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Drunk men try to swim in Port Orange

Local press reports that in Port Orange, Fla., as the storm passes through, not everyone is taking it seriously:

Port Orange is just south of Daytona Beach, and the whole area has been hit hard over the past few hours with flooding and high-speed winds. Emergency responders in Port Orange are now beginning to clean up downed trees and power lines. A mandatory curfew is in effect until 7 a.m. Saturday, with exceptions for people traveling for work or safety reasons.

Flash flood emergency unfolds in Carolinas as Florida begins to clean up
(National Hurricane Center)
(National Hurricane Center)

Hurricane Matthew is making its closest approach to Florida on Friday morning as a powerful Category 3 with sustained winds of 120 mph. The storm is hugging the coast as it tracks north, churning just 25 miles offshore.

Cape Canaveral has endured the strongest winds so far — a 107 mph wind gust was recorded Friday morning after an extreme wind warning was issued in the early morning hours.

Matthew is expected to continue north along the coast and reach Georgia and South Carolina by Friday night. The hurricane will continue to weaken gradually thanks to the interaction with land, but it will remain a dangerous storm with serious impacts for the coastline. A storm surge warning is in effect to the central South Carolina coast.

On Saturday night, Matthew will begin to turn east away from the coast, likely before any serious impacts reach the Outer Banks.