Prince George’s County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Airport Lane, 1509-David A. Shames to Zaid Alli, $125,000.

Bealle Hill Forest Lane, 16709-NVR Inc. to James A. and Sandra C. Rome, $501,755.

Cedar Dr., 15412-Bi Investment Group Corp. to Crystal M. Proctor, $233,900.

Madrillon Way, 17004-Michael Romeo to Robert C. McCullough, $389,900.

Old Cabin Pl., 16705-Walter G. Byrd and Rebecca O’Brien to Winston D. and Janice J. Williams, $235,000.

Taryn Lea Ct., 14904-Kenneth R. and Stephanie N. McCary to Jo Lo Inc., $350,000.


Drexel St., 1800, No. 103-Robert McCarthy and Rosa Alvarez to Hector R. Guevara Hernandez and Maria A. Alvarenga, $31,500.

Lackawanna St., 2620-Beverly Minor to Ana C. Diaz, $320,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1123-Sovanna Chuon to Khusbi Investment Corp., $36,860.

Raydale Rd., 1203-Mamie M. McBride and Richard B. Clayton to Santiago Reyes, $225,000.

Rutgers St., 3411-Joseph F. and Maria T. Consoli to Samvit Prakash, $270,000.

14th Ave., 8514-Jackie F. Coe and estate of Sidney H. Coe to Jose F. Mejia Lara, $180,000.


Aquasco Farm Rd., 17109-Francis W. and Eva M. Winterwerp to Michael and Kelli L. Wilkinson, $320,000.


Crossview Ct., 13104-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rodney Epps, $430,000.

Evans Trail Ct., 3825-Yusuf R. and Maryam I. Khan to Prasad and Anu Bhamidipati, $225,000.

Myrtle Ave., 12202-John E. Driscoll to 101 Geneva Corp., $144,000.

Taney Dr., 13105-William and Mary Frances Mallette to Pierre M. Desouza, $250,000.


Monroe St., 4914-Perry Becker and William A. Franke to Capital Partners Group Corp., $15,000.

55th Ave., 4207-Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard E. Moore, $145,500.


Baker Lane, 2806-Brian A. and Allison McCaig to Robert Miller, $270,000.

Chalford Lane, 12309-Cynthia C. Adams to Timothy Pezzuti and Pauline Teresa Way Pezzuti, $315,000.

Crain Hwy., 6610-Dennis and Teresa Wilburn to Zizos Properties Corp., $280,000.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12752-Dana A. and Paul M. Standard to Juanita Travail Turner, $250,000.

Grimsby Ct., 6307-Thomas A. Augustine III to Gemina Archer Davies, $283,500.

Homestake Dr. S., 6508-Sharon I. Kent to Darius K. and Alicia Jones Rose, $337,000.

Kenhill Dr., 2707-Anthony M. Baccala to Wesley J., Elliott and Iris Kay Troup, $265,000.

Kilbourne Lane, 12605-Sue S. Keil and Jennifer Cormeny to Ryan P. and Chelsea A. Bridges, $290,000.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12800, No. 205-SK Homes at Delight I Corp. and Goodier Builders to Jacqueline A. Jones, $170,000.

Maries Retreat Dr., 5203-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tom Jones, $269,000.

Mercer Dr., 3701-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Justin and Elise Mundy, $221,000.

Old Fletchertown Rd., 13220-Christopher J. Underwood to Melissa Moran, $334,900.

Oxford Ct., 16210-Larry Lee Shanke to Keith M. and Dee A. Arneson, $325,900.

Redding Lane, 4704-Cartus Corp. to Jose M. Vejarano, $332,000.

River Park Rd., 8003-Jason E. and Marsie L. Ross to Jackson Gabriel, $400,000.

Round Tree Lane, 12302-Michael D. Gowen and estate of Alice D. Gowen to Robert F. Hendrickson, $240,000.

Seward Rd., 6613-Susan R. and Ralph C. Komives to Maharaj Krishen Bhat, $250,000.

Tallow Lane, 2902-Andrew C. and Jennifer L. Strunk to John P. Keplinger and Ashley M. Freeman, $269,000.

Violetwood Pl., 3611-Eilene Brown to Robin H. and Walter J. Coady, $250,000.

Willow Marsh Lane, 12602-E-Trade Bank to Patricia Williams, $625,000.


Ark Ct., 15903-Martin M. and Christina R. Greene to Erica and Jermaine Leshane Sr., $330,000.

Dale Lane N., 3012-Abid A. Rizvi to Orlando Navarrete II, $190,000.

Eddinger Rd., 16319-Anthony Nguyen and Tien Dang to James J. Amara and Andrea Coker, $379,000.

