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Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Ridge Ave., 1200-John E. and Ann C. Levelle to Jesse A. Silverman, $289,500.

Belvedere Ct., 11-Margaret and John McCloskey to Barbara L. Peterson, $225,000.

Britania Ct., 3211-Christopher C. Valentini and Elizabeth Ann Ervin Valentini to Marguerite K. Gibbons and Timothy P. Barrett, $700,000.

Dulaney Lane, 1006-Kevin and Kristine Doyle to Maude B. Hays, $1.2 million.

Georgetown Rd., 219-Lisa C. and Jeffrey A. Kubaska to Brian Seymour, $296,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1035-Warner Janof to David J. and Haley Jurkowski, $325,000.

Pytchley Run, 316-Christopher John and Collen M. Cleveland to Heather Niblock, $457,500.

Sandpiper Lane, 1002, No. 2-Marilynn E. Katatsky to Frank D. and Gabrielle L. Page, $725,000.

Springdale Ave., 720-James R. David Jr. and Kathryn J. Davis to Edgar J. and Jeanne H. Michels, $915,000.

Tyler Ct., 5-Lance E. and Joyce E. Hayes to Arthur E. and Karen A. Newman, $410,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 953-Gregory P. and Chera Sink Howey to Christian C. and Sharon K. Converse, $289,900.


Berth Terr., 2809-Naomi Constantine and Joseph L. Horowitz to Rebecca J. Hinds, $294,000.

Bon Haven Lane, 2754-George B. and Ellen K. Durham to Alan A. and Stacy S. Lancaster, $910,000.

Brightwater Dr., 130-Jeffrey L. Sellman to Luis E. Rodriguez Gonzalez and Jenny B. Alvarez Sanchez, $194,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 301-Michael G. Dink and Robin S. Weiss to Christopher L. Popp, $455,000.

Corey Lane, 1351-Sylmar South Cherry Grove Corp. to Chou Chik Ting and Kai Li Hsia Ting, $725,000.

Glenwood St., 705, No. 53-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bonnie Simonds, $82,000.

Harbour Heights Dr., 24-Jennifer B. Ruef/Beusse to Timothy R. Sitkauskas, $295,000.

Mastline Dr., 1007-Kimberly Ann and Carol J. Lord to Hans and Mary Hochradel, $365,000.

Monticello Ave., 149-Edward E. and Patricia J. Robitaille to Arthur P. and Kerri B. Massaro, $925,000.

Painter Ct., 2509-David Harry and Mary Louise H. Garner to David and Rhoda David, $227,000.

Samuel Chase Way, 504-Michelle C. and Frederick B. Weiland to Dara G. Silbert and Stephen M. Robinette, $400,000.

Twin Landing Cove, 2584, No. 37-Karen A. Powers to Thomas J. and Marjorie E. Cleary, $306,560.

Valley View Rd., 2985-Marketplace South Inc. to Robert W. and Amy M. Dietrich, $520,000.


Andrew Hill Rd., 629-Mark E. and Carole S. Rosasco to Kristen J. Donnelly and Norman G. Schlaich, $442,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 460-Paul and Paulette Kruise to Lynne Ann Rybak, $308,500.

Fox Run Way, 32-Shawn R. Kastle to Laura H. and Michael K. Armstrong, $355,000.

Morning Dove Way, 320-Mary E. and Robert R. Denman to David H. Brokate and Kelly A. Sweetingham, $600,000.

Rosslare Ct., 1012-Dean A. and Elizabeth M. Ebert to Robert Troy and Jennifer K. Mowery, $510,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 864-David A. Williams to Lynn Andrew and Michelle C. Gish, $604,000.

Timber Turn, 1228-David A. Reid to Michael J. and Lauren K. Ebersberger, $375,000.


Doris Ave., 503-Yvonne J. Parks to Latinda R. Smith, $187,000.

Panorama Way, 301-Ann and Ryan R. Elliott to Stephanie N. and Barry J. Hohman, $250,000.

Fourth St., 5219-Patricia A. Kirby to Kristina Lloyd, $90,000.


Amberwood Dr., 376-Thomas E. Owens and Alan Herman Cohen to B.L. and Robert A. McCormick, $222,000.

