Prince George’s County

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Saint Marys View Rd., 3306-Carlos D.M. and Sequaria L. Crawford to Lynne Fairfax, $265,000.


Edwards Way, 9250, No. 402-B-Kimberly A. Kuranda and Irene Butt to Christopher and Mira Bai Larose, $35,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 10810-Sukumaran C. and Valsala S. Aryangat to Jairo D. Romero, $305,000.

Ruatan St., 1919-Marie A. Robinson to Kitchu Zhao, $221,100.

Vireo St., 10104-Yakov Deitch and Gai Mesika to Emil Kurt and Michelle Leigh Lienau, $325,000.


Beltsville Dr., 12154-Shaun and Katherine E. Faulkner to Alvin and Jessica Fisher, $225,000.

Cedar Ct., 4705-Robert A. and Jennie W. Owens to Shaun S. and Katherine E. Faulkner, $365,000.

Heartwood Dr., 11706-Allan R. and Janet A. Handysides to Brian P. and Michelle A. Kittleson, $395,000.

Quimby Ave., 4908-Barbara A. Kelly and Margaret Bennett to Marino C. Jayo and Vanessa Parinsca, $190,000.

Usange St., 4513-Dream Home Properties Corp. to Crystal Spratley, $308,000.


Amelias Grove Ct., 13202-Mark A. and Zena S. Kolenda to Stone Financing Corp., $765,000.

Belhurst Lane, 12804-Julia Liebeskind and Richard Hodge Powell to Janet Kmitch, $350,860.

Burkes Promise Dr., 4408-Larry and Molly Rich to Chad and Ruth K. Bevan, $487,000.

Kennet Lane, 2509-Theodore and Diane Taber to Ronald Wayne Hare, $345,000.

London Lane, 14593-Carlos and Gladys L. Perez to Anhtu T. and Nam Nguyen, $164,800.

Maple Bluff Lane, 3401-Kimberly A. Fizdale to Megan Reilly, $160,000.

Morlock Lane, 3413-Denise Cadieux to Vinicio E. Guzman Figueroa, $249,900.

Old Stage Rd., 14011-Edward M. Johnson and estate of James Earl House to Pvre Corp., $200,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8305-Michael Winkelman and Wytonja Curry to Welisa M. Tafalla and Amor Reignalyn Villarama, $364,000.

Rockledge Dr., 12500-Craig H. and Amy Kienast to Federal National Mortgage Association, $293,579.

Stanfield Ct., 12105-Peter and Hannah Pipim to Alicia Paradise Garza, $349,900.

Towanda Lane, 12006-Raymond R. and Gina C. Smith to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $297,000.

Fifth St., 12805-Maryland Community Development Administration and George Eaton to Daniel Ogunbanwo, $226,000.


Atlantis Dr., 15605-Paul W. and Margaret H. Jackson to Lance O. Severance, $400,000.

Easthaven Ct., 15671, No. 1112-Maryland Community Development Administration and George Eaton to Garon Boyd, Elizabeth Boyd and Michael Terefenko, $65,000.

Emory Ct., 15207-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joyce A. Calambro, $235,000.

Nicholas Pl., 4006-Nicholas Place Corp. to Vince Ng, $320,000.

Pennant Lane, 16005-Daniel J. and Robin P. Steffek to Stephanie Brodie, $250,000.


Burch Hill Rd., 6902-John D. Corley and estate of Dorothy L. Corley to Brittany M. Sparks and Brad A. Johnson, $295,000.

Grayden Lane, 8025-Pamela Cox to Andrea Wilson, $277,000.

Whitaker Park Dr., 13217-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Gloria J. Coffey, $429,576.


Taylor St., 3602-Property & Industry Coordinators Corp. to Amanda Lynn and Anand Singh Gahlot, $369,205.


Booker Dr., 728-Rutherford Associates Corp. to Eustace L. and Avril V. Rutherford, $152,613.

