Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Airedale Ct., 9863-Leroy O. Burdette Jr. to Metro DC 2 Corp., $250,000.

Bidwell Pl., 13704-Ahmed H. Nabizada to Sandra A. Diaz, $293,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13536-Gabriel Huh to Timothy R. Herald, $268,000.

Dawkins Ridge Lane, 11808-Ryland Group Inc. to Ronald E. Cheatham, $345,607.

Drum Salute Pl., 12145-Jason R. McDonough to Erin L. Colangelo, $285,000.

Farnham Way, 8707-Thomas J. Anderson to Dushyant H. Pandya, $282,051.

Granary Pl., 9705-Bank of America to Todd Yoho, $420,000.

Jeb Stuart Ct., 10749-Darren L. King to James A. Hanover Jr., $440,000.

Moxleys Ford Lane, 10062-Equity Trustees Corp. and Jeffery S. Reagan to Touchstone Properties Corp., $182,751.

Ormond Dr., 13227-Guy Dionne to Shelby Montgomery, $384,900.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9033-Donna B. Champion to David J. Costanzo, $325,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12485-Mark A. Montrey to Ryan Einhorn, $240,000.

Three Sisters Ct., 10021-Cartus Financial Corp. to Roy C. Worrell, $485,000.

Tombreck Ct., 9799-Carolyn M. Lincoln to Byung K. Yoo, $358,000.

Victory Lakes Loop, 12773-Scott W. Garland to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $490,000.


Pageland Lane, 5302-Kenneth D. McGaffic Jr. to Michael Deane, $242,000.


Anderson Ct., 14834-Samson Beyen to Carlos A. Flores, $188,000.

Barnes Lane, 5568-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Alexander Lofaso, $519,990.

Berkshire Dr., 14396-Jessy M. Milner to Dezhi Zheng, $152,000.

Birchdale Sq., 3228-Mary S. Badir to Jhonnier S. Naranjo, $209,000.

Bryan Ct., 14810-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Francisco Martinez to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $190,892.

Castlebridge Lane, 13599-Michael Spencer to Christopher Frederick, $385,000.

Comus Ct., 15309-Timothy F. Perkes to Antonio Castillo, $475,000.

Delaney Rd., 13348-Crista Worland to Khalid F. Hasan, $286,250.

Endsley Turn, 14617-Surety Trustees Corp. and Alliance Home Funding Corp. to Carderock Enterprises Corp., $151,606.

Evansdale Rd., 4646-Luis Rangel to Byron A. Ruth, $251,500.

Fullerton Rd., 14525-Edward J. Miskin to Melvin E.M. Ovando, $247,350.

Granby Rd., 4149-James Paz to Mohammed N. Nawaz, $162,000.

Greenwood Dr., 13718-Sean C. Teasley to Barbers Construction Corp., $245,000.

Kaiser Ct., 4501-William F. Jones Jr. to Rose Harris, $277,000.

Kerrman Ct., 13005-Kelley H. Cooper and Brett H. MacLennan to Deanna J. Pastroe, $220,000.

Kestral Ct., 14527-Futuri Real Estate Inc. to Zachary Fuhrman and Elizabeth Rosario, $420,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4722-James A. Whitaker to Elmer Araujo Diaz, $200,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14260-Julie M. Cromwell to Elizabeth Fernandez, $335,000.

Longwood Ct., 13757-David T. Beatty to Eligia C. Davis, $290,000.

Nationville Lane, 13373-Carderock Enterprises Corp. to Ticho Property Corp., $118,200.

Ozack Ct., 6082-Margaret Krapah to Ever A. Guardado, $310,000.

Pepper Ct., 14901-E. Kendall Hayes to James E. Fitzpatrick, $375,000.

Quade Lane, 13195-Eduardo M. Quintela to Shamshad Hassanzai, $406,000.

Ravenbrook Ct., 4000-Michael Anderson to William P. Dobbins III, $475,000.

Riverside Dr., 5789-Daniel Poulin to David A. Zeitz, $320,000.

Shetland Ct., 14379-Jason E. Gargac to Maurice D. Preston, $275,000.

Stockton Ct., 5302-Anthony R. Taglianetti to Ngo Realty Inc., $219,000.

