kim to Shankar Ganesh Chidambaram and Selva Kumari Palani, $340,000.

Cypress Spring Rd., 12235-Jesus and Sandra Urresty to Chung N. and Fanny S. Hui, $691,000.

Meadow Mist Rd., 22919-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Andrew Lee, $135,805.

Meadow Mist Rd., 22941, No. 3302-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Samantha L. Piper, $132,168.

Stringtown Rd., 24901-Elizabeth Magruder Cibula and estate of Fred Winfield Magruder to Julio A. Ortiz, $359,000.

Yellowwood Dr., 23137-Ryan Michael and Cathy Lynn Criste to Sergio Mauricio and Lorena Alejandra Kushida, $450,000.


Countryside Dr., 2300-Thomas L. and Carole Jane Robinson to Erich J. Sommerfeldt and Thomas R. Mienk, $437,000.

Jaystone Ct., 21-Federal National Mortgage Association to 21 Jaystone Court Corp., $412,150.

New Hampshire Ave., 15823-Neil A. and Elaine R. Meade to Nimo Realty Trust Corp., $108,000.

Sandy Hollow Ct., 1128-Adam J. Boyer and estate of Phillip E. Buckley to Jason Ahn Lee, $150,000.

Stratford Manor Terr., 824-Kevin Rise and Andrea Masciale to Robert M. Haas and Beth Blum, $531,500.


Cutsail Dr., 24544-John A. and Peggy Ann Lord to Timothy A. and Engrid C. Wendland, $380,000.

Gue Rd., 9128-Joseph L. Linthicum to George W. and Jill L. Green, $245,000.

McWhorter Farm Ct., 9609-James C. and Elaine M. Whalen to Sean and Ginger K. McCarty, $650,000.

Sweepstakes Rd., 10001-Miguel Passarinho to Armenak and Lusi Simon, $580,000.


Bethayres Rd., 16811-Brian J. Karem and Pamela J. Russell Karem to Michael Leonard and Melissa Kaye Colavito, $420,000.

Deer Lake Rd., 16132-Richard E. and Katherine M. Wallace to Carla and Charles A. Ammerman, $700,000.

Granby Rd., 6100-Christopher and Jennifer Hedrick to Elizabeth Woodwell and Andrew Watson, $760,000.

Malabar St., 16820-Department of Housing and Urban Development to C. Five Corp., $330,000.

Ottenbrook Terr., 7409-Cartus Financial Corp. to Eun Hye Kim, $780,000.

Shady Mill Rd., 17713-Vivian Wood and estate of Rita V. Spak to Anahita Loloei Marsal, $400,000.

Wild Flower Ct., 5913-Martin Smith to Robin V. Rice and Abdon D. Ackard Jr., $612,900.


Bradford Rd., 8603, No. 10-5-Nadia S. Kasrawi to Samantha Withall, $275,000.

Calumet Dr., 10205-Jorge A. Flores and Manuela De Jesus Flores to Endale D. Gebre, $329,000.

Dallas Ave., 10009-PRH Corp. to Kirkland Reynolds and Jennifer Cannon, $525,000.

Edgewood Ave., 10216-Mary B. Bauer to Monica A. Jeffries and John P. Hazangeles, $500,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 4-Sean W. Pender to Conor A. Rook, $511,500.

Hillmoor Dr., 411-Peter J. and Susan C. Curtin to Gregory M. and Julie M. McCarthy, $595,000.

Lanark Way, 504-Carl William and Katherine K. Blake to Karen Nelson, $475,000.

Melbourne Ave. E., 212-Colin Cooley and Veronica Grigera to Patrick and Patricia Carey, $474,000.

Penwood Rd., 304-David Fary and the Doris M. Fary Revocable Trust to Charles and Margaret Lewis, $500,000.

St. Lawrence Dr., 320-Tracy M. Stenger and estate of Marguerite N. St. Clair to Michael P. Ferguson and Christina C. Meiring, $435,000.

Sutherland Rd., 9603-Stephen D. and Megan G. Smith to James and Christine Fintel, $680,000.

Walden Rd., 8910-Christopher A. Baumgarten and Louis A. Rivera to Erik D. Jens and Olga Haldey, $490,100.


Belt Pl., 357, No. 37-357-Peter Kelly and Elena Korepanova to Justin Louis and Jennifer Talley, $325,000.

Carousel Ct., 470-Lea Elisabeth Austen to Antoni M. Gunawan, $192,000.

Central Ave., 112-Janet R. Rueter and estate of Nancy Ann Paquin to Richard L. Aitken Jr.., Pamela S. Toole, Paul Jan Sadlik and Scott Nathan Aron, $374,000.

Cross Country Lane, 18689-Liem D. and Thinh D. Tran to Damari R. Ballen Ramirez, $267,000.

