Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay View Dr. E., 119-Robert A. and Delores M. Harned to Mark A. and Sandra Miller, $1.22 million.

Birchbaugh Lane, 32-Jerry L. Depoy and Barbara J. Nichols to Carroll B. Davis Jr. and Amy Louise Ehlers, $680,000.

Britania Lane, 1202-Matthew A. and Heather C. Niblock to James Q. and Samantha P. Buhl, $675,000.

Gemini Dr., 1233G, No. 1233-North Green Equities Corp. to Kaitlin Elizabeth Parnell, $174,900.

Hearthstone Ct., 10J, No. J-John A. and Dianne J. Rosso to Timothy R. and Ann M. Morris, $197,000.

Ketch Ct., 1287-Ketch Court Corp. to Paul D. and Rosalinda Calvin, $1.84 million.

Old Annapolis Neck Rd., 963-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. of Texas to James Fred Hopkins, $221,500.

Quiet Waters Pl., 109-Jessica A. Reed to Suzanne Scherr, $269,000.

Second St., 606-Eastern Horizons Properties Corp. to Andrew S. Bryant, Margaret F. Bryant and the Bryant Family Trust, $590,000.

Stillwoods Way, 1248-Robert F. McCallum to Neal A. and Cheryl K. Cohen, $630,000.

Warren Dr., 734-Frederick J. Muir, John H. Swanson Jr. and Berniece E. Swanson to Kathlyn F. Sullivan, $268,000.


Admiral Dr., 607, No. 102-Eric J. and Lisa C. Miller to Chopra and Chopra Corp., $217,500.

Berth Terr., 2813-Sallie Hammrick McLoud and estate of David W. McLoud to Robert T. Watkins Sr., $220,000.

Boom Ct., 1024-Wilma J. Smallwood to Debra D. Davis, $285,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 603, No. 3-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rosamund B. Lanier, $177,000.

City Gate Lane, 45-Barbara L. Gallagher to Mary Ann Donaghy, $480,000.

Coybay Dr., 700-Tara N. and Donald G. Waters to Gordon F. and Joyce A. Phipps, $567,360.

East St., 25-Julie and Kurt Sellerberg to Andrew G. Schanno, $425,000.

Greenbriar Lane, 646-Gloristine Gray to Jose S. and Fredy Cruz, $121,000.

Haven Cove N., 2510, No. 104-Mary G. Johanden and Amy D. Geissinger to Noel E. and Heather R. Kroncke, $270,000.

Kirkley Rd., 244-Richard J. Cronin and Catherine E. Quade to Grayson Witmer and Christina Heintze, $950,000.

Mathias Hammond Way, 502-Department of Veterans Affairs to Nicholas M. Apperson, $192,500.

Monticello Dr., 2025-Douglas Joseph and J. Chan Ostrowski to Chopra and Chopra Corp., $525,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 203-James and Lisa Ellis to Richard W. and Kathryn M. Fischer, $430,000.

Prince George St., 158-Martin and Eileen Friend to John Moghtader and Dina Esterowitz, $1.1 million.

Scotts Crossing Ct., 2157, No. 202-Gary H. Kim and Nichole A. Devecco Kim to Stella Covre, $218,000.

Twin Landing Cove, 2594, No. 42-Nancy L. Kurtzman to Terence and Grace Sweeney, $293,000.

Vineyard Trail, 1740-Mark Ely Tobie Beckerman and Daniel Ely to Philip D. Goodman, $689,000.


Doubleday Dr., 1289-Peter and Rebecca Dugan to Ray A. and Suzanne Shefska, $391,500.

Gilbert Rd., 1440-Kathleen Munger to Alan T. Barnett, $478,000.

Old Stone Lane, 1120-Alan T. Barnett to Renee E. and Jeffrey D. Hood, $442,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 257-Donald L. and Donna Elliott to Ronald Gamble, $340,000.

Springwood Ct., 1211, No. 6-David Jose Ortiz to Dwight Burley Jr. and Carlotta Roselyn Williams Burley, $260,000.

Way Cross Way, 278-Jeffrey P. Fown and Dixie A. Rose Fown to Larry Dwayne and Ericka K. Jones, $380,000.


Cortez Rd., 4317-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Steven Stack, $52,000.

