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(Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post)
(Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post)
“It’s been a hard year,” said Julie Zimmer, who started hanging her Christmas lights in October. “We’ll all have to do things to keep our spirits up, together.”

A treehouse that divided a Capitol Hill neighborhood must come down — in 2024

The treehouse will come down but not until early 2024. And by then, Ellen Psychas and her husband, Bing Yee, say their girls, ages 8 and 10, will have outgrown the princesslike castle.

Alexandria City Public Schools switches back to online learning until early 2021

Just six students in the Northern Virginia school system had started learning in-person.
Colder start on Tuesday with some breezy wind chill at times, but not as windy as Monday.
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Incident occurred Thursday on Southern Avenue SE, police say.
Incident occurred in Langley Park area, police say.
Officials also voted to rename Matthew Maury Elementary School, whose namesake was a Confederate officer.

Amanda Robinson faces up to five years in prison after she was arrested at a Confederate-monument protest in Richmond, authorities said.
Police say it appears assailant returned to shooting scene and opened fire as victim was being loaded into an ambulance.
Health officials are discouraging travel during what is usually one of the busiest periods of the year.
Or is Thanksgiving a whole new thing to argue about?
Temperatures dip to the low 30s west and mid-30s east tonight. Even with lots of sun, it's only around 50 tomorrow.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced targeted enforcement of coronavirus restrictions in bars and restaurants this week.
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What you need to know as coronavirus cases rise in D.C.
These canine and feline monikers depended on everything from astronomy to football.
The suspect worked for the home-care services company Care With Love in Fairfax County.
The vice president elect is Black and her husband is White, making them the first interracial couple at the highest reaches of the U.S. government
Surging demand for cargo flights during the pandemic has left pilots worn out and at risk of exposure to the virus.
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The National Zoo's baby panda is named after a contest.
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D.C.-area forecast: Mixed skies and colder, but turning warmer by Thanksgiving with showers

Colder start on Tuesday with some breezy wind chill at times, but not as windy as Monday.
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