Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Rd., 1200-Kathleen U. and Ronald M. Fornatora to Dale and Oksana P. Mishler, $595,000.


Baltimore Rd., 2517, No. 2-U.S. Bank National Association to Ben and Cammie T. La, $130,000.

Brad Dr., 14414-John C. and Mary Ann Voglewede to Seyed Aliakbar Mousavi and Azra Eslamian, $405,000.

Candytuft Lane, 15104-Margot R. and James M. Proctor to Isaac Fogel and Tatiana Kozlova, $432,500.

Federal St., 4314-Jeffery Lynn and Alice Faye Gobble to Abraham Tadese and Kidist Demisse, $340,000.

Haverford Dr., 4201-David J. and Jennifer N. Graham to Brian and Catherine Kim, $552,000.

Landgreen St., 4205-Tammie L. Wiley to Juanita Andrea Kudel, $404,900.

Myer Terr., 14211-Cartus Corp. to John Wade and Jessica Lail Kelly, $406,000.

Parkvale Rd., 14108-Sean R. and Heidi G. Bennett to Jeremy T. and Regan L. Smyth, $461,500.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12712, No. 88-104-Fang Da Du to Yang Yang, $106,000.


Albia Rd., 5606-L. Harrison and Janet Simmons Pillsbury to Paul J. Kentell and Catherine Mary Bollard, $1.51 million.

Anniston Rd., 5914-Steven J. and Ann M. Wagnblas to James M. Lutzweiler and Thelma O. Okoro, $1.4 million.

Beck Ct., 9518-Daniel S. and Kirsten W. Konar to Kenneth and Teresa Wu, $675,000.

Bradley Blvd., 6316-Spiros Dimolitsas and Alexandra Campbell to Stewart E. and Theresa Holm, $1.08 million.

Bryant Dr., 8303-Richard E. Thompson to Christopher A. Albina, $760,000.

Chelsea Lane S., 4500-EVG SSB Ventures Corp. to Brian S. and Karen M. Trackman, $669,000.

Country Club Dr., 8508-8505 Rayburn Corp. to Zad Holding Corp., $1.82 million.

Dunrobbin Dr., 6212-Stephanie L. Berger to Letitia W. Peterson, $887,500.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 210-Lynea Shea De Lutis and Matthew Ryan Smith to Golnaz Vahedi and Robert B. Faryabi, $410,000.

Goldleaf Dr., 6406-Joanne Barter West to Joanne Cosiol, $980,000.

Grubby Thicket Way, 7208-Ain H. Kivimae to Joseph and Tanya Castro, $750,000.

Ipswich Rd., 5826-Philomena Lai to Shahid and Urusa A. Salman, $600,000.

Kentstone Dr., 9515-Steven M. Coffin and Linda G. McReynolds to Christopher A. Albina, $615,000.

Lincoln St., 5521-Laura Brown Jeffery and estate of Virginia Deatley Brown to Teven S. and Mark Mocarski, $678,000.

Marbury Rd., 6912-Mohamed and Valerie Aniba to Jose Carlos Baig Bique and Cecilia Neher, $635,000.

McKinley St., 5314-Brian and Karen Trackman to Franklin B., Bridget R. and Steven T. Newby, $760,000.

Namakagan Rd., 5915-Joseph and Kathryn Coleman to Jacqueline M. Tront and Tamas P. Majoros, $699,950.

Parkhill Dr. E., 9234-Charles and Alicia Falzon to Peter S. Sealy and Jama D. Vanhorne Sealy, $635,000.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5300, No. 306-5300-Michael P. and Katherine Freeman Perkins to Stephen A. and Jane C. Newstedt, $485,000.

Radnor Rd., 7713-Lucas P. and Jennifer K. Schneider to David W. Schoenberg and Gary Redson Discretionary Trust, $1.55 million.

River Rd., 5101, No. 711-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Keila Aires Hand, $210,000.

Rosewood Dr., 8503-Harvey A. Eisen and C.C. Maslow to David and Rachel Argaman, $850,000.

Ryland Dr., 5912-Maximillian Edward and Robin Anne Mitler to Nathaniel and Erin Davis, $612,500.

Sentinel Dr., 4960, No. 10-301-Regine R. Sparks and Deborah McCorkle to Marie Clotilde Charlot, $429,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5611-Lawrence R. and Corinne R. Haslett to James Bryan King and Susan C. Coffman King, $799,000.

Swansong Way, 7100-Stephanie Friedman to Mathew Brobson and Ping Hu, $460,000.

Vendome Dr., 9241-Shikhar and Emily Carmody Soni to Kevin M. Johnson and Carolyn C. Rosca, $1.28 million.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 439-Joseph F. and Suzanne R. Spaniol to Magdalena D. Smoot, $279,900.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 105-Alexandra Castulovich to David L. and Charlotte L. Williams, $170,000.

Westlake Terr., 7542, No. 54-Diane R. Schwarz to Matthew H. Sorensen and Adrianne L. Lord Sorensen, $526,000.

Whittier Blvd., 7013-Charles Seibert to Keith G. and Celia M. Sandbloom, $942,000.

Wilson Lane, 7100-Richard M. and Linda B. Morelli to Thomas Sipal and Stephanie Chang Kodiak, $702,000.

Woodhaven Blvd., 8105-Selma S. Bouhl to Arthur J. and Susana Complido Riel, $1.04 million.

Yorkshire Terr., 6205-Elizabeth A. and David T. Goldman to Alan Mohamed Youssef and Dina Hamid, $1.13 million.


Ethel Rose Way, 12914-Sidqi K. Bradosti to Timothy J. and Christina L. Dodgen, $350,000.

Golden Hook Rd., 14205-David and Rebecca W. Kaizer to Zhen Fu and Xinyu Liu, $674,500.

Schaeffer Rd., 13923-Liming Shu and Meifing Cui to Wade Michael and Theola R. Poole, $658,000.


Astrid Ct., 2454-Brent R. and Jennifer Leitzel to Naphaphone Ratsavong and Kevin D. Davis, $319,000.

Sapling Ridge Lane, 2504-John F. and Tracie B. Eggener to Edward P. Kerlin and Kathleen M. Moore, $717,000.


Amsterdam Terr., 3725, No. 9-91-Karen Boyce to Mohammad Yaseen, $165,000.

