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Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aspen Hill Rd., 4502-U.S. Bank to Celena S. Jenkins Joynt, $290,000.

Bardot St., 14019-Estate of Virginia V. Lynagh to Binh Nghe, $375,000.

Clavel Terr., 5115-Gerald J. and Patricia L. Endler to Lisa E. Basham and David G. Ference, $632,500.

Eades St., 4809-John P. and Sharon A. Whitt to John E. and Jamie L. Parreco, $430,000.

Flint Rock Terr., 14101-John H. and Caitlin A. Hendel to Miguel R. and Jessie M. Quintero, $489,000.

Independence St., 4105-Alice H. and Richard C. Rohan to Satya Corp., $232,500.

Parkland Dr., 13509-Louise A. French to Guangmang Zhu, $303,000.

Rocking Spring Dr., 14833-Andrea Levy Kirsch to Michael K. and Kelly S. Hass, $586,100.

Thistlebridge Ct., 15512-D.R. Horton Inc. to Katerina G. Andrawos, $537,425.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11402, No. MF-201-HSBC Bank to William Luis Fraga Agdea, $52,500.


Arandale Rd., 7009-Sarah E. Gaunt to Constantin and Andreea Adiaconitei, $910,000.

Battery Lane, 5000, No. 503-Marie C. Tayman and Jean S. Clarke to Donald G. and Pauline J. Carney, $740,000.

Blaisdell Rd., 6908-Hemingway Homes Bethesda Corp. to M. and L. Klein, $2.75 million.

Bradmoor Dr., 8602-Nils Wayman and Jennifer J. Clay Wayman to Guillermo Foscarini and Maria C. Nicola, $852,500.

Broad Brook Dr., 4829-Lark A. Dunham and Bruce Flanagan Jr. to Yasuhisa Ojima, $900,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 665-FH Bethesa Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda Corp. to Bernard H. Ostrow and Miriam B. Ostrow, $1.5 million.

Carter Rd., 9927-Sarah E. Fowler to Arun and Ratna Sardana, $909,270.

Charred Oak Dr., 8912-Jan and Anna V. Polissar to BMII Corp., $680,000.

Clarden Rd., 7100-John G. and Janell S. Brunner to Victor F. Ganzi, $2.6 million.

Crestberry Lane, 7403-Kyung Jun Min to Vesna Harasic and Oscar Harasic Yaksic, $680,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7425, No. 7425-311-Julia Patricia Sorrentino/Dimento to John D. Taylor and Priscilla S. Taylor, $320,000.

Ewing Dr., 9401-Paul C. Nylund and Kellie M. Kline to Eric P. Nawrocki and Michael M. Hopkins, $850,000.

Halbert Rd. E., 6512-Marian E. and Bernard D. Greenspan to L.E. Paul and Timothy Boucher, $666,800.

Hartsdale Ave., 8708-Gerhard Hummer to James C. and Hollind D. Luh, $1.08 million.

Hempstead Ave., 8623-DHIR Farber Corp. to Jonathan R. and Midhat M. Pawlak, $1.54 million.

Ipswich Rd., 5814-Robert B. and Michele E. Nehrebecky to Scott N. Bergman and Marie B. Ringvik, $1.42 million.

King Charles Way, 5179-Giovanna H. Leon to Shar Yin Huang and Carson James Miller, $535,000.

Lindale Dr., 9500-9500 Lindale Drive Corp. to Joshua S. and Kimberly A. Block, $1.48 million.

Maiden Lane, 6116-David J. and Janice G. Disney to Joshua A. and Sara M. Wilson, $925,000.

McKinley St., 5307-Robert M. and Deborah E. Cooper to Michael E. Bern and Rachel Roth, $1.09 million.

Milroy Pl., 9312-John D. Ross to Nathan S. and Jocelyn L. Dyer, $705,000.

Montrose Ave., 10601-Sherrie L. Borden to Yuntao Tang and Haiming Cao, $310,000.

Ogden Rd., 5709-Timothy F. and Carole S. Geithner to Arrigo and Ingrid Mongini, $995,000.

Oldchester Rd., 7801-Ryan R. and Elise H. Brenneman to 7801 Oldchester Corp., $925,000.

Radnor Ct., 5701-Lyubov Estrina and Boris Rekhtman to Mohammad H. Eslami and Sepideh Pourmousa Abkenar, $842,000.

Ridge Rd., 8716-Charles F. and Jean H. Batchelder to Michelle Jaffe and Eric Sites, $650,000.

River Rd., 4707-Patricia A. St. Louis and the estate of Anna B. Sloan to Tahereh Jamshidi and Alireza Ebrahim, $870,000.

Rudyard Dr., 6109-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Charles H. and Catherine Russell, $1.1 million.

Sonoma Rd., 5606-Judith Manning Leyshon to Douglas Construction Group, $605,000.

Stoneham Rd., 6405-Kathryn F. and Harry Delaney Wynkoop to 6405 Stoneham Corp., $475,000.

Surreywood Lane, 6783-Sonia Doamaral and Corrado Avarino to Kwangwook Ahn and Insook Son, $576,000.

Virginia Ave. W., 4403-Francois Koenig and Marianne K. Bender to Amanda M. and Andrew L. Lasko, $710,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 322-Robert McCartney and estate of J.G. McCartney to Mark S. and Elizabeth C. Steinitz, $330,000.

Wilmett Rd., 6104-David E. and Laurie A. Owen to Colin and Elizabeth Heffernan, $700,000.

Wissioming Rd., 5134-Robert M. Gair to Carissa Moffat and Robert Clark Miller, $752,750.


Bright Plume Terr., 18411-Penelope Larosa and Julio Larsa to Devin R. and Ann M. Brakob, $505,000.

Poplar Glen Ct., 18623-Fabian Souza to Arunkumar Barugar Subramanian and Akila Vasudevan, $432,000.


Farmhouse Ct., 2201-Gerald Bryan and Barbara Jo Mills to Xu Geng and Jiang Hu, $597,000.

