Prince George’s County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Airport Lane, 1509-Alfred Hagler and Dereky Martin to David A. Shames, $75,000.

Bealle Hill Forest Lane, 16708-NVR Inc. to Gerald A. Eddins, $399,990.

Cedar Blvd., 620-Pamela L. Wells to William and Vicky Thompson, $195,000.

Lusby Ridge Rd., 14313-NVR Inc. to Oliver M. and Jackie L. Alignay, $380,970.

Medinah Ridge Rd., 2902-NVR Inc. to Alex J. Maldonado and Luz H. Guzman, $365,070.

Saint Marys View Rd., 2640-NVR Inc. to Elliot M. Serpa, $332,875.


Conley Rd., 6729-Paul Bernard Fletcher and estate of Gretchen Fletcher to Jose B. Arevalo Rivera, $250,000.

Hannon St., 1700, No. 14-Manna Geist and estate of Yu Chen to Yang Yang, $23,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1826, No. 307-Jensyl Guy to Jean P. and Wendy Duliepe, $56,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 2844-Robert W.M. and Alice M. Carney to Lai Wan Wong, $275,000.

Ruatan St., 1500-Scott Nadel to Zhenyu Zhao and Hai Li, $141,000.

Stanford St., 3431-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Shira Neuman, $265,000.

24th Ave., 7006-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hernani Sorto Herrera, $181,000.


Allview Dr., 11403-John C. and Mary K. Crane to Joselino Cruz Perez, $292,000.

Evans Trail Ct., 3814-Fred J. and Faye S. Gunn to Leopold Tandjong, $456,200.

Ingleside Dr., 13220-Federal National Mortgage Association to Amilcar Dejesus Mendez, $300,000.

Stonehall Dr., 3502-Federal National Mortgage Association to Barbara Ann Marie Willis, $280,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 401-Conia Investments Corp. to Harrison Akojie, $25,000.

55th Ave., 4100-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Zengzhu Xu and Jim Jinhua Wang, $99,900.


Backus Dr., 12110-Wendel C. and Karen Matthews to Djaka Kaba, $340,000.

Booth Bay Way, 11331-HSBC Bank to Home Free USA, $116,000.

Clover Hill Terr., 14517-William Nguyen and Sierra McCoy to Thai H. and Thu B. Nguyen, $325,000.

Elon Dr., 11006-Mohammed Fahad and Zahida Sadaat to Tatiana Patterson, $210,000.

Grenfell Loop, 5902-Paula J. Reitan to Michael A. Barton, $275,000.

High Bridge Rd., 6600-Michael Langlois and estate of Roger R. Langlois to Jeremy Joseph and Anne A. Wroblewski, $155,000.

Kenhill Dr., 2706-Millwood Properties Corp. to Andrew and Sarah Brown, $284,900.

Keynote Lane, 12404-Maria K. Holman to Chris Cross Corp., $150,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12517-Richard I. and Saundra L. Weiss to Edmund B. and Jaydah S. Wilson, $240,000.

Mabank Lane, 3508-Linda Williams to Jeffrey L. and Linda K. Followell, $235,000.

Memphis Lane, 3426-Capital Partners Group Corp. to Andrea R. Coleman, $321,900.

Ockford Lane, 4401-Francine L. and Robert L. Higginbotham to Danon P. Ushinski, $339,900.

Ovalstone Lane, 13221-Carolyn B. and W. Thomas Allard to Avareitta M. Bailey, $310,000.

Red Ridge Pl., 15113-Robert R. and Carol A. Bracaglia to Michael and Dorrence Anderson Levy, $475,127.

River Field Ct., 8010-Sharon B. Churchill to Sean E. and Barbara A. Green, $459,900.

Rockvue Pass., 4907-Kathryn M. Turner to Ghadah Michel Eid, $278,000.

Salem Lane, 12302-Christopher John and Elizabeth C. McRee to Karen Y. Riley, $314,500.

Stonehaven Lane, 12318-Marvin E. Pease to Clarence T. Dinkins, $290,000.

Vicar Woods Lane, 12908-Elsie J. Clarke to Samuel G. Rose and Getachew Molla, $610,000.

Wharton Turn, 4011-Eloise C. Summers to Kimberly A. McKeithen, $254,000.


Apple Green Lane, 3210-Daniel and Viola Harris to Dilan Investment Corp., $235,000.

Aventine Pl., 3109-Inger H. Swimpson Moore and Charles Ray Moore to Ian D. and Jodie D. Kendall, $442,000.

Ebbynside Ct., 15501-Susan Harris to Patricia M. Stevenson, $250,000.