Holy Cross Rd., 420-William I. Neilson Sr. and Linda Mathias to Christopher A. and Savannah J. Ray, $120,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5244-Ruby L. Degenhard Trust to Smithbrook Properties Corp., $110,000.

Fourth St., 5300-Federal National Mortgage Association to Arundel Community Development Services, $45,000.


Blossom Tree Dr., 382-Barbara L. Wise to Thien Tam and Minh Le, $294,900.

Circle Dr., 1500-Clinton R. Albrecht to John C. and Jessica Snell Johns, $525,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 722-Richard A. and Brooke N. Linton to Zachary E. and Katelyn T. Ingram, $370,000.

Martins Cove Rd., 303-E. William and Karen C. Gosnell to Jonathan W. and Kelly C. Steele, $830,000.

Providence Rd., 234-Peter J. Burt and Charles Ernest Burt to J.L. and C.H. Biggers, $765,000.

St. Swithins Lane, 214-Denise Courtney Bell to Ritu Sharma, $520,000.

Star Pine Dr., 1537-Heather Green to Christopher Keenan, $251,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1224-Katharine A. Pauley to Kenneth L. and Lora J. Yoder, $550,000.

Venetian Way, 1145-Vincent R. Reinhart and Daniel A. Laplaca to Beverly Heywood Rogers, $1.1 million.


Bancroft Lane E., 1721, No. 299-Federal National Mortgage Association to Winston A. Dsouza, $225,000.

Charing Cross Dr., 1121-Sajal Pokharel and Sarah Liegl to Nathan and Karen Deahl, $470,000.

Fillmore Ct., 1717-Michael A. and Angela M. Iacofano to Daniel Funk and Carly Kotwas, $265,500.

Harewood Lane, 1746-Colleen M. Wright Riva to Derrick J. Reddick and Detrice C. Douglas Reddick, $460,000.

Jeffrey Dr., 1153, No. 32-Summer C. Carden/Dasch to Casey M. Dasch, $257,000.

Laurance Ct., 2119-Ronald C. Chittim and Elizabeth Kemmer to Valerie J. Santini, $272,500.

Marlborough Ct., 1530, No. 36YF-Kiya J. Homes to Alison N. Leonard, $170,000.

Squire Ct., 1864-Jeanne W. Schmitt to Michael Alan and Angela Marie Iacofano, $455,000.

Windy Oak Ct., 2614-Donna Courtney to Robert L. and Adrienne Trent Johnson, $334,500.


Old Herald Harbor Rd., 667-Amos Donaldson and Elva Mae Carr to Chester S. Bartels, $320,000.


Lavall Dr., 1291-John C. Hornor and Elaine L. Dickinson to Erick and Nantaporn Haskins, $567,000.


Drum Point Rd., 6071-Bethesda Land Corp. to Richard Bowen, $228,500.


Jewell Rd., 291-Howard C. and Lisa S. Dew to Jonathan M. and Adrienne L. Kurtz, $360,000.


Bentley Rd., 1619-Michael and Amy Nowlin Cunningham to Christopher Gordon and Penny Mae Sullivan, $299,999.

Claiborne Rd., 114-Episcopal Diocese of Maryland to Taylor and Dana Casey, $360,000.

Fairlea Dr., 311-Peter W. Davis and Meaghan A. Brune to Lowell Keith and Sarah Reynolds Loudin, $350,000.

Holly St., 3014-Lawrence Calabro to Eldora Ellison, $1.4 million.

Oak Dr., 3314-Kenneth T. Wood III to Richard Frank Inman, $147,000.

Riders Ct., 22-William P. and Patricia A. Hite to Paul E. and Erin W. Jones, $760,000.

Shore Dr., 1715-Jonathan Jones to Richard Foster, $155,000.


Annapolis Rd., 940-Mark A. Tysseling to Martin Reed, Shinina Posey and Shilette Addison Reed, $135,000.

Mount Tabor Rd., 2265-Michael K. and Marie M. Yates to David L. Clow and Marianeta I. Parranga Clow, $625,000.


Aster Dr., 1200-Robert A. and Ewa Quinn Campbell to Clyde E. and Lori A. Bennett, $232,000.

