Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Amberstone Ct., 20, No. C-Nancy J. Watts to Amy Lynn Bagley, $175,000.

Beach Dr., 626-Patricia R. Bridenbaugh to Glenn S. and Lynn F. Chase, $760,000.

Cambridge Ct., 1-David M. and Gail Fitzgerald to Mark D. and Margaux V. Cerminaro, $618,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 101-Michael J. and Melissa M. Thompson to James H. and Renee F. Kizziar, $1.35 million.

Dulaney Lane, 1005-Nicholas M. and Berenika Dorota Schmitz to Joan E. Jacobs, $439,000.

Ellis Rd., 1420-M&K Corp. to Nathan A. and Joan Shifflett, $369,000.

Farragut Rd., 28-Marian Colleen Hann Kane and the estate of William Walden Owens to Charles Taylor Pickett Jr., $415,000.

Harbor Dr., 408-Kelly Pyles to Richard Stovall, $76,250.

Hillsmere Dr., 270-Ronald L. Farm to Craig Martin and Jennifer Oatman, $387,000.

McKinley St., 1312-Jose Pineda Castillo to Federal National Mortgage Association, $165,000.

Quiet Waters Pl., 137-Waters Place Corp. to Phillip C. Roane and Donald C. Roane, $300,000.

Silverwood Cir., 11, No. 6-Darlene L. Tolhurst and the estate of Pauline L. Basil to Stephaniea and Alexis L. Boyanowski, $150,000.

Wells Ave., 1018-Harold T. and Mary Daugherty to Stephen R. Reed and Susan C. Trimble, $370,500.


Boom Way, 926-Hollis G. Minor and the Lowell C. Minor Revocable Trust to Suzanne B. Redden, $370,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 606-V. Green Corp. to Stephen Antkowiak, $375,000.

Coachway, 955-Donald E. and Julianne Lundbland to Robert M. and Judith Shoemaker, $1.1 million.

Gingerview Lane, 2708, No. 36-Roger O. and Sheryl A. Lepage to Beth B. Wingerd, $485,000.

Golfers Ridge Rd., 2591-Linda H. Huber to Sherri L. and John E. Cook, $425,000.

Haven Cove N., 2506, No. 106-Susan M. Sloan and Madeline C. Sloan to Judith C. McGroarty, $239,000.

Lynnfield Dr., 1872-Antonio M. Goncalves and Christina M. Shand to Daniel B. Boyer, $630,000.

Melvin Ave., 106-Jeffrey D. Vito to David Andrews, $595,000.

Murray Ave., 34-Richard A. and Dana Smith Cooksey to Debra Lane, $638,000.

Quiet Water Cove, 2628, No. 16-Alan F. Post and estate of Marjory Post to Ronald G. and Susan K. Pedersen, $212,800.

Sandy Run Ct., 2529-Ernest and Rachel E. Green to Richard D. and Deborah A. Eherenman, $411,000.

Thoreau Ct., 2193-Dustin and Caitlin Lawlor Hall to Timothy H. and Stacie J. Spragins, $445,000.

Wainwright Dr., 100-Kenneth E. and Cortney Schwalbe to Harry E. Kight III, $350,000.

Wood Lot Trail Rd., 626-Syd W. and Janet B. Rodenbarger to William J. and Judith Farrell, $675,000.


Bay Green Dr., 563-Joyce E. Smithey and Thomas E. Wenv to David and Sara Glaser, $435,000.

Carronade Way, 358-Patricia S. Perry to Jill Kisner, $195,500.

Church Rd., 132-Karyn Keating Volke to LNV Corp., $400,000.

Eleanor Lane, 487-Kyle G. and Kari M. Whitmer to Edwin C. Weimer Jr., $350,000.

Loughton Lane, 523-Mary R. Badger and Michael Greene to Theresa G. Nudell, $350,000.

Martingale Lane, 413, No. 3-Gail A. McDermott to Cydell B. and Suzan M. Falls, $380,000.

Rosslare Ct., 1002-Edward J. and Cynthia L. Barnes to Michael K. and Andrea W. Godwin, $533,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 692, No. 4L-Daniel E. Barnett and estate of Siegrid Barnett to Gail M. Griffin, $176,000.

