Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arbor Hill Rd., 13-Elvis A. Regalado and Osmin Rauda Aguilar to Lenmark Corp., $151,100.

Beachview Rd., 1308-Keith and Katherine Dunleavy to Fern Mechlowitz, $302,500.

Carrollton Rd., 2666-Donald J. and Sharon L. Walsh to Cordo A. Carraher and William C. Jorch II, $500,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 122-Faye B. Currie and Phyllis Currie Spencer to Pinewood Properties Corp., $285,000.

Dumbarton Dr., 134, No. 2-Paul Saint Pierre and Lilla Avelar Lima to Carrie E. Decker, $215,000.

Fairview Ave., 757A-Terry Marsteller to Irene Caswell, $250,000.

First St., 418-Robert R. and Jill M. Penaloza to Terrell R. and Sancy R. Otis, $834,900.

Harbor Dr., 619-Nancy Colleen and Raymond N. Fulton to Harold T. and Mary T. Daugherty, $470,000.

Kensington Way, 1007-Wayne M. Everd and estate of Anna M. Asher to Arvi V. and Patricia D. Ramallosa, $283,000.

Pram Pl., 1251-Karen M. Pipkin/Franke to John C. Fraser, $485,000.

Saddle Ridge Rd., 309-Pamela A. Nye to David W. Winn, $480,000.

Silverwood Cir., 13, No. 1-Daniel K. and Ann E. Hammer to Supported Housing Developers Inc., $142,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 15-Jeffrey and Janice Steiner to Gary M. Hymes, $409,000.


Captain John Brice Way, 513-Mary Sharon and Martin D. Gorman to Rodger F. and Claire S. Frank, $419,900.

Compass Dr., 2625-Daniel A. and Luella M. Lewis to Roger E. Blunck and John G. Haeberlein Jr., $263,500.

Francis Nicholson Way, 542-Samuel Allan and Ann Elizabeth Davey to Steven J. and Allison B. Torre, $350,000.

Gingerview Lane, 2713, No. 111-Donna K. Porricelli to Eugene D. and Kathleen A. Schnell, $445,000.

Gov. Thomas Bladen Way, 2011-Glenn and Susan Ja Whaley to Joshua M. and Marina S. Baer, $248,000.

Mansion Woods Rd., 1214-Kenneth P. Klotz and Klotz Living Trust to Nargress Ashayeri and Mehdy Rad, $720,000.

Merlot Lane, 2710-Amir Masoud Tavakoli Rizi to Tristan B. and Jennifer Siegel, $535,000.

Nimitz Dr., 1711-Claudia T. McCarthy to Matthew D. and Arianne M. Hofstedt, $521,000.

Riva Rd., 2570, No. 16C-3603 Partnership to Danielle Hastings, $130,000.

Solstice Lane, 3019-Floyd S. and Megan E. Yarmuth to Robert W. and Janellen Frantz, $595,000.

Tolson St., 9-William E. Aherne and Lorrie A. Seardino to Michael J. Collins and Robert A. Collins, $779,900.

West St., 215, No. 3-BA West Street Corp. to Charles N. Mazurek, $265,583.

Yeomans Lantern Ct., 2704-Dennis Lowman and Carol L. Tindall to Mike Jordan, Whitney Jordan, Peter L. Rasodevich and Tarajordan Rasodevich, $200,000.


Bay Green Dr., 611-St. Andrew by the Bay Roman Catholic Congregation to John E., Michele and Michael Codd, $465,000.

Cascade Rd., 23-Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas M. and Alexis M. Allman, $397,500.

Clausen Lane, 998-Richard Duane and Deborah Anne Eherenman to Kevin Gallagher II and Mairim G. Ramos Lebron, $494,000.

Dauntsey Dr., 214-Mark E. Owens to Scott Thomas Cuthbert, Chelsea G. Cuthbert, Bethany Biddie Jane Belcher and John R. Belcher, $330,000.

Gator Ct., 1185-Marjorie M. Knepp to John S. Wilson and Cathleen B. Weadon, $235,000.