Bousch Pl., 420-Joseph B. and Janet L. Embleton to Laura J. and Michael J. Powell, $225,000.

Foxview Dr., 126-Judith Schiltz to Emily Carr and Jason Schuler, $232,000.

Longwood Ave., 405-Richard C. Rimmel to Sayid Sattar Langary, $200,000.

Nolview Ct., 566-Nancy D. Newhouse to Jonathan Paul and Kimberly A. Olsavsky, $235,000.

Parke West Dr., 7921-Luis and Iris Ramos to Robert L. Griffin, $228,000.

Stafford Hill Dr., 711-David L. and Janet M. Smith to Niemah Chapman, $324,900.

First Ave. SW, 301-Lee Ann Blazejewski to Nathan B. Merhige, $232,000.


Archibald Dr., 6835-Steven Irwin Jr. and Lorenzina Anderson to Karlton G. and Debbie Terrell, $229,900.

Blue Water Ct., 302-Helmut P. Cline and estate of Mary G. Cline to Brenda L. Vaughan, $161,000.

Dumbarton Rd., 1012-Jeffrey S. Rothenbecker to Christopher A. and Mary K. Newton, $230,000.

Guildford Rd., 1209-Michelle Huynh to Sandra R. Thompson, $207,000.

Jerome Pkwy. N., 14-Enkeleida Demiri and Elvis Hyka to Steven Christopher Baird, $210,000.

Kenwood Rd., 1229-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Renee Antoinette Harris, $315,900.

Marcy Dr., 7609-Ruth Page and Abraham Lockett to Timothy T. Treadwell, $225,000.

Oriole Ave., 801-James Scott Wilkes to Akinbiyi O. Akinleye, $269,900.

Rapid Water Way, 6801-Rachel Preece to Laura Senchak, $147,450.

Stiemly Ave., 315-Nancy L. Norris to David E. Wilson, $175,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7722-Reginald Joseph Zabiegalski Jr. to Kenneth E. Jones, $228,500.


Amber Crest Rd., 2707-M/I Homes of D.C. Corp. to Joab and April Dempsey, $384,895.

Cherry Tree Rd., 2558-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Michael S. and Kelly J. Smith, $372,500.

Dorchester Woods Lane, 7272-NVR Inc. to Brian Anderson, $349,390.

Forest Lane, 893-HSBC Bank to Jonathan W. Kirchhoff, $228,250.

Martock Lane, 1522-Michael J. Raymond to Vu Dang, Diep Ngo and Khoa Tran, $355,000.


Polling House Rd. S., 4628-Cynthia S. Weisberg Broadie and Caitlin S. Weisberg to Lance W. Day, $304,000.


Button Bush Lane, 3014-Jason D. Samuels and Michelle M. Morgan to Ibrahim and Karell Camara, $299,000.

Lark Pl., 8609-David W. and Lauren A. McBain to Adrian L. and Nadine S. Small, $300,000.

Old Line Ave., 378-Robert P. and Janet C. Burroughs to Doug Soo and Keum Park, $265,000.


Longcross Rd. S., 202-Nancy D. Garrett to Lee M. Cookson, $280,000.

Shipley Rd., 572-Bank of New York Mellon to Brandon J. Smith, $220,000.


Mallard Lane, 6244-Larry Wilson Trott and La Vina Harrison Trott to Robert A. Campbell III and Allisin B. Wagner, $300,000.


Bernard Dr. S., 8253-Robert T. and Jennifer Mowery to Angela K. Boiko, $278,000.

Cog Ct., 677, No. 33-Richard and Jean Gavigan to Eric Wildund, $205,000.

Finnegan Dr., 211-Richard P. and Laurie R. Russell to Jacob Christian and Deborah S. Fritz, $640,000.

Highglade Ct., 8289-Robert Bickel and Marla Williams to Carrie L. Vaught, Michael G. Lawler and Stephen A. Vaught, $625,000.

Montvale Ct., 21-Marcelo R. and Bessie F. Lobato to Klaus and Stephanie Gaubatz, $574,000.

Veterans Hwy., 8329-Elva M. and Robert A. Carr to Charlotte M. Atkins, Kenneth Kloster and Sandra J. Kloster, $170,000.