Ternwing Dr., 317-Steven B. and Kiersten L. Dickenson to John A. and Klara V. Collins, $349,900.


Bon Air Ave., 15-Robert A. Wolfe Jr. and Heather L. Dicus to Dwayne and Timberly Travers, $208,000.


Bayview Vis., 1191-Mark T. and Jamie T. Holland to Stephen M. Shade, $40,400.

Chester Town Cir., 1508-Carol M. Tighe to Nathan M. Avers, $319,900.

Enyart Way, 1523-Michael F. Clarke to Ronald Lee and Cynthia A. Johnson, $384,025.

Hampton Rd., 1233-Paul V. Genovese to Ann M. Bonnell, $297,000.

Martins Cove Rd., 318-Michael P. and Debra M. Farrell to Thomas M. Badenhausen and Lynn H. Clark, $900,000.

Old Mill Bottom Run, 1608-Paul E. Obsitnik and Mimi A. Mehrabi to Cartus Corporaton, $890,000.

River Bay Rd., 1088-Robert F. Comstock and estate of Martha Mindte to Phyllis Gilbert, $1.04 million.

St. George Dr., 1173-Cecilia M. Paul to Peter and Michelle V. Caylor, $322,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 627-Joanne E. Gottschall and Jeffrey F. Valencia to Spivey Family Partnership, $395,000.

Woodtree Cir., 1704-Justin J. and Martha L. Linksz to Cheryl Lyons Schmidt, $219,900.


Fairfax Ave., 1220-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Jenifer Burgoon and Susan Beckman, $304,000.


Avennel Way, 1508-Stephen K. and Laura A. Laabs to Cason S. and Carol M. Green, $450,000.

Cambridge Dr., 2032, No. 8-Stephen E. and Nicole B. Levy to Erin C. and Michael S. Visitacion, $234,000.

Elsa Ct., 2809-Robert D. and Pamela M. MacLeod to Michael A. and Elizabeth Montante, $557,000.

Jasper Ct., 1115-Mark and Amy Kathryn Fedor to John R. and Donna M. Camac, $529,890.

Lowell Ct., 1516, No. 24-Danelle Kaegel to Krista Rockenstire, $238,000.

Nassau Dr., 1409-Jonathan Edmunds to Xuan and Loc Xuan Nguyen, $330,000.

Seabury Dr., 2325-Jules Michael and Julie A. Fritz to Mark A. and Rachel T. Reed, $512,500.

Tarleton Way, 1723-Dean A. Cook and Daphne N. Karypis to Erik N. and Stephanie M. Lyles, $454,000.

Whites Ferry Pl., 1840, No. 5-Eric C. Knudsen to Adam G. Smith and Mary Anne Heyward McGraw, $312,000.


Dockser Dr., 1018-William Albert and Julie L. Boberg to Freddie L. Stephens Jr. and Rachel E. Ash, $368,000.

Great Oak Ct., 1185-Raymond B. and Kathryn F. Harrison to Daver Malik and Chrisina Soren, $491,000.

Sweet Pea Path, 1340-Charles C. and Bridget E. Young to Steven E. Tiller and Gina M. Destefano, $1.2 million.


Double Chestnut Ct., 1131-Daniel D. Stockdreher to Stephen E. Nohe, $239,000.

Tillerman Pl., 1223-Danielle M. Fracalossi and estate of John L. Fracalossi Jr. to Brad M. Brady and Jennifer L. Pazderka, $164,000.


Anglesey Dr., 1343-Glenn A. and Cynthia L. Hamilton to James R. Richards and Gillian A.C. Richards, $725,000.

Howard Grove Rd., 2713-Brian A. Goldman and Robert F. Smith to Patrick Murphy and Victoria Lucy Flood, $710,000.


Meadowlark Dr., 6453-James L. and Janet M. Munro to Jeffrey C. and Fiona H. White, $490,000.


Carolina Ave. N., 3651-John D. and Maureen O. Yates to William F. Monan, $3.65 million.