Childress Ct., 1-PNC Bank to Ngocanh Carolyn Bui, $240,000.

Pine Top Lane, 15031-Patricia Lynn De Orio and Philip De Orio to Ibironke Said, $276,000.

Tapestry Cir., 3242-Joseph and Jo E. Spellman to Yeny Aguilar, $230,000.


Brackley Terr., 13405-Adam and Chrysta C. Travers to Trang Thi Do and Tuan Kiet Giang, $399,000.

Hidden Valley Ct., 5-Joseph E. and Vicki L. Maier to David C. and Nickie N. Andescavage, $495,000.

Northcrest Dr., 1609-Begadam Bazyluk to Marvin and Salvador Jovel, $395,000.

Schubert Dr., 2860-Everett P. William Jr. to Felekech Devela Gobena, $320,000.

White Oak Vista Dr., 1634-Indika N. Weerasinghe and Eleonora Tarzibachi to Ahmad Malik, $396,000.


Bradley Blvd., 4934, No. 244-Kathleen E. Post to Stephen C. Lechliter, $525,000.

Brookville Rd., 7106-Mark Andersen to Daniel S. Greenspahn and Karen L. Berenthal, $820,000.

Connecticut Ave., 8902-William H. and Delia Day Quick to Andrew E. and Lori K. Seifter, $655,000.

Farrell Ct., 8604-Fernando W. Sanchez and Mirian Giodano to Alexandre Coissac and Ghotai Ghazialam, $560,000.

Jones Bridge Rd., 4117-Thomas and Barbara G. Albrecht to Melissa L. Givens, $655,000.

Oakridge Ave., 7201-Jeffrey Urdan and Carolyn Sporn to Peter F. and Anne Juliette Ladegaard, $1.2 million.

Primrose St., 6-Clarke Dryden and Naomi Gendler Camper to Ashby and Clare Anderson, $2 million.

Spencer Rd., 2801-Scott Brumburgh and Carolyn M. Long to Jody and Cynthia Lan Martin, $669,000.

Washington Ave., 2606-Marc J. Holzman and Vicki J. Goodman to David H. and Shana S. Jacobs, $1.19 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-1002-Melvin J. and Muriel H. Jacobson to Helen Marshall, $1.4 million.


Autumn Breeze Ave., 22791, No. 107-Clarksburg V Corp. to Kathleen A. Pell, $149,605.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12901, No. 303-Clifford Sosin to David R. Finestone, $230,000.

Meadow Mist Rd., 22925-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Vesta Inc., $144,076.

Remae Ct., 23808-Jack W. Haarer Jr. to Tim L. Hoffacker, $304,000.

Shawnee Lane, 13230, No. 102-Miller and Smith at Eastside Corp. to Daniel Ricardo Iriarte, $324,120.

Turtle Rock Terr., 23117-Chakravarthy Pallinane to Vinod K. Jasti, $410,000.


Donora Rd., 17221-Jay D. and Chandi Keller to Nataki Clarke Edwards, $550,000.

Good Hope Rd., 15304-Floyd M. and Shirley J. Pugh to Ernesto M. and Sara R. Casado, $375,000.

Maydale Dr., 1613-David A. Keller to Viran Ranasinghe, $650,000.

Thompson Rd., 15429-Barbara F. Athey and Nancy J. Athey to Elizabeth Lyman and Erik Peterson, $345,000.


Clarksburg Rd., 28400-Donna E. McBridge to Robert S. and Lisa C. Horton, $295,000.

Greenel Rd., 9915-Donald and Eve M. Rumore to Santo and Susan Cargill Collura, $669,000.

Kings Valley Dr., 11338-Robin Shuck to Steven M. Slovon, $569,000.

Paine St., 25403-Melissa Penney to Qiaoqiao Bao and Jilin Lu, $328,000.

Shelldrake Cir., 10160-Susan Jacob to Karen Mitchell, $209,000.


Applewood Ct., 5-John P. and Janet L. Mott to Diana D. Lobo and Gregory Noll, $699,900.

Dimes Rd., 5704-Harold W. and Susan B. Dailey to Diane R. Schwarz, $486,000.

Hollingsworth Dr., 18109-Ralph H. and Paula Gormyl Rack to Christopher L. Thompson and Marina Alexandra Shellhaas, $649,000.

Mill Creek Dr., 18025-Irene M. Harlan/Sallabenger to Carrie Ann Morin and David Ingalls Beck, $460,000.

Needwood Rd., 6837-Jeffrey Lewis and the Gary L. Lewis Revocable Trust to Sanket Mathur and Neeva Dhariwal, $950,000.

Olde Mill Run, 16901-Ann F. and Charles R. Beranek to Pedro Morales Llanos and Angela Evans Morales, $436,000.

Rydal Terr., 7832-Kim Susan Carlisle to Thea Ilyse and Carlos Fernando Lopez, $500,000.


Old Hundred Rd., 24400-Cynthia K. McGrath to Jason Liu, Jianjun Feng and Renping Zhang, $550,000.


Brookmoor Dr., 10212-Charles D. Spangler Revocable Trust and the Hilda B. Spangler Revocable Trust to PRH Corp., $405,000.

Columbia Pike, 11221, No. 31-Claudia P. Romero to James E. Abell, $107,000.

Flower Ave., 9512-Clifton Earl and Phyllis W. Ford to Joseph Viola and Nancy Conneely, $449,000.

Gregory St., 10703-Rosendo Gamboa and Enoch Trujillo to Vu Van Dang and Quach Thi Ruc, $280,400.

Laredo Rd., 1010-Douglas Correia to Andrew Kampia, $367,000.

Manchester Rd., 8601, No. 214-Glenn Blong to Jason Lokke, $99,000.

Oakwood St., 11004-Jeffrey and Judith S. Graber to Anna Shakarishvili, $440,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 101-Steven A. and Ann C. Kebeck to Stevenson Abraham, $218,750.

Southwood Ave., 112-Ha Nguyen to Alfred J. Amado and Eliana P. Puerta Plaza, $350,000.


Amity Dr., 17405-Metro Area Management Corp. to Edward R. Potocko, $400,000.

Bookham Lane, 206-Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Mariya Forsting, $340,000.