Cape St. Claire Rd., 1402-1402 Cape St. Clair Road Corp. to Jabe H. and Tracy M. Nekula, $445,000.

Green Holly Dr., 1186-Marilyn K. and Wallace E. Ludwig to Sheila R. Besterfeldt, $268,000.

Marine Dr., 943-Jayson C. and Jennifer L. Larsen to Stuart R. and Catherine J. Blair, $422,000.

Pine Hill Dr., 1244-Janet M. Spain to Jason J.N. Carver and Jean Marie Carver, $365,000.

St. Margarets Dr., 1023-Jonathan N. Berman to David L. and Bethany Beecher Thomas, $479,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 620-Noel T. Blair to Steven G. and Nicole L. Smollon, $320,000.

Wood Duck Lane, 522-Suzanne B. Redden to Amanda J. Suttles and Juan Perez, $385,000.


Broadwater Point Rd., 1093-Elizabeth S. Tillson and the Karl Mathiasen Revocable Trust to King W. and Florence K. Gee, $650,000.

Shady Side Rd., 5777-Helen L. Thompson to Marvin R. Wallace, $170,000.


Bains Ct., 2719-Joseph and Joann Stewart to John Paul Hennigan, $550,000.

Castleford Sq., 1769, No. 124-Thomas H. Oaks to Catherine Tighe, $255,000.

Foxdale Ct., 1734, No. 139-John I. Jelich to Rebecca L. Boyd, $226,600.

Hyman Lane, 1813-Thomas Paul Meek to Dawit Muluneh and Tegeset Mackert, $489,900.

Kings Pl., 1849-Andrew Y. and Marguerite Borgman to Kevin and Lynn Denis, $465,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1510, No. 40-Sharon X. Wang to Kristen A. Elder, $225,000.

Pleasant Meadow Rd., 1309-Arthur N. and Sylvia S. Willoughby to Thomas J. Harvan and Jillian E. Blaschak, $589,000.

Scribner Pl., 1749-John William Douglas Jr. and estate of John William Douglas Sr. to Justin H. and Christiane R. Ford, $419,000.

Willow Wood Ct., 2894-Gregory W. and Kelly E. Blackman to Venkata Narsimaha P. Puvvalo and Swapna Kankipati, $606,500.


Cherry Trail, 850-Diana M. Lloyd to Robert M. and Elena D. Mack, $320,000.


Chestnut Manor Ct., 955-Mitchell W. and Marian E. Perkey to Matthew H. and Crystal N. Lambros, $230,000.


Avila Ct., 704-G. Randall and Natalie L. Seftas to John B. and Meredith K. Lauer, $725,000.

Lavall Dr., 1271-John S. Segelhorst and estate of Lorna C. Segelhorst to David and Carey Christie, $600,000.


Main St., 943-Adam G. and Julianna D. Kohnen to Paula M. Everson, $341,500.


Arundel Rd., 1514-Micki L. Kirk to Kate O. Bjorke, $225,000.

Church Creek Lane, 2710-David E. and Deborah P. Wirsing to Lindsey B. Dickson, $745,000.

Fairhill Dr., 1705-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Panalytics Corp., $145,000.

Havre de Grace Dr., 1635-3603 Partnership to Whitney Keys Marital Trust, $225,000.

Millhaven Dr., 2147-Christopher M. and Sonja N. Perry to Jason Lee Kulp, $289,000.

Seabiscuit Pl., 136-Richard K. and Nancy Hinman to Daniel J. Oddis, $800,000.

Winding Rd., 932-Steven Andrew and Ginger Lee Burr to Mary L. Darling, $212,000.


Hallmark Dr., 2157-Mark H. and Jacqueline M. Reynolds to Stella Pelekanos and Paul R. Darrow, $389,000.


Skywater Rd., 708-Susan O. Owen and Daniel F. Smergaliuolo to Nancy L. Alper, $1.9 million.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7237-7237 B&A Corp. to Jason Ryan Hunt, $238,000.

Country Chase Ct., 208-Chen Sen and Cheng Pou Hwei Tang to Douglas J. Brotherton and Gabriella Z. Benincasa Brotherton, $376,000.

Gordon Dr., 1448-Highgate Properties Corp. to Albert D. and S.R. Dutzman, $240,000.