Elysian Lane, 16402-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Tara J. Simpkins, $214,000.

Estevez Ct., 4008-Adeniyi Awosan to Devender Reddy Vontela, $154,500.

Nemo Ct. N., 15530-Kendra A. Wilmot to Darnell E. Scotton, $169,000.

Northwick Pl., 3610-George Myers Slicker to Regine Joseph Pierre, $300,000.

Price Lane, 1808-Donald and Richard J. Stelfox to Diana Brown, $250,000.


Cheltenham Dr., 9105-Mary L. and David M. Strickland to Edith and Edgar Canales, $185,000.

Elkton Terr., 6612-Donald K. Hollman to James R. and Gwendolyn E. Watkins, $299,250.

Tower Rd., 13616-13616 Tower Rd Corp. to Thomas M. and Geraldine M. Shuey, $187,000.


Cottage Terr., 4101-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. of Texas to Abbie L. Fosburgh, $111,500.


Applegarth Pl., 5934-Moseley Corp. to Jacqueline A. Bowman, $142,000.

Balboa Ave., 819-Zeeland Corp. to Ave Inabinet, $118,500.

Deanwood Dr., 4705-Federal National Mortgage Association to Marcus D. Graham, $157,000.

Glacier Ave., 1115-Pennymac Loan Trust 2012-NPL1 to Geromina Herbas Obando, $76,000.

Heath St., 4915-Exkira Corp. and Dominion Realty Capital to Tonia Delaney, $177,000.

Jefferson Heights Dr., 5804-Timurs Sergunins to Annie L. Jones, $209,900.

Kolb St., 5606-Tammerra Kelsey to PHH Mortgage Corp., $150,000.

Mornington Pl., 1010-Alphonso McFarlin to Ashley and Jeffrey Wright, $140,000.

Rollingdale Way, 4724-Mary L. Harris and estate of Patricia Key to Ivy V. Mamaril, $130,000.

Walbridge St., 6346-NVR Inc. to Sean Terry Sr., $281,725.


Tottenham Rd., 10504-Mary Ann Walker to Timothy E. Williams, $355,000.


Belleview Ave., 2322-Jerry S. and Myrna R. Seper to Jason H. Berger and Brittney Renea Pheobus, $305,000.

Cheverly Ave., 2805-Federal National Mortgage Association to Luxor Investments Corp., $142,000.

Columbia Pl., 2231-Anita M. Bryant to Nathaniel Joy, $70,000.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 550-Arnitha Bell and PNC Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $386,516.

Joslyn Pl., 6311-Richard S. Conroy and Bevin A. Clare to Wendy and Anthony Evans, $299,900.

Kilmer St. E., 7206-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose E. Aguilar, $65,000.

Markham Lane, 2525-Kathy V. Gibbs to Tatang N. Monji, $140,500.

Normandy Rd., 7724-Catherine Garrott and Samuel P. Chiles to Terry Rich, $55,000.

Parkway, 3105-Morris A. and Jean Desimone to Jonathan M. and Mary Theresa Hawkins, $300,000.

Suiter Way, 7808-Deutsche Bank to Fuda Group Corp., $74,199.

Village Green Dr., 1754, No. B-55-Mohammed Aliu and Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $215,000.

63rd Ave., 2800-Pauline A. Gianoplus to Nicole T. Bonds, $155,000.


Autumn Way, 8408-DNJH Corp. to Bryan and Delbria J. Castelow, $250,000.

Birchview Ct., 11804-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zhiyun Wang, $178,000.

Bradley Lane, 6112-Charles W. Frederick to Edison Samuel McBayne, $265,000.

Delancey St., 3502-Ryan A. Hussain to Pamela J. and Derrick B. Belle, $240,000.

Engelhardt Ct., 12808-Michael and Clydellia Prichard Allen to Nadine O. Winborne, $337,000.

Glynis Rd., 12822-Shirley W. Curry to Wanda B. Lewis, $275,000.

Lantern Lane, 8602-Ralph Dawson to Nicholas J. Richardson and Kianna Herriott, $165,000.

Piscataway Rd., 9409-Isiah N. Gailliard to Sherman R. Hardy, $250,000.

Ramblewood Ave., 5600-Clinton E. and Barbara P. Burnham to Peter L. Osborne, $225,000.

Spell Rd., 5902-Clarence A. Williams to Ana P. Ramos, $229,900.

Sylvia Dr., 11802-Lois J. Taylor to Willie and Elizabeth Calhoun, $200,000.