Centerway Rd., 9085-Jose A. Cruz to Faustino and Ana Fuentes, $182,500.

Christopher Ave., 413, No. 92-Melvin Omar and Wendy A. Guzman to Farideh Fleur Yeganeh, $132,890.

Coriander Dr., 7909, No. 7909-303-Ana Liza M. Mata to Itamar E. Simhony, $100,000.

Game Preserve Rd., 10841-Sebastien Peyrouse and Marlene Laruelle to Moe Myint and Narin Ploychin Than, $470,000.

Girard St., 452, No. 350-Residential Continuum Inc. to Claudio A. Morales Lacayo and Norma Sequeira, $110,000.

Inkberry Cir., 16-Bob Yang to Elizabeth Chavez, $398,000.

Laytonia Dr., 7533-Ali Akbar and Ehsan Ramezan to Tim Tran, $179,000.

Meadowgate Cir., 7-Glenn Tempro to Steve R. Kerins and Azeb Hawaz, $370,000.

Oakton Rd., 207-Gustavo Cruz and Jose Cruz Mendoza to Jorge Montano Rivas, $280,000.

Streamside Dr., 18308, No. 302-Brenda L. Davis and Susan V.L. Davis to Cheng Lun Tsai, $140,000.

Turtle Dove Ct., 6-Timothy M. and Emily N. Benas to Tori M. Rowe and John J. Golden, $259,000.

Wye Mill Ct., 341-Alberto E. and Doris M. Clary to Jiankun Huang and Qingsheng Yuan, $235,000.


Apache Lane, 16421-Mark V. and Laurie L. Dalton to Neil Ann and Eriko Greene Clements, $505,000.

Birdsong Lane, 17210-David R. and Anne C. Harrison to Selvarajan Masilamani, $340,000.

Braemar Crescent Way, 14810-National Residential Nominee Services to Michael J. and Kelly A. Sotak, $730,000.

Case St., 44-Efren J. Saraza to Sham and Pushpa Mittal, $530,000.

Coral Reef Dr., 510-Cao Zhang to Phuong T. Li, $268,000.

Diamond Dr., 838-James M. Fetters and Kim A. Leaird to Oliver and Ivana Slattery, $436,000.

Exchange Ave., 458-Mtg. Acquisition Corp. to Xudong Liu, $406,685.

Featherstone St., 906-Laura B. and David B. Sardilli to Basak Akiska Kokkoris, $599,900.

Gold Kettle Dr., 188-Shiromony C. and Priya Nirmal to Meeiling Lu, $119,000.

Hart Rd., 122-Ernest L. Heymann to Martha L. Benezet, $599,900.

Hillside Lake Terr., 1079, No. 1306-Gary F. and Paula C. Truchot to Yisheng and Jennifer Chiang, $300,000.

Inspiration Lane, 410-Sharon V. Mulholland to Matthew and Dora Patin, $699,900.

Lake St., 207-James M. and Lynn L. Hall to Erik and Heather Pulkstenis, $1.02 million.

Linslade St., 615-Richard Attix to Laura W. Hardy, $445,000.

Main St., 649B-Eli B. Golfer to Chin Rang and Ching Yi Yang, $437,000.

McDonald Chapel Dr., 12247-Hsiu Kuei Lu and Shue Yuan Wang to Simon W. and Sophie Clowes, $1.14 million.

Mirrasou Lane, 21-Aisha F. Clarke and Major Clemens to Qi Ying Liu and Peng Peng Zhu, $275,000.

Pissaro Terr., 15714-Valerie C. Portney/Stutman to Bichoy Hanna, $685,000.

Saddle River Dr., 14121-Jonathan L. Rubin to Nianci Wang, $668,000.

Soft Wind Dr., 14726-Kwan J. and Moon H. Park to Xiaofen Huang and Geping Wu, $719,000.

Still Creek Lane, 713-Samuel P. and Deanna G. Simone to Charles H. and Cassandra C. Midgley, $949,900.

Teaneck Ct., 22-Housing Opportunities Commission to John J. and Minsun K. Riddles, $290,000.

Twelve Oaks Dr., 104-Dong Beum and Hye Yeon Lee to Tae Joon Cho, $335,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20417-Andrew B. and Julia M. Barto to Nima Yasourazareh and Romina Mozaffarian, $344,900.

Astoria Hill Ct., 13203C, Patricia B. Evans to Angela R. Parent, $174,000.

Bowman Ridge Dr., 19508-Jee Ho Lee and Sung Yeon Kim to Suchan Kang and Seung Won Lee, $494,000.

Chalet Dr., 18020, No. 17-101-Satish P. and Preeti Iyer to Om M. Jahagirdar, $146,500.

Churchill Ridge Cir., 12914, No. 6F-Xuejun Zhu and Li Rao to Elisabeth McFarland, $181,000.

Copper Ridge Rd., 13327-Mark R. Walls to Marc D. and Elyse S. Dworin, $577,000.

Demetrias Way, 13341-William E. Franco to Huaping Chu and Emily Zhimin Li, $149,700.

Ebbtide Cir., 18923-M.S. Vandy to Seven Rivers Corp., $255,000.

Grotto Lane, 18942-Edwin C. and Nicole N. Lewis to Pattumadathil K. and Leela Mathew, $223,300.

Highstream Dr., 18993, No. 832-James A. Meyers to Kevin Lemon and Anne Merkle, $195,000.

Jump Dr., 14053-Brian T. and Jacqueline Zeranski to Sukrut Phansekar and Jayanti Nessiar, $335,000.

Larkspur Ct., 20122-Craig A. and Dolna L. Brieske to Metro D.C. 2 Corp., $223,000.

McCubbin Lane, 12907-Bert T. and Sharon V. Viloria to Brian J. Butler, $495,000.

Monarch Vista Dr., 13740-Clara D. and Howard Harvey Newman to Louis Andrakakos and Paula P. Naranjo, $415,000.

Paprika Ct., 18716-Sandra L. and Alvaro L. Cayzedo to Fai Leung, $190,000.

Quail Woods Dr., 12404-U.S. Bank National Association to Andy Zheng and June Su, $203,299.

Shadyside Way, 20506-Susan J. Mills to Ludmila D.P. Tarant, $123,000.

Split Rock Lane, 18507-Min Zhang to Aaron and Sunshine Biskaps, $240,000.