Macsherry Dr., 806-Paul B. and Lis C. Kilroy to Kristina Queen, $300,000.

Moorings Cir., 532, No. 63-Fadel H. and Amira A. Arafat to Christopher J. Booker and Deborah L. Gary, $629,000.

Rosslare Dr., 304-Jeremy and Julie K. Parks to John J. and Kimberly A. Kanetzky, $495,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 728, No. 6E-Kelly McCready/Freed to Mary Sully Dreibelbis, $162,000.

White Swan Dr., 679-Thomas Whitacre Brothers Fink and Susan D. Fink to Scott J. and Julie A. Shepard, $660,000.


Cedar Hill Rd. W., 527-Capital Blue Properties Corp. to John J. Reichenberg III, $203,000.

Edgevale Rd. W., 150-Carol Sigueroa and estate of Doris F. Bradley to Steven J. McAdams, $40,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 512-Ronald Windle to Ryan Landon, $138,000.

Zeppelin Ave., 110-William Frank and Kay F. Ramirez to James Edward Scott, $235,000.


Blossom Tree Ct., 430-Blossom Tree Court Family Trust and Abbey Williams to Gregory Lesane Jr., $262,700.

Cranes Roost Ct., 426, No. 86-Frederick A. Williams to Lee Elvart, $300,000.

Fairwinds Dr., 1003-James G. Pumphrey and Gary J. Pumphrey to Larry S. and Laurie L. Goldberg, $431,400.

Lehman Ct., 1425-Tony L. and Jennifer L. Stillings to Brendan A. and Jamie B. Kruse, $486,000.

Mermaid Dr., 1130-Raymond Thomas and Joane Marie Truskowski to David J. Magnus, $315,000.

Pendennis Dr., 1928-Lewis B. and Katherine M. Melson to Bo John Claes Sandell and Heather A. Sandell, $430,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1134-D.H. Investments Corp. to Steven K. and Sharon K. Bloomfield, $255,000.

St. Margarets Dr., 973-George Benoit to Corey D. Agostino and Barabara P.D. Agostino, $365,000.

Trawler Lane, 1651-Geoffrey A. Nelson and Jerome I. Feldman to Paul L. and Donna M. Deter, $662,500.


Battee Dr., 5642-Steven E. Francis to Jonathan Williams and Hannali Zelch, $309,900.

Shady Side Rd., 5743-PRD Churchton Corp. to Roman A. and Samantha J. Kilgore, $159,500.


Bancroft Lane W., 1612, No. 144-George C. Deckert Jr. to James R. and Elizabeth Icie Graff, $150,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1552-Charles R. and Marta M. Williams to David M. Mrosek, $515,000.

Fillmore Ct., 1711-Sandra Mirante and the estate of James Clayton Goodwyn to Hannah Raley, $182,500.

Lesh Ct., 2512-Deborah L. Bridges to Shaishav R. and Manishaben S. Patel, $342,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1551-Virginia Allen King and William H. Natter Jr. to Nicholas Vricella, $238,000.

Ormsby Pl., 1419-Michael K. and Elizabeth M. Longacre to Albert T. and Joanne C. Zywar, $430,000.

Stratton Rd., 1726-Ray A. and Heidi B. Swanson to Richard Paul Gilbert II and Kathryn M. Reilly, $430,000.

Tilghman Dr., 1922-Shaunta Nichols and Jason E. West to Alexander R. Barrera Mina and Karla Rubi Sanchez, $224,000.

Worrell Ct., 2663-S. and Scott Patrick Hall to John L. and Ellen A. Arnott, $325,000.


Forest Trail E., 333-Bernard M. and Paula T. Spinner to Jon J. and Gretchen M. Moran, $520,000.

Miner Rd., 807-Betty Ann Bryant and Mary H. Jewell Living Trust to Nicholas P. White and Nara M. Sobreira, $295,000.

Tailwind Lane, 637-William E. and Rebecca F. Vickers to Leon Thomas Delorme and Mary M. Moore, $850,000.


