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Rep. Mo Brooks gives account of shooting

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama was on CNN this morning and gave his account of the shooting.

He described hearing a loud bam, seeing a rifle and then another bam, and then hearing Rep. Steve Scalise scream. The shooter continued to fire, he said.

“He continues to fire at different people, you can imagine all the people on the field scatter. I run around to the first base side on the batting cage … and hide behind the plastic. … Gunfire continues. Heard a break in the gunfire and decided to take a chance.”

He said he applied a tourniquet to someone, though he did identify that person.

Brooks said security guards returned fire.

“There must have been 50 to 100 shots fired,” Brooks said.

Brooks said it seemed the shooter shot the security detail and then started circling around third base.

“My understanding it that’s where our security detail….still defending us, took him down. Once we got the all clear that the shooter was down, we went out to the outfield for Steve Scalise, he had crawled out in the outfield leaving a trail of blood.”

At least five people were wounded, Brooks said.

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