Emery Ct., 15636-John J. Fanning Sr. to Jonathan Collum and Tamara Fischer, $170,000.

Everglade Lane, 15602-Barbara E. Hinton to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $105,000.

New Oak Lane, 3045-Kelvin R. and Susan L. Miley to Chukwuemeka Francis Ukachi, $174,000.

Partell Ct., 16014-Jeffrey C. and Fiona Hay White to John N. Malenda, $325,000.


Bank St., 9107-Ywuana Peden to Latricia E. Wright, $225,000.

Doctor Bowen Rd., 15500-Robert Matthew Zidek to John J. and Barbara Barrett Spencer, $430,000.

English Point Lane, 7101-Timberlake McKendree Corp. to Kazi Arif and Nurjahan Begum Hossain, $489,900.


Banner St., 4500-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ming Qiu Lu, $118,000.

Newark Rd., 4305-Melody D. Holley and estate of Alice D. Holley to Monacco Exclusive Renovations Corp., $90,000.

37th Pl., 3826-Reginald C. and Deborah L. Watkins to Jason A. Kangal, $170,000.


Aquamarine Ct., 6958-Akrami Real Estate Inc. to Kristie E. Davis, $197,000.

Balsamtree Pl., 904-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adam Jackson, $212,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 115-Jose Agustin Argueta to Town of Capitol Heights, $204,000.

Goldleaf Ave., 405-Georgia Mae McPhatter to Cynthia C. Bellamy, $168,000.

Hybrid Ave., 1128-1128 Hybrid Avenue Corp. to Cynthia Best, $144,996.

Junipertree Lane, 5709-Paul and Dorothy Luckett Washington to Charles D. Wallace and Hampton L. Taylor Jr., $150,000.

Larchmont Ave., 1000-Anthony W. Hood and estate of James Hood Sr. to Rubina N. Rahman, $90,000.

Nova Ave., 416-Thomas A. Crampton and Susan M. Anderson to Marvida Watson, $120,000.

Rose Quartz Terr., 7014-Rita S. Floyd to Tanya D. Young, $140,000.

Walbridge St., 6348-NVR Inc. to Lamont A. and Natasha D. Lampkin, $288,850.

66th Ave., 701-U.S. Bank to Luis Mancias, $125,000.


Belleview Ave., 2336-Ryan Sprengel to Margo and Timothy Street, $325,000.

Columbia Ave., 1913-Adeyemi Ogunsola to Taiwo A. Akinmayowa and Olusegun Dele Akinwekomi, $225,000.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 724-Ruth T. Jones to Charles G. Kearney, $178,000.

Jurgensen Pl., 517-Centex Homes to John J. and Kathleen E. Risch, $311,858.

Lockwood Rd., 5900-Donald and Kara Tyler to David F. Curry, $258,000.

Mountain View Way, 7505-Elizabeth Wicks to David K. Hammett Jr., $216,000.

Portia Ct., 927-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Herman Conroy Ricks Jr., $165,000.

Suiter Way, 7833-Tito T. Ladipo to Integrity Professional Contracting Corp., $114,500.

Village Green Dr., 1800, No. D-96-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abiola Akala, $42,100.

63rd Ave., 3400-David H. Cohen and Geoffrey L. Forman to Integrity Professional Contracting Corp., $100,000.


Barnes Dr., 5802-Michael D. and Doris A. King to Tiffany Pearson and Christopher R. Jackson, $370,000.

Black Willow Ct., 8404-David E. and Jennifer S. Morris to Armani Kiara Grier, $335,000.

Broken Lance Ct., 12200-Daryl and Nichole Grogan to Kim Leaty, $449,000.

Demmy Way, 11305-Elizabeth M. Corbin and Jean Kohut to Jessica P. Machado, $185,000.

Fox Park Rd., 8910-Petrese Langford to Shawn D. Young, $252,000.

Groveton Dr., 7025-James T. and Janine E. Flynn to Kelly R. Henry, $215,000.

Hillantrae Dr., 12425-Haverford at Hillantrae Corp. to Patrice L. Benning, $436,750.

Lazy Acres Rd., 2502-William Daniel Unkle Jr. and Kristy U. Bauce to Benjamin T. and Gwendolyn D. Hamilton, $245,000.

Plata St., 5003-Hugh D. and Nancy J. Mitcheltree to Diego Mauricio Montecinos, $250,000.

Redwood Branch Ct., 7101-Thelma L. Edmond to Muhammad Ahsan Khan, $309,000.

Spring Acres Rd., 9203-Charles A. and Nancy L. Turner to Andre Broughton, $225,000.

