Three more women have told police that they may be victims of a man who has attacked young women and teenage girls at Fairfax County shopping malls.

The attacker, who authorities said may have targeted nine women since February, comes up behind his victims and uses a box cutter or razor to slash at their buttocks, Fairfax police said. None of the victims suffered serious injuries.

Two of the newly reported incidents were in Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax in February, and the third was March 11 inside H&M at Tysons Corner Center, according to authorities.

Police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell said that the three women who recently came forward said they initially believed that a hanger or clothes had simply brushed them. They contacted police after learning about the other incidents, she said.

In most of the assaults, the man distracted the victim before slashing her, police have said. They said they think that he picks his victims at random.

The man suspected of cutting the pants of women at Fairfax County shopping malls was caught on camera walking into a Marshall's store at Greenbriar Shopping Center. (Fairfax County Police)

The known attacks began in February at Fair Oaks Mall, where five people were slashed.

Two of the incidents occurred at Tysons Corner, police said. One was reported at Marshalls at the Greenbriar Shopping Center and one at the T.J. Maxx at Fairfax Towne Center.

In the most recent attack, which occurred about 5:30 p.m. July 25, a teenager browsing at XXI Forever in Fair Oaks Mall noticed that a man behind her was bending to pick up clothes that had fallen off a rack, police said.

The 18-year-old felt a sudden pain and realized that she was bleeding, police said. The man had cut through her denim shorts and underwear, police said, and she suffered a superficial 1 1 / 2-inch wound.

The suspect, whose image has been caught on surveillance tapes, is described as a heavyset 5-foot-6 Latino in his late 20s, police said.