End Dr. W., 8106-Mary Louise Tyson to Walter A. Tyson III, $172,000.

Tillerman Pl., 1237-Cynthia Wacker and Lillian Wacker to Stacy A. Workman, $225,000.


Blackberry Lane, 3316-Alfred J. Fay to James M. Greenan and Doreen J. Wood, $775,000.

Nile Rd., 3691-Shawn M. Bowers to Vincent Tuozzo and Lauren Samuels, $345,000.

Themes Dr., 1526-Department of Housing and Urban Development to William Clements Fowble and Sandra D. Nichols Fowble, $255,000.


Arbutus Dr., 330-Erich O. and Barbara G. Schnoor to John D. Raulin, $265,000.

Chesapeake Dr., 1741-Patricia A. Heckel to John L. Ebell III, $235,000.

Edgewater Dr., 2927-Barbara S. Stump to Lucas J. Peternel and Katherine E. Miffleton, $412,000.

Glebe Dr., 3327-George W. Ball to Joseph M. Marquis, $250,000.

Main St., 2904-William R. Claggett and Lawrence Elmer Clow Jr. to Lenee Dawn Kellenbenz and James Clifton Clow, $285,000.

Penwood Dr., 401-Larry D. and Janet W. Martin to Melissa A. Wildermuth, $436,000.

Riverdale Dr., 1709-James C. and Lillian M. Elliott to Quinton J. and Elizabeth M. Nabors, $259,900.

Tacoma Rd., 1709-Jon Alan Hall and Heather Snively to Retained Realty Inc., $75,500.

Second Ave., 3590-Brian E. Cassidy to Matthew Adelman and Melissa Higgs, $408,700.


Autumn Gold Dr., 1108-Robert W. and Marta L. Iler to Anthony Paul and Hilary Ann Ferrell, $529,000.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2606-Gayle Lynne Matera and Frank Gerald Benitez to Louise M. Blount, $154,000.

Patuxent Preserve Lane, 3507-John F. and Carolyn D. Mulhern to Sara H. and Daniel Q. Duffy, $710,000.

Springlake Ct. W., 2410-John K. Mowatt Jr. to Lan L. Luu and Paul K. Lingebach, $310,500.


Andel Ct., 104-William N. and Catherine C. Ward to Timothy W. Lathe Jr. and Nicole A. Roach, $253,000.

Braden Loop, 1446-NVR Inc. to Alan Gragg, $272,680.

Braden Loop, 1480-NVR Inc. to Desiree D. Marshall Brown and Anita Brown, $305,990.

Condon Ave., 208-Martin Eugene Welsh and Bonni J. Atwell to William J. and Sara Zax Young, $255,000.

Foxmanor Lane, 202-Wyman S. Lester to Angie Kareli De Jesus, $211,000.

Glen Ct., 534, No. 30B-Nelson D. and Nicole E. Aguilar to Stephen A. and Teresa L. Browning, $99,000.

Hedgeway Ct., 8006-Stephen T. Mazzeo to Austin Keith Merson, $394,000.

Leisure Lane, 1708-Doris Fanton and Geraldine F. Werkmeister to Nicholas N. Porter and Ashley Meehan, $205,000.

Nolcrest Rd., 456-Michael D. Ryan and Gary Ryan to Joseph R. Weber, $247,000.

Stanhome Dr., 508-Leonard J. and Sandra L. Dembeck to Michael Barlage and Laura Moore, $220,000.

Twin Ridge Dr., 7876-Barry N. and Deborah A. Knight to Christopher John and Elissa Nicole Gangl, $271,000.

Second Ave. S., 110-Michael E. Smith to Adam K. and Samantha M. Decosmo, $160,000.

Ninth Ave. SE, 303-Alan Herman Cohen to Ning Yu, $190,000.


Castle Harbour Way, 1111, No. 1B-Melanie Smith and estate of Chrystal Rowan to Supported Housing Developers Inc., $114,500.