Aspen Grove Ct., 8730-John L. Williams and Nancy L. Madison to Quavion D. Reeves, $204,000.

Canteen Cir., 2276, No. 129-Cara M. Lilley to Ashley J. and Sierra M. Fishman, $289,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 593-Kenneth R. and Caroline F. Zatyko to Luis Rodriguez and Magda Rodriguez Gonzalez, $330,000.

Crawfords Ct., 1308-Clifton B. and Deborah A. Kuhns to Steven E. and Jeanne E. Hirsch, $475,000.

Falling Brook Ct., 1542-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abubaker O. Omer, $246,100.

Glaze Ct., 914-Joseph A. Schopper to Amber P. Barnhill, $365,000.

Lotuswood Ct., 2612-Michelle A. Hoover to Lei Zhao, $3.43 million.

Odenton Rd., 1119-Richard Boliek and the estate of Ronald Boliek to Kelsey E. Hall and Joseph M. Rowe, $195,000.

St. Michaels Cir., 299, No. 75-Brian K. Tullis to James H. Peebles III and Aleesha D. Hardin, $295,000.

Sandy Walk Way, 2395-Eric D. Sinzinger to Thomas M. and Jacqueline H. Kearney, $389,000.

Thicket Ct., 853-Malcolm and Dorothy Willis to Abigail A. Paul and Timothy R. Bridges, $490,000.


Beauvoir Ct., 5312-Jeffrey R. and Nicole Vales to Jennifer and Michael Tang, $490,000.


A St., 583-Kevin Kaler to Owen F. and Marie D. Jenkins, $389,900.

Armstrong Dr., 8397-Nickson and Nancy Gonzales to Stephen K. and Lauren R. Summers, $273,000.

Belhaven Ave., 8078-Milton R. and Linda S. Roeth to Robert Wain Wojcik Jr., $310,000.

Catherine Ave., 7850-Danny R. and Deborah M. Turner to Christopher L. and Vivian Tubbs, $215,000.

Cool Breeze Ct., 303-Stephanie M. Milanowski and Mark T. Langr to Jacquelyn M. and Anthony T. Whittington, $207,000.

Delaware Ave., 225-Catherine Billing to James M. and Jennifer M. Montrose, $340,000.

Edgewood Ave., 7707-Department of Veterans Affairs to Triple L Construction Corp., $93,600.

Green Ice Dr., 8225-Thomas J. and Patricia L. Fetty to Lawrence J. and Carley K. Czyzewski, $490,000.

Hillsboro Ct., 8203-Robert L. Langley Sr. to Regina R. Lugo, $206,500.

Littleton Way, 3395, No. 2K-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael and Darlene Gnip, $118,500.

Mallow Ct., 7807-Kimberly Wheeler and estate of John L. Fox to Walter and Evelyn Miller, $280,000.

Meadow Rd., 238-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Noah K. and Alanna J. Russell, $242,000.

Oakdale Rd., 2153-Albin Lee and Monique Elizabeth Jones to Jennifer L. and Jayson M. Smitley, $374,900.

Penobscot Harbour, 908-Frederick H. and Mary K. Geiter to Kelly J. Bodnar, $210,000.

Shilling Rd., 8292-Ira K. Himmel and the Estate of Ernest J. Huber to Scott M. and Jaime Lynn Simon, $215,000.

Tennessee Ave., 312-Paul Dennis and Catherine Alice Keith to Joshua M. and Lynnea A. Thomas, $250,000.

Wedgewood Ct., 3500F-Community Development Administration to Paula J. Stup, $101,900.

219th St., 614-Joshua and Kristin A. Webster to Michael Lee and Amy C. Pickeral, $285,000.


Riva Rd., 3033-Bobbie L. Myers and Thomas C. Myers to Kevin L. and Dianne Myers, $140,000.


Golden Pine Cir., 7874-Douglas A. and Nancy A. Larson to Kathleen J. Cullins, $409,900.

Pasture Brook Rd., 587-Daniel A. and Barbara B. Tilghman to Christopher A. Benedetti and Christine D. Yates, $439,500.

Sand Rd., 605-James W. and Carol A. Sundet to Albert J. and Michelle L. Cooke, $575,000.