Dawnwood Dr., 312-Lowell W. and Sue M. Bogard to Lisa A. Conway, $468,000.

Fairmount Dr., 404-Clay D. Vaughn to Richard A. Cefaratti, $235,000.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1608-Stephen M. Antkowiak to Todd Miller and Kirsten Miller Jones, $90,375.

Millhaven Ct., 8-Shelly A. and David M. Kemeza to Roberto A. and Polina E. Kosovic, $325,000.

River Landing Rd. S., 210-Harland D. Hotham to Joel Aronson and Susan Lowinger, $650,000.

Shady Side Dr., 1604-David L. and Rachel L. Brady to Sarah M. Cassidy, $65,000.

Tacoma Rd., 1709-Retained Realty Inc. to Lauderdale Restorations Corp., $135,500.

Wilelinor Dr., 26-Margaret F. Jones to Denise Wynn and David W. Boyer, $582,500.


Meng Lane, 201-Margaret W. Schoeffel to Steven M. and Penny M. Dechello, $50,000.


Autumn Gold Dr., 1105-Cynthia Aquino to Timothy A. and Shauna A. Snidow, $540,000.

Heatherbloom Trail, 207-William S. and Gail B. Kimmel to Yasmin Hazig and Adil Degani, $680,000.

Springhill Way, 998-Eileen Marie Cokenias to Ricardo and Nina Hawkins, $360,000.


Skywater Rd., 714-Valerie A. and Robert S. Cochran to Armond and Lisa B. Spikell, $2.18 million.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7259-Michelle E. and Bruce M. Brannon to Justin W. and Jennifer Hinderliter, $320,000.

Braden Loop, 1462-NVR Inc. to Steven Voyce, $246,890.

Church Lane, 1505-John P. Stacy and Jennifer H. Stacy Bonot to Colleen M. Delaney, $56,250.

Foxcove Ct., 7808-Brandon M. and Stephanie L. Seidl to Christopher M. and Chevas N. Huffman, $222,000.

Georgia Ave. NW, 20-Eric C. Foster and Eugene Stewart Coleman to Good News Services Inc., $115,000.

Harris Heights Ave., 6307-Mindy Novak to Douglas A. Beasley, $185,000.

Johnson Farm Lane, 320-Jeffrey A. Slusher to Stephen Mistysyn, $250,000.

Minnerva Rd., 613-Ronald F. and Joan M. Smith to Robert E. and Lisa R. Haskell, $255,000.

Padfield Blvd., 414-Justin M. Jackson to Miti Patel, $222,000.

Short Curve Rd., 525-Michael J. Gainey to Gilbert A. Shifflett, $145,000.

Sunlight Cir., 126-Dorothy M. Byrne to Mark T. Nalley Sr., $127,500.

Woodoak Ct., 256, No. 4-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Elizabeth Thomasson, $95,000.

Third Ave. S., 110-Brandon and Jacquelyn Massie to Aubrey Fleming and Zachary M.S. Chaney, $217,500.


Burley Cove Rd., 862-Rolf W. Ramelmeier to Aimee N. Kirchner and Stephen J. Downing, $385,000.

Delaware Ave., 321-Harold A. and Angela M. Hurst to William Shawker, $205,000.

Lombardee Cir., 925-Charles C. and Margaret C. Huddle to John C. Miller and Alison Marie Sands, $558,000.

Morris Ct., 170-Joan C. and William E. Denton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $161,043.

Oakdale Rd., 1425-Margaret L. Cox to Ersie Robert and Matthew William Farley, $153,000.

Southfield Rd., 131-Denise Marie Olivieri and Linda L. Garland to Jeffrey W. Clark Jr. and Autumn L. Blough Clark, $230,000.

Warfield Rd., 240-Keith Allen and Teresa Marie Stancliff to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $222,600.


Brimstone Pl., 2232-Gavin and Diamond Zuchlinski to Bradley T. Cooper and Erin K. Dahlinghaus, $385,000.

Dorchester Woods Lane, 7276-NVR Inc. to Benjamin Rodriguez Jr., $357,715.

Ironwood Lane, 1006-Richmond America Homes to Louis Butler, $361,529.

