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Look at photos of protests, damage in downtown D.C.

Around 2:20 p.m. Friday, tensions between protesters and authorities escalated near 12th and K Streets NW in downtown Washington. Protesters, many in black masks with only their eyes showing, grabbed mailboxes, garbage cans and newspaper boxes and pulled them into the street. They appeared to be trying to block the streets.

At one point, a protester physically struggled with someone who looked like a member of the National Guard, each of them grabbing one side of the barricade. Others set a garbage can on fire. People climbed trees, traffic light poles and one bus shelter.

Here are some images of protesters, police and damage in the heart of the city’s business district.

Police move in on a checkpoint at 7th and D Streets NW. (Taylor Hartz/The Washington Post)
Police move past protesters at 7th and D Streets NW. (Taylor Hartz/The Washington Post)
Trash cans burn near site of protests at 13th and K Streets NW. (Justin Jouvenal/The Washington Post)
D.C. police said that the majority of protesters were peaceful. (Taylor Hartz/The Washington Post)
Windows broken at a bank in downtown Washington, at 13th and Eye Streets NW, around 10 am. (Terry Gallagher)
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