Prince William County

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Benton Lake Rd., 11944-Chad J. Nelson to Daniel Mendoza, $314,000.

Brewland Way, 12756-Qing Y. Cao to Brad Bacon, $296,000.

Comfort Ct., 8769-Rolf D. Hawkins and Roxanne D. Ward to Lee Anne Dandrea, $439,000.

Cottage Loop, 9066-James B. Cleland to Shane R. Barnett, $440,000.

Darton Woods Loop, 12310-Silvia Garcia Martinez to Freddy Mendez Stelzer and Shirley K. Abolnik Roca, $290,000.

Desoto Falls Ct., 12201-Colin C. Adams to Nu Era Corp., $310,000.

Eredine Way, 9504-Mary V. Cramer to Roland J. Green, $299,900.

Grimsby Lane, 12292-Jon T. Tiller to Spencer R. Kerr, $456,500.

Inchberry Ct., 10221-Joseph W. Kampe to Ashish Arora and Komila Tuteja, $525,000.

Kennoway Ct., 9729-Vincent D. Prysock to Gabriel A. Romero, $298,000.

Lawrence Lane, 13370-Kathleen C. Stauffer to Kurt M. Gavalier, $457,175.

Musket Ball Ct., 10755-Christopher M. Hugunin to Marcia R. Miller, $410,000.

Penzance Lane, 12331-Eric Tomas to SRB2 Corp., $240,000.

Rochester Park Ct., 12408-Nancy M. Berkowitz and Walter V. Kuhn to Ryan R. Shier and Kileen Shier Family Trust, $525,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12472-Darnell Simmons and Miwa Fujii to Denis P. Tchagou and Nadia J. Tonkeu, $223,721.

Thorpe Park Ct., 13001-John M. Branch to Susan Hare, $490,000.

Wright Lane, 12032-Eagle Eye Properties Corp. to Shannon Maynard, $535,000.


Anderson Ct., 14802-Asif Iqbal to Kenia Molina, $211,000.

Bakersfield St., 14632-Marilyn K. Mellor to Irene R. Veloz, $170,000.

Barksdale St., 14783-Maxie E. Justice and Jeri Jenkins to Kim L. Rosewall, $130,000.

Bismark Ave., 14314-Diane B. Quartel to Jose W.C. Rodriguez, $236,900.

Bradford St., 3202-Equity Trustees Corp. and Jacqueline D. Cole to Aasef Shafik, $181,500.

Bristol Ct., 3394-Olive M. Ritenour to Joseph L. McGee, $280,000.

Cardinal Crest Dr., 4066-Kendell E. Kraft to Travis Stewart, $435,000.

Chandon Cross Rd., 12834-Beazer Homes Corp. to Muhammad S. Cheema, $498,550.

Christy Lane, 3545-Lee Fletcher to Nassrin Yacoub, $267,000.

Del Mar Dr., 14460-Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co. and Jose A. Borrayo to Mbi and Associates Corp., $230,800.

Earlham Ct., 14637-Richard M. Kay to Wilson E.P. Villegas, $180,000.

Estate Dr., 14595-Gasper Gulotta and Gulotta Family Trust to Brian Lopez, $449,900.

Florence Ct., 14301-Rongtao Xu to Xiaomei Ma, $185,000.

Forestdale Ave., 4004-Iman Miraki to Anthony Desomma, $175,000.

Glendale Rd., 4246-Kristi M. Daniels to Trudy Anderson, $270,000.

Greenwood Dr., 13669-Mandran Properties Inc. to Johnny C.Q. Montano, $290,000.

Hyannis Lane, 12866-Wells Fargo Bank to Rashid Hafizyar, $213,000.

Kendale Ct., 13110-Michael J. Sugar to Beverly H. McVee, $225,000.

Keytone Rd., 13443-Thomas Mill Corp. to Justin B. Gray, $443,912.

Kingsman Rd., 13654-Patrick Protacio to Ronel Rosado, $275,000.

Lakeland Ct., 5053-Washington Cuero and Suyapa Moradel to Julio C. Pascual Jr., $235,000.

Macwood Dr., 5317-Shafqat Chaudry to Rita J. Romero, $245,000.

Manet Ct., 6540-Alan W. Morgan to Robert Young and Debra Sinnott, $590,000.

Nassau Dr., 13221-Kevin J. Dove to Dolores A. Ramirez, $310,000.

Oust Lane, 6102-Robert J. Hall Jr. to Kevin M. Crews Jr., $282,000.

