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‘I am pro-life not pro-Trump’

Liz Kehrman marched on Friday holding a sign that said, “I am pro-life not pro-Trump,” because she felt the two should not in any way be linked together. She said as she watched Donald Trump win the presidency, she felt more emboldened to march — something she has done for 12 years running — considering this moment an urgent one.

“This year is different because Trump is so terrible,” she said. “He is the worst standard-bearer of this platform I have ever seen. It made it so I was so not missing this.”

She said there are so many values she keeps that shouldn’t be confined to political party. She thinks of herself as a feminist, but the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington, which advocated abortion rights, make her feel unwelcome. She thinks of herself as someone who wants all people to be treated with dignity, but last year started feeling unwelcome in the Republican, too.

“Trump does not respect life in all form,” she said. “All life deserves to be treated with dignity, but he does not value women with dignity, nor the poor, nor refugees with dignity.”

Live coverage of the March for Life
People gather at the base of the Washington Monument Friday morning for the March for Life. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

After 43 years of doggedly demonstrating against abortion at the annual March for Life each January, thousands of abortion opponents are gathering Friday on the Mall with great reason for optimism. Just days into his presidency, Donald Trump has made abortion one of his first priorities in office.

With a likely eye toward rewarding voters who supported him based heavily on expectations that he would act on abortion, Trump has already revived an old policy banning U.S. funding for groups abroad that pay for abortions or provide information about abortion. On Tuesday, he signaled his intentions to nominate an antiabortion justice to the Supreme Court next week, and he has vowed more action to follow.

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