Rotherham Dr., 7735-Jasvinder Singh and Rajinder Kaur to Jamie and Mandy Ness, $440,000.

Twin Birch Rd., 2627-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Benita Elizabeth Bouknight, $345,000.


Harwood Dr., 9-Mary Louella Starling Revocable Trust to Brigid A. Corrigan, $450,000.


Montevideo Rd., 2086-Gary Logan to Timothy and Erin Ashley, $258,000.


Claymont St., 3716-Dennick M. Skeels to Mary M. Clark, $299,000.

Hartwood Pl., 8609-Josephine Paige Costley to Yunkai Yu and Ying Jin, $250,000.

Londonleaf Lane, 3412-James A. Brown to Aaron Christensen, $206,000.

Mississippi Rd., 8159-Thomas E. and Catherine E. Creely to Joni Mills, $277,000.

River Bridge Way, 3502-RBL Ventures Corp. to Tawana Eason and Barry Lamar, $291,000.

Shooting Star Lane, 8233-Stephanie L. Parker to C.G. and Mallory Watts Potter, $325,000.

Wye Mills S., 3359-Josiah R. and Jennifer E. Hewitson to Theresa N. Eneh, $245,400.


Cleveland Rd., 545-Vernon F. and Margaret Sprague to Brian M. and Dawn E. Silvious, $312,000.

Shipley Rd., 618-Arc of Central Chesapeake Region Inc. to Chesapeake Neighbors Corp., $489,433.


Mallard Landing Dr., 5411-Nancy D. Ball to Bernard H. and Dawn M. Bell, $650,000.


Ahearn Rd., 8251-Frank X. Betancourt to Elizabeth A. Lagana, $229,900.

Foxwell Rd., 8096-Robert W. and Linda B. Johnson to David L. and Janet M. Smith, $400,000.

Hereford Ct., 246-James E. and Elizabeth A. League to Bradley and Heather Ehnat, $700,000.

Marston Ct., 787-John P. and Lisa E. Evans to Kurt J. Lewis and Jennifer C.G. Lewis, $625,000.

Red Birch Rd., 426-Pamela A. Samsburg to Glen and Nicole Doss, $580,000.

Tremont Dr., 3-Brightview Development Corp. to David Charles and Anita Lynn Knapp, $645,000.


Walnut Ave., 715-Susan and Thomas Scipioni to John H. Macsata, $74,975.


Blue Spring Ct., 2444-Kevin Gallagher to Linda Summers, $215,000.

Canteen Cir., 2270, No. 126R-James and Keiko Lickliter to Maquona Whitaker, $270,000.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2410-Lynda J. Fogle/Holoubek to Barbara Lee and Anthony G. Ildefonso, $215,000.

Dayspring Dr., 733-National Residential Nominee Services to Andrew Heimbuch, $325,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8608-Charles John and Claudia Jean Rutledge to Linda L. Parr, $224,000.

Hammond Lane, 1192-Henry D. and Irene J. Duncan to David D. Drab, $280,000.

Lisa Ave., 490-Donnie T. and Francine E. Chandler to Daniel Loveless and Christine Polucha, $440,000.

Lokus Rd., No. 4-NVR Inc. to Kaitlyn M. Letourneau and Gina Letourneau, $317,085.

Rolling Hill Walk, 604-Karen S. Maxfield to William Edward Titus, $139,900.

Sandy Walk Way, 2339-Paul E. and Pamela J. Campbell to Eric C. and Chelsea C. Popiel, $350,000.

Trout Run Ct., 601-Mark Aaron and Melissa Marie Owens to Swarvanu Dasgupta, $357,000.


Pennbrooke Ct., 4314-Melvin L. and Laura L. Bach to Darryle C. and Dana Marie Hall, $570,000.


Bar Harbor Rd., 88-Saman Sinai to Christine Stevens, $208,000.

Bell Tower Crossing, 8126-Joanne M. Grim to Joseph and Kasey N. Burch, $351,000.

Carvel Rd., 220-Larry Alan Silver to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $171,000.

Cork Lane, 7764-Arturo and Antoinette M. Munoz to Deanna J. Triplett, $205,000.