Photo Dr., 13506-Shari L. Benson to Barbara M. Lee, $219,500.

Princedale Dr., 14283-Hieu Nguyen to David Luff, $265,000.

Rockinghorse Dr., 14158-Ghufran Baig to Imran Baig, $340,000.

Silk Tree Ct., 3910-Robert M. Lattanzi to Joshua Tuttle, $399,000.

Surrydale Dr., 14385-Brina J. Noble to Andrew R. Reed, $313,500.

Tobacco Way, 4864-Stone Financing Corp. to Michael J. Brancato, $350,000.

Whitaker Pl., 4627-Michelle C. Kreis to Craig Stecher, $173,000.


Banks Ct., 2803-Desmond W. Codrington to Federal National Mortgage Association, $153,950.

Francis West Lane, 16845-Bank of New York Mellon to New Spring Corp.,$270,000.

McDowell Ct., 3636-Said W. Sayed to Julio Morales Diaz, $185,000.

Point Pleasant Lane, 16939-Khiem V.Le and Thao Phuong Dong to Likainvest Corp., $197,000.

Toms River Loop, 16840-Walter M. Manzano to Almaz Kahsay, $215,000.

Wilson St., 17460-Jeffrey S. Pague to Judith Allen, $189,900.


Bigleaf Maple Ct., 13116-John Migala and Edita Nazaraite to Justin Main, $460,000.

Camdenhurst Dr., 18254-Joshua H. Bradfield to Christopher Bove, $375,200.

Charismatic Way, 13785-Charles N. Johnson to David F. Welsh, $485,000.

Crackling Fire Dr., 8247-Kenneth J. Zalaskus to Justin M. Powers, $438,000.

Estate Manor Dr., 14128-Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co. and Larry J. Eng to Millennium Gateway Corp., $373,100.

Flying Feather Ct., 14013-Wells Fargo Bank to Christopher M. Crawford, $343,500.

Knight Ct., 13762-L. Kirk Lewis to Mary Brigham and Scott Erdbruegger, $530,000.

Lick River Lane, 5618-William J. Boettcher Jr. to Brett Weber, $549,900.

Lucknow St., 7021-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and William J. Inman to Total Investments Corp., $330,000.

Montour Heights Dr., 8014-Robert J. Mulligan to Lewis J. Ministrelli, $420,000.

Prices Cove Pl., 7251-Tony D. Smith to Ricky L. Allbritton, $535,000.

Ryton Ridge Lane, 13602-Charles E. Lowry to Naomi V. Martin, $532,500.

Sauvage Lane, 7048-Commonwealth Asset Services Corp. and Brently N. Orr to Federal National Mortgage Association, $353,023.

Sterling Point Dr., 14032-Copper Village Investments II Corp. to Benjamin R. Bruckart, $499,000.

Sunday Silence Ct., 6908-Charles Foutz to Elvin G. Johnson, $350,000.

Wales Ct., 8672-Harold L. Waugaman to Mujeeb A. Syed, $435,000.

Woodwill Lane, 14432-Edwin Ayala to Garret R. Reed, $499,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6261-Danielle F. Smith to Aaron S. Koski, $267,000.

Caribbean Ct., 5700-Jeffrey S. Blom to Kamaljit Kaur, $492,000.

Desert Forest Ct., 5017-Joseph K. Heaton to Peter J. Boettke, $670,000.

Hartzell Hill Lane, 6839-Scott J. Shoemaker to James Q. Harwood, $359,900.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15205-John S. Sovereign to Joseph Richardson, $508,000.

Mercury Ave., 7141-John C. Paulson to Jed R. Smith and Claire C. Szanyi, $700,000.

Mountain Rd., 3110-James A. Smith II to Gordon Callahan, $799,999.

Plain Tree Way, 5208-Christopher W. Lawrence to Ronald Q. Smith, $550,000.

Ryder Ct., 15739-HSBC Bank to Charles H. Shaw III, $725,000.

Solheim Cup Dr., 5669-Byron K. Clay to William P. Whelan, $445,000.

Verde Pl., 14356-Bryan C. Lowers to Joshua C. Koch, $360,000.

Wheelwright Way, 5680-Laurie A. Bradley to Jennifer Svienty, $425,000.


Belle Grae Dr., 7555-Joanna F. McCaleb to Carmell F. Booker, $157,000.

Bowmans Folly Dr., 15339-Jesse Hudson to Timothy J. Williams, $410,000.