Market St., 308-Leslie C. and Josephine S. Unglesbee to Michael and Sara Oestreich, $270,000.


Alpen Green Way, 3662, No. 21-220-Wells Fargo Bank to Amit Luthra, $165,100.

Hollyhock Way, 14413-Evelyn L. Archer to Luis A. Portillo and Silvia M. Bonilla, $369,000.

Silver Spruce Cir., 3635-Moris N. Torres and Omar A. Torres to Linda Serwah Tutuh, $245,000.


Wishbone Terr., 6483-Davidson R. and Nina W. Gwatkin to Andrew McCann, $695,000.


Aventurine Way, 2103-Eva I. and Heinz E. Blum to Sunitha and Jacob Y. Charuvilla, $408,500.

Borges Ave., 12409-Lawrence A. and Naomi Cohen to Scott S. Presson and Christina K. Roach, $440,000.

Copley Lane, 501-Kokoe A. Mensah and Ralph M. Marsingill to Solange Eteh and Kevin S. Nakiwala, $330,000.

Gaffney Rd., 12812-Mary and Michael Schmidt to Mikael Petrosyan, $560,000.

Kathryn Rd., 1115-Mary Frances Diblasi to Serdia O. Mack, $362,500.

Musicmaster Dr., 13107, No. 86-LNV Corp. to I. Chen Lin, $162,000.

Olive Branch Dr., 3508-Blake H. and Karen C. Smith to Noshin Oaisrani and Bernard Williams Jr., $424,900.

Tamarack Rd., 12815-101 Geneva Corp. to Thai Van Trinh and Nga Tuyet Le, $349,000.


Abilene Dr., 2722-Marc D. Israel and Abbey G. Frank to Mohamed and Amanda G. Sow, $879,000.

Blaine Dr., 2708-Alan W. Pessin and Audrey Kahn to Robert J. and Megan Barbero, $710,000.

Brookside Dr., 6009-Virgil D. Gligor to Sunil and Gabrielle Sabharwal, $2.22 million.

Coquelin Terr., 3301-Joshua M. and Gabrielle G. Glasser to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $740,000.

East-West Hwy., 4216-Melinda Estridge and Melissa Merrick to Bipulendu Singh and Monika Acharya, $675,000.

Elm St., 4504-Douglas R. Coggins and George Hudson Painter to Mark H. and Patricia B. Daniels, $1.01 million.

Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 2018N-Andrew J. and Shireen K. Schmidt to Evagelia C. Laiakis, $247,500.

Husted Dr., 3601-Anthony A. and Elena Fails Hutchinson to Joanna K. Gidrewicz, $615,000.

Kirkside Dr., 5801-Bradford J. and Risa L. May to Bertrand Badre, $1.6 million.

Meadow Lane, 7404-Bethesda Realty Partners Corp. to Emily Helms and Jonathan T. Williams, $1.22 million.

Oakridge Lane, 4227-Firuzeh A. and Michael R. McLean to Asher Kotz and Robyn L. Lieberman, $1.31 million.

Rolling Rd., 3104-Arnold M. and Linda Gordon to Charles E. and Emily M. Booth, $1.27 million.

Turner Lane, 3510-Diana A. Urbanas to Peter and Donna E. Kleim, $890,000.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 1409S-Judith R. Aldock and estate of Frederica Z. Robichek to Robert M. and Raphaele P. Holley, $650,000.


Arora Hills Dr., 22824, No. 115-Clarksburg V Corp. to Rebecca Bryant, $156,600.

Autumn Breeze Ave., 22744-NVR Inc. to Gilberto Alejandro Perez Rosa and Isaedmarie Febo Vazquez, $405,410.

Castle Oak Rd., 22541-CLKBG Corp. to Sharmila Perera, $606,350.

Commodore Lane, 13106-Joseph Martello to 728 Richmond Corp., $330,000.

Dutrow Dr., 13434-Aaron S. and Rebecka L. Baecker to Liang Liao and Ruixia Zhou, $355,000.

Kigger Jack Lane, 11803-Piedmont Road Corp. to Li Ping Liu, $810,000.

Meadow Mist Rd., 22925-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Jonathon Jones, $137,918.

Meadow Mist Rd., 23106-Luis F. and Mary L. Velarde to Federal National Mortgage Association, $509,000.

Sugar View Dr., 23603-James W. Jenness and Gail R. Greenfield to Martha M. and Edward A. Rothblum, $479,999.


Aylesbury St., 15412-J. Robert and Betty F. Hopkins to Geetesh Kapoor, $395,000.

Eastway Dr., 15000-Charles Boyd to Stuart H. and Laurie R. Maynard, $400,000.

Kings House Ct., 9-Richard K. and Ruth H. Dieffenderfer to Arthur L. and Toby Kansagor, $419,900.

Silverstone Dr., 14629-Tong Chun and Ok Soon Lee to In Nyung and Soon J. Kim, $560,000.

Swingingdale Dr., 1313-Christopher and Tiffany Skapin to Shivani Tomar and Vivak Kumar, $408,500.


Damascus Park Terr., 25370-De Hao Tsai and Kai Ching Chang to Joyce Nzau and Youssoupha Ndao, $345,000.

Hailey Dr., 24200-Russell A. and Gloria J. Lawrence to Joeseph and Julie Melissa Giove, $610,000.

Ridge Rd., 24305-Scott and Cindy Fulton to Marie Julianna Miller and Keith Edward Kosian, $350,000.

Shelldrake Ct., 9-Maria Rosario Lemus to Elizabeth S. Myers and Shirley S. Myers, $150,500.

Tralee Ct., 25115, No. E2-Bernard E. Duplan to Virginia R. Bullington, $155,000.


Dew Wood Dr., 7620-Deborah Adams Shaw and the Joann Burd Adams Revocable Trust to Kerem Ovezberde, $420,000.

Havenside Terr., 7712-Dianne Gorman to Cheng Hsueh Yang, $340,000.

