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Witness: Shooter yelled ‘Get out of here!’

David Thomas, 49, was getting his phone out of his car in the YMCA parking lot when the shooting began. He hid behind his car and saw the shooter in the dugout nearby. The man paced, Thomas recalled, as he aimed his rifle into the field.

“He was very agitated,” Thomas recalled. “He seemed very upset. . . . He was shouting, ‘Get out of here! Get out of here!’ ”

He never turned around, Thomas said.

Thomas saw the long black rifle and the shell casings flying around the dugout. During a pause in the gunfire, he ran behind a YMCA bus and then down the street.

Shooting at GOP congressional baseball practice in Virginia: The latest
(Peter Jamsion/The Washington Post)

Shots were fired in Alexandria, Va., this morning at a Republican congressional baseball practice. The latest as we learn it.