Brookmead Dr., 13056-Alex O. Polanco to Christopher W. Bang, $460,000.

Charles Lacey Dr., 12287-Christopher Bang to Christopher Crompton, $625,000.

Classic Springs Dr., 12859-Classic Concept Builders of Virginia Corp. to Fred E. Campbell, $648,492.

Coral Berry Dr., 10429-Milburn Borden Jr. to Shafaat A. Khan, $435,000.

Duneiden Lane, 7689-James McGinn to Ruben Argueta, $242,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11887-James P. Templeton to Alana I. Sypsomos, $430,000.

Fincastle Dr., 5982-Michael W. Lucas to Samuel Look, $450,000.

Garner Dr., 7826-Ximena M.G. Cerrudo to Reina Y.L. Mendoza, $196,600.

Halsey Ct., 8101-Glasser & Glasser Inc. and Harold B. Lambert to JLG Investments Corp., $255,000.

Hilliard Dr., 8056-Deborah A. Wykowski to Mahfous Beshai, $275,500.

Hunters Grove Rd., 12382-Don M. Halcombe to Michael J. O’Brien, $378,100.

Irongate Way, 10035-Irongate Holdings Corp. to Jila M. Mohandesi, $143,855.

Lacy Dr., 8103-Dennis G. Sholtis to Matthew W. Abbott, $155,000.

Lynncrest Dr., 7865-Sean E. Quick to Manzar R. Ahmed, $537,000.

Marshall Ct., 6450-Barry D. McCaslin to Mark A. Alderman, $518,000.

Monocacy Way, 10809-Joseph B. Walker to Eric Vetro, $475,000.

Omega Lane, 6008-Lorenzo Cole to John D. Gatz and Anna M. Reese, $330,000.

Peachwood Dr., 10807-Surety Trustees Corp. and Gary M. Owens to Beeren & Barry Investments Corp., $302,000.

Point Ct. W., 7807-Edwin Diaz to Anibar Ramos, $130,000.

River Forest Dr., 6151-William R. Ball Jr. to James Hahn, $447,000.

Saddlehorn Ct., 7900-Joseph Nash to James Axelrod, $140,000.

Shamrock Rd., 6508-Michele D. Krause to Richard L. Norman, $410,000.

Spring Dr., 12502-Cardinal Bank and Sydney Duncan to Hongzai Yan, $241,000.

Sunset Dr., 8319-BSH Investments Corp. to Timothy W. Birdsell, $460,000.

Teakwood Ct., 8866-Etta E. Salley to Gregory Figgins, $182,000.

Toddsbury Lane, 15513-Ryan O. Funkhouser to Kyle J. Zerkel, $437,000.

Visionary Ct., 7702-C. Jason Massoth to Mark Moore, $549,000.

Winfield Loop, 10696-Casey L. Toomey and Eric S. Forbes to Latanya Herndon, $220,000.


Barnwood Rd., 8199-William R. Failor to Antonio C. Frazier, $441,000.

Chardon Ct., 7366-David S. Sedlak to Kyle E. Mears, $415,000.

Dickinson Ct., 8166-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jonathan Fleming, $389,000.

James Hard Ct., 7764-Curtis C. Harris to Amy M. Williams, $460,000.

Lake Occoquan Dr., 9960-Nancy A. Anthony to Sarah L. Ellis and Conrad A. Colby, $427,500.

Leland Rd., 8306-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Matthew D. Byrd to Irap Investments Corp., $218,600.

Parkland St., 8723-Jonathan Ballard to Yesenia E. Cuevas, $269,200.

Stoneridge Dr., 8752-Recon Trust Co. and Paulo E. Quintanilla to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $252,461.

Wilcoxen Farm Pl., 7837-Anthony B. Iadevaia to James Paranzino, $429,900.


Accolon Ct., 16615-Charles E. Robb Jr. to Amber M. Narrell, $429,900.

Autumn Lane, 15406-Gedeon P. Quijano II to Clifford J. Small, $360,000.

Cedar Knoll Ct., 15250-Kai-Peter Koenig to Patrick C. Early, $420,000.

Exeter Dr., 4263-Brian M. Fowler and Fowler Family Trust to William Zilch, $399,900.

Four Seasons Dr., 17411-Maria Saadiqa Turner to Stephen R. Gutierrez, $375,000.

Holly Hill Dr., 15306-Thomas A. Morcom to Jonathan S. Henry Sr., $439,900.

Northgate Dr., 15628-Stephanie Compton to Jonathan M. Lockamy, $315,000.