Filbert Dr., 19800-Anthony T. and Bonita Brown to Juan A. Leon, $247,000.

Girard St., 456, No. 378-Anthony Gomes to Wei Jin and Jian Hua Chen, $73,300.

Hallmark Ct., 18304-Stephen M. and Deborah J. Bernas to Alice Kacuba, $300,000.

Labelle Ct., 19605-Veronica Chavez to Herbert G. and Esperanza Mazariegos, $252,000.

Mallory Terr., 8215-Susan J. Becker to Sasanka N.A. Athale and Nayani N. Athale, $345,000.

Streamside Dr., 18316, No. 301-Christopher and Vanessa Breth to Brigadier Ridge Manor, $87,300.

Tygart Lane, 19985-Lisa A. and Glen A. Dameron to Jamie Fewell, Brendan Holden and Charlotte Holden, $336,200.

Winnie Pl., 105-Richard D. and Linda S. Quesenberry to Russell C. and Kelly D. Hair, $470,000.


Autumn View Dr., 112-Churchill Development Corp. to Pedro Manuel and Maritza Nieto, $601,870.

Booth St., 31, No. 458-Justin X. Shackelford to Jing Zhao, $257,000.

Chestertown St., 716-Alfonso M. and Ellen Sue Martinez to Timothy and Lori Sweeney, $910,000.

Crown Farm Dr., 140-Leonid Polovets to Brandon Good, $900,000.

Gatestone St., 703-A. Elaine and James F. Allison to Tushar and Anita Bhatia Garg, $660,000.

Golden Ash Way, 99-Todd A. Gilbert to Ravi Anantha and Michelle Lee Safarik, $534,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 623-Jeffrey L. and Susan D. Weisenborne to Arya Parsee and Melissa A. Storck, $541,000.

Kendrick Pl., 132-David B. Nimetz to Donna M. Savarese, $342,500.

Lakelands Dr., 419-Mark P. Williamson and Juan Maria Garcia to Herve and Sophie D. Berdou, $842,500.

Masterpiece Lane, 14224-Harvey A. and Judi S. Perry to Yicong Wu and Huiqi He, $850,000.

Orchard Ridge Dr., 916, No. 100-Elizabeth A. Rankin to Hojung Cho and Harrison Jo, $350,000.

Pineapple Grove Dr., 12005-Sung Chang Shawn Tien and Lydia I. Lin Liu Tien to Gary T. and Sarah M. Brunick, $735,000.

Query Mill Rd., 13300-Michael D. Palance to Sam and Mailicelyn Morales Sheldon, $1.6 million.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 866, No. 866-101-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anna Khizhnyak, $105,000.

Silent Wood Way, 14206-Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc. to Mun H. Shieh and Soyoung Yun, $830,000.

Sullnick Way, 11515-Russell R. Daudelin to Fidrik Iskandar and Lie Jenny Wunsawijaya, $270,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 12525-Raman and Balamani Pichumani to Tyler K. and Melissa C. Short, $570,000.

Welland Ct., 8-Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc. to Xiaoxiang Liu and Chunchun Zhang, $1.12 million.


Montrose Ave., 10808-John K. Hsiao to Sidney A. and Jody D. Rosenzweig, $1.16 million.


Ambassador Terr., 20425-Mehrez M. and Krystal L. Ayari to Neftali, Juan C. and Armida C. Granados, $242,000.

Birdseye Dr., 18931-Elizabeth J. and Daniel Marino to Jian Yang, $233,000.

Brookmead Dr., 14512-Stephen B. and Kim W. Irish to John T. and Kimberly A. Kaneshige, $638,500.

Chalet Dr., 18141, No. 23-204-Majill Hackett to Bi Hui Hu, $125,600.

Esworthy Rd., 13609-Bruce D. and Mary B. Moreton to Ian P. and Lydia Kline, $915,000.

Gallop Terr., 14009-A. Na Marie Balingit Wines and Mark Wines to Shugeng Bai and Jinli Feng, $340,000.

Harmony Woods Lane, 18749-Donna Rusch to Sung Ho and Kathy Y. Moon, $335,000.

Indian Grass Dr., 17008-Kyung Ae Lee to Yossman H. Infante, $365,000.

Leatherbark Way, 12014-William S. and Cecelia Fleming to K2NC Corp., $300,000.

Martins Landing Dr., 18710-Stephen and Melissa Batolomeo to Gavin C. and Elizabeth Plum Fogarty, $275,500.

Misty Meadow Terr., 19210-Corey and Karen Logsdon to Frankie W. Cheung and Chung Yin Yau, $150,000.

Pickering Ct., 41, No. 41-202-Darryle K. and Jeanine P. Jones to Lindsay C. Hein, $188,000.