Virginia Ave. W., 114-Teresa Saunders to Robert J. and Vicki L. McCollum, $349,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 51-RMG Investments Inc. to Myong C. and Dale Pifer, $385,000.

Cattail Lane, 4-Pasquale Costagliola and Concetta Carannante to Maynard and Karen R. Osborne, $611,100.

Cottonwood Dr., 846-Charles F. and Gina B. Phelps to Patrick R. and Lisa M. Martin, $468,000.

Ellenham Ct., 364-John Klobuear to Thomas E. Bergami and Cathy L. Thompson, $290,000.

Hatton Dr., 45-Ruth M. Compton/Hough to Oscar H. Cingolani and Veronica Garcia, $610,000.

Kensington Ave., 664-James T. and Barbara H. Day to Scott M. Syms, $450,000.

Madary Rd., 12-J. Rental Corp. to Paul Witte Keller and Lyn K.C. Samway, $271,000.

Pine Tree Dr., 601-Caroline M. Burson and John Morton III to Benjamin C. and Katherine A. Bailey, $430,000.

St. Andrews Rd., 135-George Andrew and Colleen Frank to Shawn G. and Michelle A. Herrin, $800,000.

Stockbridge Ct., 520-Michael Ray and Patience M. Hensley to Vipulkmar and Shilpabahen V. Patel, $510,000.

Woodbent Dr., 5-Joseph W. and Sharon M. Moore to Margaret Joyce Fox, $550,000.


Elm St., 4954-Kimmel Homes Corp. to Shawn M. Lagundo and Nicole Ross, $259,900.

Juniper St., 1232-Bryan P. Dockery and Megan Doroshuk to Chad J. Pulliam Montague and Shannon M. Pulliam, $289,900.


Fairhaven Rd., 420-James B. Bland III and Carol L. Hamilton to Deborah A. Fischel and Grant P. Nisson, $472,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Brightstone Pl., 10214-Penny Breen Aleo to Timothy J. and Lynda V. McCulley, $801,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4970-Britta M. Bartelt to Brian A. Breerwood, $210,000.

Ebbwood Dr., 2937-John T. and Katherine L. Lochary to Nicholaus D. Hudert and Jo Hsin Chen, $485,000.

Fragile Sail Way, 4060-Marshall J. and Nancy H. Macks to Duane A. and Colleen Lepore Satorius, $580,000.

Globe Dr., 10372-Henry L. Yen and Szu Ming Li to Yidong Chen and Yan Sun, $560,000.

Ligon Rd., 3649-Arthur J. Lasalle and Lasalle Family Revocable Trust to Ferry Sutiono and Neliwati Salim, $442,500.

McKenzie Rd., 2529-Larry D. Wiseman and Victoria L. Bowen Wiseman to Charles P. and Laurie M. Marquess, $462,100.

Old Oak Dr., 3143-George W. Schweitzer and Pamela McCarthy to Thomas S. and Leigh W. McIntyre, $1.26 million.

Rams Horn Row, 4711-Philip D. and Heather Baker Bryant to Soumyadipta Acharya and Reshma Bhattacharjee, $352,000.

Stayman Dr. W., 9253-Richard D. Swenson and Christine Cecile Langr to Christine Chu, $430,000.

Whitehall Rd., 9105-Robert Joseph Reed to Robin W. and Mary K. Robertson, $475,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 14140-Lahouaria Barrabah to Karen L. Lewis and Glenn L. Blake, $650,000.

Crabbury Ct., 7101-Jerry A. and Jeanne T. Tshontikidis to John C. and Robin E. Bertot, $820,000.

Long Leaf Dr., 13342-Phillip M. and Elizabeth G. Spencer to Soong Kyu and So Yeong Chun, $1.02 million.

Shepards Crossing, 11825-Todd A. and Lynn M. Martin to David L. and Julie Rowlett, $1.53 million.


Better Hours Ct., 7329-Jessica L. Welk and Robert J. Penizari to Timothy Herrmann and Rachel Feinberg, $242,900.

Charles Edward Terr., 6096-Joseph Daniel Cauley and Nancy Banks Cauley to Balaram Dey, Pratima Dey and the Balaram Dey Revocable Trust, $475,000.