Summersong Lane, 20416-Sina Sahand and Hessam Zarrabinia to Robert S. and Jacqueline L. Barton, $315,000.

Swiss Cir., 18231, No. 1-44-Balbir Singh to Elvan Katmer, $161,600.

Walnut Cove Cir., 12466-Patricia S. Williams to Zhi Hui Liu and Moyi Li, $280,000.

Waters Point Lane, 20400-Steven A. and Mauree D. Revier to Eugene Zagoskin and Olga Perlmutter, $315,000.

Wheatridge Terr., 12917-Peter and Walburga Schmidt Rzeznitzeck to Tsuhan Fan and Yi Wen Hung, $525,000.

Winterspoon Lane, 13607, No. 4-Nancy A. and Guster A. Saravia to American Investments Corp., $135,000.


Bryn Mawr Ave., 6004-Stephen J. and Catherine B. Hathaway to Natasha Schmidt, $550,000.


Aurora Dr., 5011-Kevin Cosgrove to Jeffrey Mankoff and Rachael Amy Kamons, $530,000.

Calvert Pl., 3707-Barbara B. Dorsett to Jason Gerson and Amanda Vogel, $567,000.

Everett St., 4532-Thomas E. Fischetti and Paul E. Fischetti to Brett Jeffrye and Prema Ellis Jeffrey, $559,000.

Glueck Lane, 11018-Kelly D. and Cory J. Hoffman to Scott Jacob Schwartz, $421,000.

Palisades Ct., 11300-Maricela and Richard N. Murray to Patrick B. and Aimee R. Tuite, $436,000.

Simms Dr., 4020-Jeffrey B. Fisher and Martin S. Goldberg to Residential Value Corp., $270,000.

University Blvd. W., 3355, No. 106-Cynthia J. Peralta to Bobby Joe Wheeler, $125,000.


Brink Rd., 9320-Chrysostomos N. Diamondidis Trust to Andrew Morrison and Sara Morrison Rowe, $515,000.

Creekview Dr., 22117-Kondaur Capital Corp. to Kenneth Lovingood and Margarita Orfanos Kenneberger, $645,000.

Golf View Dr., 20900-Trung Nguyen and Trang Do to Diane E. and Albert Paul Bieri, $800,000.

Harvest Knolls Way, 9604-Yoon Sung Choi and Won Chu Chong to Scott S. and Deborah K. Kim, $545,000.

Stanton Hall Ct., 9709-Kathleen S. Lowing to Benjamin L., Laura Ann and Frederick L. Morlok, $385,000.


Bazzellton Pl., 19841-Christopher A. and Janaina F. Rodowskas to Zeyede Mekonnen and Tigist Mengesha, $259,900.

Brassie Way, 9635-Tanya Cardoza to Nicholas Berry, $205,000.

Cove Ledge Ct., 10253-Erik Binder and estate of Jeffrey Maurice Binder to Michelle Diane Hsiao, $239,950.

Duffer Way, 9726-Samantha Abigal Davis to Anna G. and Fred A. Jester, $350,000.

Harbor Tree Ct., 8-Richard C. Simonsen to Yadriana Rodriguez Merle, $215,000.

Millstream Dr., 10240-Dawn M. Schwab to Karen and Luis Regalado, $240,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10022-Mariano R. Colindres to Jinrong Liu and Rongmin Shan, $158,000.

Treyford Terr., 9523-John W. Brooks to Sher B. Basnet and Devi K. Chhetri Basnet, $220,000.

Welbeck Way, 8620-Irene E. Schell/Curtis to Pedro and Neris Medina, $183,000.


Cottrell Terr., 9632-Brian S. and Kelly A. McCardle to Srinivasan Rajaraman and Deepa Sritharan, $325,000.

Lariston Lane, 10316-Arthur W. Wagner to Kwabena Offei and Dinah Hylton Dei, $374,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 212-Cecilia B. Lopez to Meselech Kidane Gebre, $79,200.

Schindler Dr., 924-Ideal House Corp. to Eric Alexander and Marie Byrd Sproul, $425,000.


Bakersfield Ct., 14417-Jil M. Jensen/Whittle to Woodwossen Workalemahu and Emebet Abebe, $283,500.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15311, No. 90-2G-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kent W. and Ruth Ann Mason, $88,000.

Belle Crest Lane, 2702-Lawrence Ira Kaplan and Patricia Dunn Kaplan to Alexander K. and Anne C. Kotsopoulos, $468,500.

Burning Bush Lane, 14013-BankUnited and Green River Capital Corp. to Wendell V. Graham, $312,500.

Catoctin Terr., 1941-Asrat Degaga and Mekediss Addis to Youssef Zeroual, $305,000.

Cleese Ct., 14913, No. 4AC-Federal National Mortgage Association to Cecilia Chi Sau Pao, $132,000.

Densmore Ct., 3300, No. 204-Bonnie L. Dodd and estate of Joyce Marie Lipshitz to Thomas L. Dickey, $260,000.

Estelle Rd., 13106-Priscilla E. Metcalfe and Everett Caylor Bowen Revocable Trust to James T. Pleima and Maria A. Uchida, $320,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3501, No. 14-3E-Donna L. Defibaugh and Stephen G. McCord to Marjory H. Feldman, $113,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11812-Rommany Sam to Chad and Sara J. Lee, $269,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13000-Saudia Harris and Shazeeda Adajar to Ephrem Kefle and Eyerusalem Haile, $390,000.

Innsbruck Ct., 14410, No. 3F-Ronald C. Albertson to Taja Investments Corp., $111,500.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-404-Carol W. Fram and the Sidney Weissenberg Revocable Trust to Yuan Yuan Chiu, $250,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 102-Paula M. and Thomas Daniel Gillespie to Warren and Naomi Lichtenberg, $199,900.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-324-Dino Ranti and John E. Gallagher to Gloria Po and Wayne Chang, $69,900.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 718-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bob and Lily Lin, $115,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. 2901-131-Irene R. Miller to Barbara Berger, $377,500.

Littleton St., 3802-David and Ximena Candelaria Morales to Favio A. Villobos, $345,095.