Eagle Hill Rd., 322-Richard J. and Maria K. Burns to Phillips C. Baker and Domingo Vega, $547,680.

Fox Hollow Run, 1815-James C. and Kathi A. Drenning to Jason and Nixola Pellegrini, $375,000.

Grays Creek Rd., 550-HSBC Bank USA to Frederick A. and Jean E. Diblasio, $121,500.

Hamburg Ave. W., 201-George Ryan and Kimberly Montgomery to Gary K. and Karen Moy, $325,000.

Jean Ct., 8010-Pearman Development Corp. to Thomas E. and Robin J. Sesney, $237,165.

Mulberry Ave., 30-Catherine Rebecca Housley to Chance Andes and Samantha Pegg, $190,100.

Pacific Rd., 4613-Raymond Kopehinski to Adam Davidson, $270,000.

Pine Haven Dr., 7726-Katherine M. Beck and estate of Loretta J. Mills to Nicholas Pease and Kelly R. McLeery, $235,000.

Quailwood Lane, 8402-James W. and Marysusan Bradley to Mark S. and Emily C. Pherson, $515,000.

Riverside Dr. E., 7989-Robert P. and Joyce E. Copsey to D. Raymond and Mary Fox, $420,000.

Seagull Dr., 162-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bernie Obrocki Jr., $129,013.

Showcase Ct., 8135-Frank D. and Karen A. Buttari to Dianne and Mark Lessman, $490,000.

Tick Neck Rd., 7936-Lawrence J. and Sharon L. Gross to Michael D. and Lisa A. Thibault, $305,000.

Waldo Rd., 171-Ronald C. Campbell to Joseph Kyle and Taylor Leigh Mason, $420,000.

Will O Brook Dr., 1200-Kim Diane Valenzia to Wayne Barry and Amanda Kristen Floyd, $200,000.

203rd St., 758-Theresa Smelser to Cecelia A. Helms and Lawrence Mobley, $150,000.

230th St., 2310-Jason L. Tiani to Gregory T. Hyza, $265,000.


White House Rd., 2829-Virginia W. Palmer and estate of Annie S. Wilde to Carol Pressey and Mary C. Roh, $100,000.


Bastille Pl., 7889-Mark Majikas to Omar Joel Ortiz, $284,500.

Burns Crossing Rd., 244-Roland Earle Medford to Bells Trailer Park Inc., $200,000.

Halehaven Ct., 7811-Robert E. and Karen A. Davis to Stephen A. and Amanda M. Johnson, $360,000.

Manet Way, 7835-Bruno and Cathy Ann Fabi to Teresa Lafourcade and Willima Null Jr., $385,000.

Otis Dr., 94-Lorraine V. Reninger to Marjorie M. and James Gordon Redman, $175,000.

Sparrow Ct., 1810-Madeline A. Armstrong to Federal National Mortgage Association, $144,000.

Whitmarsh Cir., 1504-Billy A. Smith to James D. and Mary Piper, $345,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 236-Diane H. Church to Eileene Klopfer and Robert Rukrigl, $562,500.

Benfield Rd. W., 811-Daniel D. Nataf and Elizabeth Sammis to Jason D. and Denise D. Couch, $382,500.

Emerson Rd., 29-S. Xavier Grahn to James Mills Jr., $385,000.

Hartman Dr., 402-Carla and Stephen Burger to Eric Andrew and Marisa Simone Waterman, $563,500.

Lakeland Rd. N., 448-Bradley A. and Heather Ehnat to Michael W. Baillie, Charlyn N. Baillie and Charles B. Hall, $525,000.

McKeon Rd., 216-Mary Ellen Walsh and Maureen L. O’Brien to Raymond Max and Alexis Virginia Guethler, $380,000.

Round Bay Rd., 110-Ann Bacot Edwards and Marshall Bacot to Kristofer M. and Robin L. Cristallo, $690,000.

Smith Ave., 313-Debra Lynn Williams to Rite Builders Corp., $160,000.

Tarks Lane, 102-Michael J. and Mary R. Boquard to Michael S. and Lisa M. Shrout, $625,000.