Davis Rd., 8585-Darlene T. Roop and James W. Golembieski to Brendon Raraigh and Karen Siklosi, $461,500.

Farewell Rd., 9505-11324 Booth Bay Way Corp. to Billika Rodgers, $349,000.

Grimes Golden Ct., 6811-John C. and Christi R. Saia to Dominic Pasion and Youngshin Chang, $450,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9445-Christopher W. and Diana C. Seybolt to Andrea Teresa Williams and Charles Donell Trahan II, $342,000.

Mirrorlight Pl., 5600-Stephen Samuel and Rita Y. Allan to Erie D. and Laverne Harris, $345,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7243-Michael J. and Denise L. Kelleher to Adam and Kathleen Kirk, $305,000.

Talisman Lane, 7209-Konstantin V. and Katherine H. Yemelyanov to Sunghyounn and Yun Ji Park, $192,000.

Vast Rose Dr., 8615-Harriet Gray and Helen E. Gray to James and Laurie McClain, $425,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6241-Karin M. and Michel Thomas Brown to Britta M. Bartlet, $255,000.


April Journey, 5500-Michael and Brianne Moulton to Justin M. Hartman, $325,000.

Brennan Ct., 10909-Christina L. and Samuel S. Williams to Marc T. Zinsmeister and Hillary L. Zinmeister, $425,000.

Daring Prince Way, 6316-Miguel A. and Elizabeth A. Montanez to Robert and Marcela Ortiz, $740,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10488-Timothy Scott and Angela French Marcum to Jeffrey Beck, $170,000.

Grand Banks Rd., 5971-Jerry and Maria Medved to Stephen C. Weaver and Stephanie Lucille McCarthy, $229,500.

High Beam Ct., 10674-Tracey D. Fitzpatrick to Harry Yeung, $240,000.

Paul Revere Ride, 5222-George Michael and Rosemary H. Keiser to Raymond and Sravani Ghosh Robinson, $421,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5418-Amy L. McCarthy/Pelliciotta to Vishal I. Sethi, $285,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5338-Janet E. Filtzer/Brady to Deirdre Mary McElroy and Patrick T. Mellin, $385,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5602-Estate of Judith L. Collingan and Russell Kendall Carter to Sung H. Choi, $305,000.

White Cord Way, 12009-Richard C. and Karen L. Crawford to Patrick Joseph and Kate Jean Maloney, $455,000.

Windmill Lane, 5213-Arthur and Margaret R. Gold to Stephen D. and Sarah J. Hochbaum, $300,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001-Peter and H. Elizabeth Horowitz to Deborah L. Whipple, $300,000.


Argo Dr., 13528-Gail K. Traxel to Martin and Jennifer Knopp, $530,000.


Bayberry Ct., 6310-Kevin E. Gardner to Maura and James Thogersen, $173,000.

Euclid Ave., 6387-Frank G. and Deborah J. Schuetz to Leonard A. Pangelinan and Margaret T. Borja Pangelinan, $325,000.

Maplecrest Rd., 7315-Steve E. and Irma Reaves to Arthur and Margaret R. Gold, $303,000.

Rockburn Hill Rd., 6178-Justin T. and Meghan K. Hendrickson to Leeha Wood, $210,000.


Bali Rd., 8642-Joshua and Stephanie Slaybaugh to Jennifer M. Fischer, $371,000.

Brightlight Pl., 8012-Mary D. Traver Ward to Richard J. and Kristine M. Greer, $325,000.

Burrows Lane, 2937-Richmond American Homes to Kihwan and Michelle M. Yun, $444,383.

Cornflower Ct., 4520-William R. and Mary L. Shiflet to Joseph and Meagan Lesinski, $550,000.

Elko Dr., 8210-Melvin J. and Diana P. Sobotka to Azadeh Farzin and Omid Noroozin, $575,000.

Four Quarter Rd., 8012-Nickolas R. Jackson to Mahipal R. Arjula and Anitha Konyala, $460,000.

Ilchester Woods Way, 5173-Joy L. Howard to Huawen Andrea Peng and Emmanuel Oti, $565,000.

Logans Way, 6004-Shanda Smith to Folayan Fatade, $489,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8332-Jason C. Millar to Shawn A. Liberto and Ann E. Hoerter, $175,000.