Mill Creek Dr., 18051-David C. Mancini and Nettie E. Mancini Living Trust to Umair Zia and Rafia Rehman, $455,000.

Warm Springs Dr., 6000-James L. and Mary F. Leef to Andrew Cohen and Julide Aker, $610,000.


Brewster Ave., 211-Obern A. Rainey to Sahra I. Torres Rivera, $468,000.

Colesville Rd., 9312-Nadia Hamid to Satya Corp., $320,000.

Dallas Ave., 10111-Harold C. and Katherine A. Daume to Stephen W. and Linda G. Henley, $515,000.

Edgewood Ave., 10306-Carlos A. Alvarado to Kevin D. Harris and Maria L. Peralta, $449,000.

Hannes St., 404-Betty C. Glorioso and Judith Glorioso to Trenton S. Osborne and Melissa E. Ferguson, $345,000.

Hinsdale Lane, 404-Ligia M. Pasquel Almeid and Beatriz A. Pasquel to James E. and Kirsten B. Hazelrig, $325,800.

Lorain Ave., 10515-Scott C. and Heather F. Moran to Kelly Berens and James Gleeson, $529,000.

Merwood Lane, 9911-Sam W. and Michele M. Russ to Kevin E. and Abbey Nunes, $471,000.

Southwest Dr., 308-Martha E. and Paul C. Monser to Dianne M. Haney, $425,000.

Sutherland Rd., 9621-Edison and Maria Teresa Cueva to Richard Farman, Teresa Farman and Ryan Tyler Welch, $510,000.

Whitmoor Terr., 235-Christian Williams and Hilary Brooke Stauffer to Bryan T. Piper and Andreea Capanu, $435,000.


Carriage Walk Cir., 18613-Claudia R. Jones to Katherine F. Nockett, $325,000.

Cherry Laurel Lane, 18404-Mahban Zargarbalayjam to Armando J.J. Mayorga Arguello, $255,000.

Cochrane Way, 19825-Carol F. Lloyd to Carlos E. Hurtado, $379,000.

Duvall Lane, 118, No. 111-103-Melvin and Yvette Tucker to Jin Sun and Kwok Wai Chan, $55,000.

Game Preserve Rd., 10816-Andrew B. and Sue W. Conversano to Mamoon Munir and Kiran Tariq Dasti, $484,000.

High Timber Ct., 210-Carolyn A. Oakford to Sara Sana & Hena Corp., $295,000.

Mayhill Terr., 19705-Adjoa Tossah Accolley to Round Hill Realty Corp., $255,000.

Streamside Dr., 18336, No. 303-Jacqueline D. Jenkins and Dorothy S. Jenkins to BDD Holding 2 Corp., $102,000.

Walnut Hill Rd., 16521-Pamela J. and Charles M. Cook to Linda T. Tran, $410,000.


Amberfield Lane, 409-Venugopal and Neeraja Sathyamoorthy to Ning Su, $349,000.

Autumn View Dr., 132-Churchill Development Corp. to Jung Pyon and Sara Chung, $629,954.

Castle Ct., 30-Roberta Schnabel and estate of David Waksman to Lin Sheng and Dong Sun, $232,000.

Darby Ct. E., 28-James Smedo and Susan Thomas to Sheldon David Serkin and Zorach Serkin, $275,000.

Floral Park Lane, 10624-Raymond S. and Myong C. Hong to Xianlin Shen and Wanrong Yin, $928,000.

Gentlewood St., 909-Brian K. and Mirjam M. Pearlstein to Jeffrey Frank, Dana Nicole and Bruce Aaron Stander, $790,000.

Granite Ridge Dr., 12624-Matthew R. Thurston and Kristi M. Hampton Thurston to Wenlin Zeng, $480,000.

Inspiration Lane, 573-Sean C. and Janice Beinart to Samuel J. and Kimberly E. Roberts, $769,900.

Kings Grant St., 14512-Ronald O. and Melissa H. Fries to Jeremy S. and Melanie Pellegrini, $680,000.

Leaning Oak Mews, 564-Ziglari Family Trust to Michael and Alicia Kowarski, $460,000.

Native Dancer Ct., 22-Gregory S. Clemmer to Zeljko Stupar, $282,000.

Paramus Dr., 11580-Inmer Bonilla and Claudia P. Marin to Susan Habibi Moini and Behnam Abdolalizadeh, $635,000.

Pissaro Terr., 15702-Thomas B. and Sarah Z. Morse to Prasad A. and Sonal Gupte, $622,600.

Query Mill Rd., 13307-Marissa A. Miller and Michael R. Comis to Hui and Shuhong Li, $835,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 866, No. 866-OP2-Jacinta R. Souza and Fatima Brito to Mouri Ferreira, $56,500.

Saddle River Dr., 14161-Clarence K. Brown and Linda A. Winpisinger to Jonathan Cohen and Carolyn M. Wolff, $850,000.

Still Creek Lane, 869-Rob and Karen Feldman to Sean and Janice Beinart, $1 million.

Timber Rock Rd., 33-Joseph R. and Kim B. Kinard to Kshitij Kumar and Kamal Kumar Arora, $306,000.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 402-Shawn Clausen and Joseph Liekweg to Grant S. Cheung and Victoria R. Wan, $969,000.

Winesap Terr., 12004-Hyung Soon Park and Kyung Hi Suh to Lee and Pamela Bowes, $498,880.


Ansel Terr., 13401, No. 5G-Julie L. Dacar to Tandem Development Group Corp., $125,000.

Birdseye Terr., 12003-Zhi Gang Lang to Songhua Lin and Jing Chen, $220,000.

Caravan Pl., 13604-Catherine Y. Song to Sarah Kruger, $291,000.

Champions Way, 13512-Ritchie Y. and Margaret L. Vehemente to Benjamin F. and Jeanette M. Weidner, $320,000.

Climbing Ivy Ct., 17-Tung T. Du to Saurav Timilsina, $285,000.