Poplar Hill Rd., 15105-National Residential Nominee Services to Yaman and Elizabeth Coskun, $1.25 million.

Red Rocks Dr., 18000-Zheng Gang Liu and Rui Li to Allan and J. Caban, $550,000.

Sage Way, 18623-Alvero Cancelado and Fred Gomez to Guojun Nie and Jinhua Feng, $124,000.

Spring Meadows Dr., 15400-Sean M. and Sharon F. Cassidy to Jonathan L. and Stephanie Kunkle, $875,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18443-Kimberly R. Bryant to Montgomery Housing Opportunities Commission, $261,256.

Summersong Lane, 20475-Neal Bumgarner to Michael J. Meehan and Amber M. Ponto, $249,900.

Wanegarden Dr., 13808-Wendy McDermott/Blackwell to Emily J. Magnotta and H. A. Cruz, $379,000.

White Saddle Dr., 19629-Clara Rebecca Williams to Weichen Juan and Tzuing Chen, $265,000.


Colfax St., 4408-Fred S. Haas to Leticia M. Watson, $532,500.

Dewey Rd., 11137-Nathan and Agnese Reforzo Arnold to Alex K. and Danielle N. Chan, $475,000.

Glenridge St., 4413-Mark R. Ashland and the estate of Roger D. Ashland to Brian W. and Sarah M. Thoms, $743,000.

Perry Ave., 3518-James and Marissa Turner to Ashley and Giovanni Vignola, $385,000.

Soward Dr., 11305-Linda B. Spurny and Robin L. Ingle to Joseph Chamoun, $499,000.

Warner St., 4110-Jeanne L. Burcham to 4110 Warner Street Corp., $420,000.

Woodson Ave., 11317-Francois Koenig and Marianne K. Bender to Maryann Salehy, $372,500.


Goshen Rd., 20921-Lawrence E. Jones and Shelley Horn to Chris and Maria E. Kinsinger, $600,000.

Jarl Dr., 25516-Eleanor Hewitt Gill Living Trust to Julio Sotomayor and Delmi Cuchilla, $329,000.

Primula Dr., 8807-Robert L. and Susan W. Johnson to Christopher S. and Rebecca A. Turett, $851,000.

Welsh Rd., 24509-Kim Newsom to Gerald H. and Winnie P. Sim, $388,000.


Battery Bend Pl., 20301-Julie M. Rosenberg to Fikere Workineh and Marta Oumer, $335,000.

Brassie Pl., 19567, No. 3C-Barbara L. Schwab to Boon Tiong Erh and Zhongyan Sun, $196,000.

Briar Glenn Way, 9550-Justin and Jennifer Sumner to Jonathan G. Aldana, $240,000.

Chadburn Pl., 9491-Oluyemisi Adesanya Famuyiwa to Tanvir F. Chowdhury, $182,000.

Dockside Terr., 9824-Duane E. and Christel E. Bivens to Sina Davani, $218,000.

Enterprise Way, 19608-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Lauro and Daysi Garcia, $231,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9709, No. 56-Mohammed A. Meshal to Joseph Ahmad Manna, $88,000.

Leatherfern Terr., 9709, No. 43-Lea Patricia Dunbar and Gareth Hill to Misa A. Sugui, $143,000.

Nathans Pl., 18771-Nelson T. Clapp to Henry E. Calles Menjivar and Maria A. Lemus, $167,000.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18031-Loc Dao Lam and estate of Mai Ai Lam Phan to Linglin Yang, $230,000.

Tiber Ct., 19512-Todd D. Pihl and Amy Secor to Miguel A. and Elena Posse, $375,000.

Transhire Rd., 19539-Aspasia Koumpouras to Rossana and Baridone Senego, $183,000.

Yankee Harbor Dr., 7824-Elizabeth and Kyle Cordeiro to Mary J. Sparks, $339,900.


Gatewood Terr., 10408-Mark Batkin and Judith Taylor to Albert J. and Sung K. Miele, $470,000.

Parham Rd., 1606-Ket B. and Nghi B. Nguyen to Juan Ramon Majano Romero, $260,000.


Bakersfield Ct., 14416-Lisa Lim and Lana Lim Sokol to Jose N. Rubio, $280,000.

Bear Valley Terr., 2227-Michael T. Wigmore and estate of Alfred Wigmore IV to Alexander Jae and Miok Lee, $350,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3960, No. 3960-2-Isis Carina Leal to Vikkram Bali, $81,000.

Birchtree Lane, 2921-Kathleen A. and Tibor A. Szabo to Michael Prothomos and Stella Eleni Harrison, $430,000.

Camellia Dr., 13100-Ruth M. and Joseph J. Gancie to John Michael and Jeanna Coviello, $450,650.