Ticket Way, 6069-Sara J. Crate to Stephen L. Siler, $250,000.

Whitaker Pl., 4625-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Paul R. Ouellette to Thou Home Investment Corp., $117,600.


Dominion Dr., 4030-Dorothy D. Alston to Cesar Guevara, $230,000.

Kilpatrick Pl., 2456-Stephanie L. Dill to Amer Khaoan, $125,000.

Tebbs Lane, 18032-Kimberly A. Eckhart to Julia R. Beckwith, $325,000.


Barn Owl Ct., 8827-Jason McGuckin to Michael E. Mullins, $570,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7742-Christina J. Schaeffer to Louis R. Quiroga, $285,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14246-Stone Financing Corp. to Scott D. Ritchie, $555,000.

Currant Loop, 13727-Beverly C. Harris to Karen Garfield, $310,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13325-Keith A. Clark to Barbara L. Kelly, $475,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15157-Alan B. Claunch to Synergy Gateway Corp., $341,100.

Haddonfield Lane, 13060-U.S. Bank to Udham S. Nijjer, $735,000.

Hulfish Way, 14410-Timothy J. Demmie to Brian S. Pinzer, $290,000.

Lattany Ct., 14562-Arlene Haley to John D. Brown, $449,900.

Manahoac Pl., 6974-PNC Bank toDepartment of Housing and Urban Development, $358,737.

Ransom Oaks Ct., 15010-Paul O. Arnold to Kenneth Briesemeister, $665,000.

Red Rock Ct., 14103-Steven J. Maliszewski to Garrett Briggs, $300,000.

Royal Sydney Dr., 7777-David L. Claypool to Mark S. Choe, $540,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8857-Demetrius M. Williams to Kangying Wang, $350,000.

Tall Timber Dr., 8256-Stone Financing Corp. to Kristian S. Ellingsen, $479,500.

Toccoa Ct., 15102-Marianne L. Roland to Marcas S. Hemmila, $385,000.

Victory Gallop Way, 13495-Raymond M. Jarrad Jr. to David A. Mader, $515,000.


Amber Ridge Rd., 5943-L. Robert Timmins Jr. and Timmins Family Trust to Michael A. Cardenas, $570,000.

Aster Haven Cir., 6142-William R. Toland to Robert J. Colletti, $280,000.

Coach Way, 6801-Brian R. Wiggins to Melvin C. Mason II, $390,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5833-Kevin Askin to Stephan Bussell, $507,000.

Golf View Dr., 15156-Arnold Osei Kwaku to Idrissa Kargbo, $525,000.

Green Bay St., 16148-Shane R. Baker-Oropeza to Susan M. Heisler, $625,000.

Legacy Way, 15577-Michael P. Wolfe to Robert D. Duffie, $485,000.

Mountain Rd., 1810-Bernard W. Coleman to Elan Keene, $350,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13681-Michael Vidal to Casey R. Nestlerode, $509,900.

Popes Creek Pl., 6080-Marcus Walker to Jaswinder P. Singh, $357,000.

Slatemore Ct., 14373-Thomas E. Grimes III to Somboune Thoummarath, $527,900.

Weiskopf Ct., 15241-Mary E. Fitzpatrick to Sara M. Larch and Richard H. Smith II, $492,000.


Amblewood Dr., 13266-Jose G. Hernandez to Corey Bills, $480,000.

Bayonet Way, 8144, No. 204-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennifer L. Nelson, $139,000.

Boar Run Ct., 15520-Julie A. Fawley to Michael A. Paris, $346,000.

Brookview Ct., 7835-Reginaldo Cabello Jr. to Salah E. Amzil, $258,000.

Community Dr., 7949-Coskun K. Andolsun to Yarvin Bercian, $190,000.

Covington Pl., 9516-MMHH Investment Corp. to Shorif Uddin, $205,000.

Doves Lane, 9017-Donald P. Gordon to Craig T. Hoskins, $574,999.

Farragut Ct., 10209-Justin P. Patterson to Brahim Djahra, $170,000.

Flager Cir., 7921-Amanda L. Drobney to De Yon J. Marshall, $283,000.

Gateshead Lane, 7779-Laura B. Stewart to Phra S. Narkyai, $180,000.

