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‘All you could hear was the bullets’

Falisa Peoples-Tittle, 47, of Upper Marlboro had just finished teaching an exercise class at the YMCA and was walking to her car in the parking lot when she heard the shooting on the adjacent baseball field.

Peoples-Tittle said the gunman was a short white man who was walking slowly and exchanging fire with at least two law enforcement officers. She described him as “thick” in build.

Peoples-Tittle described the shooter’s demeanor as “very calm” and said he did not shout or say anything as the shooting unfolded.

“At first, I thought this was an exercise,” Peoples-Tittle said.

Peoples-Tittle said the shooter and law enforcement officers exchanged about 30 to 50 shots during the minute or so that she was watching. The shooter was near a set of stairs roughly 50 feet from the officers, who were firing from behind some type of barricade on one side of the baseball field.

She said the shooter occasionally ducked.

Peoples-Tittle said two or three people lay on the baseball field. She could not see any blood.

“I didn’t hear anyone screaming. They were just still on the field,” Peoples-Tittle said. “All you could hear was the bullets.”

It gradually dawned on Peoples-Tittle that this wasn’t an exercise. Then a police officer shouted at her to get down.

“When it hit me what was going on, I just lost it,” Peoples-Tittle said.

Peoples-Tittle ran to a side door of the YMCA and banged on it and was let inside. She said she told everyone to get down. They waited out the shooting.

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