Filbert St., 4948-Shannon E. and Richard K. Nelson to Thelma D. Gray, $250,000.

Oak Ave., 1203-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Panalytics Corp., $205,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bethany Lane, 3076-Samuel P. Tsakalas and Lisa Grant Moore Tsakalas to Kean Tuan Tan and Pau Gean Ng, $435,000.

Brookwood Rd., 3005-Helen V. Meiser and the Meiser Family Revocable Trust to Charles A. and Jennifer Susan Meckes, $402,000.

Chateau Ridge Dr., 3730-Thomas J. and Kimberly K. Norris to Scott P. and Tamra Fishman, $574,000.

Crescent Rd., 4009-Magdalen A. Ziver to Corey B. and Ann E. Cranmer, $51,800.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4724-Gail Lovell to Eric E. Ebaugh, $165,000.

Dorsey Search Cir., 3748-Charlott C. Clive to Yawar H. and Sabina F. Faraz, $580,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12751-Norbert E. and Jean M. Rieg to Jennifer A. Wamsley and Kevin C. Grant, $624,000.

Green Clover Dr., 10066-Craig S. and Katherine I. Wehr to Ji Ho and Jing Zhou Ha, $632,000.

Hidden Fox Ct., 11016-Michael G. and Doris E. Novak to David and Lisa C. Clarke, $776,000.

Marydell Rd., 9234-Judith Douglas to Shannon F. Garrett and Jennifer Garrett, $384,900.

Overhill Dr., 9001-John G. and Minnie V. Magiros to Dana Andrew and Madalene Strumbeck, $410,000.

Pierce Dr., 3406-Jack R. Clifford to Saba Khan, $481,000.

Rhode Valley Trail, 3501-Eric W. and Eleanor M. Pettipaw to Eric W. Pettipaw, $127,285.

Southview Rd., 2821-Stephen and Janice Warburton to Gregory Earl Webb, $439,000.

Torino Rd., 9601-Dinesh Chandra and Ashwini Reddy to Merivelle Sherman, $415,000.

Weatherstone Dr., 2737-Hyo Duck and Young Sook Chang to Ken Chen, $690,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 12870-William R. and Christine H. Tucker to Mary P. Braisted and Michele Lynn Braisted, $805,000.

Macbeth Farm Lane, 12828-Michael E. and Bobbette Trice to Minqi Wang and Lili Zhang, $1.3 million.

Silent Sun Pl., 5800-Joseph A. and Anastasia Mancuso to Bennie H. and Linda Jeng, $897,000.


April Brook Cir., 6276-Thomas and Charmain Lewis to Robert J. and Deborah A. Donoghue, $507,000.

Basket Ring Rd., 9742-Ralph A. and Charlotte Urgolites to Francois and Jennifer Lee Vance, $271,000.

Fruitgift Pl., 6550-Michael Diaudre Cirezz to Robert F. Hendrickson Revocable Living Trust, $210,000.

Harp String, 7162-Andy Hom Loon Shu and Esther C. Shu to Bryan S. and Linda D. Ford, $190,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9524-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yolette Hermione Gilet Rigal, $163,000.

Moonfire Pl., 9243-Jusice L. and Jennifer M. Hearn to James Nandor and Stephanie H. Santa, $336,000.

Queen Maria Ct., 9022-Jorge Alberto Magana Hortega and Rodulfo Marina Estudillo to Anne Michael Gauthier, $200,000.

Second Morning Ct., 6720-Rebekah Kendrick Thomas to Roger and Mary Dever, $200,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7235-Lawrence S. and Robin M. Griffin to Bryan M. Simms, $359,900.

Storm Drift, 5371-Keith Rosenstiel to Seon Woo Kim, $330,000.

Tamar Dr., 6051-Charles D. and Kelsi N. Nibbana to Joseph Ryan M. Delfin and Joanna M. Delfin, $420,000.

Waiting Spg. , 6149-David P. Morrow and the Morrow Family Revocable Trust to Jianshe Lin, $350,000.

Wingflash Lane, 6519-Christopher A. and Margaet E. Cochran to Cheng Zou, $374,000.