Clovis Ave., 816-Axe Properties & Management Corp. to Carris L. Fields, $178,000.

Edgewick Ave., 1404-Affluent District Properties Corp. and Ashraf Choudhary to Tammy E. Lawson, $190,000.

Hastings Dr., 7001-Joy Solo to Randy Drayton, $195,000.

Mann St., 4702-Charles Green to Bradley E. Heard, $4,500.

Onyx Ct., 7032-101 Geneva Corp. to Laurie C. McCoy, $195,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 438-Yvonne P. Porter to Binesh Gummadi, $109,200.

Vale Pl., 6-Janie L. and Charles L. Richardson to Axe Properties & Management Corp., $45,000.

Yorknolls Dr., 219-219 Yorknolls Drive Corp. to Angela and Calvin O. Willis, $220,000.


Meynell Ct., 10702-Kevin L. Fisher to Tammiko Newell, $234,900.


Continental Pl., 9053-Federal National Mortgage Association to Melvin O. Lopez Valdez, $160,000.

Jurgensen Pl., 511-Centex Homes to Juan Tanon, $330,545.

Kilmer St., 6314-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jenni Brown, $121,000.

Michele Dr., 7808-Department of Housing and Urban Development to April Mitchell, $85,000.

Ray Leonard Rd., 2024-Housing Initiative Partnership Inc. to Sophia Jackson Jenkins, $148,000.

Willowwood Ct., 1635-Bennie and Katricia Purnell Robinson to Guojun Nie and Jinhua Feng, $67,000.


Alan Dr., 5607-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Samuel A. and Christina M. Clark, $250,000.

Blackwater Pl., 12904-Charles D. Pawlowski to Metro DC 1 Corp., $89,000.

Cosca Park Pl., 11547-Gregory D. and Patricia Hunter to Salamawit D. Abrra and Ashnafi G. Ketem, $141,000.

Fletcher Ave., 9408-Bi Investment Group Corp. to Jacqueline Wiggins, $228,000.

Highland Meadows Dr., 8107-Walter J. and Chere L. Balma to Rico and Crystal Williams Konohia, $275,000.

Milligan Lane, 7305-Clive Monnity to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $202,500.

Schultz Rd., 8516-Francis Realty Corp. to Norma Arroyo, $195,000.


Bryn Mawr Rd., 5926-Oscar R. Perdomo and Elvia Jannette Gomez Lawrens to Yaris U. Reyes-Carbajal, $190,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 515-Robert J. Anzelmo Trust to Yuheng and Yuxin Men, $155,000.

Osage St., 4808-Sefik and Sandra Civic to Guoxiang Lin and Wanjing Hu, $152,500.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1506-Joseph J. Haskell to Robert B., Kathy, Esther I. and Michael C. Monical, $110,000.

50th Ave., 9508-Douglas R. and Debra M. Hartig to Annette Clark, $232,000.


Edenville Dr., 1218-Bank of New York Mellon and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Michael Eisenman, $139,125.

Hansford St., 6510-Robert P. Spriggs to Tia Lynn Ballenger, $140,000.

Keyhole Ct., 3706-Daniel J. Pesachowtiz to Residential Value Corp., $84,000.

Millvale Ave., 2603-Hilario D. and Francisca Miguel Ventura to Swan Properties Inc., $70,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 2301-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Maria O. Blanco, $89,900.


Archery Dr., 905-Deutsche Bank to SD Homes Corp., $174,555.

Bentree Rd., 7405-Tiffany L. McNeill to Donta Mays, $160,000.

Browns Lane, 2102-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Salazar, $120,000.

Hatton Point Rd., 12312-Erna J. Beal and Connie Howard to Angela D. Malone and Eric G. Williams, $349,900.

Loughran Rd., 9115-Deutsche Bank and Bank of America to Carlos and Teresa Lopez, $160,000.

Oaklawn Rd., 3910-SD Homes Corp. to Michael L. Lee and Kimber L. James, $272,000.