Hanson Grove Ct., 8976-John A. Dudas Jr. to Mare Blondin, $337,200.

Lacy Dr., 8111, No. 102-Michael J. Wykowski to Dennis Fox, $177,500.

Laurel Lane, 11770-Gary Q. Solom to Michael Mansfield, $799,000.

Lomond Dr., 9815-Eagle Investment Corp. to Efrain Cuadra, $277,000.

Mayfield Trace Pl., 10864-Jesus A. Chavez to Dilan Investment Corp., $372,000.

Mineral Springs Dr., 8421-Paul R. Fitgerald to Philip F. Rogero, $455,000.

Norfolk St., 9645-Charlotte A. Verciglio to Therese Hile, $255,500.

Primrose Ct., 10797-Ella M. Marshall to Aaron T. Bautista, $175,000.

Ramseur Pl., 8231-Aaron M. Schrinel to Sangeeta Gaur, $260,000.

Rienzi Pl., 11180, No. 101-Brian M. Hawkins to Melissa Shrout, $169,500.

Rokeby Dr., 7369-Miles K. Cyrus to Timothy C. Faltemier, $175,000.

Spotsylvania St., 9515-Virginia Homes Corp. to Eva C. Quispe, $349,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 9815-Elizabeth D. Jones to Carlos E. Garcia, $297,500.

Three Otters Pl., 15515-Jonathan W. Williams to Nelson Claros, $220,000.


Attingham Ct., 11485-John S. Bartenhagen Jr. to Chris M. Swanson, $599,000.

Chinkapin Dr., 10230-Michael J. Kostello to Matthew L. Solenberger, $650,000.

Duck Pond Terr., 8022-Bach Q. Vuong to Rodrigo Baires, $295,000.

Manassas Dr., 7833-Robert N. Farquhar to Maria L. Martinez, $210,000.

Mclean St., 7803-Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel G. Quiroz, $272,500.

Rugby Ct., 7654-Shaun McNabb to Jaime A. Rodriguez, $381,500.

Stokely Dr., 8505-Roberta Swartz to Amanda M. Brancato, $375,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 9011-Clarice M. Cooper to Amos T. Kear Sr., $350,000.


Blowing Leaf Pl., 3791-Paul R. Lyons to Frederick C. Frey, $439,000.

Chalice Ct., 16609-Kevin J. Crawford to David J. Christopher, $444,900.

Dalebrook Dr., 3808-Lezlie L. Ungaro to Metro Property Ventures Corp., $295,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15807-Bonnie S. Macklin to Samuel Taye, $305,000.

Glastonbury Ct., 4357-Jaime E. Martinez to Barbara J. Kazana, $405,000.

Huntgate Lane, 15016-Richard J. Sienkiewicz to Robert F. Medve, $433,000.

Lansdale Pl., 15708-Z Realty Corp. to Staci Johnson, $267,000.

Northgate Dr., 15890-Michael G. Bloomer to Tony M. Hancock, $375,000.

Sparkling Brook Loop, 16437-MMHH Investment Corp. to Maria G. Holguin, $323,000.

Sugar Maple Lane, 4896-Commonwealth Asset Services Corp. to 36th Street Ventures Corp., $181,000.

Widewater Dr., 15752-Joseph S. Nemchik to Steven Wade, $267,900.


Burwell Rd., 8924-Estate of Peter K. McCrary and Edward C. Cummings to Joshua R. Murphy, $225,000.

Schaeffer Lane, 10661-Bank of New York Mellon to Christopher McCarrick, $375,000.


Amidon Ave., 18611-Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $173,276.

Cabin Rd., 18406-Robert G. Lang to Stephen M. Davies, $310,000.

Stonewall Manor Dr., 3639-Jeffrey W. Taylor to Sharlinda Warner, $499,000.


Abbey Glen Ct., 12166-D. Franklin Davenport II to Helga A. Stwolinsky, $330,000.

Allspice Ct., 12201-BMK Global Corp. to Edwin D.J. Martinez, $255,000.

Battery Hill Cir., 2458-Sean Reynolds to Cherwana D. Harris, $335,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 407-Matthew A. Yohey to Elizabeth A. Tarpley, $270,000.

