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(Julia Rendleman/The Washington Post)
(Julia Rendleman/The Washington Post)
But organizers announce plans for a pro-gun caravan of vehicles through Richmond in January.

D.C. man accused of trying to burn down police station pleads guilty to reduced charge

Jerritt Pace admitted to trying to light a plastic bottle with gasoline outside the 4th District station during George Floyd protests.

Distance learning may put snow days on thin ice

Some school officials are weighing plans to scale back this cherished tradition.
Temperatures head closer to 60 tomorrow. That's just a small preview of Thanksgiving's warmth.
The company, which has changed its policy, will pay $1.5 million to workers and $750,000 to the District and donate $250,000 to two D.C. charities.
For now, museums and labs can’t take the hundreds of specimens found in Baltimore.
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The incident occurred in the Langley Park area, police say.
Passengers onboard were “sheltering in place” on the train, Piringer said.

D.C. and Prince George’s County already have a 10-person cap on gatherings.
As the pandemic shrinks expectations, the mundane can deliver unexpected cheer.
The companies say they will seek a new contractor to finish building the 16-mile rail line.
Would Reagan and Thatcher have minded that a pair of mutts are named after them?
Elias Flores was shot in the head during a robbery as he renovated a house in Northeast Washington, police say.
Family and friends who had planned to gather have canceled their plans and are preparing to stay homefor a holiday in quarantine.
The most vulnerable students in Fairfax County — those with disabilities and English learners — are struggling the most.
“It’s been a hard year,” said Julie Zimmer, who started hanging her Christmas lights in October. “We’ll all have to do things to keep our spirits up, together.”
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The treehouse will come down but not until early 2024. And by then, Ellen Psychas and her husband, Bing Yee, say their girls, ages 8 and 10, will have outgrown the princesslike castle.
Colder start on Tuesday with some breezy wind chill at times, but not as windy as Monday.
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Incident occurred Thursday on Southern Avenue SE, police say.
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PM Update: Chilly again tonight, then some warming Wednesday

Temperatures head closer to 60 tomorrow. That's just a small preview of Thanksgiving's warmth.