Dairymaid Dr., 13137, No. 115-101 Geneva Corp. to Leanna Pires, $133,500.

Esworthy Rd., 13948-Cristina V. and Rani Vera to Alireza Pourahmad and Yekta Dianatnejad, $625,000.

Germantown Rd., 17320-Christopher L. Thompson and Emily K. Sigman to Edward Scopin and Christina Kube, $520,000.

Harvest Glen Way, 13613-Adam and Katherine Phillippy to Adi and Esther Abel, $369,900.

Island View Cir., 12105-Melaku Mekonnen to Felipe Guzman Cervantes, $279,500.

Lullaby Rd., 13944-Diane D. Depew to Shashikan Chowdhary, $370,000.

Metz Dr., 18125-Hui Feng Pan to Guan Hengmai and Juan Wu, $239,000.

Partridge Wood Dr., 19106-Tuncay A. and Renee M. Tankir to Jiashan Zhang, $236,010.

Pickering Dr., 13108-Anh Tran to Quocthai Duc Lai and Nhu H. Chau, $251,000.

Poplar Hill Rd., 15105-Robert T. Murphy and Sandra S. Dugan to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $1.25 million.

Sawyer Terr., 19058-Martha L. Anderson to Justin James and Anna McGeorge Roche, $320,000.

Staffordshire Dr., 20507-Karen Petrarca to John Mead, $265,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18453-Bobby L. and Margot M. Stanley to Bobbie R. Kifer, $235,000.

Swiss Cir., 18228, No. 1-Melissa S. Wiley to Robin Michelle Gaskins, $160,000.

Waters Point Lane, 20416-Jennifer Wurzel Devan to Zachary John Wendal, $340,000.

Wisteria Dr., 13608-Carolyn Fitzwater Freed to Beata A. and Amadou Diagne, $359,900.


Day Ave., 10224-Abigail Callaway and Chad Charowhas to Samuel Skariah, $409,900.

Fayette Rd., 3212-Kristopher W. Unger and Susana A. Ramirez to Andrew L. and Chicko Cohen, $505,000.

Glenway Dr., 3313-Gary P. and Virginia G. Schoales to Amy F. Reiter and Micah Stoutimore, $439,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3132-Matthew P. and Cortney E. Harper to Richard L. and Kirstyn Purcell, $428,000.

Stella Ct., 10806-David L. Winters to Vinh Gia Chung and Lillian Wong, $255,000.


Deanna Dr., 8716-W. G. and Jean P. Brown to Richard S. Williams, $485,000.

Goshen Hunt Lane, 21500-Victor L. and Gloria J. Clavelli to Damon C. and Layle K. Barbacci, $631,500.

Rolling Fork Way, 23740-John A. and Diane L. Weidner to Sean Michael Hand and Kara Ann Didone, $430,000.

White Pillar Terr., 9519-William W. Setley IV to Kevin D. McIlvaine and Patricia Desimone, $220,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10333-Pegasus Home Corp. to Hang and Ai Lun Chen, $266,900.

Chatteroy Pl., 9406-Stuart A. Hall to Dodik Tahmasian, $325,000.

Doolittle St., 20005-Paul O. and Deborah J. Stevermer to Laura S. and Geoffrey C. Carter, $455,490.

Freestate Pl., 9804-Barbara O. Campbell to Edward F. Zilcoski and Karen F. Gigliotti Zilcoski, $469,000.

Highland Hall Dr., 20702-Scott Kuester to S. Brooke Anthony, $355,000.

Leatherfern Terr., 9800, No. 103-247-John and Linda C. Diclemente to Saied and Mehrnaz Dadkhoo, $184,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10022-Renault F. and Gwethalyn King to Syed Yasir A. Mohamed and Farkhanda Riaz, $265,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18727-S. and Monika Deja to Doniele T. Ayres, $243,000.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18083-Chia Chieh Hong to Varun Mago, $230,000.

Torrey Pond Pl., 20132-Linda Estrada Palma to Donald Williams, $280,000.

Union Pl., 9412-Estate of Joseph Domenic Fedeli Esta to Kyle D. Wanzer and Mary Megan Burrow, $356,400.


Naglee Rd., 10310-Brett Harris and Tisha Bevilacqua to Jeffrey J. Clish and Heather M. Sullivan Clish, $15,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 603-Thomas J. Kokolis and estate of Etta Elizabeth Garrett to Keetau G. Eresco, $65,000.


Banquo Terr., 14415, No. 14415-69-Elizabeth R. Maguzi and Juliet Rusingiza to Federal National Mortgage Association, $391,934.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15301, No. 92-1G-Irving M. Shnider to Thomas E. Shioutakon, $86,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3960, No. 3960-3-Federal National Mortgage Association to Marie Laudene Nicholas, $58,000.

Birchtree Lane, 2935-Jeremy I. Schwartz to McKkenzie S. Walsh and Alexander N. Walendziak, $410,000.

Catoctin Terr., 1924-Bruce J. and Patricia E. Kreutzer to Jose Manuel Vargas, $330,000.

Copper Mountain Terr., 2402-David F. and Charon R. Wallace to Tesfu Mezghebe and Selamawit Zerabruk, $360,000.

Dinsdale Dr., 14905-Paul Hardy II to Jacqueline Cruz, $288,500.

Epping Rd., 12608-Susan E. Pape and the estate of John Sturey to James T. Russell, $250,000.

Ewood Lane, 13301-Robert Frank and Carol A. Martin to John and Linda Montgomery, $495,000.

Fiske Dr., 14514, No. 136B-Lillian E. Schwartz to Linda L. Sepe, $235,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3501, No. 14-1C-Carol F. Mayer and Frances A. Frysiak Living Trust to James L. and Julie Dupont Towles, $125,000.

Greenery Lane, 2203, No. 101-10-Robert C. Scheno to Julia Alicia Shelava, $115,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3340, No. 4-2-C-Ock Soon Jung to Tamara R. Chin and Ellen Emily Robertson, $130,000.