Jackson Ave., 10-David J. Scott to Ralph Henry Pridgen IV and Marina Grace Black, $96,750.

Morningside Dr., 503-Sarah Jane Henson to Rachel A. Brzenzinski, $160,000.

Park Dr. E., 7910-Timothy and Jessica Griggs to Molly Brazell, $185,000.

Phirne Rd. E., 8139-Patricia A. Graham to Richard L. May Jr. and Theodore Huttinger, $267,000.

St. James Dr., 217-Jeffrey D. Street to Christopher D. and Alicia L. Walker, $280,000.

Winton Ave., 718-Melissa A. and Earl D. Fox to Christopher J. Cannizzaro, $236,000.


Alview Terr., 134-Admiral Management Co. to Maureen D. McKinney and Datwon L. Paris, $2,000.

Bend Terr. N., 119-Paula Garrett and Statia Connett to Jeremy Slack, $247,000.

Croggan Crescent, 839-Latonya R. Martin to Jill A. Driver, $228,000.

Glen Rd., 130-Ruth H. Gill and Brian K. Nowell to William Doering, $169,000.

Howards Trust Ct., 304-Linda C. and Derrick A. Hilton to Jeremy M. Henley and Tammi Rene Griffin Henley, $390,000.

Kent Rd., 506-Albert B. Wroten IV to Denise Ellison, $160,000.

Marbrook Rd., 7712-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bonnie and Carl Klapaska, $172,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7210-Steven Robert Kuehnl and Kimberly Marie Hutchison to Deanna C. Thomas, $269,900.

Rapid Water Way, 6700-Connie and Richard Helmick to Dorothy L. and Charles Wimbush, $133,450.

Spring Maiden Ct., 200-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Thorsten and Renee Kirsch, $128,001.

Tessing Ct., 202-Walnut Grove Corp. to Brien and Molly Courtien, $339,500.

First Ave., 12-Charter House Corp. to Timothy Ryan Slough, $215,000.


Charney Ct., 706-Douglas J. Brotherton and Gabriella Benincasa Brotherton to Mercy Martin, $270,000.

Dorchester Woods Lane, 7264-NVR Inc. to Brandy N. Greene, $375,660.

Fair Oak Dr., 7230-Joanne Chiu Chen Chow to Ravi Kumar Kannedari and Bala Tripureswari Koneru, $356,000.

Hill Born Dr., 1315-Stephen P. Wandelear to Raymond H. Kohler II, $295,000.

Schindele Lane, 2216-Robert L. Binder to Steven J. Kenyon, $310,000.


Polling House Rd. S., 4618-Jessica Lynn Brand to Jacob A. Lipscomb and Laura R. Bach, $320,000.


Brooktree St., 8233-Tatika Mitchell to Kaka O. Uruakpa, $310,000.

Dominion S., 3332-Citimortgage Inc. to Patricia Marlon, $206,000.

Ivy Bank Lane, 3506-Clifford McQuesten to Mo Han, $305,000.

Mississippi Rd., 8130-Alice M. Smedley Quander to Valerie F. Defeo, $335,000.

Thames Lane, 3244-Tommy V. and Linda S. Stevens to David Robinson and Bryan Robinson, $284,900.


Longcross Rd. N., 107-Paula Weckesser and the estate of Lee G. Harris Jr. to Jaime Schmidt and Brandon K. Krochune, $180,000.

Regency Cir., 203-Josephine S. Costa and G. Gange to Adam Torres, $240,000.


Little Rd., 5951-Bernard J. and Louise M. Wulff to John J. Okrzesik and Mariamme R.M. Okrzesik, $780,000.

Winding Brooke Lane, 4503-Steuart D. and Patricia M. Flynn to Sandra E. Wells, $424,900.


Cecil Ave. N., 737-Joan Stokes and Traci Ann Hines McKenzie to Dennis J. and Kristy L. Stanley, $340,000.

Donner Way, 528-Klaus and Stephanie J. Gaubatz to Paul L. Ordakowski Sr. and Donna L. Ziegenhein, $460,000.

Heatherfield Lane, 902-Kristen Johnson to Leonard S. Feldman and Laura L. Bures, $710,000.

Longfellow Dr., 115-Richard D. and Pamela J. Myers to Peter and Tieng Chhor, $689,900.