Symposium Way, 6410-Sharon M. Kelsey to Nathaniel and Carmelita Smith, $273,000.


Dewberry Lane, 9219-Kenneth L. King to Jianguo Shang and Song Zhao, $244,318.

Niagara Rd., 5022-Albert W. and Glenn A. Turner to Elizabeth J. and Gregory K. Umstot, $1,400.

Seminole St., 5609-Tommy P. Mai and Linh Thuy Tran to Steven B. and John S. Mudd, $259,000.

Wichita Ave., 9742-Toya Garrett Williams to Federal National Mortgage Association, $284,605.

48th Ave., 8125, No. 319A-Anthony and Jeane Endres to Hongwei Zheng and Hui Zhuang, $130,000.


Community Dr., 3600-Tamara R. Brown Cole to Kelvin and Katrina D. Waymer, $128,000.

Dogwood Lane, 8101-David Lewis to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $106,700.

Elmhurst St., 6506-Ocean Wealth Corp. to Markus Dinkins, $195,950.

Forest Park Dr., 1754-Amt2 Corp. to Korrye Richardson, $160,000.

Halleck St., 7011-Alejandra Canales to HHM Investment Group Corp., $120,000.

Kirby St., 5400-Lynn Martin to Michael T. Johnson, $252,000.

Mason St., 7600-Gecko Realty Inc. to Jessie M. Kelley and Shanique Lewis, $200,000.

Rydal Rd., 8200-Juan and Marleny Maradiaga to Maria P. Mendoza, $140,000.

Tiber Dr., 2109-Narfe Premier Federal Credit Union to Elbert D. Dozier and Javonne M. Gibson, $225,000.


Alcoa Dr., 8013-Carpe Diem Investments Corp. to Jose A. Gutierrez Perez, $251,000.

Bentree Rd., 7518-William J. and Jessie A. Black to Mardoqueo Perdomo, $162,100.

Border Dr., 2015-Doris R. Rhoads to Ruby Poe, $193,500.

Colonel Seward Dr., 8500-Glenn A. and Donna Lucas to Charles B. and Chantelle L. Tubbs, $365,000.

Elkhurst Pl., 708-Colonial Savings Bank to Iqubal Hassan, $165,000.

Glen Way, 9500-Mark Nizza and estate of Judith A. Nizza to William Faucette, $215,000.

Highland Vw., 10004-Residential Value Corp. to Ricky Ross and Latisha R. Terry, $400,000.

Lorelei Dr., 1606-Phoenix Design Properties Corp. to Corey D. Samuel, $300,000.

Old Fort Rd., 12123-Estate of Marguerite A. Lancaster to Pro Vita Renovations Corp., $58,000.

Pelican Garth, 102-John M. and Geraldine P. Brennan to Vanester Ladson, $352,500.

Rusland Ct., 8827-Helen Bacon Dortch to N&N Investments Inc., $90,000.

Sero Pine Lane, 806-M.L. Harrison to Donald A. and Teresa J. Brown, $475,000.

Valley View Dr., 1901-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Robin R. Mays, $210,000.

Waterfront St., 501-Potomac Overlook III Corp. to Manjo Thomas Puthenparampil, $571,859.


Hillgate Lane, 11005-Michael E. Miller to Dawnetta Van Dunk, $415,000.

Wood Pointe Dr., 6312-Timothy Q. Evans and Angela A. Gonzales to Bryan Swann, $395,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8649, No. 101-Jose Nehemias and Angela Gomez to Reuy Min Teng, $63,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6984, No. 6984-101-Marko Petrekovic to Olvin Flores, $30,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6612-Hasha Riley to Kristin M. Floyd, $130,000.

Morrison Dr., 7423-Julie A. Lund to Jonathan D. and Adrienne Milner Hieb, $215,000.

Springcrest Dr., 6518-Philip Cole to Martin and Maria Elena Jack, $325,000.


Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 601-Blanca C. Calle to Ester M. Ventura, $45,900.

46th Pl., 5704-Pulte Home Corp. to Dennis F. Worden and Lianne Labossiere, $409,810.

46th Pl., 5716-Pulte Home Corp. to Elizabeth G. and Christopher S. Gunzel, $433,550.

56th Ave., 5027-Mariano and Glenda Murillo Castro to Residential Value Corp., $111,500.


Cipriano Springs Ct., 8645, No. 8645-Jose Coreas to Esther Ayewoh, $85,000.

Kerman Ct., 6702-Pamela J. Smith to Lenora Scott, $255,000.

Mueserbush Ct., 2813-Lecreshia N. Westbury to Ajibola and Jackson Ibironke, $140,000.