Botts Ave., 13716-Richard A. Edwards to Herberth A. Flores, $225,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2369-Jeremy D. Blodgett to William Lee, $330,000.

Buchanan Ct., 5362-William E. Siegel Jr. to Corey A. Beaverson, $455,000.

Calloway Ct., 3111-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gaurav Arora, $274,000.

Cardamom Dr., 12196-Delpha L. Nichols to Kevin A. House, $157,000.

Cavalier Dr., 12540-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Carole A. Lindstrom to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $613,640.

Chaucer Lane, 12167-Jeffrey M. Martin to James Hendricks, $135,000.

Colebrook Ct., 12600-Carlos H. Gonzalez to Raina L. Brown, $280,000.

Creek Moor Ct., 2614-Stephen K. Christenson and Sulaiman Kamara to Synergy Gateway Corp., $202,100.

Cronin Dr., 1258-John Tran to Jose D. Chavez, $254,900.

Donald Curtis Dr., 15817-Preston D. Anderson to Luis A. Rivas Chavez, $224,950.

Dulcinea Pl., 12732-Gabriel J. Willoughby to Shi Q. Lee, $250,010.

Featherstone Rd., 1438-Juan C. Martinez to Hector Cruz, $200,000.

Foothill St., 3222-Terri R. Hood to Mark A. Balanquit, $259,900.

Gatehouse Terr., 15366-Talithia L. Morris to James Robinson, $209,000.

Grundy Rd., 2222-Abdallah A. Nasser to Jose Vallecillos, $269,900.

Halifax Rd., 1902-JS Properties Fairfax Corp. to Johnny Shiao, $216,000.

Heatherbrook Ct., 1911-Luis A. Ibarra to Willden Bejarano, $265,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16808-Ellen J. Stemmer to Felix K. Asiedu, $267,000.

Jenny Lane, 3020-Nelson M. Ramos to Logan K. Cox, $448,000.

Jousters Way, 3440-Joshua T. Snyder to Rasul Jumyazov, $210,000.

Lamar Rd., 14425-Danny R. Green to Dennis C. Haga, $146,000.

Lockleven Lane, 12755-Alton Greene to Jennie Abner, $236,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2365-William G. Rowland to Oscar N. Guevara, $255,000.

Mandolin Lane, 12965-Badee Luckittaro to Tracey M. Blakey, $350,000.

Marsala Ct., 2783-Paul J. Burchett Jr. to Charisma Canty, $121,500.

Miniclier Ct., 14023-Charla K. Borum to Michael Becker and Hang N. Chau, $435,000.

Nuttal Oak Pl., 16800-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jason Strachan, $250,000.

Oberlin Dr., 2221-Rachel R. Haranitzky to Jeanne C. Haranitzky, $330,000.

Pauls Ct., 3247-Richard W. Chancellor to May A. Aoun, $362,000.

Pohick Creek Ct., 1935-Jimmy Orona III to Metro DC 2 Corp., $140,000.

Quiet Creek Ct., 2003-Capital Investments Corp. to David Stieger, $230,000.

Regatta Lane, 16451-Wilfredo Rivera and Robert N. Tyson Jr. to Acacia Life Insurance Co., $572,625.

Smoketown Rd., 13019-KL & JL Properties FL Corp. to Christopher S. Smith, $529,900.

Stone Lined Cir., 12585-Michael D. Durda to Jayne A. Sherman, $470,000.

Triad Ct., 3914-Michelle Sorenson to Kathryn P. Finnern, $418,000.

Vestal St., 723-Steven P. Jones to Lynwood Metts, $420,000.

Waterwheel Terr., 15254-Laura D. Collins to Ilya Furman, $175,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2949-Nicholas R. White to Antonio Molina, $180,000.

Wingfield Rd., 912-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Mark D. Fulton to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $220,910.

Wyndale Ct., 3242-MMHH Investment Corp. to Martin R. Barberini, $235,000.


Ashby St., 121-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Marvin W. Covington Jr. to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $240,111.

Franklin St., 1409-Jeffrey J. Stower to Michael G. Blashford, $275,000.

Hampton St., 1009-Bank of America to Ryan Nougaret, $355,000.