Delancy Dr., 4202-Pubudu and Nayana Rajapakse to Tonny and Daisy Harley, $440,000.

English Orchard Ct., 12644-Shari Bernstein to Jeffrey N. Twigg, $320,500.

Everton St., 3507-Anita B. Pitsenbarger and Tina M. Woodward to Robert L. Clark Jr., $215,000.

Finsbury Park Dr., 3714, No. 50B-Michael F. Jones and the Evelyn E. Jones Revocable Trust to Susan M. Pilch, $245,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3500, No. 15-2B-Raymond Messick and the Doris C. Messick Revocable Trust to Leo W. and Brenda Thompson, $110,000.

Glade Dr., 15100, No. 11-3A-Suzanne Schust to Sylvia Schaeter, $149,000.

Hunter Mountain Lane, 15021-Robert C. and Sharon Hammond Richardson to Sarah Mugerwa and Robert Lule, $429,500.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-908-Anita Bloom and Shelley Caplan to James J. and Lenore Conenello, $110,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 217-Thomas F. and Carol M. Smith to Marvin and Ellen Sirkis, $427,100.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 811-6-John G. Garvey and Lawrence C. Garvey to Douglas E. and Sharon L. Nyhus, $160,000.

Longmead Rd., 1911-James E. and Conae I. Lee to Jamie West Meier, $440,000.

Minden Rd., 3927-Eustaciana Galeano to Mesrak and Zelalem Tamrat, $350,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15310, No. 84-3F-Michael Sacks and the estate of David Sacks to Robert E. and Mary B. Reid, $152,500.

Rippling Brook Dr., 14116-Faye D. Roy to Shaunil Chokshi and Emmanuel Klint Gassner, $465,000.

Tabiona Dr., 13826-Thomas Jerry Mammen to Vahid and Mehry Bilvardi, $325,000.


Bishops Castle Dr., 1905-Frederick J. and Deborah G. Pearce to Karl Matthew and Leslie Erin Anforth, $515,000.

Oxfordshire Terr., 18504-Kathy Conway to Leslie A. Harrelson, $429,999.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18105, No. 245-Margo Bruce Higdon to Caitlin F. Ulmer, $230,000.

Sandy Knoll Dr., 17314-Stacy Rosenheim Morales to Asad E. and Soussan D. Cina, $266,000.

Thornberry Lane, 18712-Joanna Schmeissner to Christopher J. Huddleston and June L. Traicoff, $504,000.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18262, No. 402-Lawrence P. Jaworski to Farhad Gholami, $195,000.


Hickman Way, 20009-Michael and Hilary Schwab Shapiro to Christopher and Julia Doto, $644,999.

McKernon Way, 18213-Andrew Donnelly and Helen Jeanes to Jeffrey T. and Sooann R. Pisano, $642,500.

Westerly Ave., 19620-Susan J. Richmond and estate of Margaret B. Richmond to Kenneth A. and Kylie J. Powe, $342,500.


Apple Hill Ct., 10005-George F. Bronsky to Hemant and Renu Berry, $1.64 million.

Bedfordshire Ave., 11616-Charles D. and Phyllis M. Rumbarger to David H. and Christina C. Jun, $760,000.

Belmart Rd., 8841-Peggy Ann Eacho and J. Scott Fechnay to Debra Lee Gill, $3.15 million.

Blue Meadow Rd., 1526-Jose M. Ortega to Christopher and Molly Nagel, $770,000.

Burbank Dr., 10913-Barbara H. Warner and Faith Ann Warner to Gheorghe and Liliana Muresan, $1.28 million.

Centurion Way, 11821-Willie J. and Melissa B. Williams to Preeti S. and Manish D. Kothari, $2.38 million.

Coach St., 7913-K. Dunlop Scott and Catharine W. Trauernicht to Donald L. and Lorin Linger Chapman, $1.34 million.

Deborah Dr., 11112-Lori R. Diseati to Sergey M. and Maria Grinkrug, $883,000.

Espalier Pl., 12309-John M. and Suzanne F. Pletcher to James Chris and Patricia A. Brown, $736,000.

Fox Run, 8703-David and Christina Jun to Chad and Dana M. Loube, $795,000.

Great Arbor Dr., 10403-Irving C. and Emily L. Kesser to Sonjae Whang and Lai Ming Lee, $870,000.

Grey Fox Rd., 10404-Majid R. Padash and Mehrnaz Neyzari to Sai Ravi Nagarajan and Umamaheswari Veeraswami, $1.47 million.

Horseshoe Lane, 8536-Thomas S. and Anna G. Pines to Eric Benschoter and Delila Khaled, $1.42 million.

Kingsgate Rd., 8405-S. Rob Sobhani and Erica H. Eager to Timothy M. and Julie E. Herwig, $967,508.