Piper Ridge Ct., 9110-Cherumukkil and Padmaja Balakrishnan to Ian S. and Charles A. Parker, $322,000.

Tuckerman St., 9514-Noemi V. Moran to Residential Value Corp., $144,000.

Wyatt Dr., 9410-Marcus W. Wright to Adalberto A. Pozo Rivera, $179,900.


Barberry Ct., 33, No. 38-5-Stacey K. and Stacey Walters to Ascencion Homes Corp., $65,900.

Berwick Lane N., 15109-NVR Inc. to Patrick L. Gorst and Michelle L. Elie, $383,845.

Canary Ct., 9708-Bank of New York Mellon and Vericrest Financial Inc. to Damian Omar Gordon, $185,000.

Chester Grove Rd., 3089, No. D-Sterling D. and Lenneil T. Turner to Andrea Small, $60,000.

Dornoch Way, 2000-NVR Inc. to Maurice and Lekkiah Mazyck, $374,495.

Dornoch Way, 2008-NVR Inc. to Earlisha Covington, $326,190.

Fernwood Dr., 1606-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Janelle A. Stewart, $296,190.

Harry S Truman Dr., 338, No. 240-Tharol Douglas to Derval and Vermalyn Chin, $105,000.

Humberside Way, 15604-George S. and Stephanie A. Irby to Rhonda P. and Cortez D. West, $488,040.

Ring Bill Loop, 1137-Anjanette and David Givens to Fatima Cisse, $230,000.

Sherrington Ct., 11310-Jadrian J. and Rykeshia D. Haywood to Eric J. Harris, $227,000.

Tyrol Dr., 3616-David N. Clyburn II and estate of Christine Clyburn to Patricia C. Williams, $140,000.

Wood Duck Ct., 1110-James and Tracey Anderson to Residential Value Corp., $265,500.


Cambridge Cir., 14620-Wanda V. Taylor to Marcus L. Casieri, $252,000.

Crows Nest Ct., 7902-Leesa Pickett Evans to Merlyn and Elizabeth Fernando, $120,000.

Justin Way, 14009, No. 406-Phyllis A. Boswell to Aslim Abdullah and Sheila Esfandiari, $125,000.

Lexington Ave., 7602-Eric J. and Diane C. Parks to Antonio Carlos Souza Evangelista and Khalia Mounsey, $312,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15710, No. 49-Tamara S. Dixon and Maurice A. Ximinies to Otto A. Giron Aguirre, $105,000.

Railroad Ave., 13904-Oak Crest Homes Corp. to Jose C. Molina, $330,000.

Runabout Ct., 14315-Sandra E. Morales to Federal National Mortgage Association, $194,400.

Yardarm Way, 14109, No. 1108-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dung M. Nguyen and Tuyet Huong Ngo, $85,000.


Briarwood Dr., 14016-Joseph P. and Dorthea A. Hill to Leo and David N. Latchan, $246,000.

Dove Cir., 12135-Nell C. Codner to Sean Sandmaker and Shelley Swing, $189,000.

Point Lane N., 13101-Gilberto and Hector A. Pineda to Juan Gudiel and Amilsa Lorena Valenzuela Garcia, $199,000.

Spring Ridge Ct., 12402-Bruce C. and Joan H. Wilson to John and Gemma Felicia Woods, $439,000.


Perry St., 3119-Secured Improvement Corp. to Paula E. Clark, $350,000.

29th St., 4306-Solomon and Vincenza Kamwendo to Peter and Jessica Ellis, $300,000.


Annapolis Rd., 7306-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Willy A. Gamez Donis and Claudia L. Minaya, $103,000.

Emerson St., 6902-Erma B. Fields to Alejandro E. Leo and Maria M. Vargas De Leo, $172,000.

Jodie St., 6425-Eh8103 Corp. to Miriam and Daniel Pereira, $253,000.

Nystrom St., 5817-Daniel B. and Vanessa R. Fulford to La Toya Hickman, $215,000.

Verona Dr., 8331-Josette L. and Carl Wesley Floyd to Eh1000 Corp., $151,000.

71st Ave., 3905-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to David and Helena Lee, $150,000.


Birchwood Dr., 1603-Federal National Mortgage Association to Manuel A. Castro, $179,000.

Crawford St., 719-Leo P. and Vivian D. Jarboe to Ernestine Dixon, $190,000.

Fenwood Ave., 1615-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Gregorio Alvarez, $95,000.

Gully Ct., 4926-Ebony Nia Boone to India D. Oliver, $148,500.