Hutchinson Lane, 1706-Cartus Financial Corp. to Kristen Yarincik, $520,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-511-Lois Cohan to Abeba M. Wossen and Demissie Kifie, $91,250.

Isbell St., 3913-Delphine J. and Jeffrey R. Swigert to Oscar A. Jurado and Lourdes B. Humari Rodriguez, $314,900.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210-Roger Kent Baker, Ronald R. Baker and Virginia R. Baker to Martha W. Turco, $165,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 3005-515-Gilbert Leventhal to Linda Alfonso, $199,000.

Manor Spring Terr., 2305-Quynh N. Ly to Viet Duc Tran, $540,000.

Radwick Lane, 15661-James A. Williams to Helen D. and Thomas Oelschlaeger, $415,000.

Round Hill Rd., 4213-James R. and Carlotta Cates to Marcela and Walter Y. Ramos, $200,000.

Terrapin Rd., 2710-Astoria Federal Savings & Loan to Christopher Miller, $225,000.

Valleyfield Ct., 12-Nathan and Kristine Wall to Andres A. Amaya Sanchez, $265,000.


Bloomfield Rd., 18701-James A. and Cindy S. Rawlings to Maurice P. and Kristie Kent, $490,000.

Meadowland Terr., 18611-Rabia Bada to Sean R. and Stephanie M. Smith, $520,000.

Olney Mill Rd., 18629-Thomas Kurt and Janet Lucas to Scott R. Munro and Megan A. Sowa, $574,000.

Pipers Way, 17405, No. 3-Joanne S. Schroeder to BNB Corp., $135,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18210-John W. and Theresa Parent Andreoli to Naomi S. Leventhal, $220,000.

Shotley Bridge Pl., 17823-Abhik Das and Nabanita Nag to Eileen Logan, $359,900.

Thornhurst Dr., 4408-John R. Van Slycke Jr. and Betty J. Van Slycke to Christopher J. and Christina Vacek, $525,000.


Dowden Cir., 19149-Dena Kay Horton to Hilary Schwab Shapiro, $352,500.

Hoskinson Rd., 17217-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Market Pro South Inc., $269,000.

McKernon Way, 18417-Jay H. and Susan M. Reiziss to Yuhong and Amy Q. Wang, $575,000.

Westerly Ave., 19932-David A. and Sarah C. Brown to Elinore M. and Andrew C. Mercer, $380,000.


Bacall Lane, 12420-Maoqun He to Shampa Basu and Ashit Talukder, $1.3 million.

Bells Mill Rd., 8810-Hai Yan Liu to Jaweed A. and Zahra Abbaszadeh, $788,000.

Beman Woods Way, 9726-Ronald B. and Susan J. Bergman to Madeline R. Vermut, $1.1 million.

Buckboard Pl., 10404-Sheila Starkey and Gary T. Hahn to Tyler D. and Sally G. Muth, $1.08 million.

Camille Dr., 8600-Benjamin J. Haskin and Graciela R. Ostera to Aric I. and Tamela G. Noboa, $988,000.

Coddle Harbor Lane, 7853, No. 21-Inverness Knolls Tenants Organiation to Elaine Blyskun, $263,000.

Deerbrook Dr., 13309-Sifen Luo to Lei Wang and Jing Zhu, $998,000.

Falls Chapel Way, 9217-Mark C. Dirlam and Ellen D. Jones to Daniel K. and Judith K. Altscher, $1.54 million.

Glen Rd., 10127-Robert P. Linn Living Trust to Gang Peng and Ashley Yue Xia, $1.07 million.

Greenlane Dr., 11714-Fishman Family Trust to Hamza Mai, $665,000.

Halesworth Dr., 1114-Chung Shikmark and Krista Choe Phillips to Manpreet Sidhu, $750,000.

Hunting Ridge Ct., 11817-Lisa Beth Mariam and Jerome Eckerman Revocable Trust to Animikh Biswas and Rajeshwari Sundaram, $880,000.

Lamplighter Lane, 10927-G. Ralph Ours III to Douglas A. and Lisa Herman, $1.32 million.

Masters Dr., 7704-John Douglas and Amy Zhang Adams to Steven J. and April J. Schwarz, $1.1 million.

Penfold Ct., 10004-Zhi Yong Yang and Ling Xu to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $780,000.

Rock Run Dr., 10701-Colleen Frances Barros Revocable Trust to Amine Lahlou and Inje Oueslati, $882,500.

Stable Way, 7818-Hans and Emma Paris to Hui Du and Yingsheng Li, $1.3 million.

Stonepath Ct., 10-Julia H. Mudjitaba and Josephine Lily Mudjitaba to Louis and Beth Kanter Leibowitz, $695,000.

Swains Lock Terr., 11617-Cecil Bernard Harris to Malalai Sherdil, $1.19 million.

Tifton Dr., 11711-Joseph W. and Ann G. Schantz to T. Yogesvaren M. Thambyrajah and Senthil Malar Shanmuga Sndaram, $540,000.

Victory Lane, 8513-National Residential Nominee Services to Lili Duan, $780,000.

Willowbrook Dr., 10504-Lilia G. Banzon to Yua Huei Chung and Wei Chieh Chang, $1.44 million.


Adams St. S., 140-Fernando Rapanelli and Giselle Colombrera to Ann B. Gibbons, $1.1 million.

Aster Blvd., 804-Jay David and Melissa Brooke Engleson to Boris and Karen Orcev, $640,000.

Bentana Way, 12-Elliott D. and Sonya P. Light to Lionel Sussman and Mark Robert Eckstein, $750,000.

Breezewood Terr., 6907-Timothy P. and Leanne B. Mertz to Davis H. Leichsenring, $672,000.

Chinkapin Dr., 14131-Umar Syyid and Ambreen Ilvas to Joan M. George, $1.08 million.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 507-Eric W. Lundy and James Zufall to Caroline Scheck, $259,500.