Worn Mountain Way, 8644-Gary Della and Jennifer Della Zanna to David A. Meh and Janet M. Germann Meh, $479,900.


Avalanche Way, 11224-Judy Dove Thompson to Sherri Annette Smith, $197,800.

Buttonhole Ct., 6676-Claude Sidney and Roseann C. Rossell to Leah Mae Storzer, $294,000.

Darting Bird Lane, 5163-Samuel A. Mancuso to John and Barbara Moseman, $430,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 11430-Frederick David Pierce to John P. and Elena V. Byrley, $150,850.

Newberry Dr., 7104-J. Michael and M.B. Millard to Morris E. and Alison Edelman Zimbalist, $570,000.

Oslo Ct., 5904-Charles A. and Stacy L. Moore to Akhil Chhatre, $555,000.

Rondel Pl., 5130-Northwest Federal Credit Union to Francis and Jennifer Grey, $423,700.

Shady Summer Dr., 10711-Zoe A. Irvin and estate of Dorothy Zola Enderiss to Gregory P. and Jean M. Millard, $353,000.

Sleepy Horse Lane, 12205-Abigail J. Kelman to Rajesh and Sangeetha Voona, $355,500.

Suffield Ct., 5567-Thomas Family Revocable Living Trust to Yedong Tang, $345,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10551-Adeyemi and Olukemi O. Adetola to Zhengxin Zhu and Runhua Yang, $89,000.

Wooded Run Dr., 6148-Matthew Felch and Marina Borovok to John Yoo and Justin Yoo, $536,000.


Sycamore Spring Ct., 1925-Thomas Meachum and Kari M. Ebeling to Larry C. and Holly H. Torri, $650,000.


Beechfield Ave., 6394-Clarence J. and M. Linda Kochendorfer to Carmen De La Cruz, $275,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6556-Carol C. Sacks to Beverly Robinson, $226,000.

Fairlee Rd., 5926-James C. and Kenya Wright to Seung J. Han and Eun A. Ko, $595,000.

Grovemont Dr., 5240-Michael D. Homberg to Christopher J. and Colleen M. Cleveland, $746,000.

Maidstone Pl., 7219-Richard M. and Randi L. Leshin to Jigneshkumar N. and Heebahen R. Patel, $285,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6239-William Thomas and Sherri Ann Catterton to Robert J. Pullo and Julie E. Menton, $570,000.

Pebble Creek Dr., 7267-Gregory and Doris Harper to Robert E. and Barbara A. Masiulis, $420,000.

Sandy Ridge Ct., 5900-Thomas V. and Gina M. Lease to Casey and Marsha Richardson, $575,000.

Wesley Lane, 6499-George W. and Jean A. Wilson to Anthony J. and Jessica R. Perez, $402,000.


Brightlight Pl., 7970-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kapil Agarwal, $281,750.

Burrows Lane, 2933-Richmond American Homes to Seyed Koohpayeh, $437,653.

Choctaw Dr., 4095-Elwood L. and Rosemary Shafer to Mark and Meredith Lazzaro, $453,000.

Elko Dr., 8317-In Sook and Jong Yeul Kim to Robert Anderson Jr. and Cortney Clulow, $410,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8613-U.S. Bank to Goutam and Arathi Kundu, $205,000.

Heatherside Lane, 7701-James G. and M. Kristin O’Reilly to Jeffry J. and Erin L. Kahn, $352,400.

Kaitlins Ct., 2213-First Florida Credit Union to Hui Lin and Williams J. Bardin, $590,000.

Manahan Dr., 8712-Rajan and Susan Jacob to Nan Yu and Lan Song, $342,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8343-Aaron J. Jaffrey to Scott P. Cannon, $179,900.

Oldfield Lane, 7636-Natalie E. and Nathan A. Hagan to Jeanne M. Garland, $375,200.

Snowmill Ct., 2710-William G. and Paula F. Fitting to Lakshmi and Anitha Bellala, $430,000.

Timber Pine Ct., 8511-Edwin S. and Jennifer S. Killinger to Ravichandran Raja and Kavitha Sankavaram, $460,500.