Serenade Ct., 205-Gregory B. and Mary G. McShea to Wayne Carroll Pollock III and Marisa Jane Elizabeth Pascal, $849,900.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2503-Shawn C. Helm to Linda M. Stewart, $210,000.

Cannon Ball Way, 209-Jeanell Heimbach to James and Carrie M. Palilla, $415,000.

Chapel Hill Blvd., 2320-Victoria Ann Marr to Steven David and Amy L. Lysse, $495,000.

Cortland Ct., 813-Joa Chapel Grove Corp. and Vintage Homes Corp. to Keith and Amy Richards, $558,890.

Estuary Dr., 809-Robert E. and Carol A. Kendrick to Jared M. Lindsay Conover, $269,000.

Lea Ct., 2267-Lauren Shook to Christine Marie Jordan, $270,000.

Monterey Ave., 495-Sara J. and Timothy A. Clark to Sergio E. and Laura P. Mejia, $434,000.

Roaming Ridge Way, 8600, No. 201-Denton C. and Maryann L. Birgel to John R. Mowatt Jr., $225,000.

Sandy Walk Way, 2355-Joshua T. and Grace E. Merchlinski to Victoria Ann Marr, $357,900.

Streamview Dr., 2608-Lisa R. Williams to Carlos E. and Grachaun K. Correa, $320,000.

Williamsburg Lane, 546-KBS Investment Corp. to Mark J. and Mary A. Motley, $332,500.


Sudley Rd., 5378-Wayson Land Holdings Partnership to Konrad M. and Carol L. Wayson, $246,150.


Arbutus Rd., 8448-Laurence P. and Carol A. Gorsky to Jacob R. and Sophia F. Mullis, $210,000.

Belhaven Ave., 7974-Mark D. Warner to Pete and Patricia A. Pittas, $315,000.

Brookhaven Rd., 3432-Department of Veterans Affairs to Adam J. Trial and Frances L. Hobby, $240,000.

Carnoustie Dr., 1634-Astoria Federal Savings & Loan to Jason Loughrey and Lori Clough, $645,000.

Cobscook Harbour, 8660-Elry P. and Natasha N. Hodge to Nicole W. and James E. Bickley, $205,500.

Davenport Ct., 3500, No. H-Debra L. Middleton to Calvin F. Shilling, $99,000.

Duvall Hwy., 811-Brandon W. Edge and PNC Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $107,942.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 363-Frank J. Finan and Ramond Jennings to Charles and Robyn Krauthammer, $760,000.

Hastings Lane, 118-Robert Taylor Watkins to Michael W. Johnson, $289,900.

Lee Dr., 7734-Mary Stine and Stephanie Christine Stine Livingston to Rock and Kara Wills, $268,000.

Main Creek Rd., 8146-Thomas M. Larimer Jr. to Daniel A. Statkus, $440,000.

Maywood Ave., 8043-Justin Alan Carignan to John G. and Chacea Lee Duerr, $238,000.

New Bedford Harbour, 8678-Potomax Tax Services Corp. to Edward G. Cooper and Kathleen S. Bye, $187,000.

Paradise Beach Rd., 7630-Matthew A. and Brandi Lise Conaway to Kimberly Smith, $290,000.

Pekin Rd., 1235-Pegasus Home Corp. to Mitchell W. and Christina L. Mosher, $268,000.

Sahalee Ct., 8938-Paul Ordakowski to Donna Ziegenhein, $700,000.

Sylvan Way, 514-William H. and Tanka T. Bowman to Michael J. and Kelly L. Haloskey, $425,000.

Wanda Rd., 223-Kevin Patrick Moore to Bernard M. Cox, $130,000.

202nd St., 811-Diane Marie and Donald Earl McCarty to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $336,500.


Parkview Dr., 2707-William R. Hughes and Ratih D. Zimmerman to Lisa A. Osborne, $478,000.


Ava Rd., 1326-Robert D. and Mary J. Eland to Maria E. Avellanda, $385,000.

Clark Station Rd., 8016-Jeffrey E. and Hwa C. Ferrell to Brian and Amanda Heslep, $425,000.

Georgia Ave., 1409-Joseph L. Armes Sr. to Justin K. and Stephanie M. Mabrey, $295,000.