Lloyd Rd., 10400-Andrew F. and Sharon J. Miller to Ellen H. Woodbury, $999,900.

Penfold Ct., 10004-National Residential Nominee Services to Edward Samuel Goldstein and Melanie Ilyssa Flamenbaum, $780,000.

Post House Ct., 11117-William A. Burton and Deborah M. Autor to George Alexander and Nancy Gribeluk, $860,000.

Skipwith Lane, 11413-Frank and Charlotte G. Pascoe to George Mavrikes, John Jordan, the Jet 2008 Receiving Trust, the MCT 2008 Receiving Trust, the NRT 2008 Receiving Trust and the RJT 2008 Receiving Trust, $1.6 million.

Stapleford Hall Ct., 2-Fred Hayes to Li Cui and Xiaoyan Jennifer Du, $1.78 million.

Sunrise Dr., 1717-Peter Jinhaw Chen to Siva and Tosca Narayanan, $677,900.

Thrush Lane, 9417-Michael J. and Melissa M. Halow to Scott Y. and Hyunbo H. Kim, $1.04 million.

Twining Lane, 11421-David A. and Arlene R. Wechsler to David T. and Kimberly V. Schwartzbeck, $115,000.


Aberdeen Rd., 101-Van Dyke Family Trust and Gretchen Dee Van Dyke Collins to Brendan Cole, $525,000.

Ashley Dr., 11900-Cristian D. Pablo to Daniel Smith, $415,000.

Beall Ave., 543-Joseph A. Schneider to Martin J. Schnermann and Paresma R. Patel, $441,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10774-Marc T. and Marcy M. Borger to Maria Elena Francovig Pego and Ralph L. Miller, $712,500.

Carter Rd., 814-Denise D. Montgomery to Lillian L. Teng and Matthew P. Cotlar, $485,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11419, No. 11419-004-Walker Erickson to Emily J. Butler, $290,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15301, No. K-Janet M. McLeod to David John and Amanda Marie Millhouse, $262,000.

Elmcroft Blvd., 1002, No. X-205R-Jorge L. and Myrna Zelaya to Julia J. Mudjitaba, $355,000.

Gaither Rd., 1004-Kristopher Shannon and Kelly Fitzgerald to Hisham Abdo, $680,000.

Grey Hollow Ct., 11903, No. 75-Doris Danzig and Mark Harvey Greene to Adam Marc and Dawn Elyse Stern, $690,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. P38 -Audrey R. Graves to Neville S. and Augusta M. Ladduwahetty, $12,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10823, No. 1117-Ashley Paige Allen/Fowler to Jillian E. Irvine, $361,000.

Inman Park Cir., 5822, No. 702-John F. Staudt to Luisa M. Yesquen Solari and Juan Carlos Marrou Quispe, $369,900.

Kings Riding Way, 10701, No. 101-14-Nichole Chamberlain and Robert Scofield to Vanessa A. Lantin, $459,900.

Lawson Way, 531, No. 403-Julie A. Micheletti to John S. and Theodora J. Miles, $460,000.

Mannakee St., 520-David Charles and Ming Wang Spelic to Sandeep Dayal and Jyoti Gupta, $590,000.

Mayfair Manor Dr., 5720, No. 98-Steven Turtil to Randi Neff, $430,000.

Nelson St., 800-Joost R. Hiltermann and Patricia A. Gossman to Vasu and Padmaja Bandi, $598,500.

Nicholson Lane, 5802, No. 2-602-Amber Biles to Joanna Schmeissner, $535,000.

Oak Knoll Dr., 403-David Adam and Genevieve Nicole Drazen to Jin Kim, $585,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 106-Kathleen M. McKeon to Courtney S. Birnie, $204,381.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2230-Toll MD IX Partnership to Sean W. Kelley, $425,000.

Pasture Side Way, 149-Linda T. and Rufino F. Solomon to Mingchih Kao and Hueychu Chen, $500,000.

Redgate Farms Ct., 1703-Trevor W. Corey and Amrita Gill to Raihona Atakhodjaeva, $302,000.

Rocking Horse Rd., 11811-Ulrich Baxa and Selena Chee Peng Baxa to Sean Raymond Ricker, $350,000.

Rockville Pike, 11801, No. 1512-Jenna M. Gabriellan to Sandeep Kohli and Vandhana Khurana, $340,000.

Rose Petal Way, 105-Chin Cju Liu to Jianmin Shi and Xianping Zhang, $932,000.

Stickley Rd., 4909-Hui Sun and Hongde Pan to Michael Bowman, $350,000.

Symphony Park Dr., 10869-Symphony Park Corp. to Harold C. and Lynda Teubner, $1.53 million.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10018, No. 8-12-Adam Busenlehner to Michael Bijan Rahimi, $250,000.

