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(Daniel Sangjib Min/AP)
(Daniel Sangjib Min/AP)

GOP begins vote-counting in Virginia statewide races, after a morning of delays

Counting ballots from Saturday’s convention was delayed for hours after campaigns discover hotel housekeeper entered the room where ballots were stored to set up drinks.

A rare calico lobster was rescued from a Red Lobster. It’s now headed to a Virginia exhibit.

Instead of being served with cheddar biscuits, Freckles the calico lobster will be on permanent display at the Virginia Living Museum.
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Watch your language: Further forays into the world of American words

Red up and then wash down that hot’cha with some water from the bubbler.

Ex-police chief’s daughter details terrorizing act in court filing

David Crawford sought custody of her child before alleged revenge fires, daughter says.
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PM Update: Breezy with showers overnight; improving conditions on Monday

A fast-moving cold front will drop some rain showers as most of us are sleeping.
  • 4 hours ago

Stalled payments, conflicting answers: D.C. unemployment woes trigger investigation

The city’s employment services director is expected to testify before a frustrated D.C. Council on Wednesday.

D.C.-area forecast: Quick shower possible early and late today; mostly dry and pleasant though midweek

Not gorgeous, but not bad for Mother's Day, as temperatures remain on the cool side for the middle of May.
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Restaurant incident viewed as possible hate crime, Arlington police say

An alleged nonpayment triggered confrontation with Asian employees, according to police.

For a day in the merry month of May, it was a bit breezy and chilly

We had wind, rain, low temperatures — and some sunshine, too.

Maryland governor grants posthumous pardons for 34 Black lynching victims

The pardons by Gov. Larry Hogan include one for 15-year-old Howard Cooper, who was lynched in Towson in 1885.

As convention ends, Virginia Republicans wait for governor nominee to emerge

Thousands of GOP delegates voted in Saturday’s unusual “unassembled” convention, held across the state.

Norway’s crown princess fled the Nazis with her children and lived in Maryland

They lived at Pooks Hill in Bethesda, which didn’t look like the one in “Atlantic Crossing.”

PM Update: Mild but overcast for Mother’s Day

You'll have to brighten mom's days with colorful flowers Sunday, as we won't be seeing much sunshine.
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Prince George’s man charged in January slaying in Southeast

Joshua N. Franklin, 35, of Morningside, Md., is charged with murder in the death of Andrew Session, 27, of Southeast Washington.

The moms are not all right — and maybe that’s okay for children to see

A Mother’s Day reminder for the struggling moms who need it: Even during hard times, happy childhood memories form.

Miles of George Washington Parkway will see lane reduction as part of plan to boost safety

To improve conditions, the report recommended a “road diet,” changing markings to create three travel lanes — two northbound, one southbound.

How much harm comes from taking AP exams during a pandemic?

Leading educator calls the tough tests traumatic. I say they’re motivating.

D.C.-area forecast: Feisty showers and a windy afternoon today, with cool weather into early week

Today's showers and storms could have bite in a few spots, but they're done before long. The Mother's Day showers risk is also minimal.
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PM Update: Breezy with showers overnight; improving conditions on Monday

A fast-moving cold front will drop some rain showers as most of us are sleeping.
  • 4 hours ago