Summer showed its stuff this month, with seven straight days in the 90s. Yet signs can be seen that it may slowly be giving way. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Of August’s first 10 days, the last seven have been at least 90 degrees, yet signs exist in Washington that our summer has started to wane.

It was not just that the Washington Redskins played their first exhibition football game of the season Thursday night. Or that the autumn equinox is not farther in our future than the summer solstice is behind us. Or that Labor Day, which once seemed only a vague and distant date, separated from us by a long stretch of dreamy, drowsy hours, is only a little more than three weeks away.

On Saturday, August will be more than a third gone. With Friday’s end, 50 days had passed since the Summer solstice. With the 50 that came before June 21, they were the year’s 100 longest.

Now they are over; two minutes of light vanish each day.

Stores advertise back to school sales. A college student seemed in a Twitter post to have the sense of a season’s approaching end.

“Summer,” she wrote, “flew by waaaay too quick.”