Delaware Ave., 705-Michael Wayne and Michele Elchin to Bobbi S. Kaye, $225,000.

Indigo Bunting Lane, 907-Vyacheslav Panich and Margarita Fliman to Kevin P. and K.E. Earomirski, $318,000.

Point Pleasant Rd., 942-Richard J. Hynson and Suzanne P. Dawson to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $140,500.

Spencer Rd., 7801-Patrick J. and Karen L. Mudge to Ki Soon and Yun S. Park, $390,000.

Washington Ave., 606-Thomas J. McDevitt to Lisa A. Robinson, $212,000.


Cherry Tree Rd., 2562-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Jim J. Huang and Helen H. Liu, $368,820.

Fairbanks Ct., 7668-Kim E. Crawford to Raul Garcia, $173,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1415-Sheela V. Belur and Mohan V. Murthy to Harold E. and Lilian E. Cubillo, $312,000.

Sunningdale Lane, 1712-Daniel Nwator to Rajiv Chakrawarathy and Piya Sawhney, $320,000.

Twin Birch Rd., 2629-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Nekesha L. Hamilton, $379,990.


Indigo Lane, 4436-Cheryl A. Anderson Neff to Frederick Carl and Michele Ann Riedlin, $410,000.


Bitterwood Pl., 3400-Nykia Barnes to Jacqueline J. Willis, $130,000.

Cloud St., 8328-Kehinde Oguntimein to Nicole A. Smith, $217,000.

Jacks Reef Rd., 8628-Saleem M. and Perween S. Khan to Kathryn E. Behe, $295,000.

Marganza S., 331-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lieh Ngoc Tran, $165,100.

Old Line Ave., 316-Tiffany Ward to Roberto Garcia, $194,000.

Sanctuary Ct., 8002-Man Kwan Lo and Yi Chang to James David and Grazyna Anna Coffin, $387,500.

Spadderdock Way, 8313-Adam E. and Lauren R. Dowell to Manmohan Singh and Gardeep Kaur, $221,000.

Yellow Springs S., 443-Marlene A. and Wade C. Busick to John A. Schroeder and James E. Schroeder, $155,000.


Double Eagle Dr., 308-Esther N. Gleason to Raymond D. Schreiner Jr., $365,000.

Heath Ave., 503-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Siobhan Poole, $164,700.

Timothy Dr., 624-Riston M. and Helen P. Greenstreet to Marcus A. Lanasa, $318,000.


Marlboro Rd., 195-William Franklin Chaney Sr. to H. Clayton Foushee Jr. and Leann R. Zawodniak, $290,000.


Chalet Cir. W., 234-Walter F. and Winifred L. George to Donald E. and Nancy T. Ciccolella, $225,000.

Generals Hwy., 880-Fred Jackson to Randy L. and Ryan L. Dean, $275,000.

Isabella Ct., 1641-Sarah E. and Robert G. Storrs to Kevin J. and Krista N. Wells, $475,000.

Nathan Way, 242-Kondaur Capital Corp. to Hildegard R. and Michael D. Cardaci, $169,000.

Wagner Farm Rd., 732-Kurt J. Lewis and Jennifer C.G. Lewis to Brentono B. and Juliet E. Gin, $447,500.


Walnut Ave., 751-Catalpa Avenue Corp. to Scott Properties Corp., $90,300.


Bragg Blvd., 102-Sean P. and Kristina M. Mahoney to J.C. Herndon, $412,000.

Conquest Way, 2222, No. 38-U.S. Bank National Association to Stephen Wilson, $241,270.

Dayspring Dr., 733-John M. and Melissa K. Meighan to National Residential Nominee Services, $325,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8608-Donna J. Arenth to Arlene L. O’Connell, $230,000.

Indian Summer Dr., 2231-Steven M. and Vivian M. Moeglein to Jason P. and Kristin N. Micari, $313,600.

Lokus Rd., No. 4-NVR Inc. to Thomas and Mary Herington, $351,405.