Parham Ct., 8205-Lahoma Parker and Warren B. Johnson to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $230,000.

Queenstown Rd., 789-Brandon and Elizabeth Viernes to Daniel Foste, $270,000.

Vicoli Ct., 1513-Mark Gregory Living Trust to Robert and Jennifer Loughrey, $500,000.

Winterwood Ct. E., 7713-Daniel A. and Heather A. Santos to Brett Stephen and Michelle Blatchford Williams, $465,000.


Canterbury Lane, 323-Vista Trails Development Corp. and Wagner Homes to Daniel A. and Marissa N. Rock, $603,550.

Community Rd., 304-James D. and Barbara D. McCarthy to Thomas N. and Nina E. McCarthy, $470,000.

Devonshire Ct., 541-Arthur P. and Kerri B. Massaro to Travis W. and Kathleen Peterson, $585,000.

Green Forest Dr., 516-Steven T. and Frances C. Middleton to Mark C. and Megan E. Davis, $495,000.

Jennings Rd. S., 60-Alan Alston to Trevillian Properties Corp., $92,000.

Leelyn Dr., 513-Jonathan and Jessica Boetker to Michael R. Stevens Jr., $320,000.

Lymington Rd., 459-Robert W. and Susan W. Gray to Eleanor A. and Anthony J. Moen, $559,000.

North Dr., 280-Raymond W. and Donna M. Fanning to David M. and Cynthia E. Barlock, $605,000.

Richard Way, 573-Tracy M. Payne and estate of Geraldine McKee to Robert J. Cancelliene, $340,000.

St. Andrews Rd., 64-Milton Dodd Finch and Diane J.H. Finch to Grady and Ariana T. Marshall, $615,000.

Stinchcomb Rd., 739-Anthony W. Parker to Ronald K. and Lorraine J. Mittrick, $387,600.

White Plains Ct., 482-Gregory A. and Marjorie E. Leidner to Matthew McCaulley, $475,000.


Dennis Rd., 1556-Mark A. Smoot to Charles N. and Kelli D. Ramsey, $319,000.

Holly Ave., 1188-Troy S. Gilbert to Reppard W. Powers III, $212,000.

Woods Wharf Rd., 4802-Linda Wood and William J. Groom to Woods Wharf Marina Corp., $375,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bassett Hall Ct., 10302-Jeffrey G.F. Nugent and Alison L. Nugent to Jungmin Cha Kim, $585,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4704-Sarah F. Kozik to Alexander C. Fleischer and Dana R. Medford, $184,000.

Eastway Dr., 2930-Claire C. Kiersarsky and Carole Broczkowski to Nikolos Oakley and Tamar Abuladze, $415,000.

Foxhill Ct., 9884-Adrian Wilson and Glenn Wilson to Huan Zhong and Ying Zhang, $336,000.

Frederick Rd., 11983-John Adolph Evans and the Adolph & Grace Evans Living Trust to Brian W. and Betty M. Mensch, $450,000.

John Eager Ct., 10304-Yoon H. and Mikyung Ha to Bo Li and Yu Liu, $585,000.

Martin Meadows Ct., 3007-Michael A. and Karen A. Schonfeld to Philip H. and Tracey A. Schutty, $658,000.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10548-Ellicott Square Townhouse Group Corp. to Murali Kyasa, $475,500.

Ramblewood Rd., 3282-Robert A. and Kimberly A. Kinnear to Scott and Lara Moore, $550,000.

Split Rail Lane, 3545-Earl B. Eisenhart Revocable Trust and the Linda Eisenhart Revocable Trust to Himansku Kesar and Shweta Harisinghani, $332,000.

White Star Way, 4029-Eliot and Brenda B. Sohmer to Randolph C. and Susan F. Bayer, $619,000.


Ballymore Lane, 6557-Deborah L. Whipple to Scott A. and Rachel E. Carr, $725,000.

Clipper Lane, 5800-Jupal and Young Hee Nam to Sung D., Eun S. and Andrew W. Paik, $341,000.

Guilford Rd., 6563-So Yeong and Soong Kyu Chun to Li Gao and Jing Liu, $655,000.

Langford Ct., 6509-Charles J. and Elizabeth F. Dionne to Chun Pyn Shen and Lili Wan, $710,000.

