( Duane Cunningham)
( Duane Cunningham)
The ‘No Slide Zone’ signs that will soon start appearing in some neighborhoods hold a message for potential shooters: You’re hurting more than your targets.

Inside the hurricane that drove Alexander Hamilton to America

The young Founder’s evocative account of the tempest inspired people to send him to the Colonies for a formal education.
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Washington-area schools inch toward reopening plans, stirring strong emotions among parents, teachers and students

One parent said her son is “withering socially and emotionally” during online school.
Worker suffers serious injuries, according to fire department
Victim found on Central Avenue, according to police.
Staff gives cub checkups when mother leaves den.

They were tested after a member of the Executive Mansion staff had developed symptoms and received a positive test result.
It's a cool and clammy start to the weekend, but it'll turn steamier with time.
Beginning in mid-October, the airline will offer drive-through testing to its customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Metro raises concerns about the design of the critical automatic train control system.
A Charles County man was convicted of violating an emergency virus order, records show.
The ACLU of Virginia claims officials have violated for a second time a May settlement of a lawsuit over coronavirus in prisons.
The 54-year-old man was sentenced in federal court in Virginia.
Safeguards are in place to keep people from voting twice, elections officials said.
The announcement comes after city officials said the arena east of the Anacostia River wouldn’t be available.
The ballots that tens of thousands of voters have obtained online cannot be scanned directly by the state’s machines.
“It’s become this community now,” one woman said, “and that’s our community school.”
Yusef Azimi, principal of Thoreau Middle School in Vienna, was arrested Wednesday.
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