Orchard Overlook, 701-Kevin P. and Tasha L. Kelly to Ellen Rose Berman, $194,900.

St. Andrews Lane, 1245-Gary L. Mays and estate of Sadie V. Mays to Michelle E. Kepple and Simon D. Corwin, $205,000.

Sour Dock Dr., 2606-David and Marla Melcher to Thomas A. and Nancy J. Richards, $388,000.

Warm Spring Way, 2413-Christopher T. and Jennifer L. Hurley to Allison N. Spaight and Gregory T. Carlock, $291,000.

Winding Ridge Rd., 2442-David L. and Alicia Kay Arlen to Bryan W. and Kristina D. Taggart, $301,000.


Alberta Ave., 3913-Sand Investments Corp. to William and Rita Fordham, $327,500.

Bay Rd., 8585-Rena Wolf to Tracy Lynn McCormick, $225,000.

Brookhaven Rd., 3453-Barbara B. and Patrick E. Hartford to Alexandra L., David Ray and Linda Gwen Lively, $282,000.

Castine Ct., 1252, No. 32-Dolores A. Williams to Bernard J. Schott III, $226,500.

Chestnut St. W., 101-Shirley Elaine Johnson to John R. and Kimberly Johnson McCartney, $155,000.

Cove Rd., 297-Deborah Wilson to Constantine and Manon Lyketsos, $465,000.

Green Mountain Ct., 347-Monique and Phillippe Fields to Richard Mark and Joann Fortmann, $170,000.

Inlet Dr., 208A-Robert L. and Wendy A. Coppage to Anthony Gallo, $255,000.

Jean Ct., 8012-Pearman Development Corp. to Willard J. and Phyllis J. Demo, $248,719.

Main Creek Rd., 8096-Stephen D. and Susan M. Chamberlain to Donna L. Groves, $673,000.

Pine Dr., 626-Joseph F. and Barbara A. Erickson to John J. Shade and Laney Hubbard, $390,000.

Pinehurst Harbour Way, 8120-Arthur L. and Linda Schwartz to Joyce A. and Thomas A. Moorehead, $1.4 million.

Ridge Dr., 1176-Jason D. Auburger to Rubert James Chambers Cutter and Lisa Cutter, $399,000.

Riverside Dr. W., 7977-Douglas E. and Donna Lynn Bale to Rebecca M. Galanakis, $230,000.

Seagull Dr., 178-Cynthia and James Dougherty to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $119,513.

Seneca Terr., 248-Emily G. and Jeffrey D. Miller to Kenneth W. Lee and Heather Joy Dragland, $290,000.

Smallwood Ct., 8412-Michael W. Ambrose and Fran Lisica to Thomas Leland Lane, $156,000.

Tidewater Rd., 960-Christopher and Kaitlynn M. Reichart to Christopher and Janet Baranec, $260,000.

Wall Dr., 1653-David P. and Srithiwa Martinek to Michael R. Smith, $290,000.

Winston Rd., 104-Philip S. Lockheed and estate of Helen P. Lockheed to Hope Fangman Special Needs Trust and Richard Winelander, $150,000.

211th St., 773-James L. Homage Jr. to Rohan S. and Kamica S. Moore, $260,000.

231st St., 606-Alberta E. Hall to Leigha Bard, $275,000.


Glen Isle Rd., 2808-OneWest Bank to Russell Properties Corp., $144,000.


Manet Way, 7837-Jasmine Lin to Man Mo Mak, $350,000.

Pecan Leaf Rd., 7716-Dorothy M. Kerler to Timothy and Erin Bezek, $349,900.

Stanley Lane, 7826-Turnbury Run Corp. to Katie A. Webb, $530,500.

Wieker Rd. S., 907-James N. and Irene N. Rollins to BVR Development II Corp., $308,827.


Arundel Beach Rd., 271A-James J. Mandrin to David S. and Ann B. Edwards, $332,900.

Berrywood Dr., 157-Daniel D. Nataf and Elizabeth P. Sammis to Thomas H. Devlin and Kristen M. Lauver, $1.05 million.