Duke St. S., 10-Edward John and Sandra K. Eder to Jeeva P. Munasinghe and Chathuri Nugawela, $638,500.

Englishman Dr., 10521, No. 175-Cristina I. Bressler/Vargas to Konilan Kounetsron and Jhou Evema Stella Wateba, $395,000.

Goldsborough Dr., 609-James F. Lampe and estate of Mona M. Lampe to Scott L. Vaughan and Bethel Ruth Dudt, $615,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 619-HSBC Bank and Luminent Mortgage Trust to Comilang Properties, $130,250.

Hollowstone Dr., 11405-Hermine K. Glazer to William S. Edwardst, $749,000.

King Farm Blvd., 327, No. 209-Shuling Liao Chen to Lucy Wai Yan Woo and Nea Yea Woo, $455,000.

Kings Riding Way, 10708, No. 201-19-Barati Saeed and Soroush Pantea to Anna Belgorodsky and Steven Handwerger, $449,000.

Leonard Ct., 9-Francisco J. and Sandra Bowen Diaz to Vilei and Lingling Shi, $565,000.

Maple Ave., 702-Patrick T. and Elana D. Zimmerman to Stephanie Felice Yoffee, $418,500.

Monroe St., 4, No. 4-810-Samuel and Rebecca Phillips to Jose M. Veniard, $259,900.

Mount Prospect Dr., 13708-Regina E. Winbush and Jim B. Golden to Ruyi He and Jiun Wang, $1.2 million.

Nelson St., 911, No. 36-911-C1-Joshua D. Fischer to Jose G. Medina, $311,250.

Nicholson Lane, 5809, No. 1604-Hankook Ilbo Co. to Lydia Lee, $825,000.

Oak Knoll Terr., 604-Carl R. and Lauren L. Resnick to Phyllis Cole, $896,976.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 205-Christina R. Gelb to Jung Eun Park, $239,193.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1202-Tsedenia Fikru to Jenifer Tran, $178,100.

Pitt Ct., 15-James R. and Elaine P. Zagami to Steve K. and Jee Hyae Park, $670,500.

Renwood Lane, 11908-Carole Ottesen and Jean C. Revell Revocable Trust to Peter and Ana Rumm, $652,000.

Rockville Pike, 10500, No. 323-Hillary Collins and Rees Broome to Theodore Sonner, $155,000.

Rockville Pike, 11801, No. 1605-Self Realization Fellowship Church to Jonathon Kopecky and Lydia L. Chen, $300,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11404-Sophia J. Parker to Kiet V. Thai, $330,000.

Strathmore Ave., 5228-Symphony Park Corp. to John C. Casper and Angie T. Griswell, $1.24 million.

Tilden Lane, 6020-Dejan and Suzana Dragacevac to Zhenying Feng, $1.85 million.

Valley Oak Cir., 13633-In Soo and Tae Sook Koh to Wei Liang and Hsiao Tung Cheng, $902,500.

Vashi Lane, 6-Linda M. Burton and Melba T. Mason Trust to Mei Lien Liu Wong and Shui Ying Wong, $410,000.

Whitney Mill Way, 5601-Steven J. and April J. Schwarz to Setareh Vistamehr, $804,000.


Auburn Village Dr., 17811-U.S. Bank to Patrick V. O’Connell and Joey A. O’Connell, $609,900.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12019-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jane G. Zhu, $307,900.

Cabana Dr., 20420-Anthony D. and Heather N. Watson to James Edward and Priscilla Sheila Kinnear, $360,000.

Flowerton Pl., 11428-Bryan S. and Laurin L. Goodman to Jun G. Choi, $245,000.

Hickory Forest Way, 21227-David A. Russin and Paula L. Kenyon to Sara Ming Yee Chung and Timothy Lee, $535,000.

Red Admiral Way, 12105-Debra Russell and Vladimir Itchenko to Jiwei Fan and Fei Gao, $525,000.

Stoney Point Ct., 50-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lucy Karina Turcios Ventura, $185,000.

Watercress Cir., 21214-Margaret Jennifer Thompson/Hughes to Min Ying, $230,000.


Cameron Hill Ct., 1315-William K. Mihm to William Andrew Lewis, $621,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 1012-Kay E. Weston to Jacqueline Wallen, $320,000.

East-West Hwy., 1201, No. 415-Carlos F. and Nancy L. Mayorga to Lindsay D. and Janet S. Grimes, $294,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 2104-Foxhall Forest Glen Corp. to Lester Ayala and Nohemi Lopez, $653,687.

Hale Pl., 9411-Laura M. Dennis and John J. Sonnier to Jason E. Klopman and Nina Lior, $676,000.

Holman Ave., 2511, No. 2508-William D. Eisig and estate of Sheila Ronnie Eisig to Gregory Walker and Deborah Belsky, $274,500.

McNeill Rd., 607-Richard Ward and Susan S. Clark to Chandra C. Kendrick, $535,000.

Osborn Dr., 2215-Gregory M. Cooper and Livia Marques to David M. and Andrea M. Cook, $549,000.

Pratt Pl., 10018-Madris L. Tomes to Edgardo E. Amable and Marlene M. Nativelle Amable, $480,000.

Russell Rd., 9413-Philip W. Buchan and June R. Krell to Rajesh D. Nayak and Rebecca E. Widiss, $614,900.

Second Ave., 9501-John Cecil and Anni Helga Williams to Noriaki and Amy Tatsumi, $500,000.


Cedar Ave., 7108-Douglas P. Cardin and Frederick L. Silbernagel III to Raymond A. Martone and Sara K. Hayden, $1.07 million.

Elson Pl., 1319-Matthew J. Sabatino to Ryan Scully and Margaret Kennedy, $427,500.

Hudson Ave., 605-Constance J. Burke to Megan M. Fletcher, $180,000.

Maple Ave., 7313-Thomas B. Simpson and estate of Richard C. Dove to Stephen Rahaim and Katherine Killberg, $465,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 312-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Alemu Kebede, $229,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 714-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Michael A. Brown, $245,500.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1100-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Fitzgerald Project Corp., $126,000.