Wall St., 105-Ryan A. and Kimberly M. Smith to Aleksandra G. and Milan Habijanac, $620,000.

First St., 802-Zorayda A. and Armando S. Aben to Zhu X. Di, $292,500.


Windrush Lane, 1032, No. 32-Michael and Kristin Hornbostel to David Finlay, $326,500.


Bunyan Cir., 21335, No. 205-Donald J. and Diane J. Flex to Pranav M. and Viral P. Suthar, $345,000.

Elderberry Terr., 19325-Felipe B. Hernandez to Zhixiong Shi and Xiumei Chen, $145,000.

Herefordshire Way, 11401-Phillip and Francine Butler to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $313,000.

Misty Moon Pl., 10709-Charles D. and Susan L. Lakeman to Abbas Porsian, $441,000.

Scarlet Leaf Cir., 11714-Daniel J. Ng and Hanh D. Nguyen to Patricia E. Lopez, $400,000.

Virginia Pine Dr., 11711-Gerald L. Hodges to Lawanda Moorer, $470,000.


Cameron St., 8515-Robert J. Publicover and Richard R. Forster III to Russell Simon and Stanislava Kimball, $624,500.

Dartmouth Ave., 720-Rudolph W. Bauss to Harry M. Olson, $525,000.

East-West Hwy. E., 1201, No. 210-Eric A. and Lauren Rossen to Charlene Hardy McMillan, $400,000

Forest Glen Rd., 2028-Holt Ennis and estate of Ashley Ennis to Joel E. Aviles Mejia, $300,000.

Grubb Rd., 8201, No. 8201G-204-Susan Walston/Costa to Howard Kurtz, Bonnie Kurtz and Sheri Lynne Annis, $289,000.

Highland Dr., 1415-Xavier Comas and Carol Gardner to Stephen A. Morris and Kathryn L. Neel, $879,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1905-Herma E. Symes to Peter Margolies, $285,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 318-Christopher W. Arnett and Joshua R. Graf to Satyam V. and Shrimayi D. Vashi, $375,000.

Richmond Ave., 835-James M. Mulrooney and Carolyn Elaine Clapp to Erika S. Hamalainen and Michael J. Ryan, $598,000.

Woodstock Ct., 9508-Gordon B. Willis and Angela M. Gonzalez to Sulaiman J. and Molly T. Love, $625,000.


Barclay Ave., 4-Sarah C. Epstein and JRE Barclay Avenue to Sarah A. Poole and Adam J. Gleich, $1.28 million.

Elson Ct., 1313-Julie K. De Mello to Alexandra C. Nassau Brownstone and William W. Lebing, $379,000.

Glenside Dr., 7501-Corinna and Kenneth Crockett to Hebra F. and Patrick A. Rush, $415,000.

Lee Ave., 116, No. 201-Lis Nao Corp. to Brenda and Charles Sterling, $80,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 803-Blanca A. Rose to Federal National Mortgage Association, $158,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 615-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Joan Marsh, $181,500.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 911-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Michelle Matos, $252,500.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 907-Lisa M. Kellar and Peter Gianakos to Michael Pisa and Anh Bao Nguyen, $584,000.

Fifth Ave., 6428-Timothy A. and Tara B. Lawley to Geoffrey J. Bannister, $544,995.


Clagett Dr., 1227-Tracy L. Geiger to Andrew Ma, $281,000.

Marshall Ave., 1621-Mirian Giordano and Fernando W. Sanchez to Benigno A. Santos Jr. and Ma Lucia G. Santos, $309,000.

Stanley Ave., 2004-C. L. Nichols and estate of Robert W. Munday Sr. to Potomac Properties Corp., $232,000.


Adams Dr., 3915-Alan and Deborah Stewart Feinberg to Dean W. and Cassandra L. Miller, $412,000.

Amherst Ave., 11505, No. 31-Nina Piken and Joanna J. Berkman Revocable Trust to Rachel Hunt, $230,000.

Belgrade Rd. N., 1212-Joshua J. and Shira Schulman to Ori and Naomi Carmel, $500,000.

Brookhaven Dr., 12210-Potomac Properties Corp. to Brett and Alana Fine, $460,000.

College View Dr., 11515-Estate of Linda E. Atcheson and Thomas L. Harlow Jr. to David W. Nazarian, $292,000.

Dalewood Dr., 12107-Eduardo Zeballos and Pablo Ovando to Jamie C. and Mayaliza C. Fernandez, $175,000.

Fulham St., 11704-Jacob and Lisa S. Lipman to Jeremy W. and Penina Blate, $555,000.

Goodhill Rd., 12304-Donald K. Muller and estate of Paul Allen Muller Jr. to Niparat Chorsaowarak and Piyapong Khieowarn, $250,000.

