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These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, go to

Calvert County

Bayside Rd., 4830-Joseph John and Judith Anne Cullinan to Dean S. and Jessy Cartledge, $390,000.

C St., 7750-Patricia M. Ryan/Butler to Heidi Walton, $259,000.

Delores Ct., 7923-Kathleen A. and Alan S. Manis to Nei Global Relocation Co., $269,900.

Old Bayside Rd., 7550-Charles Amster to Caitlin Menne and Ever Chavez, $253,000.

Tobacco Rd., 3010-Dennis M. and Karen Ann O’Connor to Anne R. Wheeley, $350,000.

12th St., 4017-Margot K. Ross to Thomas K. and Rachel L. Weaver, $220,912.


Greening Ct., 9902-David W. and Carole Stipe Morehead to Jay Lloyd and Angie L. Nolt, $375,000.

McCracken Dr., 2021-Wallace P. and Barbara R. Donaldson to Aaron M. Gwynn and Samantha B. Garner, $290,000.


Biglane Ct., 2005-John T. Corken and Carol L. Schmitz Corken to Vicki M. Soto, $400,000.

Pleasant Ct., 4370-Sean and Angela L. Pierpont to Marrick Properties Inc., $140,000.

Stephen Reid Rd., 5840-Joseph F. and Patricia P. Raley to Michele Kaschalk, $255,000.

Walnut Creek Rd., 205-J. Richard and Diane Marie Salen to Edward L. Iller, $426,375.


Deadwood Dr., 11586-Jason M. Parker to Samuel B. and Susannah E. Shelton, $149,000.

Gringo Rd., 12155-Adam M. Denton and Kathryn A. Dunne to John Michael Fischer, $225,000.

Lake Dr., 428-Jerry Lee Price Jr. to Patrick M. Hudson, $85,000.

Mermaid Ct., 625-Kathleen S. Tayman and estate of Mary Ann Tayman to the Vest Group Corp., $140,000.

Rousby Hall Rd., 12916-Oliver Eric and Diann G. Allen to Betty Holly, $218,500.

Santa Rosa Cir., 12642-D&R Home Enterprises Corp. to Larry Crawford, $175,000.

Spring Cove Dr., 12835-Ronald G. and Norma Jean Burke to Eric S. and Anjelica M. Eitel, $244,500.


Bay Ave., 8920-Bay Avenue Investments Corp. to Mario C. Trubiano and Zoe E. Trohanis, $535,000.

Sea Breeze Ct., 9454-Highland Ridge Investments Corp. to Joseph Schmidt, $199,000.

10th St., 3748-Donald J. and Heather N. Clyburn to Donna M. Rennie, $256,600.


Grovefield Lane, 20-Thomas J. and Gloria J. Tereshinski to Paul R. and Emily K. Krutsch, $415,000.

Woodland Way N., 9163-Jessica and Daniel Lund to Kenneth and Bette Lyn Endress, $445,000.


Cedar Point Lane, 955-John Scott Jones to David C. Sisson and Pamela L. Aley, $334,000.

Grays Rd., 1780-Joan C. Mackall/Hunter to Zachary A. Boyd and Sarah E. Arias, $249,850.

Sandy Point Rd., 5505-Sarah Beth Ogle and estate of Phyllis H. Conner to Debra B. Dickens, $30,000.

Thoroughbred Dr., 31-Thomas Builders at Prince Frederick Corp. to Sharon L. Dickens, $383,000.

Winslow Pl., 161-Donna Gale Noccolino and Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $378,000.


Avenue D, 1517-Anthony Clarke and estate of Christine Marie Randall to Michael Patrick Williams Jr. and Mindy Elizabeth McMillan, $166,500.

Kings Creek Dr., 1005-John A. and Kathleen M. Scheeler to Ronnie and Stacy L. Quesenberry, $305,000.

Shelby Way, 6005-Lisa S. Bradley to Kyle Colleli, $255,000.

Charles County

Falkirk Ally, 2883-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Faramade O. Eruanga, $258,990.

Lake Ct. S., 6321-Janelle Hargett and Emmett Brown to Charles E. Maldon Jr., $130,000.


Allens Fresh Rd., 10670-Frank J. and Sharon J. Miller to Harris Raymond and Marianne Cox Wilburn, $550,000.