Evergreen Rd., 201-Barry D. Smith and Rasheed Nadir Numan to Moronke A. and Abimbola Obaro, $180,000.

Holland Rd., 103-Michael E. and Marsha S. Goldsmith to Joseph Walter O’Boyle and Karen Louise O’Boyle, $352,000.

Lakeland Rd. S., 601-Vincent Domenic Pellegrini Jr. to Craig Wilson and Sharon Buckalew Stanfill, $2.46 million.

McKinsey Park Dr., 604-Karen S. Mavis and the estate of Effie B. Faucette to Judith J. Schafer, $245,000.

Round Bay Rd., 126-Linda B. Cameron and the Jane Scobey Sammons Revocable Trust to Lisa L. Palmer, $724,900.

Southway, 109-Linda Turcovski and estate of William John Turcovski to Lorie Strawn and Larry Payne, $390,000.


Frederick Ave., 4719-Joanne Lutz to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $323,036.

Oak Rd., 4749-4349 Oak Road Corp. to Ricky Ray and Amy Elizabeth Twine, $450,000.


Franklin Gibson Rd., 6358-William F. and Gayle Moore to Steven M. Witt, $250,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blackberry Lane, 3731-Thomas R. and Karen A. Oliver to Charles and Kelly Greene, $590,000.

Columbia Rd., 4356-National Residential Nominee Services to Kenton A. and Heather L. Sites, $480,000.

Cross Country Dr., 4313-Walter R. and Diane L. Merriam to Kerry M. and Katherine L. Marek, $465,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4800-Joseph E. Mikolajczak to Kim Lehmann, $225,000.

Eagles Landing Ct., 2809-Richard L. and Monica A. Krebs to Stanley H. and Kathleen A. Heist, $625,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 13200-David W. Gregg to Cheng Ling Chen and Xindong Wang, $400,100.

Greenway Dr., 3230-Steven J. and Jenny M. Bartkus to Monica Grant, $511,000.

John Bernard Dr., 3014-Susan R. O’Connell to Lenore J. and Roger C. Slater, $439,900.

Leyden Way, 4730-Boris and Marsha Gozhansky to Sujit Mishra, $310,000.

McKenzie Rd., 2608-James W. and Phyllis E. Wolf to Joseph G. Alfieri and Megan O’Connell, $392,805.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10540-Ellicott Square Townhouse Group Corp. to Robert Daniel Wallace, $450,000.

Park Overlook Ct., 3709-Timothy A. and Alison S. Franklin to Imran Chaudhry and Ayesha Khalil, $702,500.

Pinewick Rd., 2941-Herbert L. Coons to Stacy Ian and Pamela L. Mizrahi, $399,900.

Sand Trap Ct., 10209-Nghia and Tuyet Pho to Rikka Saito, $567,000.

Southview Rd., 2910-Katherine M. Boyce to Vincent A. and Sarah M. Pompey, $400,000.

Tower Hill Ct., 10314-Dante E. and Jean M. Chinni to Zhang Quan and Qiong Xu, $770,000.

White Rose Way, 3931-Joan W. Tarbell and Gerald Plato to Junchang Ju and Wei Ma, $635,000.


Flamewood Dr., 7528-Henry Dryfoos IV to Bhupinder Singh, $375,000.

Pure Sky Pl., 6013-Kevin S. and Leigh A. Geraghty to Weichung Cheng, $678,000.

Trotter Rd., 5710-Dean William Geis and Shirley A. Geis Trust to Joseph Marc Gagnier, $880,000.


Autumn Gold Ct., 6400-Scott Dunn to Bridget Murphy and Derek Breese, $275,000.

Bellwart Way, 9089-Robert J. and Elizabeth M. Dame to Joseph and Julie Anne Romano, $381,000.

Deep Earth Lane, 6240-Sheila D. Thomas to Rie M. and Tyroid Harton, $340,000.