Sugar Maple Lane, 4906-Celeste Heymann to Nancimarie C. Ranghelli, $219,900.

Tallowwood Dr., 4903-Timothy C. Lancaster to David S. Morelli, $299,900.


Bristow Rd., 14235-Classic Concept Builders of Virginia Corp. to John K. Glassley, $823,336.

Schaeffer Lane, 10407-Rebecca Gray to Cynthia L. Lyman, $420,000.


Fourth Ave., 317-WSD Capital Corp. to Damon Farkas, $155,500.


Barnetts Crossing Pl., 3301-DR Horton Inc. to Samuel Isacc Norfleet III, $395,000.

Port Hope Pt., 3762-Wells Fargo Bank to Babafemi Shodeinde, $149,000.

Wharf Lane, 3600-Alg Trustees Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $149,475.


Amesbury St., 13006-Frank Banas Jr. to Benjamin Derigge, $306,000.

Antietam Rd., 12309-Bank of New York Mellon to Sajana Maharjan, $280,000.

Barrows Lane, 11747-Nathan C. Kreeger to Sarmad Q. Al-Qaysi, $280,000.

Beaver Ford Rd., 3497-Thomas J. Forgas to Allison Walega, $475,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 820-Acacia Life Insurance Co. to Wendy J. Myers, $219,900.

Bolton Overlook Ct., 4113-Kyle B. Timbes to Jared B. Goldberg, $869,000.

Bridgeton Ct., 3095-Advance Construction Concepts Corp. to Aqeel A. Khan, $269,000.

Burgundy Pl., 2923-Andrew Edwin Owens to Rachel E. Dillon, $225,000.

Cambridge Dr., 2810-Recontrust Co. and Andy Morataya to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $207,102.

Cara Dr., 12781, No. 13C-Surya Real Estate Corp. to Brigido A.E. Aguilar, $125,000.

Chanceford Dr., 11864-Yong B. Yun to Gordon J. Burke, $700,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2938-Barbara Cotton to Getachew B. Dadi, $260,000.

Choctaw Ridge Ct., 3050-Amy J. MacIver to Erik Fox, $282,000.

Colby Dr., 12606-Kevin M. Clark to Misty Branham, $250,000.

Colorado Ave., 15212-K2NC Corp. to Haiyi Huang, $120,000.

Cornice Pl., 3501-Thomas J. Parry to John Parker, $429,900.

Custis Sq., 13824-Rhonda Hatmaker to Jack D. Mohney, $465,000.

Derriford Ct., 12150-Fred A. Bubernak and Patricia D. Smith to Nitin M. Chittal, $290,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3232-Jeremiah Martinez to Dolores E. Ross, $428,990.

Eddystone Ct., 12158-Iris J. Graves to Donna L. Wood, $439,000.

Fish Hawk Ct., 1596-Ruben L. Albert Jr. to Hezekiah Barge Jr., $425,000.

Freestone Ct., 12951-James G. Wagner to Meredith H. Weare, $229,900.

Grosbeak Ct., 1528-Major Lambert III to Kyle V. Boone, $319,900.

Heather Glen Ct., 1879-Isaac L. Potter Jr. to Sarah Hanif, $209,000.

Hollow Wind Way, 13956-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Danny Taylor to Federal National Mortgage Association, $281,698.

Ivy Ct., 1798-Gloria J. Hacker to Lili Yang, $229,000.

Jenny Lane, 3014-Kaye F. McWhirter to Jason Herring, $500,000.

Leaf Lawn Lane, 3941-Juan B. Flores to Muhammad Farooq, $370,000.

Luca Station Way, 12918-Craig F. Partlo to Muhammed D. Khan, $530,000.

Marquis Pl., 4508-John C. Scott to Justin A. Evison, $520,000.

McGuffeys Ct., 2716-Gino Roncagliolo and Julia Ascarza to Stephen Knez and Xuan Shao, $250,000.

Nutmeg Ct., 12211-Bryan Sposato to Roxanna Chappell, $266,500.

Ogilvie Ct., 3827-Susan J. Cecala to Jason C. Spangler, $276,000.

Overleigh Dr., 11555-James M. Harris to Martha D. Threatt, $268,500.

Pfitzner Ct., 12481-Aaron K. Benson to Angela D. Ewing, $449,500.

Pinon Ct., 14684-Jose M. Cruz to Ricardo E. Rico Guerra, $165,500.