Poplar St., 7675-William E. and Jannette S. Forman to David A. Stuempfle, $245,000.


Arabian Ct., 16510-Douglas P. and Denise Smith to Richard E. and Dorothy E. Brinkley, $356,000.

Stoneleigh Ct., 7250-Michael D. Brooke to Joshua A. and Christina R. Sprinkle, $377,000.


Fairfax Hills Pl., 5150-Department of Veterans Affairs to Pablo Marrero, $180,000.

Jenkins Dr., 1-Department of Veterans Affairs to Dierks Designs Corp., $105,000.


Charleston Ct., 233-William G. Klein to Patrick R. Reitz, $170,000.

Dream Ct., 8794-Harry T. and Millie M. Sunderland to Mikel Petty, $379,000.

Elm Lane, 9795-Vikki Melissa Thayer and estate of Franklin D. Clifton to Rene W. and Wendy J. Lopez, $272,000.

Jason Ryan Pl., 10365-Gary E. and Susan E. Heilmeier to Stephen Kim and Eun Sum Hwang, $426,000.

Quince Ct., 530-Jodee Pritchett to Layla Maine Proctor and Marisha Candice Maine Proctor, $253,000.

Vermillion Ct., 9195-SBW Enterprises to Robert M. Burke and Mary Kristen S. Burke, $291,000.


Broadstone Pl., 12276-NVR to Tyra M. Downs, $322,290.

Brunston Castle Lane, 2885-Byron Burnett to Camilla Jolene Henry, $325,000.

Cassidy Ct., 10371-Michael and Sarah Knott to Federal National Mortgage Association, $287,414.

Marbella Dr., 2155-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alison Heurich, $125,000.

Sewickley St., 11177-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Justin E. and Briana S. Rogers, $240,101.

Williamsburg Dr., 3419-Natalie L. and Derek E. Thompson to Doris Brawner, $215,000.


Potomac View Rd., 12091-Paula I. Beahabetz to Chris H. and Karen K. Runde, $387,500.


Cooper Ct., 1803-U.S. Bank National Association to Troy Samuels, $136,040.

Garner Ave., 139-Waldorf Lions Foundation to Glen T. Goodwin, $215,000.

Jackson Ct., 2908-Mario N. and Christalyn Deleon Trespeces to Elvie T. Catugas, $139,000.

Kingsmill Ct., 11705-Walter L. and Charisse Y. Griffin to Maureen V. Cameron, $330,000.

Nationals Lane, 11761-NVR Inc. to Shaharlee J. Blake, $281,110.

Pagnell Cir., 9-Malcolm T. McReynolds and Gmac Mortgage Corp. to Department of Veterans Affairs, $141,008.

St. Thomas Dr., 2005-Lakeside Apartments Corp. to Victory Lakeside Inc., $3.15 million.

Stone Ave., 1000-Newton Development Corp. to Thomas W. Owens, $240,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 11766-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Alfred Donnell Matchem, $216,790.

Sunset Ridge Pl., 11857-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Monica L. Taylor, $254,890.

Tadcaster Cir., 27-Lelia M. Thompson Allen to Colony Restorations Corp., $140,000.

York Ct., 2403-Gerald S. Schultz to Monet K. Caldwell, $136,000.


Ashford Cir., 10620-Timothy P. and Wendy J. Scanlin to Wayne P. and Steven P. Robinson, $396,000.

Biltmore St., 9459-Andrea Maloney and Faith Maloney to Ursula Lashond Anglin Wilson, $329,900.

Bluebird Dr., 4170-Moniguane Dallh to Kouakou M. De Souza, $135,000.

Cottongrass St., 8815-Philip E. Houser and the estate of Phyllis Jean Houser to David D. Dalenberg, $290,000.

Goby Ct., 5405-Federal National Morgtgage Association and Fisher Law Group to Gary Tyrone and Kiyaka Fowlkes Feggins, $283,000.

Grouse Pl., 4550-Kendra White to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $259,845.

Irish Lord Pl., 5505-Diane Hartmann to Jarrett Reid, $190,000.

Mandarin Pl., 3000-Anthony F. and Tammi T. Gordon to Alvin M. Green Jr., $438,000.

Needlefish Ct., 5613-John M. and Joann L. Goodhue to Gabriel M. and Melissa Perez, $287,500.

Parrotfish Ct., 5903-Lillian B. and James L. Grigsby to Susan C. Brown, $245,000.