Windbrook Dr., 12916-Realington Three Corp. to Brittney Rice, $329,900.

Woodyard Rd., 9004-Chanel Mitchell to Surinder Arora, $250,000.


Nantucket Rd., 5012-James S. Pearson to Cecilia Alvarenga, $195,000.

Seminole Pl., 6202-Leonard R. and Ralphine T. Goldstein to Ren Yo and Karen Tzyrong Forng, $216,700.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1203-Michael J. Donaghue to Jane L. Ross, $154,900.

47th Ave., 9806-Edward Calis and Mary C. Cook to Jonathan W. Bredice, $200,000.


Alberta Dr., 1416-Bob White and Mary E. Bennett to Damond Fauconier, $170,000.

Charredwood Dr., 2931-Federal National Mortgage Association to Inderbir Singh and Dalwinder Somal, $98,500.

District Heights Pkwy., 6220-Aleatha Coleman and Larry Bishop to William Benjamin and Claire Elaine Stein, $130,000.

Elmhurst St., 6404-Marion E. Sneed and Sharon G. Sneed Hyman to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $123,864.

Flag Harbor Dr., 6900-Dwon Johnson and Katrina Cheshier to Annissia A. Hall, $112,641.

Halleck St., 6603-6603 Halleck Street Corp. to Steven A. Jones, $210,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 6412-Elaine M. Johnson to BHM Investment Group Corp., $115,500.

Little Hill Lane, 3428-Lashaun Epps Rodgers to Greater Washington Real Estate Investors, $105,000.

Parkland Dr., 2907-Madge Wilder to Fargo Investment Group Corp., $110,000.

Ritchie Rd., 2905-Armando M. Martinez to In Soo Ham, $122,500.

Starshine Dr., 7503-Foster Communities of Maryland Inc. to Brenda Wade and Janette Blue, $326,725.

Walters Pl., 6512-Delbra Rivers to Regina Williams, $272,000.


Bonhill Dr., 403-Hida F. Adams to Phyllis and Toni D. Bellamy, $287,000.

Cherryfield Rd., 6818-Heidy Molian and Jesus Molina to Li Wang, $181,900.

Eaglewing Lane, 6614-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alice Lorraine Robinson, $166,400.

Fort Washington Rd., 11808-Shirley L. Welch to Sean K. Harp, $230,000.

Hempstead Dr., 2907-HSBC Bank to Sara Williams, $100,000.

Jefferson Rd., 1203-American United Construction Corp. to Julius Hill, $240,000.

Lorelei Dr., 1505-Thelma L. Watkins to Shawnitra C. Taylor, $215,000.

Old Fort Rd., 9813-Estate of Anna T. and William J. Sober to Madelyn Stephanie Garcilazo, $105,000.

Parkton St., 12505-Michael B. Chauncey and Tammie S. Moore to Katherine V. Hubbard, $274,917.

Riverside Dr., 9300-Linda W. Will to Kyle Brown and Aron Thune, $785,000.

Rusland Ct., 8913, No. 8913-Umar A. Rabbil to PSB Capital MD Corp., $97,100.

Tuckaway Terr., 912-Trevolia T. and Peter R. Haskins to Toumazos Theodorou, $222,000.

Waterfront St., 501-Potomac Overlook III Corp. to Oleksiy Y. Poludnenko, $553,205.


Guinevere Ct., 6204-Independence Federal Savings Bank to Tracy T. Parker, $380,000.

Willowgate Pl., 8104-Kurt A. Ray to Randall S. Faulkner, $400,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8403, No. 2-Joanne B. Eutsey to 101 Geneva Corp., $40,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6972, No. 201-Joyce Brown to Toni A. Mathewson, $115,000.

Jacobs Dr., 7848-Edward V. Putens and Derek Thompson to Richard Cantwell, $145,000.

Mandan Rd., 7316-Babatunde A. and Irene Grace Akande to Greater Washington Real Estate Investors, $137,000.

Somerset Ct., 7838-Jane L. Ross to Nathan Daniel Ong, $250,000.


Farragut St., 4334, No. H-Rcy Development Corp. to Kirsten Elise Tullia and Thaddeus B. Flood, $215,000.

46th Pl., 5702-Pulte Home Corp. to William L. Russell Jr., $404,720.

46th Pl., 5714-Pulte Home Corp. to Edgar E. and Marcia Garcia, $362,939.

46th Pl., 5722-Pulte Home Corp. to Hun Quoc Duong and Shuk Yin Chuk, $391,362.


Chautauqua Ave., 10228-Rafael Ernesto Garcia and Garcia Family Trust to Joseph and Susan Burge, $186,500.