Park Vista Ct., 2-Astair Wuhib and Abera D. Bekele to Million Adane Tegenge and Lydia Asrat Haile, $370,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14809, No. 414-Barbara D. Dougherty to Camha T. Dinh, $114,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15300, No. 85-1A-Daniel F. and Beatrice Metzman to Rose Lannaco, $153,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15311, No. 87-2K-Pam Johnson and the estate of Doris E. Ashton to Carlos F. and Cecilia Mena, $148,500.

Snowbird Terr., 2715, No. 5-28-Andre L. Fair to Kenneth and Victoria Kirby, $157,500.

Tivoli Lake Ct., 21-Javier Cifuentes and Isabel Torres to Nana O. Aryemang and Mary K.D. Aryemang, $372,000.

Tynewick Terr., 14609, No. 6-14609-Federal National Mortgage Association to Pierre Moundou, $202,000.

Wendy Lane, 3922-Peter Wai Nin Lee and Lisa Wai Wan Lee to Adelia Juica, $276,450.


Bar Harbor Pl., 4248-Praveen J. Bezawada Joseph and Brittany P. Bezawada Joseph to Bryan Scott Lee, $353,000.

Boastfield Lane, 4506-Daniel P. Markus to Robert B. and Kathleen E. Silk, $307,000.

Fulford St., 4009-Joel F. Solomon to Mark E. and Julia G. Schade, $515,000.

Littlebrooke Dr., 18209-Jeffrey D. and Jacqueline D. Gorinson to Jeffrey Edward and Kerri Ann Walenta, $614,900.

Morningwood Dr., 4413-David B. Finlav to Joshua A. and Patricia M. Shaffner, $485,000.

Queensborough Dr., 3406-Erick and Lori Stakelbeck to Adam Stiska and Rachel Bayer, $319,000.

Rolling Acres Way, 18517-William R. and Nancy T. Bullough to Kevin L. and Lisa A. Kauffman, $498,150.

Sandy Knoll Dr., 17235-Lawrence C. and Chinasa Ifeajekwu to Michael D. Crouch and Jennifer I. Chad, $524,900.

Tothill Dr., 4940-Barry R. Rosenfeld to Brian J. and Stacey Lederer, $485,000.

Winding Oak Dr., 4402-Ming Zhu and Hoa L. Thanh to Michael A. and Beliue Risher, $570,000.


Butler Rd., 17109-Robert L. Clark Jr. to William R. and Barbara J. Miller, $429,000.

Haller Ct., 8-Christopher Pittman and Charlene Meyer Owens to Jason W. and Jennifer Rosenbaum, $624,000.

Hoskinson Rd., 16915-Grace M. and Francois M. Lalonde to Brian and Jacqueline A. Zeranski, $559,000.

Spates Hill Rd., 17005-Gordon John and Ruth Ann Garrett to Christopher Hernandez and Jennifer Hernandez Soriano, $470,000.


Avenel Farm Dr., 9804-Kenneth A. and Jean A. Kaufman to Chan Bo and Richard Yang, $1.33 million.

Bells Ridge Terr., 8540-Brad J. Zoltick and Xiaohong Hu to Dana B. Pashkoff, $695,000.

Broad Green Ct., 11602-N. T. and Mallika Umamaheswaran to Hefei Yang and Hongji Liu, $1.56 million.

Coldstream Dr., 11802-Carl F. and Astrid M. Erickson to Hongyan Tang, $685,000.

Crossing Creek Rd., 10612-Hui Du and Yingsheng Li to Ha Thi Hong Nguyen and Dong Phuong Nguyen, $825,000.

Democracy Lane, 10216-John Ossanlou to Erin M. Bell and Richard E. Miller, $745,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 11311-Jasmine Han and John Song to Shiyu Liao and Yujie Lu, $698,000.

Glastonberry Rd., 1747-Hong Piu Cheng and Yen Yao Lee to Carlos and Jessica Espinoza, $585,000.

Harvest Square Ct., 8933-Ashok and Nalini Kapur to Mohammed El Qorchi and Zoulikha Bereddad, $1.96 million.

Huntsman Way, 12841-Paul H. and Arlene H. Simon to David and Kathleen Greenberg, $825,000.

Larkmeade Lane, 11016-Mohammed El Qorchi and Zoulikha Bereddad to Ketan B. and Sona K. Mehta, $1.24 million.

Lockland Rd., 10820-Brendan J. and Dorce E. Keating to Stephen J. and Andrea M. Papermaster, $1.7 million.

Old Creek Ct., 2-Henry Kenneth and Angeli Jill Kudon to Adam F. Band and Joanna D. Cohen, $853,000.

River Rd., 14815-Adam E. Margolis and Greater Maryland Properties Corp. to William J. Boyce, $949,000.

Scotland Dr., 7751-Alexis C. Wilson and Rafael Quinteros to Rosalyn S. Walston, $298,888.

Snug Hill Lane, 8314-Steven H. and Mara G. Brick to Jose Fernando Caetano and Mariana Julieta Kaplan, $110,000.

Tuckerman Lane, 8919-William M. and Joan M. Nelson to Chamila D. Jayawardeen, $607,000.

Unity Lane, 10601-Greater Maryland Properties Corp. to Harrison Junming Lou and Yue Li, $1.1 million.

Whiterim Terr., 7729-Linda M. Steclein to Yaver Ali Sayyed and Tanya Kreutzer, $725,000.

Woodthrush Lane, 11801-Michael R. and Lilyan L. Rehman to Jeffrey W. Bohling, $1.98 million.


Aster Blvd., 1000-Seth and Ani Levy to Chad M. and Georgina Mendoza McDowell, $672,500.

Brice Rd., 1012-Cynthia C. and Roger L. Zuniga to Toby R. and Deborah E. Biswas, $515,000.

Cedarwood Ct., 8-Yeong Frank and Marjorie E. Yeh to Xin Tao and Hsiao Ling Lu, $618,000.

Cloister Dr., 5001-Janet M. Armelin to Shahnaz Husain, $615,000.

Creek Valley Lane, 509-Karen M. and Andrew I. Kapust to Rachel K. Hunnicutt, $781,875.

Deep Trail Lane, 214-Ralph D. and Maureen L. Tate to Daniel M. and Lauren P. Marchetti, $1.18 million.