Westmoreland Ave., 6509-Alan A. and Ann L. Wonneberger to 6509 Westmoreland Corp., $340,000.

13th Ave., 7209-Adam S. Rosenberg and Allison G. Mitchell to Michael and Susannah Italiano, $570,000.


Halpine Rd., 5930-John and Theodora Miles to Victor T. Joukov and Lioudmila Fedorova, $550,000.

McIntyre Rd., 607-Russell T. Nevins Jr. to Metro D.C. Corp., $200,000.

Twinbrook Pkwy., 304-Deborah M. Roberts and Anna Marie Roberts to Derek W. and Taryn M. Tenney, $360,000.


Alberti Dr., 1808-Alisa Kobrinetz Chernack and estate of Garnett M. Edwards to PRH Corp., $275,000.

Amherst Ave., 11514-Batchellors Forest Corp. to Yasha M. Tabrizy and Amanda N. Johnson, $562,195.

Belvedere Blvd., 1614-Matthew Willard and Nancy Mary Dougherty to A&M Homebuyers Inc., $287,500.

Bucknell Dr., 10731, No. 15-Tesfamichael Nahusenay Mitiku and Gizework Atega Teraro to Roberty R. Smiley, $270,000.

Cody Dr., 1611-Mary R. Placanica and Placanica Revocable Trust to Brian Shannon and Laurie Bauer, $421,000.

Cone Lane, 11008-Brenis A. Alvarado Villatoro to PRH Corp., $280,000.

Evans Dr., 2413-Thomas Monroe and Caryln Rayburn to Casey E. Hoercher, $365,000.

Fulham St., 11708-Wayne B. and Alma G. Prince to Dovev and Shayna Levine Hefetz, $472,000.

Heather Crest Terr., 1309-Jerry M. Porter and Naomi R. Goring to Rachel Levitt Klein, $410,000.

Horde St., 10822-Mecklai Property Investments Corp. to Tanka Leonard and Maselloane Rose Tlelima, $458,000.

Kersey Rd., 1167-Deborah Klein to William Raferty and Esha M. Siraj, $492,500.

Randolph Rd., 3614-Gilmore and Barbara A. Lescalleet to Guanglun Qin and Xiaoqin Wang, $250,000.

Soward Dr., 11508-Dieter and Nestor Inga to 101 Geneva Corp., $247,200.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 904B-Howard Ira Oppenheim and estate of Julius A. Oppenheim to Abigail E. and Herschel M. Bacharach, $95,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bill Dorsey Blvd., 2740-Chris King and William King to Jian Jiang Hao and Rong Zhou, $499,900.

Monocacy Bottom Rd., 2604-Julie Reynolds Keys to Mayolo Perez Martinez and Alma Biblana Perez, $325,000.


Brunswick St., 508-Fred Lee George III and Margaret I. Krol to Mark D. and Kimberly A. Langworthy, $40,000.

F St. E., 209-Barbara G. Eichorn to Matthew F. Sanders, $184,900.

Scheer St., 1416-Brunswick Crossing Corp. to Brandi M. and Joshua R. Turney, $319,880.

Fifth Ave., 820-Charles E. and Frances M. Parris to Michael D. and Jamie L. Heflin, $269,900.


Cherry Lane, 3950-Dennis E. and Kim D. Smith to David T. and Erica L. Sacchetti, $385,000.

Poffenberger Rd., 3730-Marshall E. and Janet M. Wisner to Clay Allen Bussard, $383,000.

Spring View Dr., 4109-Terrance J. and Catherine A. Cassidy to Jonathan T. and Kelly M. Riendeau, $230,000.


Friends Lane, 7552-Alexander Aquino to Michael and Marysia A. Delmont, $264,000.


Avonshire Pl., 5630, No. B-Gloria A. and Dwight H. Frye to Brian M. Woolley, $143,000.

Black Creek Lane, 7227-Douglas J. Corp. to Joshua L. and Ashley N. Cash, $269,500.

Camelback Lane, 5013-John R. and Evelyn D. Holmes to Rachel K. Beglan, $580,000.

Clifton Rd. S., 6541-John F. and Margo M. Hall to Lawrence S. and Megan M. Cronkite, $262,900.

Hannover Ct., 5783-Shaye E. and Erin E. McCullough to Marc A. and Renae D. Kline, $342,000.

Riggs Ct., 535-Mauricio Salazar Tobar and Maria Aviles to Yee Yee Tun and Thet Naing, $96,450.

Small Gains Way, 4947-NVR Inc. to Shrutti Gentilli, $278,755.

Witmers Lane, 5050-Paul Cebeci and Linda L. Klages to Lynn Ray Boren, $375,000.


Charles St., 607-Ronald William and Nancy Wilkin to Jose Juan Moreno Cruz, $155,000.

Fairview Ave., 500-Frederick A. and Frances A. Wenner to Matthew C. Rockwell and Olalla B. Prado Trueba, $425,000.

Fleetwood Ct., 9667-Nancy V. Ibrer to Brad A. James, $315,900.

Hope Cir., 193-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jianbo Chen and Mingguang Nie, $100,000.

Liberty Rd., 10219-William Robert and Maria Michelle Goddard to Michael R. and Tracy D. Jensen, $269,500.

Mobley Ct., 1490-Kyle Newcomb to Lindsay M. Dutko, $180,000.

Pine Ave., 110-John Hamilton and Sylvia Joan Treadway to Mark M. and Anita C. Matovich, $117,000.

Saddlebrook Lane, 6459-Gary F. and Michelle M. Brooks to Amy Lynn Frankshun, $415,000.

Springwater Ct., 6512, No. 4302-Kelley Johnson to Joseph R. Bernhardt and Nicole M. Philips, $165,000.

Waterside Dr., 2520, No. 108-Thomas R. and Marilyn M. Draeger to Mark Anthony and Marion Elizabeth Tootsey, $196,000.