Keewatin Rd., 8810-Pantheon LB Corp. to Kenneth C. Simon, $265,000.

Morley Rd., 9206-Raymond C. and Ngozi Ihegbe to Nche Che and Ajeikai Mbacham, $195,000.

Palamar Terr., 7059-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Elissa Bernal, $213,500.

Terra Alta Dr., 6712-Helen Onyewu to Geoffrey and Vivian Okekeocha, $190,000.

Worrell Ave., 9353-PSB Properties Maryland Corp. to Tinos Investments Corp., $115,000.


Avis Dr., 805-Exemplary Inc. to Tyrone and Dister D. Battle, $230,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15105-NVR Inc. to Victoria Elaine Lowery, $376,910.

Chartsey St., 107-Patricia Snyder to Demetrius K. and Michelle Temple Daniels, $240,000.

Darcy Rd., 9303-Charles E. and Coy M. Fletcher to Moses Koyi, $160,000.

Dornoch Way, 2007-NVR Inc. to Joey Lowery Jr., $327,040.

Edwards St., 3542-Tiana Seeney to Value Homes Corp., $154,750.

Fox Bow Dr., 12900-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alvin Joseph Durrington, $106,000.

Howell Dr., 10001-Michael C. and Susan S. Singer to Leslie Bates and Jordan Garrison, $352,000.

Narrowleaf Dr., 721-Mohamed S. Daramy and Zacharia Kamara to Emmanuel B. Motosho, $225,000.

Red Jade Ct., 11432, No. 7-1-Brian and Linda McMahan to Barbara A. Brooks, $89,500.

Sherrington Ct., 11305-HSBC Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to First Hand Land Corp., $156,584.

Willow Ave., 8615-Herman and Judy Proctor to Terry Weber, $80,000.


Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 8008-Stuart W. and Karen G. Turney to Barbara L. and Joseph E. Crawford, $215,000.

Compton Ave., 505-Chonya M. Davis-Johnson and Walter F. Johnson to Melvin W. and David E. Melara, $245,000.

Forest Mill Lane, 6411-Russell Properties Corp. to Joseph David Conklin and Dagny Rushin, $350,000.

Leizear Ct., 15504-Zenith S. Rogado to Federal National Mortgage Association, $376,670.

Mayfair Rd., 7007-Dominique Better to David D. Vu and Anne B. Vinh, $220,000.

Parkway Dr., 6007-Gerard O. Castillo to Andrew Asbury, $201,350.

Runabout Ct., 14315, No. 635-Federal National Mortgage Association to Galaxy Re Group Corp., $86,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7611-Mary Ann Allen to Karen Nestle, $196,000.


Briarwood Dr., 13315-Eric V. and Shavon Edwards to Marc N. Gomez, $240,000.

Contee Rd., 8608-Michael Anthony Olds to Robert A. and Carol S. Walker, $249,900.

Oxwell Lane, 8756-Eric and Christel Brown De Colstoun to Evangeline J. Gaba, $305,000.

Snowden Oaks Pl., 8456-Rissa Maria Greaves to Sasha Chin, $202,000.


29th St., 4226-Steven and Michael R. Long to Oscar N. and Karina J. Ramos, $155,000.

32nd St., 4511-KDC Dirtworx Corp. to Joshua and Tracy Loh, $400,000.


Donoghue Dr., 8301-PSB Investments Md Corp. to Kadialu H. Kanneh, $275,000.

Farmcrest Dr., 7419-Gustavo Escamilla to Zhao Liu, $182,000.

Marywood St., 7209-Frederick Lyles to Paula Ocasio and Paula M. Omana Espinoza, $192,000.

Stockton Lane, 4806-Victor Giron and Carmen Altagracia Martinez to Sharon Grace A. Mozo, $140,000.

68th Pl., 4407-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adugna Belay, $155,000.

85th Ave., 5434, No. 5434-202-Adolf Henderson to Xiaohua Liang, $33,750.


Ruatan St., 1203-Rhonda Q. Belt to Alemayehu Bedasso and Mimi Hunde, $206,000.


Crawford St., 708-Edward S. Cohn to Integrity Professional Contracting Corp., $100,500.

Elroy Pl., 7807-Peter L. and Mesharon W. Moore to Shayiti and Taiwaikuli Maimaitiyimin, $155,000.

Livingston Rd., 6033-Jeane Oates and Baltimore Home Wholesalers Corp. to 107 Dogwood Corp., $61,500.