Potomac Passage, 155-Halstead Carter Corp. to Gordon C. and Sheila D. Evans, $274,900.

Shelby Dr., 812-Anthony Ciarlante and Jan Kragt to Dara D. Granados, Jose A. Rivas and Laura E. Rivas, $170,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 507, No. 6706-Leatha M. Lamison White to Carla Henson, $30,000.


Eastpine Dr., 5730-Hector A. Mendoza to Carmen J. Mejicanos, Nestor A. Penate Diaz and Willian E. Buruca, $214,900.

44th Ave., 6103-Thomas M. Duffy to Richard Hickok, $187,000.


Cable Ave., 6105-Angelo A. and Peter J. Meoli to Jeffrey A. Munchel, $249,000.

Hill Way, 5517-Dionne Jackson Banks and Leslie Banks to Areig Holdings Corp., $110,000.

Marianne Dr., 6705-Realington 20 Corp. and Oriniah White to Valerie F. Henderson and Darren C. Finch Jr., $215,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3801, No. 3801-HCR0411 Corp. to Suraya Sadeed and Aziz R. Qarghah, $27,000.


West Hwy. E., 1003-Thomas Lee Campbell and Anna L. Campbell Trust to Donna John, $175,000.


Brinkley Rd., 3130, No. 9-303-Taylor Bean & Whitaker Reo Corp. and Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. to Deeben S. Kang and Chavannes A. Thomas, $40,000.

Dalton St., 4808-Ilene A. Lusby to Jasmine M. Valdes McKenzie, $277,000.

Gaither St., 2603-Federal National Mortgage Association to Marcelo Flores, $125,000.

Henderson Rd., 4601-Tiber Investments Corp. to Priscilla Anna Alston, $270,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3338, No. 3338-A-2-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gina and Monica Higgs, $43,000.

Old Branch Ave., 7101-Joyce A. Shauver to Vivian K. Morrison Forest, $155,000.

Taft Rd., 5002-Princechell Johnson to Ma Holdings3 Corp., $131,000.

24th Ave., 3604-Carlotta L. Dabney to Erica P. Dyson, $219,000.

31st Ave., 3233-James Anthony Chappelle to Simple Solutions Homebuyers Corp., $95,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 603-Zakiya T. Sackor to Uzoma T. Anwukah, $183,900.

Chillum Rd., 1903-Nicolas E. Peraza and Alba Luz Orantes Ramos to Mohammed Motalib and Lucky Haroon, $200,000.

Lancer Pl., 3004-Lindsay Danielle Anderson and Jeffrey Leonard Jenkins to Bryan Raymond McNulty, $218,000.

Tuckerman St., 4304-David J. and Ellen B. Thorp to James Bartlett and Mary Patricia Pollock, $443,000.


Antock Pl., 7003-Mani I. and David R. Gomez to Jacqueline and Derron Tapp, $435,000.

Canyonview Dr., 4324-Aaron and Sharon Jones to Dorina R. James, $164,000.

Center Park Way, 12921-Triangle Homes Corp. to Angela C. Mosley, $273,400.

Dunkirk Dr., 12810-Gloria J. McColl and estate of Vanessa Spencer to Wayne Madden, $285,000.

Grandhaven Ave., 8903-Beatrice McCollum and Ada M. Austin to Greater Washington Real Estate Investors, $111,000.

Hollaway Dr., 10705-Tanji A. Wyatt to Donald and Anthony Lee Emshwiller, $90,000.

Largo Rd., 4810-Alonso Giron Arreguin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $262,143.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13908-Vanessa A. Shorter to Eran K. Green, $218,000.

Marwood Blvd. S., 5717-Patricia Eleanor Robinson to Carlton O. Courtney, $200,000.

Pensacola Pl., 8808-Stephen J. Lawson to Lisa Marie Flower, $170,000.

Roblee Dr., 5303-Vanessa J. Wallace and Gmac Mortgage Corp. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $276,279.

Soueid St., 6000-U.S. Bank to Christopher Onyejiaka, $281,000.

Woodstock Dr. E., 12514-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Latasha Thomas, $118,500.


Connor Ct., 2003-Arlene Coleman and estate of Maria A. Coleman to Pearl McGinnis, $121,000.

Enterprise Rd., 3508-Marco A. Decesaris Jr. to Demetre C. and Santos E. Morris, $399,900.

Hall Station Dr., 900, No. 900-203-NVR Inc. to James J. Berger, $289,990.

Parkside Dr., 2009-Russell B. and Jeannette B. Mitchell to Jerry C. Featherstone, $450,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10107-Clifford and Latoya Simon Asher to Shannon Nicole Martin, $210,000.