Despite Northam’s credentials, some question his response to pandemic

The nation’s only physician-governor has drawn both criticism and praise for his low-key, methodical approach to the crisis in Virginia.

Why aren’t more people seeking tests in D.C.?

Demand for testing has been slow, experts say, because of a lingering sense of test scarcity, confusion about who qualifies to get one, a lack of easy access and skepticism about testing operations.
As second day of protests began in D.C., Bowser called president’s reference to “vicious dogs” a “not too subtle reminder to African Americans of the segregationists who let dogs out on women, children and innocent people in the South.”
Unruly crowds cause damage in state capital.
Saturday seemed less suggestive of a sticky summer day.
Demonstrators gathered throughout the city Saturday following tense standoffs outside the White House. The protests in the District were one of a number in cities throughout the nation following the death of Floyd during his detention by police in Minneapolis.
Police said the killing does not appear to be a random crime.

The Maryland priest will use it during his 30th anniversary Mass this week.
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A bit cooler but still spectacular weather for Sunday.
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From a command center in Warrenton, Va., a special team of experts from the Federal Aviation Administration are gathering data as part of a program that will help incorporate commercial space operations into the current national airspace system.
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