Englishman Pl., 5502, No. 136-Hilary Jackler and Seth Kleiner to Robert Anthony Surtees Shotter, $590,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 701, No. 106-Tony and Victoria T. Nakanishi to Roseline M. and Vikran Khetarpal, $345,000.

Gerard St., 1511-Seung Hyeon Ko to Annie P. Jacob, $60,000.

Goodland Pl., 527-Mark Podrazik and David Elliott to Daniel and Luise Levi, $675,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 503-Christian E. Camacho to Philomena Lai, $309,900.

Gum Spring Dr., 13605-Donald R. Mattison and Margaret R.L. Mattison to Lingling Wang and Ruisheng Lai, $965,000.

Harvard Ct., 18-John E. Baublitz to Michael and Diana Marmelstein, $615,000.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. 217-Guy T. Grundman II and Yeonmin Cho to Kuo Pei Shih, $332,500.

King Farm Blvd., 302, No. 30212-Tarun Sarin to Araceli T. Billoch Colon, $303,000.

Kings Riding Way, 10716, No. T1-20-Farin Salahuddin to Fuad A. and Batool F. Kirmani, $220,000.

Luckett St., 103-Stephen R. Stone to Goshen Valley Investments Corp., $340,000.

Marwood Ct., 20-Seok Hwan Chung and Young Yul Yun to Juan Uzcategui Garcia and Daniela Nunez Ponte, $438,000.

Oak Knoll Terr., 912-Eik S. and Soja C. Nam to Ping Guo, $800,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 209-Skylar Balland Saar to Negaar Assar, $197,445.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1215-William S. and Jackie Sunday Lackner to Josephine Nguyen, $492,500.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1306-Toll MD IX Partnership to Tajender Vasu and Ramneek Kaur, $550,000.

Pleasant Dr., 801, No. 80106-James J. Haldeman to Li Wang, $291,872.

Redland Blvd., 208, No. K-Pedro A. Medina to Hongyuan You and Yan Sun, $120,011.

Rock Rd., 11218-C. Neal Fleming Jr. to Frederick B. Corbin and Shannon J. Thiel, $417,500.

Strathmore Ave., 5232-Symphony Park Corp. to Michael S. Cook, $130,000.

Templeton Pl., 1565-Sang Wan and Brian Kim to Xiaoban Xin and Xiaoxiao Han, $528,500.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10016, No. 11-11-Craig and Jennifer Meyers to Lauren Isen, $310,000.

Weeping Cherry Dr., 14017-Paul L. and Laura L. Grace to Weili Wang and Hong Xu, $1.1 million.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12004, No. B-204-Yesecan Ege to Jun Xu, $215,000.

Canterfield Way, 22316-Stephen R. and Carol J. Wenck to Gilroy Gotiangco, $590,000.

Fruitwood Way, 11464, No. 99-George C. Eaton to Yeama Ade Rahim, $390,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19625, No. 911-Paul Correa and Ana Myriam Cruz Barrientos to Wen Zhang, $88,900.

Locustdale Dr., 20171, No. 266-Barbara Gail Jacobs to Holly L. Thomasson, $164,800.

Seneca Forest Cir., 11405-George E. Vaughan to Anil N. Meda and Chizuru Utsumi, $600,000.

Tall Forest Dr., 20827-Beth B. Wingerd to Shannon Bradley Hill, $473,500.


Boundary Ave., 704-Richard W. Heidron Jr. to Vakirai and Laurel Mawema, $415,000.

Colston Dr., 2208C-301-Laura A. Gordon and Sean F. Buckley to Kenneth E. Cornwell, $269,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 414-Edgar S. Diaz Cruz to AHC Maryland Homeownership Corp., $165,000.

East-West Hwy., 1748-Donna John to Mynor and Ina Herrera, $245,000.

Grant Ave., 10200-Ryan B. and Susan H. Nielson to Tamar M. Meekins, $435,000.

Hume Dr., 2703-Forest Glen Condo Lot 62 Corp. to National Park Seminary House Corp., $375,000.

Sundale Dr., 8713-Donald L. and Janet B. Barr to Kathleen C. and Benjamin N. Shouse, $640,000.

Washington Ave., 2225W-203-John Tvelia to Mindy G. Feldman, $319,900.


Parrs Ridge Dr., 1301-Joseph Edward and Rose Mary Russ to Sonia P. and Yossef Benperlas, $350,000.


Carroll Ave., 7425-Charles Anthony Towe and Karine Donna Bouis Towe to Michael and Ellen Pearson, $735,000.

Davis Ave., 911-Michael K. and Melissa Chotiner to Michael G. and Tara G. Montague, $606,000.

Hilton Ave., 7201-James T. and Christine P. Fintel to Leah S. Brady and Peter J. Vanderwater, $445,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 309-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Anteneh Getachew Kebede, $190,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 510-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Willie and Stacy Williams, $232,242.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 514-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Kevin Arthur and Carolina Panico, $240,000.

Poplar Ave., 6716-Added Dimensions Inc. to Daniel T. and Alexandra Trachtman, $242,500.


Agnew Dr., 1117-Robert A. Taylor and estate of Freda Mahala May to Emily Silberstein, $311,500.

Baltimore Rd., 1103-Damon B. and Mary A. Tyson to Victor and Claudia Fernandez, $760,000.

Marcia Ct., 2-House Buyers of America Inc. to Timothy H. and Kulthida R. Strey, $410,000.

Simmons Dr., 1208-Wong Ho Chow to Nnenna Nwokekeh, $426,000.

Woodburn Rd., 719-Dale L. and John F. Robertson to Brynne E. Bannister and Jason H. Wendt, $364,000.


Arcola Ave., 2118-Federated Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Olga M. Garcia and Luis C. Barrios, $390,100.

Bluff Terr., 113-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Richard J. Giarusso and Allison M. Mondel, $370,000.

Brunswick Ave., 10305-Marilyn J. Sayles to Kevin G. Vieira and Julia C. Eitner, $330,000.

Claridge Rd., 11802-James and Wendy Core to Raul Maita, $305,000.

Dodson Lane, 11105-V. Gary Brown to Elizabeth J. and Matthew J. Rakola, $342,500.

Georgia Ave., 9820, No. 21-203-Norma Brailsford to Gerardo Jose Hernandez Diaz, $190,000.