Garland Lane, 6914-Ann M. Warwick to Michael C. Banks, $365,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8717-Leonid Shteynbuk and Nellya Berman to Stockbridge Overlook Corp., $140,000.

Knighthood Lane, 6958-Edward A. and Debbie L. Swann to Federal National Mortgage Association, $248,000.

Queen Maria Ct., 9042-Sandra K. Fields to Jennifer Linnea Osborn, $245,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6204-Siyi Meng to Mark Hanna and A. Moore, $315,000.

Tamebird Ct., 8872-Ronald S. and Winnic Fung Higgs to Full House Corp., $160,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7103-Jeffrey I. and Joy Puckett Schreier to Patricia W. Wyatt, $289,900.

Youngsea Pl., 8848-Ryan W. Gardner and Kristine M. Amari to Wuernisha Tuerxun, $328,500.


Beaverbrook Rd., 5142-Stephen M. McCort to David G. and Lorelei A. Lafleur, $575,000.

Chase Lions Way, 5349-Jonathan I. Lange and Loree A. Benziger to Jonathan Mark and Catherine Marjorie Duffy, $373,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5360-Geneen Alexandra McGreevy and the estate of Arleen Eizabeth McGreevy to Katherine Hinkle, $255,000.

High Tide Ct., 5463-Keith M. Wiedefeld to William A. and Annette M. Varoli, $255,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 11440-Doreen Michele Robey to Kathleen Verheul, $155,000.

Nightmist Ct., 10301-Daryl and Jill M. Arnold to Cameron A. and Kimberly A. Williams, $264,000.

Rumcay Ct., 10962-James A. Fahrion to Hoang V. Lai, Linh T. Do, Long Van Lai and Nga Van Lai, $333,000.

Waterfowl Terr., 10469-William Thomas and Lisa Maria Bonk to Todd and Shanda Mueller, $465,000.

Wyndham Cir., 5834-Alexis T. King to Regal Properties Management Corp., $160,600.


Betula Way, 14721-Christopher and Mary Ellen Long to Robert A. and Valerie Conn, $647,500.


Bayberry Ct., 6310-Francis P. Cannon to Paul Phonganh Pham and Nina Suyong Song, $168,000.

Butterfield Dr., 7866-William and Sherrie L. Byrum to Vytas C. and Natalie C. Rivers, $341,000.

Darby Downs, 7250-Christopher D. Stocker to Kwai Lan Sum and Sze Ka Yeung, $225,000.

Fox Glen Ct., 5920-Mark J. and Aimee Schaech to Mark E. and Trisha McFarling, $400,100.

Hunt Club Rd., 6014-Christopher L. Neubauer and Shannon E. Nuebauer to Garrit and Aurlie M. Zwakenberg, $305,000.

Maidstone Pl., 7245-Andrew J. Onello to Ayodeji Rojugbokan and Aladi Odagbali, $280,000.

Northern Ct., 5901-John B. and Meredith J. Wissel to David K. Walker and Stacy A. Shackelford, $550,000.

Whisper Way, 5842-Elizabeth Coppolino to Robert E. Hendr, $192,000.


Brightmeadow Ct., 7957-Michael C. Wentling to Deborah L. Whipple, $319,900.

Church Lane Dr., 8286-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Atif and Muhammad Chaudhry, $630,000.

Ellis Lane, 5021-Jerryl B. and Yolanda R. Bethea to Deep H. and Arti Antala Dalal, $727,000.

Governor Bradford Lane, 8400-Simone Lynch to David A. and Kathleen D. Bondura, $617,500.

Hickory High Ct., 8105-Osman A. Eralp and Julie Dianne Watkins to Robert L. Thomas, $245,100.

Manahan Dr., 8777-Kathleen A. Heist to Sanghyuk Park, $345,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8347-William W. Haslup to Thang Cao Do and Hong Van T. Nguyen, $230,000.

Papillon Dr., 8849-Morgan J. Rose and Eliana Balla to Paul Zheng, $350,000.