Scenic Hills Ct., 11807-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Jun Luo and Chunlei Ding, $929,000.


Alderleaf Pl., 5787-Daniel T. and Nora L. Hinton to Julie Eunyoung Cho, $210,000.

Catfeet Ct., 9458-Jeffrey Loren and Colleen Anne Angel to Matthew J. and April T. Wilde, $355,000.

Endless Ocean Way, 8711-Miriam T. Brooks to Karen Keane, $555,900.

Graywing Ct., 5384-Sung Hee Moon to Robert Newman and Amanda Mackinson Tinsley Newman, $270,000.

Honeysalt Row, 9494-C. Harvey and Stephanie S. Major to Christopher T. Conlan, $200,000.

Lightspun Lane, 5665-Rudolph Howard and Katherine Louise Storch to Alexander F. and Jennifer A. Nicki, $311,000.

Sage Brush Way, 8763-Harry E. and Suzanne M. Rippenbaum to the Collins Family Trust, $550,000.

Standon Pl., 9597-Veda Stewart to Rongbo Lu, $190,000.

Talisman Lane, 7204-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Igor G. and Mariana Hilotii, $190,000.

Tamebird Ct., 8875-SunTrust Bank to Atiq and Farida Qaiyumi, $73,500.

Whiteacre Rd., 9647-Olubukola Adeoye to Barry Mehta, $68,000.


Angel Rose Ct., 6308-Mark A. Zill and Christine L. Graziano Zill to Anil and Kavitanjali Singh Kumar, $750,000.

Bird Song Pass, 10824-John R. and Lorraine H. Quinn to Paul P. Tremer, $425,000.

Cordage Walk, 10755-Alan Morton and Ann M. Hamburger to James S. and Laura E. Duncan, $310,000.

Fair Oaks, 10410-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Karyn A. Hamilton, $400,000.

Golden Hook, 6252-Nancy W. Cox to Mark Naylor, $390,000.

Harvest Moon Lane, 5384-Emory Floyd West to Donald Carroll, $282,788.

Kiteline Ct., 6322-Stone Financing Corp. to Jay P. and Monica A. Parikh, $530,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10813-James Carbary to Ruth L. Griffin, $295,000.

Round Tower Pl., 5025-Vincent Dicamillo to Douglas P. and Shannon Dickson, $389,900.

Swansfield Rd., 11032-Adora E. Ndu to Scott D. and Joslyn Y. Kravitz, $499,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5550-Lauren A. Rester/France to Amelia Robinson Jennings and Daniel John Guderian, $304,150.

Waterfowl Terr., 10450-Patricia T. Rouse Revocable Trust to Susan Bazell 2012 Trust, David Bazell and Lynn M. Gallagher, $650,000.

Wind Way E., 10532-William A. Allen Jr. to Puirum Kim, $256,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001-Nancy Lee Rossiter to Terry L. Smith, $340,000.

Wyndham Cir., 5812-Koji Miyagi to Russell Bumgarner, $237,000.


Autumn Spell, 5915-Susan Jan Gould to Megan Anne Kruger, $310,000.

Briarglen Dr., 7915-Harry F. Geelhaar and Mary J. Geelhaar Corp. to Nancy W. Cox, $220,000.

Ducketts Lane, 7018-Morequity Inc. to David McDonnell, $156,750.

Lark Brown Rd., 8159-Geneva Alston/Nelson to 3330 Rogers Avenue Corp., $241,600.

Montgomery Rd., 5969-Richard E. Rice to Joseph Dunn and Stefanie Ann Winterfield, $285,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6028-Kara R. and John H. Morris to Chirag R. and Hetal D. Patel, $244,928.


Avoca Ave., 4928-Aaron and Paula Connor to Amy and Timothy Brown, $435,000.

Bramhope Lane, 4955-Young Soon Kim to Chadwick E. and Kelly Watson, $530,000.

Briar Oak Ct., 5398-Jason M. and Kimberly D. Middleton to John J. and Arlene M. Faye, $586,000.

Church Lane Dr., 8478-Gary Lee Rudacille to Alexander David Achey, $360,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8589-Deutsche Bank Co. to Howai Yau, $180,000.

Montjoy Pl., 8858-Joshua W. Talley to Young Ho and Deborah J. Kim, $420,000.