Henderson Ct., 2820-James S. and Dorothy Adkins to Rocken Enterprises Corp., $245,000.

Kendall Ct., 12216-Claudia P. Portillo and Isaar T. Sadr to Arnoldo Mendez, $305,000.

Mapleview Dr., 11508-PRH Corp. to Flor Guadalupe Mandujano, $361,000.

Soward Dr., 11508-101 Geneva Corp. to Susan T. Bechtel, $369,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 703A-Barham Family Trust and Oswald J. Barham to Arthur Chung Ling Chen, $112,500.

Woodman Ave., 1711-Steven M. Brunn and estate of William H. Brunn to 1711 Woodman Corp., $426,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Longfield Pl., 2706-Claude H.K. Young to Shaye E. and Erin E. McCullough, $416,500.


Brunswick St., 502-Mary Jane Petrucelli and estate of Lakrue B. Norris to Megan Donovan and Brett Novick, $170,000.

E St. E., 10-Patricia L. and George P. Orye to Taylor Mountain Corp., $88,000.

Potomac St. W., 817-Patricia and Jason W. Smith to Sara Helene K. Aubertin, $160,000.

Virginia Ave. N., 9-Fred Lee George and Margaret Irene Krol to Daniel and Wanda Cole, $52,000.


Amesbury Way, 4860-Richard E. and Barbara L. Garrett to Amanda M. and Matthew W. Kremnitzer, $235,000.

Picnic Woods Rd., 6240-Jose Roberto and Mary E. Dubon to James R. and Sarah R. Funkhouser, $314,900.

Spring View Ct., 4233-Russell and Debra L. Bouslog to Michael R. and Megan L. Osele, $275,000.


Arbor Ct., 6894-Marlene Welch to Linda Estrada Palma, $220,000.

Cascade Way, 536-Department of Veterans Affairs to Danling Chen, $129,010.

Christian Kemp Dr. N., 6194-Mario E. and Jennifer Meyers to Jason R. and Jennifer L. Lowery, $449,900.

Glenmeadow Ct., 7171-Mark A. Stull to Wendie B. Marshall, $165,000.

Keswick Pl., 1127-Herbert and Julia Guzman to Elizabeth A. Fomegne, $130,000.

New Design Rd., 4404-Michael W. Geisinger and the estate of Joseph M. Geisinger to Theresa Smith, $259,900.

Riggs Ct., 529-Mona Helen Quartey to Leonicio Del Cid Ramos, $135,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6712-Daniel E. Hawkins Jr. to Jorge L. Torres, $200,000.

Upper Mill Terr. N., 5518-Joy A. Mollaneda/Muir to David J. and Jaclyn E. Muir, $250,000.


Black Haw Ct., 8286-Janis Alley Mitchell to Patricia M. De Soler, $145,000.

Dockside Ct., 1459-Holly and Scott Kristiansen to Steven A. Duenas, $178,000.

Five Shillings Rd., 2514-Christopher S. and Kelly A. Scherer to Karen L. Shomaker, $265,000.

Hamilton Ave., 51-Michael and Rebecca Southers to James A. Whitt and Nadejda V. Slepushkina, $140,000.

Kline Blvd., 141-Jan Ellen Klein and Annette Lee Weaver to Kevin R. and Kate E. Chasse, $32,500.

Mill Race Rd., 2524-Wormald Development Co. to William J. and Linda A. Rys, $320,000.

Patrick St. W., 702-Theresa L. Kirk to Nancy Mitchell Hoffmann, $219,000.

Record St., 113-Anthony C. and Kathleen M. Constable to Craig S. and Linda Giangrande, $875,000.

Waterside Ct., 8245-Allan A.T. Marks and Barbara Ann Marks to Christopher J. Chiaravalloti and Iole Testa, $237,500.

Second St. E., 233-Thomas L. Fisher and Donna F. Latorre to Patricia J. McLeskey, $169,900.

Seventh St. W., 11-Dane Caruso Sutherland and Megan Lynn Forney to Michael Kruis, $199,000.


Battery Lane, 2113-NVR Inc. to Phylissa C. Thomas Burrus and Reginald J. Burrus, $300,000.

Bristol Dr., 2141, No. 7-Fitzhugh Mullan Revocable Living Trust to Long Bao Ho and Tram Thuy La, $147,000.

Chapel Ct., 2027-Stephen D. and Shannon S. Hays to Gerard W. and Jennifer A. Butler, $345,900.

Malvern Way, 2000-Russell Eric Frost Jr. and James R. Castle to Roberto Perez and Marion Perez Yordan, $229,900.

Old Seventh St., 7928-Frank G. and Heidi J. Schiebel to Jerry M. and Renee L. Flannery, $550,000.

Quails Nest Way, 108-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anil Kumar Meda Kavadi and Thulasi Baneti, $170,000.