Oxon Hill Rd., 7600-Rigoberto and Ana Rodriguez to Juan A. Diaz Centeno, $206,000.

Sandy Pl., 513-Erwin R. Salvo to Reemberto Diaz Rojas, $147,000.

Wheeler Rd., 4805-Eric C. Turner to Tyeshia R. Nelson, $185,000.

Woodland Dr., 5616-James and Nicoletta Comas to Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister, $100,000.


Mustang Dr., 6010-Jephthah G. Hall and Herma Y. Powell to Residential Value Corp., $130,500.


Auth Rd., 5400-Monisha Shanelle Jackson to FST Tribeca Corp., $142,000.

Cable Ave., 6010-Raymond Henry and Diane Johnson Davis to Stars Home Corp., $132,900.

Ewing Ave., 2312, No. 4-Melvin and Shereen Y. Holmes to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $178,420.

Lanier Ave., 5570-Valencio Graham to Jennifer T. Bell, $210,000.

Reamy Dr., 4407-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shambhu Jee Choudhary, $58,000.

Sunset Lane, 3049, No. NO-PNC Bank to Sherile A. Fletcher, $65,000.


Brinkley Rd., 3128, No.1- 304-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ellen Carter, $26,200.

Dallas Dr., 3311-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Stephen J. Harper, $98,000.

Foster Pl., 2301-Lonnie Daniels to PSB Investments Md Corp., $115,000.

Hartwell St., 5708-John E. Driscoll III to 101 Geneva Corp., $149,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3337, No. T-2-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Theodore Boothe, $20,000.

Keating St., 2117-Roderick V. Watson to Herman Culbreath and Chiquita Williams, $212,000.

Oakwood St., 1922-Gladys I. Belcher to Michael B. Ostroff, $205,000.

Sheffield Dr., 7101-Roddie J. Worthington and Sylvia M. McClain Worthington to Jean Kelley, $219,500.

Weldon Dr., 4306-Charles A. and S. A. Kuhn to Crystel D. Orr, $246,000.

30th Ave., 3301-Eunice E. and David O. Smith to Michael and Eveline Stubbs, $125,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 502-RCC Oip Corp. to Laya and Homeira Baghdadi, $190,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 315-M&T Bank to Meryln and Elizabeth Fernando, $50,000.

Kimberly Rd., 3202-Robert Leroy and Norma Jean Monday to Alfonso Gerardo Romero Herrera, $203,000.

38th Ave., 5500-AAA Homes Corp. to Jorge Bogantes Montero and Emily Katherine Robbins, $264,500.


Broadmoor Lane, 11908-Sean E. Donahue to Byron G. Yetter, $255,000.

Colonel Beall Pl., 4906-Department of Veterans Affairs to Neneh I. Barrie, $230,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 14721-Larkin Investments Corp. to Roc Construction Corp., $560,000.

Grandhaven Ave., 8531-Doware Merchant to Rockman Investments Corp., $195,000.

Grey Eagle Dr., 8220-Alonso Giron Arreguin and Rachel Giron to Is Real Holdings Corp., $415,000.

King John Way, 4851-Arash Jamaleddin to Brenton M. Cleveland, $130,000.

Marlborough Terr., 5006-Randall S. and Carmelnita K. Fossum to Shameka and John Jennings, $165,000.

Osborne Rd. S., 6321-Kimmel Homes Corp. to Robert Keith and Olivia Peden Baird, $475,000.

Rhodenda Pl., 10804-58 Water Street Corp. to Ronald L. Thomas, $269,900.

Sandpiper Dr., 9812-Derek B. and Krystal M. Martin to Jane Nicola and Clifton Johnson, $275,000.

Trumpet Lane, 9504-Chere M. and Jerry W. Butler to Angela Yvette Johnson, $365,000.


Bald Hill Rd., 9508-Deutsche Bank and Homeward Residential Inc. to Akua Pipim, $280,299.

Black Branch Way, 605-Frank Casey and Frances Evangeline Lynah to Walter Lee and Ella A. Gilliam, $725,000.

Derby Ridge Rd., 14404-Fairview M Corp. to Sylvia C. and Brent L. Bass, $642,303.

Hall Station Dr., 900-NVR Inc. to Yolanda B. Ingram, $255,605.

Kingsview St., 12404-Randall Gearhart to Stephanie Jurvonne Anderson, $330,000.

Trillum St., 11403-Tammy D. Jackson Sumpter and Charles R. Sumpter to Cecil J. Delmore, $365,000.

Woodview Dr., 9900-OpenDoor Housing Fund to Cherrie S. Richard, $276,000.