Hanby St., 1524-Susan D. and Bruce Hoben to Daniel J. Furmansky and Jonathan M. Wood, $335,000.

Horton Dr., 707-Norman B. and Suzanne M. Juvitt to Richard L. and Sarah V. Weiss, $419,000.

Ladd St., 1737-Michael J. Brigham to Mohamad A. Chahine and Yoon I. Kwak, $420,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2509-Joel M. Tate and Christy M. Culp to Jacob Kleidman and Emily Kanner, $329,000.

Sea Port Way, 3303-Diane Eagle to Gilbert J. and Mildred Jones, $310,000.

Woodland Dr., 9904-Chris Dedes and James Dedes to Karen Kosanovich, $395,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Haddington Ct., 2828-Mark A. Bankey to Mark L. Bradley, $410,000.


H St. E., 406-Michael R. Barnhouse to Katelyn Cooley and Patricia George, $171,500.

Peach Orchard Ct., 13-Carol J. Martina to Federal National Mortgage Association, $159,000.

Seventh Ave., 122-101 Genevea Corp. to Dawn L. Leatherman, $60,000.


Catholic Church Rd., 5540-Timothy D. and Christine Veenstra to John M. O’Shea, $289,900.

Lander Rd., 3640-Mitsuko Heavner to Sara E. Tresselt, $239,900.


Bullfrog Rd., 17116-WHR Group Inc. to Theodore W. Adams III, $338,000.

Dry Bridge Rd., 9759-Donald M. Brown and David Wayne Shriner to David and Mary Shields, $50,000.

Sixes Rd., 15201-Joshua and Jessica Blair to Arlin G. and Helen R. Clarkson, $300,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9013-Roger C. and Mary M. Baird to Oscar G. Guevara and Sara M. Guevera, $366,900.

Basford Rd., 3366-Thomas C. and Carrie A. McKinley to John L. and Lucille D. Kough, $480,000.

Calvert Dr., 5600-Courtney L. and John Patrick Cromartie to Charles H. and Katherine L. Zitrick, $232,500.

Chukkar Ct., 594-Harold Streim and Adeline Rossi to Ryan J. and Megane Budrevich, $230,000.

Duke Ct., 5807-Michael A. and Amy L. Watson to Kara M. Shaffer, $200,000.

Goldspire Cir., 506-Yaw Ako Asare and Mary Quartey to Marcony Taracena Vasquez, $165,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 6608-Jeffrey C. MacDonald to Sean L. De Luna and Kathryn M. De Luna, $374,900.

Monarch Ridge Rd., 721-Vijay and Jyoti Kapoor to Federal National Mortgage Association, $120,892.

Rockledge Ct., 5623-Mark L. and Whitney C. Eckenrode to Jason Alexander Bloom, $235,500.

Small Gains Way, 4937-NVR Inc. to Julie Thompson, $279,170.

Small Gains Way, 4945-NVR Inc. to Yan Xing, $257,985.

Teen Barnes Rd., 4716-Sandra and Wayne Bowman to Angela Joyce Magyar Jehle and Stephen Robert Jehle, $175,000.

Wade Ct., 5640, No. B-Nancy L. Saltzman and Beatrice Jane Saltzman to Mark V. Steick, $136,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 6509, No. 6509-206-Narcilyn Alabi to Balaji Thiagarajan, $140,000.


Bear Den Rd., 2498-Robert M. Forder and C. Sue Hecht to John C. and Susan M. Cunliffe, $229,900.

Birchwood Lane, 9455-Sook Lee to Mark T. and Tarah A. Casagrande, $239,000.

Carmichael Ct., 9413-Todd K. Whitehurst and Holly E. Walrod Whitehurst to Jack D. Parrott, $505,000.

Church St. E., 107-Gary L. and Lori L. Burgess to Lucius A. and Margaret S. Harrison, $465,000.

Dill Ave., 252-Donald E. Twentey and Robert L. Twentey to Wayne S. Keller, $237,500.

Everly Dr. S., 2657, No. 7-11-Sandra E. Fleming to Shaohua Zhao and Jianghong Meng, $142,000.

Geronimo Dr., 832-Melanie H. and Eric Johnson to Matthew J. Walters, $345,000.

Hollow Reed Ct., 8014-Mark and Julie M. Hudson to Silvercrest Properties Corp., $227,000.

Kline Blvd., 20-William L. Graham and estate of Grace Routzahn to Jeffrey C. Macdonald, $475,000.

Martingale Ct., 10894-Cecily Rasband to Josiah R. and Jennifer E. Hewitson, $345,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2621-Victor Rivera and Maria Szilagyi to Sharlene M. Wastler, $385,000.

Oak Tree Ct., 9190-Kerry A. and Terry Peasland to Russell T. Chew and Katie C. Nuckols, $200,000.

Old Liberty Rd., 10007-U.S. Bank National Association to Diana L. Cogswell, $155,000.

Rippling Brook Rd., 2402-John T. Harvey III to John Fitzgibbons and Sherill Colonero, $307,500.

Sherman Ave., 424-Michelle D. Crawford to Brandon L. Dodson and Taylor A. Weintraub, $142,500.

Trafalgar Lane, 1440, No. 56-Monocacy Park Land Corp. to Cynthia L. Cantrel, $280,334.

Fourth St. E., 217-Janice Christine Crone to Jordan Michael and Rebecca Clawson, $158,000.


Andover Ct., 102-Karen Lynn and Todd G. Higgins to Kim K. Del Rance, $171,916.

Baltimore National Pike, 7309-Natixis Real Estate Capital Inc. to Pillar Investment Group Inc., $215,000.

Caisson Rd., 2116-Jason A. and Laura J. Barbato to Michael H. and Ellen K. Volkmar, $344,900.

Colonial Way, 1615-Everett O. and Leigh A. Warren to Haifeng He, $115,000.

Edgewood Church Rd., 7922-Robert J. and Marcia E. Balestri to Marcus and Tina Smith, $400,000.

Foxfield Cir., 2100-Jacquelyn C. Jones Riland and Keith C. Riland to Curtis L. and Alexis S. Pierce, $350,000.

Greenleaf Dr. E., 2180-Stephen G. and Lisa V. Anderson to Gerardo M. Salerno and Nydia L. Rivera, $375,000.