Marye St., 827-Harry K. Ippolito to Jonathan F. McMillan, $310,000.

Progress St., 308-Marc T. Brandt to Donald I. Brown, $343,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.

Beauregard Ave., 9414-John D. Geiran to Damon D. Exley, $455,000.

Cannoneer Ct., 9560, No. 201-Louise Kopchinski to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $145,544.

Chervil Ct., 10228-Anthony Pittman to Monique K.M. O’Donnell, $261,500.

Coriander Cir., 9004-Equity Trustees Corp. and Joseph W. Ray to Copper Village Investments Corp., $198,000.

Flowerden Lane, 9432-Kenneth A. Woolfrey to Rodney Wilson, $455,000.

Garnet Ct., 9252-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Susan Gibson to Copper Village Investments II Corp., $252,000.

Georgian Ct., 8367-Lonnie Johnson to Chafin E. Franks, $171,000.

Kirby St., 8501-Bonnie Y. Lo to Jennifer Nam, $228,500.

Miles Pl., 9025-Kenan L. Davis to Dominion Investment Management, $171,888.

New Britain Cir., 9118-Felix M. Herrera to Juan P. Flores, $220,000.

Placid St., 9214-Kenneth R. Beasley to Marion K. Avolt, $250,600.

Sandalwood Dr., 9019, No. A-Haf Real Estate I Corp. to Jorge L. Portillo, $165,000.

Taney Rd., 9285-Hajira Hachil to Tariq Mehmood, $161,000.

Virginia Ave., 8911-Jose A. Martinez to Tanya W. Jones, $287,000.

Yarrow Lane, 9191-Glenn G. Kirkham to Ernesto C. Melgar, $240,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.

Anna Ct., 8626-Jean McPherson to Alexis Ortega, $205,000.

Crozet St., 110-Gene Planes to Reynaldo Lozada, $280,000.

Hedgeford St., 9311-Rafael S. Linsangan to Giovanna Vaz, $340,000.

Kirby St., 334-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Bikash Adhikari to Copper Village Investments Corp., $163,000.

Payne Ct., 9305-Robert Sheard to Trang Pham, $380,000.

Scott Dr., 158-Mae A. Shevitz to Coskun K. Andolsun, $140,000.

White Pine Dr., 8530-Mansha Investments Corp. to Ricardo E. Luna, $220,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alderwood Dr., 7-Michael Chavira to Wesley M. Viens, $550,000.

Amherst Ave., 1120-Karen J. Gillaspie to Alexander Henderson, $190,000.

Aquia Dr., 2125-Seung W. Park to Phillip A. Wagner, $249,900.

Austin Run Blvd., 54-ZH Investment Corp. to Saadat A. Rana, $110,000.

Barclay Lane, 63-Alesia M. Jones Harewood to Urica R. Norris Jones, $278,000.

Bertram Blvd., 17-Brian W. Sparry and Wendy Weber to Samuel A. Kelly, $250,000.

Blueridge Ct., 201-Henrietta Young to Li L. Wang, $155,000.

Breakers Edge Ct., 205-Brandon G. Grayson to Raymond A. Jackson, $213,000.

Brooke Crest Lane, 63-Syg Associates Inc. to John B. Codd, $407,700.

Brush Everard Ct., 135-Gregory F. Perez to Gary L. Bovee Jr., $424,000.

Caldwell Lane, 15-Bobby J. Cline to Kenneth O’Connor Jr., $440,000.

Chadwick Dr., 20-Melissa R. Campisi to Dennis Graziosi, $350,000.

Choptank Rd., 157-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kelly M. Cooksey, $191,500.

Clover Hill Dr., 9-Michael K. Helms to Gregory E. Odum, $325,000.

Collingsworth St., 8-Cartus Corp. to Neicko C. Williams, $470,000.

Columbus Dr., 1106-MidAtlantic Ira Corp. to Jeason L. Harber, $305,000.

Courtney Ct., 9-Frederick Q. Henderson to Franklin D. Leoni Jr., $296,000.

Crowncrest Rd., 90-Michael J. Gregory and Robert Chavez to Brandon J. Michalski, $321,000.

Deep Run Rd., 23-Douglas W. Meyer to Troy Barlow, $349,000.