Pemberton Ct., 4106-Christian S. and Sally J. Park to Kisang and Kyoungwa Kwon, $525,000.

Sonia Trail, 3379-Uran and Enkeleida Veseshta to Ravi Sekhar Kakumani and Sowjanya Gummalla, $345,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8217-Su and Joseph Proctor to Bijan and Minoo Keramati, $313,000.


Carpenter St., 7516-Anthony J. and Lea C. Nicotra to Mike T. and Prakash Punjabi, $600,000.

Holly Manor Way, 8104-Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Jun T. Bae, $825,000.

Midtown Rd., 7676-Brian and Robin Tarantino to John A. Zito and Ashley E. White, $560,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 11857-Dawn L. Duea to Ashley Deadwyler and Jacobi Jones, $417,000.


Meriwether Dr., 14845-Toll MD VIII Partnership to Glenn C. and Karen L. Snyder, $867,860.


Sharp Ct., 3318-Rosemarie and John W. Parker to Naseer Zahid and Sarah Zahid, $460,000.


Brooks Rd., 7025-Donald K. and Mary McBride to Jason M. Zagnit and Jamie W. Landrio, $775,000.


Cambridge Ct., 8232-Colin and Tiffany Marr to Jonathan Wade Miller, $219,900.

Rosewood Way, 8955-Jaime L. Reinhardt and Aaron M. Pennington to Donna J. Snyder, $217,000.


Clocktower Lane, 9422-Stephen Protulis to Andrew T. and Michele C. Maxwell, $295,000.

Evergreen Ave., 10025-George O. and Fraces T. Meyerson to Steven H. and Laurie E. Bonner, $585,000.

Keepsake Way, 9459-James C. and Bernadine Wright to Michelle R. and Thorvard L. Jensen, $432,000.

Natures Rd., 7120-David Kim to Wen Chen, $275,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7573-Tamiko L. Power to Jeffrey R., Peggy A. and Allan P. Hutchins, $200,000.


Mount View Rd., 2005-John Francis and Deborah Jean Miles to Diana Broemsen and Jonathan Kennedy, $465,000.


Hardy Rd., 17235-Sebastian and Rebecca Theberge to Aaron D. and Debra L. Phelps, $665,000.


Baltimore St., 9053-Carolyn J. and John C. Adami to Amy E. Reytar, $1.7 million.


Burley Lane, 9207-Sean and Nicole Hollywood to Vincent M. Wynne, $311,000.

Evening Bird Lane, 9709-Tok Son and Sang Mi Na to Jieshun Zhu and Ying Zhang, $392,000.

Gross Ave., 9156-John W. and Linda S. Booth to John A. and Kira N. Jahoda, $290,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8490-NVR Inc. to Rachel A. Jones, $269,900.

Lake Edge Dr., 8729-Jean M. and Dale C. Legal to Jolie G. Weinberg, the GW Trust, the RW Trust and Robert L. Weinberg, $675,000.

Old Bond Mill Rd., 10672-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Michael and Kristy Ann Price, $542,400.

Rock Ripple Lane, 9321-CS Riverwalk Corp. to Ziyaur Rahman, $399,900.

Swan Dr., 9904-Rasmey Chang and Bunda Hin to Rajiv and Priya Rehani, $462,500.

Whiskey Run, 9726-Hilton Properties Corp. to Trang Cuu Dang and Huyen Thi Mong Pham, $125,000.

Woodland Walk, 10013-CS Riverwalk Corp. to David T. Blewett and Ge G. Ling, $447,617.


Gaither Rd., 640-William Roderick and Juliann Marie Biggs to Thomas Christopher Hurst and Ann Sewell, $567,500.


River Valley Chase, 3144-Sharon D. Sullivan to James D. and Jennifer Hostler, $702,500.


Carriage Mill Rd., 14716-William R. and Linda A. Grimm to Rondalph S. Taylor Jr., $635,000.

Misty Knoll Ct., 16009-Joel E. and Mary S. Peterson to Kirk and Maria Haslbeck, $682,000.


Folkestone Way, 10761-Neil A. and Stacey S. Seitchik to Penny Breen Aleo, $512,000.

Troon Overlook, 2120, No. X1-Anthony C. Wisniewski to Manus J. O’Donnell, $263,000.


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