Heathfield Dr., 111-Kevin Charles Hall to Javier and Yeluy P. Szuchman, $160,000.

Infantry Dr., 2150-NVR Inc. to Liz and Dionicio Suazo, $497,732.

Lee Pl., 505-John S. and Brigitte E. Baggett to Daniel P. Eckenrode, $227,500.

Missouri Ct., 117-Darran Wigelsworth to National Residential Nominee Services, $428,900.

Old Coach Ct., 2518-Thomas G. Von Hagel and Karen A. Von Hagel to Andrew and Anne Levitsky, $339,990.

Park Ridge Ct., 104-Grady Clifton Jr. to Kevon and Vaishali Kothari, $142,000.

Rainbow Falls Ct., 1802-Jason W. Schlieper and Devon Schlieper to Hylarion W. and Germaine Doue, $379,000.

Skipwith Dr., 8208-George and Kimberly Klarmann to Dean D. and Patricia D. Dahms, $420,000.

Summerswood Ct., -William H. Stone to Sexton Contractors Corp., $75,000.

Westmarch Ct., 2180-Donald J. and Eileen M. Kunkoski to Roberto C. and Nicole M. Aleman, $340,000.

Wilcox Ct., 1107-Day Development Corp. and Greentree Homes to Gregory R. and Susan M. Schubert, $483,985.


Berwick Pl. N., 8704-Steven B. and Janet Starr West to Barbara J. Windsor Revocable Trust, $270,000.

Hillside Ct., 2722-John R. and Judith S. Hanson to Daniel L. and Patricia Y. Corman, $425,000.

Royal St. Andrews Pl., 10227-Scott S. Kramer to Michael B. and Pamela M. Puckett, $595,000.

York Dr., 10015-Peter R. and Linda F. Eshleman to Craig E. Hicks, $470,000.


Mountain Rd. E., 325-John N. Stefan Jr. to John I. Abramson and Nancey G. Wilford Abramson, $383,000.


Houck Rd., 11720-Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Dustin R. and Monica J. Dawson, $245,000.


Broad St., 207-Sorens Home Rehab Corp. to Thomas A. and Kathleen Sabrina Lehan, $335,000.

Gloria Ave., 8899-Russell G. and Kathy J. Ryan to Lee and Madison Bigelow, $315,000.

Limestone Lane, 7108-Gene S. Donaldson and the estate of Floral E. Donaldson to Jeremy S. Lazarus, $214,000.

Pete Wiles Rd., 8727-Stephen W. and Kathy E. Alexander to Daniel M. and Jennifer S. Long, $675,000.

Valley View Ct., 5-Kurt U. and Sandra D. Braun to Eko Prasetiaen and Vivi Darmansyah, $395,000.


Linganore Woods Cir., 12404-Patrick J. and Amy N. Nicholson to Lee A. and William H. Milstead, $370,000.


Annapolis Dr. N., 5547-Aaron T. Van Winkle and Brooke L. Van Winkle to William C. Brand, Cassandra L. Brand, Henry J. Meyer and Nancy T. Meyer, $350,000.

Catoctin Ridge Dr., 5605-W. Alvan and Trynie S. Brittle to Robert Bishop and Harriett A. Shrader, $315,000.

Leafy Hollow Cir., 1231-Kathleen A. and Dennis G. Ford to Thomas R. and Diana S. Pocius, $462,500.

Oak View Dr., 1213-Carrob Investment Corp. to John M. and Maria E. Montealegre, $230,000.

Purdum Dr., 3805-Darrel T. and Kathy A. Pinson to Judy L. Nissley and Curtis G. Stonestreet, $339,900.

Village Gate Dr., 1006-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher and Elizabeth Wolff, $400,000.


Fox Rock Dr., 23-Alice M. Tritt to Sean T. Linehan and Anna L. Clements, $227,500.

Middlepoint Rd., 4217-Gene Clarence Lewis Revocable Trust to Albert V.E. Poole and Carol M. Poole, $175,000.

Stottlemyer Rd., 13220-Grace Loraine Marker to Michael R. and Mary V. Marker, $155,100.


Country Club Terr., 7025-Tyler Wormald Westwinds Corp. to Barry J. and Sharon A. Sturm, $336,265.

Illinois Ct., 6214-Matthew Keating to Paul E. Lively, $214,000.

Lake Square Ct., 10812-American Signature Properties Corp. to Christopher P. Kullgren, $239,900.

Old Stonehouse Lane, 6715-Timothy J. and Jeannine M. O’Connor to Louis Albert and Kelly Michelle Kirby, $328,000.

Rehnquist Ct., 6812-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Rafal P. and Rachel M. Witek, $471,485.


Keymar Rd., 12424-Victoria Lynn Haines to Dennis E. and Amanda M. Savage, $44,000.


Conrads Ferry Dr., 1735-Whiting J. Wicker and Beatrice A. Tuju Wicker to Ezell Tucker and Susie Stubbs, $379,560.


Sabillasville Rd., 16334-Mountain Vale II Corp. to Robert M. Belsinger, $150,000.


Creagerstown Rd., 12435-Linda J. Kolb and estate of Barbara J. Kolb to Jeremy D. Hurley, $155,000.


Ball Rd., 8031-Shari Lynne Smith to Deidre R. Davidson, $279,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 3882-Gregory A. and Tracy Williams to Stephen M. Patton, $520,000.

Holborn Pl., 3678-Stephen M. Patton to Chandra S. and Prashanthi Kola, $300,000.

Shafers Mill Ct., 4003-Gang and Wenzheng Li to Raman D. and Sheena R. Murali, $577,000.

Sprigg St. S., 3575-Monocacy Land Corp. to Chunlin Zhang, $327,740.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3458-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Luis Rugeles Grantor Trust, $411,500.


Albany Ave. E., 120-Federal National Mortgage Association to Wayne and Michelle Bowie, $246,000.

Chapel Ct., 100-Patricia G. Wooten to Christopher Jones and Sarah Bloom, $125,000.

Mount Pleasant Ct. E., 7912-PNC Bank to Patrick M. and Erin R. Skees, $299,900.

Vision Lane, 8413-Danielle Elizabeth Young to Hugo R. Menjivar, $154,000.


Pine Tree Rd., 10011-Mark D. and Maria K. Upton to Vern F. and Tara M. Miller, $540,000.