Edgewood Cir., 3-Steve Chandler to Susan J. Dunmyer, $220,000.

Falkirk Ct., 209-Alexander O. Taiwo II to Ayr Properties Sep Corp., $160,649.

Finch Ct., 30-Roger L. Trott to Todd C. Reid, $580,000.

Fountain Dr., 49-Estella R. Shaw to Stephen P. Shaw, $423,900.

Geddy Way, 18-Philip Smith to David Ruane, $229,900.

Grace Ct., 7-Fernando R. Garnett to Eugene Quinn Jr., $389,900.

Hampshire Ct., 1-Bryn S. Kohn to Crystal M. Saraceni, $298,000.

Hartwood Rd., 460-Troy E. Stone to William J. Walker, $360,000.

Heflin Rd., 315-Samuel D. Wells Jr. to Zoltan P. Szombathy, $355,000.

Hillside Ct., 201-Marisa L. Lucci to Syed M. Ahsan, $230,000.

Hubbard Ct., 24-Aaron M. Cunningham to William E. Lee, $354,900.

Inez Way, 16-All Star Investments Corp. to Rodney Little, $300,000.

Johnson Ct., 15-William J. Bartolomea to Bryan Selent, $348,000.

Kimberwick Lane, 142-Paul A. Romans to David A. Bruns, $515,000.

Lakeview Ct., 401-Joanna L. Hadrava to Megan E. Wolfe and Lee M. Warlick, $212,000.

Latham Lane, 7-Thad B. Hill to Mostafa Mayel, $459,000.

Lendall Lane, 601-Ralph Perkins to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $306,518.

Ludington Lane, 21-Molly Bassett and Bassett Family Trust to Philip M. Agee, $295,000.

Marshall Lane, 2-Robert H. Dudley and Kelly J. Stempin to Luke Chambers, $343,000.

Monticello Dr., 306-Anthony W. Brooks and Theresa J. Brooks Trust to John R. Batman, $325,000.

Neabsco Dr., 34-U.S. Bank to Jasmine T. Greenamyer, $390,000.

Newton Rd., 148-Sharon G. McDermott to Dominick M. Demaria, $229,900.

Old Falls Rd., 48-James L. Brown to John E. Schranz, $228,000.

Olympic Dr., 195-Nakisha L. Scott to Nicholas R. White, $289,900.

Park Dr. W., 406-Patrick Jay Corp. to Shanen E. Dawson, $225,000.

Penningcroft Lane, 12-Stone Financing Corp. to Curtis Lineweaver, $379,000.

Persevere Dr., 37-Rocky L. Toler to Gerald L. Holliday, $379,000.

Poplar Rd., 348-Joseph E. Bayliss to William Pustejovsky, $256,900.

Regatta Lane, 102-Ivybridge Investments Corp. to Erik Espinoza, $245,000.

Ringgold Rd., 96-Home Investors of America Inc. to Paul L. Edwards, $285,000.

Rubins Walk, 24-Jasmine Greenamyer to Jason L. John and Christine L. Potter, $289,900.

Sarrington Ct., 8-FFC Properties Corp. to George J. Brand II, $345,000.

Simpson Lane, 74-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Robert Caton, $199,000.

Southern View Dr., 98-Amanda Tivin to Christine Lopez and Gavin A. Kitchens, $320,000.

Stony Hill Rd., 229-Robert J. Ward to Kenneth B. Cicio, $77,000.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 615-Thomas F. Williams and Graceland Estates Corp. to Kevin M. Breen, $200,000.

Tanterra Dr., 72-Federal National Mortgage Association to Andrew Cerean, $295,000.

Towering Oaks Dr., 16-Sona Inc. to Kelly Dugger, $416,900.

Valdosta Dr., 112-Dustin P. Hickman to Kevin A. Stogram, $239,900.

Wakefield Ave., 29-Meredith A. Brooks and Corine E. Clapper Trust to New Boundaries Corp., $125,000.

White Pine Cir., 43, No. 200-Joseph D. Vinso and Vinso Family Trust to Aquia Creek Investors Corp., $95,000.

Wintergreen Lane, 116-U.S. Bank to Michael J. Stonehill, $280,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 209-Jamison Yi to Stephen W. Porto, $345,000.