Rosecroft Terr., 8517-Daniel A. Watts to Liem and Kim Anh Nguyen, $512,000.

Spring Showers Way, 8456-Karl E. Reuss to Patrick A. and Julie K. Kreidel, $605,000.

Trail View Dr., 8553-Michael H. Ricks to Guiqiao Li and Nan Ye, $440,000.

Wheatfield Way, 8548-Arthur S. and Stephanie L. Minsberg to Douglas Ostrowski, Theresa Caico and Robert Caico, $465,000.


Iager Blvd., 11387-Susan Lavian to Jennifer Hyonkeong Kim, $395,000.

Tawes St., 8914-Jeanna E. Crawford to James Inho Park, $530,000.


Meadow Lake Dr., 14210-Patrick and Rita Mobeka to Steven R. and Chau Whatley, $865,000.


Burntwoods Rd., 14809-Charles Thomas and Teresa Ann King to Charles Thomas King Jr., $138,000.


Florey Rd., 6001-Charles T. Larsen Jr. and Laurie C. Larson to Bradley K. Myers, $460,000.


Styer Ct., 13270-James J. Bogard and Alyssa J. Cotler to Edward S. and Jaunita Li, $703,500.


Savage Guilford Rd., 8075-Luanne and Jerry L. Rushing to Michael T. and Karin M. Brown, $515,000.


Allview Dr., 6835-Stephen R. and Lisa A. Goodman to Scott W. and Ashlee J. Hoffman, $368,000.

Cape Ann Dr., 10042-Eva H. Gonzales to Jeffrey Alan and Cynthia Praski Bolognese, $375,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7317-Henry B. and Rita B. Stern to Anne Kierstead, $211,500.

Natures Rd., 7143-Tracey and Jim Brebner to Gopi Dasariahgari and Chinnababu Gudapati, $310,000.

Quarry Bridge Ct., 9561-Susan D. White to Aziz U. Hameed, $245,000.

Strawturkey Ct., 6714-J.M. and Martha E. Sunderland to Stephen Genoff, $421,000.


Mayapple Dr., 12106-Ian Clive Smart to Paul, Christine A. and Anthony Hammond, $615,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1437-Terry L. Oland to Frank and Cathy Frager, $225,000.


Baltimore Ave., 9700-Louis A. and Johanna R. Noboa to Rian Zhang, $305,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9204-Joanne Rose Woytek to Aztec Holdings Corp., $109,990.

Daly Ct., 9312-David R. and Lisa Ann Lederman to Drew L. and Laura Walston, $275,000.

Fall Rain Dr., 10027-George A. and Mary K. Stakias to Naga and Muthusubha Shanmugam, $593,010.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9434-Vernon Gene and Donna Lee Eytchison to Jhovanny Mendoza and C.B. Fuentes Contreras, $335,000.

Harding Rd., 10664-Marilyn Taylor to Jorge F. and Elizabeth Avila, $364,900.

High Ridge Rd., 10163-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Howard County Housing Commission, $177,500.

Love Song Ct., 10018-Constantin and Maria Charalampous to Jenny and Ming Zhen, $388,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9349-Nasrin Aliasgari to Mamawa L. Kallon and Aby B. Yarmah, $341,500.

Park Ave., 9506-William and Patricia Clinton to Danyelle D. Thomas, $285,000.

Robinson Blvd., 9819-Elba Sanchez to Wengang Zhang and Yongyan Li, $225,000.

Steeple Ct., 9316-Rupinder Nagra to Doris Owusu Ansah, $305,000.


Underwood Rd., 1728-Soon H. and Pauline Hwang to Timothy L. and Debra J. Krull, $920,000.


River Valley Chase, 3196-Rani P. and Marla D. Christie to National Residential Nominee Services, $815,000.


Daisy Rd., 3033-Miriam Z. Ashery David to April Alexandra L. Steward and Richard T. Feser, $414,000.


Chambers Ct., 11155-Kenneth R. and Carole Finkelsen to Bonnie C. Hanson, $270,000.