Proxmire Dr., 12403-Gladys and William Thomas to Yaritza Garcia Baello and Mary Z. Delgado Ocasio, $200,000.

Red Coat Pl., 553, No. 3-Celerity Ventures Corp. to David M. Villafranco and Alba M. Martinez, $132,500.

Woodgreen Cir., 201-Sharion Turner to Akrami Real Estate Inc., $201,000.


Empire Pl., 9-Michelle Jones and Christopher Lee to Digna Maria Emmanuelli Moneypenny and David Linh Cockerham, $339,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7800, No. 255-101-Linwood Johnson Jr. to Gayanath Wasantha and Sandhya Kumudini Fernando, $103,995.

Mandan Rd., 8013, No. 518-Samantha Miskiri to BDD Holdings 2 Corp., $44,000.


Gallatin Pl., 5624-Lorrett and Joel Price to Joyce L. Redwood and Yvonne M. Edwards, $60,000.


Brae Brooke Dr., 8662-Mohamed Barrie to Wenhan Qin and Shumei Shang, $106,700.

Galileo Ct., 7302-Yueh Hisa Lee to Elizabeth Johnson, $326,000.

Maryland St., 10003-Jacob H. and Sylvia L. Thomas to Zelaya Holdings Corp., $115,000.

Westgate Rd., 5704-James V. and Joseph C. Savia to JBN Realty Investment Inc., $105,000.

100th Ave., 6604-Secured Improvements Corp. to Adam A. Wilson, $245,000.


Berwick Lane N., 15211-US Home Corp. and Lennar to Cheryl Clark Simms, $350,990.

Campus Way S., 10116, No. 102-7A-Damilola Oloruntoba to Integrity Professional Contracting Corp., $24,500.

Copper Beech Dr., 15626-Kim M. Byrd to Lee B. and Melanie A. Best, $397,000.

Doubletree Lane, 9913-Ann G. Richardson to Herman Harris III, $213,000.

Hancock Ct., 12704-Armeddlia F. and Zell Joyner to Amos Uwadiae, $250,000.

Homestead Dr., 11401-Leslie L. and Talula Nimmons Martin to Faye D. Roy, $317,000.

Lake Forest Dr., 2802-Richmond American Homes to Christopher J. and Kiesha Whitfield Howard, $469,000.

Ora Lea Lane, 1407-Bryan J. Grell and Christina Deneen Thomas to Samuel and Becky Yeboah, $250,000.

Stan Fey Dr., 307-Ria and Donald Henderson to Troy L. Weaver, $595,000.


Bond Mill Rd., 15903-Daryl K. and Cheryl A. Pesce to Douglas A. and Karen A. Black, $350,000.

Courtland Pl., 15021-Melvis A. Tabe Ebob to PHH Mortgage Corp., $305,600.

Greencastle Rd., 4907-Jose Melara and Guillermo Corea to Santos Realty Corp., $230,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 8702-Carlos Anibal and Jorge J. Alvarenga to Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Co., $159,899.

Millbrook Lane, 15607, No. 144-Jacqueline Sutton to Rudy L. Aguilera Cantarero, $103,000.

Piney Woods Pl., 7123-Sally A. Shelton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $387,000.

Summertree Way, 13125-Elizabeth McNeil Moore to Brenda B. and Frank D. Tucker, $290,000.


Briarcroft Lane, 8805-Alex J. and Deborah F. Ksanznak to Karmon D. and Austin J. Dyches, $295,000.

Cedarbrook Lane, 12507-Darryl L. and Cheryl A. Sherman Baust to Adnan and Maria K. Qureshi, $375,000.

Imperial Dr., 8466, No. 3C-Adrion Smith to Bhitipinder Kaur and Manjit Singh, $95,000.


29th St., 4111-Graham Harrison and Ruth E. Parrish to Shenandoah Sampson and Jessica Faye Higgins, $262,000.