Shelley Cir., 2505, No. 5-3A-Paul and Carole Flynn to Mary H. Cramer, $165,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 1781-Candice L. Jackson to Khup Hen Pau and Daw Ning Za Lun, $190,000.

Wetherburne Way, 2234-Jason J. and Kirstie Winn to Elizabeth J. Wilson, $213,000.


Broadmoor Terr. S., 6500-Ralph E. and M.H. Fisher to Brian M. and Erin F. Kane, $565,000.


Galyn Dr., 115-Steve and Angela M. Stephens to Mark D. and Shirley Taylor, $342,723.


Coppermine Rd., 11602-Michael R. Beard Sr. and Nancy Mae Fogle to John F. Inskeep, Jesse Lee Inskeep and Jamie Lynn Lambert, $875,000.


Burkittsville Rd., 7020-Wayne Haupt and estate of Pauline E. Haupt to Randy J. and Vanessa D. Carbaugh, $60,000.

Glenbrook Dr., 705-Robert C. and Bonnie A. Schnetzler to Chad William and Kristin Leigh Bohn, $460,000.

Mount Tabor Rd., 8731-William S. McGuire Jr. and Carolyn S. Frazee to Stephen D. and Shannon S. Hays, $470,000.

Red Oak Ct., 3388-Calvin L. and Myrtle Claire Perilloux to Jonathan C. and Lucy S. Gilbart, $400,100.

Stone Springs Lane, 308-James E. Porterfield to Robin Jones, $278,000.

Willow Tree Dr., 4493-Vincent Q. Norman to Jeremy A. Fishman, $270,000.


Tall Oaks Dr., 4966-Marketpro South Inc. to William A. and Michelle L. Stanton, $415,000.


Catoctin Overlook Dr., 5711-Market Pro South Inc. to Michael and Jacqueline L. Whalen, $317,000.

Meadowgreen Dr., 1014-Donald and Lillian L. Brouillard to Stephen J. and Victoria E. Garofolo, $445,000.

Sunset Ave., 101-Michael Gallagher to Matthew C. Burnett, $320,000.

Woodville Rd., 7415-Gunvant K. and Helene M. Thaker to Zachary L. and Angela R. Moxley, $375,000.


Highland Ave., 3903-William J. and Teresa L. Sullivan to Sarah Renee Roberson, $232,500.


Club House Cir., 7004-Thomas A. and Gail Treglia to Robert J. and Melissa L. Miller, $455,000.

Country Club Terr., 7031-Tyler Wormald Westwinds Corp. to Kevin R. Gillespie, $339,405.

Eagletrace Dr., 11116-Ellis G. and Nancy Iacobucci to Scott W. and Erica Meyer, $500,000.

Orchard Crest Cir., 405-Miller Smith at the Orchard Corp. to Michael K. and Jessica Mollet, $411,360.

Wainscot Dr. E., 312-Jonathan Lee and Stephanie Wolf to Eric T. and Kristen Swedberg, $299,000.


Oak Orchard Rd., 14840-David Isle and Sandra Ann Foley to David E. and Dela F. Haislip, $540,000.


Rocky Ridge Rd., 9130-Archie D. and Elizabeth L. Cheda to Nicholas W. Keating and Melanie B. Gordon, $310,000.


Brice Rd., 13035A-Charles L. Carmichael and estate of Joan F. Carmichael to Blanche J. Philips, $230,000.

Old Oak Pl., 411-William E. and Mary T. Noegel to Wachter Enterprises Corp., $137,500.

Woodland Ave., 603-Stephen M. and Jennifer R. Schafer to Luz A. Cortez, $249,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5951-Rose Marie Allen to Steven D. Posey, $157,000.

Brigadoon Pl., 9610-Richard W. and Erin Frey Pearson to Jonathan and Jennifer Miller, $370,000.

Dunraven St., 9412-Scott T. and Tracey Celi to Jerry B. and Cindy G. Schlossnagle, $360,000.

Holborn Pl., 3672-Diana M. Flanders to AJP&A Investments Corp., $238,750.

Reels Mill Rd., 5004-Kevin P. Neville and Joseph C. Neville to Kevin Christopher Hafera, $219,000.

Spicebush Dr., 3743-Francis B. and Mary E. Atkins to Welson E. and Valcy Glovanini, $565,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3826-Brent and Diane S. Luers to Jonathan David and Constance A. Burstein, $335,000.


Chapel Ct., 400, No. 4T-John J. Roop and Anne Marie Whitehurst Roop to Joy F. Flickinger, $115,000.

George St. E., 33-LNY Corp. to Charles W. Korrell, $125,000.

Treasure Ave., 8727-Hector Montenegro to William and Bettina Kramer, $130,000.