Port Potomac Ave., 2180-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Fletcher V. Washington, $485,000.

Powder Horn Terr., 1731-Ebenezer Tipay Jr. to Metro DC 1 Corp., $117,000.

Radburn St., 16147-Janice L. Stephens to Brandon L. Atkins, $460,000.

Riggs Ct., 1202-Armando Rodriguez to Carmen E. Montufar, $230,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3560-Nicole M. Richards to Brandon Miller, $168,000.

Stallion Ct., 12078-Poore Substitute Trustee Corp. and Freddie J. Brown Jr. to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $208,200.

Stone Lined Cir., 12733-Terrance R. Cognata to Chase Farais, $349,900.

Taverner Loop, 13041-Wells Fargo Bank to Carmen Jones and Quincy Boggan, $390,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1873-Talesha Lee to Jason Cook and Leilany Fernandez, $175,000.

Triad Ct., 3874-Barry R.J. Cheyne to Mark J. Dorgan, $436,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12823-Charles A. Rogers to Alsandro H. Turner, $519,900.

White Birch Ct., 2800-KE Realty Investments Group Corp. to Steven J. Miller, $434,900.

Winslow Ct., 1999-Wells Fargo Bank to Angel Andres, $190,000.

Woodhaven Ct., 3625-Luis Serrano and Maria Gutierrez to Paul Singh, $190,000.


Farrell Lane, 206-Michael J. Bellanca and Kimberly A. Sedoris to Paul J. Ngek, $112,000.

Morningside Dr., 204-Barbara G. Deal to Brett M. Meyer, $210,900.

Wilcox Ave., 1307-Gregory B. Garbach to Sang H. Na, $238,000.


Bragg Lane, 9754-Apple Financial Investment Corp. to Juana I. Bernal Reyes, $155,000.

Candy Ct., 10121-Robert J. Billingslea to Allen E. Chew, $378,000.

Elderberry Ct., 10038-Leo J. Shannon to Kenneth B. Valrance, $325,000.

Fountain Cir., 10215-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Shalanda Brown, $307,507.

Inkberry Ct., 9338-Ana M.O. Jeda to Edgar Ortiz, $285,000.

Longstreet Dr., 9009-Michael J. Fitzgerald III to Ronald Lilley, $389,900.

Milroy Ct., 8957-Paul S. Schneider and Shawn T. Mizrach to Louis S. Triglia, $230,000.

Point Of Woods Dr., 8630-Complete Builders Suppliers Inc. to Artenas Jenkins, $205,000.

Sebastian Ct., 9527-Gregory M. Maguire to Christopher M. Johnson, $353,000.

Sudley Rd., 9044-Monique Brillhart and Melanie Bunce to James Barnes, $465,000.

Traveller St., 9202-Michael A. Pittman to Eric Lumsden, $360,000.

Veridan Dr., 9281-Robert D. Pacific Jr. to Mohammad Alkarmi, $202,500.

Wilson Ave., 8907-Kerry D. Howell to Laura G. Coleman, $317,500.

Manassas Park

Corbett Cir., 9726-Hai M. Nguyen to Harinarine Singh, $310,000.

Holmes Pl., 9722, No. 205-Heather A. McMurry to Ji Eun Hong, $185,000.

Matthew Dr., 9176-John P. Harasek to Muhammad W. Islam, $417,000.

Pierce St., 113-Jose A. Ruiz to Jose M.R. Alcantara, $183,000.

Union Pl., 8635-Myoung Y. Pak to Lin Zheng, $180,000.

Stafford County

Aquia Dr., 2040-Paul F. Bischoff to Tanya R. Smith, $300,000.

Argyle Hills Dr., 22-Donna E. Frye to Michael J. Bates, $290,000.

Autumn Dr., 41-David A. Straber to Patrick L. Johnson, $389,900.

Barksdale Pl., 300-Margarita Castillo to 300 Barksdale Corp., $151,500.

Bayview Overlook, 1010-Earl D. Underwood to Amy C. Steele, $275,000.

Bridgewater Cir., 249-Brooks B. Carr to Maureen Taylor and Taylor Family Trust, $315,000.

Brixham Ct., 24-Michel M. Attia to Shaun J. Fortune, $283,250.

Bruce St., 18-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Richard Harris to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $425,000.

Cardinal Forest Dr., 61-William C. Billingslea to George A. Reinke, $330,000.

Cedarview Ct., 6-Julian Homes Inc. to Paul Haag, $316,900.

Clark Lane, 16-Mohammed Y. Mohsin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $326,194.