Ellington St., 11442-NVR Inc. to Karen M. Jordan and Duen A. Pagon, $891,635.

Scaggsville Rd., 12340-Scott W. Ingraham and Shirley M. Ingraham Living Trust to John T. and Susan L. Bell, $296,100.


Hobbs Hill Rd., 4054-Anwar and Nayyar A. Khokhar to Ho Jin Lee, $522,500.


Broadleaf Ct., 3620-John L. and Jane E. Bjork to Robert Eliot and Angela Bartlett Stein, $1.45 million.


Fairbourne Ct., 6174-PHH Mortgage Corp. to Marjorie and John Bosley, $231,000.


Prestwick Dr., 6615-David A. Kodner to Rodney F. and Joann M. Vitek, $895,000.


Charlie Joyner Dr., 7410-Reginald A. Waldon to Jacqueline Lynata Brown, $393,500.

Rosewood Way, 8920-Dennis M. Jerome to Tarik H. Sanders, $262,000.

Sheffield Ct., 8126-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Johnson and Partners Corp., $140,000.


Broadcloth Way, 7542-Kristen M. Lauver to Hani James M. Ebeid, $506,500.

Eden Brook Dr., 7140-Alexander B. and Laura Elizabeth Carey to Kevin P. and Takiyah Carroll, $313,000.

Moving Water Lane, 9023-Soren Harbom to Cynthia E. Tucker, $320,000.

Polished Stone, 9739-Peter Dong Soo Lee and Yoon Jin Cho to Benjamin T. and Kerri K. Dinsmore, $570,000.

Skyrock Ct., 8918-Rebecca J. and Scott Mills to Ran Zhang, $230,000.


Henryton Rd., 1450-The 8133 Partnership to Samuel Coyne, $369,000.


Country View Way, 17531-Scott D. Delise and Beth M. Demers to Joseph Daniel Cauley and Nancy Banks Cauley, $650,000.


Washington St., 8810-Sara R. Bram and Christopher A. Swenson to Andrew and Karen Thornton, $245,500.


Bridle Path Lane, 9215-Sean M. Miskimins to Dawn M. Ritchey, $139,900.

Charmed Days, 8466-Armaghan Emami Foroushani and Moshen Rajabi Abhari to Adam B. Stephens and Ashley A. Kirkland, $409,000.

Dumhart Rd., 9050-Ronald W. and Melissa T. Jacoby to Sun G. and Heang J. Kim, $517,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10757-Stephen M. Jasinski to Haixin Zhou and Fei Han, $251,000.

Hammond Dr., 10905-Javier E. and Ann E. Zamundo to Matthew Michael Shanks and Maureen O’Donnell Shanks, $380,000.

Herons Flight, 8854-Charles C. and Jean Elisa Simmons to John D. and Mary A. Lee, $599,990.

Lily Lane, 8410, No. 10-Clarence J. and Doris S. Brown to Martha and Asrat Woldemichael, $386,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9309-Clinton D. Ceasar Jr. and Olga A. Butler Ceasar to Oleh Kostyuk and Yulia Tkachuk, $241,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9072-Joseph Thomas and Wilama Herberson to Quinton W. Herr, $325,500.

Rippling Branch Rd., 8237-Thomas L. and Suzanne E. Baldino to Oleg A. Borodin and Rozanna Oyzerskiy, $573,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 10883-Teresa Marian Dustin and Eula P. Higdon Revocable Trust to CM Higdon Corp., $1.5 million.

Superior Ave., 10050-Harmony Builders Inc. to Fernando E. and Toinette T. Waldron, $433,400.


Underwood Rd., 1200-Alan J. and Diana L. Stanislav to Elizabeth Darcy Cahill and Eric Winer, $899,900.


River Valley Chase, 3196-National Residential Nominee Services to Brian J. and Christine M. Ramsey, $815,000.


Hayloft Ct., 3208-Richard S. and Concetta A. Dinnis to Bryan and Laura Moody, $485,000.


Bexley Dr., 2103-John J. and Susan W. Carmichael to Donald Scott Butcher, $429,000.