Pimpernel Dr., 2440-Jason L. and Amy E. Rogers to Steven L. and Debra S. Miller, $378,000.

Sea Lion Pl., 6138-Lyla A. Larouche and Christine Marie Larouche to Pamela Rene Harris, $165,000.

Skate Ct., 5605-Todd L. and Donna E. Wilson to Curtis B. and R. Miller, $294,900.

Super Pl., 9467-D.R. Horton Inc. to B.R. and Norey M. Jumaoas, $388,490.


Heatherleigh Pl., 7921-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Terrence Butler and Chantyl Ellis, $215,000.

St. Mary’s County

Collinwood Dr., 38674-Wanda M. Norris and estate of Mabel Marie Mattingly to Thomas A. and Nicole L. Kidwell, $170,000.


Mill Creek Dr., 22626-James E. and Barbara A. Lewis to Peter A. Plashko, $310,000.


Rosewood Ct., 23240, No. 10E-James and Melody Elele to Nancy L. Fazio, $120,000.

Town Creek Shop Lane, 45965-U.S. Bank Trust and Vericrest Financial to Benjamin Massiglia and Sandra Jean Feckner Massiglia, $640,000.


Jo Marie Way, 20904-Andrew T. and Cynthia C. Rogers to Catherine Depperschmidt, $159,000.


Hurry Rd., 23451-Tina M. Boyden/Campbell to Cory Higgs Carter, $166,000.


Cecil Mill Ct., 45670-D. Joan Heath to David Patrick and Riley Nichole Stanton, $284,000.

Greenview Ct., 22413-U.S. Bank National Association to Oyster Point Investments Corp., $123,000.

Victoria Cir., 22020-Matthew Clark Fromhart to Nhat Han Phan, $280,000.


Drum Cliff Rd., 43830-Sidney R. and Stacie L. Jones to Mark E. Harris and Meredith G. Garrett, $625,000.

Meredith Ct., 23766-Kelly Marie Graves to Walter Maffei, $360,000.

Pinto Dr., 25036-William T. and Sarah J. Watts to Michael Arndt, $227,500.


Dudley Digges Lane, 42752-Richard S. and Deborah E. Pilkerton to Elizabeth and Andrew Pinaire, $115,000.

Holiday Ct., 41389-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Anthony B. and Chantal M. Petett, $489,282.

Little Pond Lane, 18991-Jeffrey Stallings to Marie Lafontaine Hodges, $405,000.

Society Hill Rd., 21952-Frances Penyak Munley and the Marilyn Mae Penyak Revocable Trust to Robert F. Wilson Jr., $287,500.


Columbus Dr., 46351-Juan Gomez to Michael Tresansky, $54,000.

Lore Ct., 46339-Pamela J. Veitch to John James and Janeen H. McCue, $380,000.

Saint Lo Pl., 21709-William and Anita Townsend to Saint Lo Builder Corp., $63,000.

Snow Hill Manor Rd. N., 19413-Edward Kim Reynolds and the estate of Virginia Rae Thompson to Jonathan D. and Roberta A. Sola, $615,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 48921-Eric Johann Hiris to Bernard J. Bortz, $291,000.


Asher Rd., 37381-Steve M. and Shelly M. Carter to Anthony D. and Desiree S. Singleton, $254,900.

Cleveland St., 27181-Benjamin E. Beale to Dennis J. and Regina L. Anderson, $140,000.

Donna Dr., 29790-Robert K. and D. Lynne Sumperl to Patricia Mansfield, $341,000.

Golf Course Dr., 35301-Donald E. and Mary Ellen Hulcher to Matthew S. Daughhetee and Leslie Miles, $255,000.

Holly Lane, 26931-Joseph R. Mattingly III and Michelle M. Clarke to Erik Stefan and Lisa A. Orth, $221,250.

Oema Ct., 28465-John A. and Kelly A. Keough to Thomas H. and Helen C. Harris, $520,000.

Wolfe Dr., 40346-David A. Blomquist to Justin David Hensley and Johanna Ardelle Saul, $180,000.

Zane Ct., 38260-Steven H. Gray to Eugene J. Mori, $285,000.


Bellview Ct., 44572-Martin E. and Katherine M. Sullivan to Colby D. Nelson and Christine A. Wooley, $469,000.


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