New Cut Rd., 4013-4013 New Cut Corp. to David Samuel and Beth Michelle Markowitz, $389,900.

Ridge Rd., 8677-Yuwei Zhang to John Lai and Hui Chen, $300,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8265-Susan Burton to Caryn Michelle White, Stanley B. Chambers and Bernadette Chambers, $229,900.

Timber Valley Ct., 8514-Susan M. Flaherty and Paul R. Zimmerman to Juingyu Yu and Shanshan Liang, $460,000.


Chase St., 11208-2, No. 7A-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Dardo G. Tomasi and Elisabeth De Castro Caparelli, $440,000.

Iager Blvd., 11410-National Transfer Services Corp. to Vincent J. and Sylvia Delvin, $530,000.

Midtown Rd., 7678-Jai and Dong H. Ko to Brian and Robin Tarantino, $705,000.

Tilghman St., 7731-Kevin L. and Cheryl J. Winston to Jonathan G. and Michelle R. Seavey, $640,000.


Cattail Greens Ct., 3701-Judith B. White to Norhert E. and Jean M. Rieg, $451,250.


Adcock Lane, 6101-Mariencotto Perez and Edgar Yariel Suarez Roman to Tommy L. Merriman and Heather Louque, $400,000.


Green Hollow Way, 6819-William J. and Cynthia L. Thomes to Wayne W. and Grace K. Park, $1.02 million.


Wellington Pl., 8262-Scott A. and Laura M. Hostovich to Emily D. Garrison, $230,000.


Clocktower Lane, 9617-Barbara J. Birnesser to Philip D. Durbin, $285,000.

First League, 7401-Alan D. and Susan G. Sperling to Daniel B. and Amy W. Flynn, $500,000.

Procopio Cir., 7252-Ran Lee and Myung J. Kim to Nathaniel D. Hynson, Donald E. Gosnell and Carol J. Gosnell, $240,000.

Sweet Grass Ridge, 9508-Raymond J. and Melissa Plummer to Jeffrey D. Germain and Amy M. Moser, $435,000.

Windbeat Way, 9528-Kayla J. Appleby to Robert John and Jennifer Elizabeth Caruso, $445,000.


Florence Rd., 2200-William C. and Kimberly A. Meissner to Stephen and Megan Smith, $745,000.

Middletrail Ct., 741-Garrit Zwakenberg III to James and Sarah Parsons, $405,000.


Lincoln St., 8900-Troy and Tracy L. Waller to Callie A. and N.L. Woolfolk, $377,000.


Canterbury Riding, 9160-Cecile Aschwanden to Baoyu Shi, $159,000.

Evening Bird Lane, 9745-Tanya Zanders to Li Xu and Hua Liu, $421,000.

Herons Flight, 8818-Randal D. Frey and Lauren G. Frey Fischer to Charles Rumi Gomes, $580,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8490-NVR Inc. to Joseph E. Gross, Carol Gross and Amy Evans, $227,185.

Iron Leaf Trail, 9634-Jonathan and Eun Jeong Park to Manpreet Kaur, $510,000.

Laurel Rd. N., 9075-John Lubimbi to Sam Otenaike, $95,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9239-Brian G. and Janice I. Wright to Megan Meehan and Kevin W. Bock, $355,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 10509-Janet L. Hartwell and the estate of Howard Ford Jesneck to Michael G. Wedde, $321,000.

Twin Oaks Way, 7704-John R. and Patricia S. Lewis to Anthony Edward and Debra Ann Fontana, $519,000.


Coventry Meadows Dr., 1410-John W. and Carol P. Adolphsen to Kyong S. and Su Ah Chu, $598,500.

Howard Lodge Dr., 12366-Bernard F. and Karen A. Engel to Yvonne Y. Hu Cotto and Luis O. Cotto, $407,500.


State Route 32, 3015-Joseph T. and Joya F. Fields to Melissa J. Van Hise and Jane Van Hise, $520,000.


Daisy Rd., 2684-James A. Raymo to Kathy and Kevin Vasquez, $786,500.


Grooms Lane, 1518-Paul M. Timmins and Megan Nolan Houck Timmins to Kevin Sheridan and Amanda Kohne, $390,000.