Third St. E., 302-Page M. Etzler to Carlo N. Serio and Catinca Nastovici, $275,000.

Ninth St. E., 22-Karen L. Shomaker to Elizabeth B. Battin, $190,000.


Bethel Rd., 9033-Sherrie Lynn and Warren Eugene Smith to Justin G. and Brittany Hankey, $385,000.

Burgess Hill Way, 120, No. 217-Cornelia J. and William F. Munroe to EMW Corp., $120,000.

Crosstimber Way, 115-Mary L. Fisher to Gbemisola A. Ogundeyl, $285,000.

Heather Lane, 1767-Jana L. Howard/Chambers to Sara N. Mathewson, $129,000.

Hunters Chase Ct., 2400-John S. and Constance A. MacLeod to Eric A. and J.B. Rhodes, $430,000.

Military Rd., 514-Mary E. Masser to Wayne and Wanda Skiles Braly, $175,000.

Pleasonton Ct., 91-Jerry M. and Renee L. Flannery to Daniel J. and Rebecca C. Mosiychuk, $360,000.

Redcloud Ct., 108-Larry L. and Pamela J. Leblanc to Brian M. West, $450,000.

Shookstown Rd., 1651-Deedee Wood to Phillip E. and Patricia A. Dahlheimer, $272,000.

Sumner Dr., 2063-Barbara A. Ellis to Phuong Due Nguyen, Loi Thi Vu and Nam Vu Miller, $219,900.

Whitestone Way, 119-Deutsche Bank to Jianming Yuan and Lini Wu, $153,299.


Cook Brothers Rd., 10731-Edward M. and Violet M. Connelly to Jonathan K. and Elva N. Wood, $283,500.


Jefferson Pike, 213-Daniel K. Tregoning and John Sica to Lorraine V. Bush and Mary E. Brown, $62,700.


Houck Rd., 11616-Linda F. Lochstampfor to Daniel A. and Rebecca Fritz, $281,000.


Frostown Rd., 9130-Ralph D. and Patricia B. Walters to Roger E. and Amanda Gibson, $450,000.

Jefferson St. S., 212-C. James Shafer and Dixie Lee Eichelberger to Scott Barbely, $67,000.

Mountain Church Rd., 7210-Mark D. and Kimberly A. Langworthy to Devin and Suzanna Milliron, $229,900.

Red Rose Ct., 4409-Sandra L. Nicoulin to Jeffrey and Victoria Tanya Blake, $388,000.

Tobias Run, 101-Ian and Rhonda Stagg to Philip Z. and Emily C. Brohawn, $535,000.


Browningsville Rd., 11820-Patricia Carson to Thomas S. Murphy and Nicole M. Deiuliis, $379,000.

Tall Oaks Dr., 4973-Kevin C. and Cindy L. Lawn to Kathleen A. Ford and Dennis G. Ford, $310,000.


Catoctin Ridge Dr., 5643-Stephen M. and Joyce L. Lenzo to Charles Barber Jr. and Mary Louise Miller, $384,900.

Old Annapolis Rd., 13318-Eric R. and Veronica R. Saindon to Enoch B. Dor, $330,000.

Talbot Run Rd., 7519-Chang Mei Hsu to Brian D. and Kerri M. Markley, $266,000.


Canada Hill Rd., 2748-Mark Steven and Elizabeth A. Doering to John V. and Elizabeth A. McNicholas, $355,000.

Mountain Terr., 205-John R. and Sherry M. Hamre to Rex K. Sallsbury, $198,500.


Country Club Rd., 11002-Victoria A. and John Mabry to Daniel V. Zurawski and Rebecca K. Bickerton Zurawski, $390,000.

Dewey Way E., 10801-Jason R. Lowery to Jatavia McKelvin Bukolt, $274,000.

Edgewood Rd., 6605-Bruce C. and Tammy R. Hill to Bryan H. Snyder, $351,000.

Lake Edge Ct., 10746-Keith R. Sinsebox to Kyle E. Grimm and Jacqueline F. Coupe, $199,000.

Reindeer Pl., 10297-Jonathan Eric Nuss and Darci Renee Smith to Peter and Kerry Lester, $253,000.

Wainscot Dr. E., 603-Orchard at New Market Corp. and Seawright Homes Corp. to Zhixing Ni and Yun Liu, $410,000.


Ferry Hill Ct., 4304-Denise Webster to Louis H. Reed, $279,900.


Raven Rock Rd., 16409-Mark L. and Kathryn L. Hillard to Keith Mehaffie Jr., $169,000.


Brice Rd., 13036-Federal Home Loan Motgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg and Conway Corp. to Matthew B. Presgraves, $229,900.

Park Lane, 110-Ricky L. and Diane L. Eyler to Todd and Claire Bennett, $399,900.


Aberdeen Way, 3901-Dawn A. and Eugene E. Hatterer to Yifan Zheng and Zhifang Dai, $520,900.

Bells Lane, 5801B-Deutsche Bank to Jonathan Tedder, $180,000.

Byron Cir., 3660-James W. Lassiter II and Nancy M. King Lassiter to Scott Robert and Michelle Denise Brewer, $625,000.

Hendry Terr., 9110-Alison Medrano to Peter C. Emtage, $620,000.

John Simmons Ct., 3607-Michael S. and Bridget J. Jurgens to Warren and Elizabeth Levy, $645,000.

Shetland Ct., 3809-Donald R. and Bonnie Deibler to G.R. and Katherine S. Knappenberger, $594,900.

Sprigg St. S., 3573-Monocacy Land Corp. to Mary L. Mancuso, $371,085.

Tottenham St., 4114-Matthew J. and Lindsay M. Lowe to Todd and Elizabeth Felice Scales, $530,000.


Farmingdale Ave., 9414-Vida Sheridan Penn to Scott Robert and Holly Anne Kristiansen, $275,000.

Greenbrier Lane, 9906-Beverly Jo and Wendell C. Hoover to Ryan and Amy Hobbs, $312,000.


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