Renovations take place at the park in Franklin Square. (Matt McClain/The Post)
Renovations take place at the park in Franklin Square. (Matt McClain/The Post)

For Franklin Square to be saved, much of it and 63 trees will be destroyed

Officials hope the addition of a pavilion, fountain, art exhibit space, children’s play area and public restrooms will transform Franklin Square into a welcoming space that will no longer be just a place to wait for a bus.

Should police be in charge of traffic enforcement? In a suburb beset by racial inequities, lawmakers aren’t sure.

Black drivers are more than twice as likely to be stopped by police than White drivers in Montgomery County, Md. The jurisdiction is unique in the region for still targeting traffic enforcement in policing, though the District last year moved automated enforcement from police to the transportation department.
Yes, an Isherwood owned the land, but so did lots of other people.
Following a break in the 90s, we're headed back that direction in the days to come.
This weekend features more in the way of heat and less in the way of rain.
Friday was more than half way from solstice to equinox.
School board votes unanimously to support reopening schools with all-virtual instruction.

Maryland’s Republican governor was fighting with the state’s most liberal jurisdiction over allowing private schools to teach students in person.
A roundup of news from the Washington region.
More universities retract their reopening plans and limit on-campus housing just weeks before the first day of school.
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Angela Alsobrooks says Hogan’s plan does not protect residents in hard-hit Prince George’s County.
Firefighters were initially sent to the wrong location on a different river.
Citing a federal lawsuit’s allegations, House committee on Homeland Security wants details on how sick detainees were treated inside the Farmville facility.
Gov. Ralph Northam had asked the court to issue the moratorium through Sept. 7.
Sixteen-year-old Benjamin Thomas was hanged from a lamppost after an unproven allegation of attempted assault.
The race to succeed David Grosso (I-At Large) unleashes a wide-open field in the crucial contest.
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