Coachman Cir., 23-Augustine Homes Corp. to Debra A. Malowicki, $684,900.

Cropp Rd., 109-Steven G. Schmitt to Brian Brenner, $332,897.

Crown Manor Dr., 21-William Adamson to Barney B. Blaine, $370,000.

Doswell Dr., 8-Shawn M. Kelly to Chad J. Rutherford, $408,000.

Executive Cir., 197-Larry I. Bell to Randolph Investment Corp., $225,000.

Ficklen Rd., 903-American and Closing Co. to John C. Harwood, $375,000.

Fife St., 26-Kawal K. Singh to Francisco A. Conteras, $280,000.

Grace Ct., 11-David D. Boyd to Adrian Stokes, $385,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 102, No. 3-Lucia J. Rogers to Queenslander Corp., $85,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2108-Mark R. Weitekamp to Jonathan S. Lindquist, $358,000.

Hartwood Rd., 1251-Gerlean Hall to Erica Kerns Sims, $240,000.

Hidden Lake Dr., 50-Kathleen M. Theis to Patricia M. McCormick, $185,000.

Hot Springs Way, 26-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Evelyn A. Larbi, $261,000.

Jan Dr., 1700-Michael Wellman to Zachary A. Harrison and Megan Morrow, $157,000.

Joshua Rd., 401-Foundation Residential Corp. to Tanya Caruso, $252,120.

Kimberly Dr., 13-Allen E. Chew to Kelly Moxley, $300,000.

Lafayette St., 3-Michael D. Shoup to Marcus Williamson, $390,000.

Larkwood Ct., 45-Truslow Kelley Investments Corp. to NVR Inc., $120,000.

Lightfoot Dr., 55-Daniel R. Hill to Thomas N. Goben, $532,500.

Lynchester Dr., 21-David Wheeler to Daniel S. Murphy, $290,000.

Meade Ct., 6-Thomas J. Gibbons to Mark D. Domenico, $292,000.

Mistro Ct., 206-Samantha E. Bingham to Thomas E. O’Donnell, $223,500.

Mount Pleasant Blvd., 217-Eva M. Cseke to Brandon Robinson, $209,500.

Newton Rd., 313-New Boundaries Corp. to Jessica S. Moore, $219,900.

Oak Crest Ct., 6-Charles J. Huffman to Jeffrey T. Grant, $395,000.

Owen St., 4-Willard C. Bennett Jr. to Peter E. Klempay, $322,000.

Perth Dr., 3-Gtis-Hov Leeland Station Corp. to HCA Model Fund 2013-2 Virginia Corp., $390,500.

Pierre Emmanuel Ct., 11-Wells Fargo Bank to Dawu and Qi L. Rong, $265,000.

Providence St., 207-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Melinda Littleton to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $166,513.

Queen Anne Dr., 1000-Maureen T. Johnson to Patricia R. Henderson, $475,000.

Ramoth Church Rd., 992-Carolyn M. Hilliard to Jordan L. Ramsey, $200,000.

Ringgold Rd., 109-Yendor Landing Corp. to Foundation Residential Corp., $155,000.

Rocky Way Dr., 15-James P. O’Neal to Andrew W. Brown, $359,900.

Royal Crescent Way, 34-Michelle D. Chilbert to Jason E. McKinney, $380,500.

Sanctuary Lane, 16-Aaron E. Heising to Dale Sampson, $419,000.

Scotland Cir., 19-Arthur J. Zarone to Thomas B. Israel III and Claudia Y. Hoyos Arteaga, $398,000.

Smithfield Way, 219-Corrine J. Ankers to Daniel E. Cozzens, $240,000.

Spotted Tavern Rd., 350-James Frankel to David J. Zupko II, $395,900.

Tamerlane Dr., 23-Sai Dev Corp. to SMSS Group Corp., $11,500.

Thornberry Lane, 14-Stone Financing Corp. to Stephen A. Watson, $236,000.

Towering Oaks Dr., 19-Sona Inc. to Richard B. Gomez, $425,900.

Truslow Rd., 1627-Glenn A. Smith to Robert A. Sampier, $205,000.

Vista Woods Rd., 64-Allen L. Mazzuca to Janet E. Phillips, $297,300.

Whitsons Run, 110-Surety Trustees Corp. and Tolly D. Prather to Diem Tran, $199,500.

Woodstream Blvd., 259-Andrea N. Gunning to Bradley J. Suchy, $287,000.