Annapolis Rd., 6833-Dale J. and Edigna R. Whipple to Roca De La Eternidad Inc., $91,000.

Greenvale Pkwy., 6944-Dora A. Morales to Katrina Burson, $255,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7527, No. 1832-Gail A. Piner to Moreen Robinson, $45,100.

70th Pl., 5135-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Agustin Moreno Ortiz and Ramona Gonzalez, $125,000.


Alexandria Dr., 18-Rodney D. and Ella P. Garcia to Gunaratnam and Premala Muraleetharan, $225,000.

Dunwoody Ave., 1310-Jacqueline F. Patterson to Terraine Wiggins, $190,000.

Huron Dr. N., 208-Gilmar Amaya to Alicia A. Weber, $179,900.

Quade St., 604-CSC Enterprises Corp. to Wendy Y. Hernandez, $184,900.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 560, No. 6761-Stephen Chance to Abir Masaoud, $22,000.


Beacon Light Rd., 6910-Foster Communities of Maryland Inc. to Andre P. Naude and Leona F. Peterson, $419,175.

Patterson St., 5418-American Dreamz Real Estate Corp. to Alejandro Reyes, $110,000.

61st Ave., 5910-Robert V. Wilkerson to James and Martha Payen, $231,000.

66th Ave., 5812-James Gibson and Conisue R. Matthews to Ideal House Corp., $100,000.


Lakewood St., 2102-Donald A. Jones to 101 Geneva Corp., $124,500.

Poplar Rd., 6600-Andrews Expo Properties Corp. to Troy C. Gassaway and Latayga Cooper, $200,000.

Walton Ave., 6110-Tomasha M. Colvin to Bernard L. McKoy, $151,500.


Brinkley Rd., 5306-PSB Investments Corp. to Arlene Glenn, $220,000.

Gaither St., 2022-Julian Tucker and Thomas Stommel to Cliffton M. Smith, $205,000.

Shopton Dr., 4902-David D. Costa and DNJH Corp. to Terry D. Barnes and Tracey Caldwell, $229,900.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 309-Joel R. Woodyear to William J. Wolcik, $119,000.

Beechwood Rd., 4012-Axel M. Guerin and Rajani Bhatia to Lauren M. Hebert and Matthew J.W. Ines, $397,500.

Commander Dr., 3914-Paul G. and Patricia L. Gessner to Jie Chen and Zonghen Zhou, $505,000.

Oglethorpe St., 3801-Sakeithia and Perrin Rogers to Jose S. Garcia and Francisca Hernandez De Garcia, $230,000.

Parker House Terr., 5601, No. 315-WSD Capital Corp. to Emmanuel Trifilio, $49,000.

37th Ave., 5023-Jose Alejandro Alvarado to Marketing Trade & Development Consultant, $80,000.


Buggy Path, 11001-Toll MD V Partnership to Elaine Knight, $571,434.

Fareham Lane, 13810-Lisa Thomas to Pamela Ginson, $183,000.

King Patrick Way, 4936, No. 113-Loan Sewer to Wing Lam and Realty Exchange Corp., $106,000.

Marlborough Grove, 4912-Narfe Premier Federal Credit Union to Tyra Archer, $160,100.

Palomino Xing., 4609-Toll MD V Partnership to Juliet M. Gant, $894,795.

Stilton Ct., 4806, No. 53-Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to Motunde Gbeminiyi Ogoh, $142,000.

Tyre St., 11503-District Restorations Corp. to Korderek Moore, $270,000.


Bishops Content Rd., 11821-Carol L. and John G. Madden to Barbara Warner and Faith Ann Warner Davidson, $374,000.

Erion Ct., 10003-U.S. Bank to Hyacinth N. and Gladys U. Uzoma, $385,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 1021-Emmerencia Mordi to Oluwatoyin Akinsoyinu, $190,000.

Southwood Ct., 1909-HSBC Bank to Reuben Ian George and Nardia C. Josephs, $440,299.