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The Education Department says states should still administer standardized exams this spring.
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Dinner with Dizzy: For years, jazz great Gillespie celebrated Thanksgiving here

Dalphine Redd’s Silver Spring, Md., house was full of music — and food.

Amid coronavirus surge, Maryland survey shows many still plan Thanksgiving travel

Local officials are pleading with residents to stay home for Thanksgiving and avoid gatherings.
Peter Newsham becomes one of several chiefs to retire or resign amid a national reckoning on race and social justice.
Days before the holiday, a 9-year-old girl and her mother stepped into a line in hopes of getting a box of food. So did about 270 other people.
The incident occurred in the Langley Park area, police say.
“We’re staring at the big battle,” a public health professor said of the rapid increase in case numbers.
Restaurant chain Medium Rare makes more than 3,000 dinners for seniors spending Thanksgiving alone.

We won't see much rain fall around here, and it's out of here early enough for most of tomorrow to be dry.
Families of students ages 9 and 11 say children were exposed to the inappropriate images.
The Thanksgiving gatherings among friends have been largely canceled because of the surge in coronavirus cases, raising fears that feelings of isolation will intensify around the holiday.
The Maryland governor said he has lost a total of 50 pounds. He dropped 30 on a formalized weight-loss plan in recent months.
He has set out an ambitious agenda to get Americans into battery-powered cars as climate change shapes his administration’s transportation policy.
Comcast will charge customers in the Northeast more if they exceed 1.2 terabytes of data in a month.
Decent outdoor weather as temperatures trend warmer today and continue above normal into the weekend.
Victim found lying in roadway on Queens Court, police say.
The chief, who has come under criticism by more liberal members of the city council, will be chief in Prince William County
The most vulnerable students in Fairfax County — those with disabilities and English learners — are struggling the most.
Students at Howard University and the University of Maryland in College Park say they want flexible grading options.
Passengers onboard were “sheltering in place” on the train, Piringer said.
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PM Update: Showers tonight into early Thanksgiving, ahead of a warm and pleasant afternoon

We won't see much rain fall around here, and it's out of here early enough for most of tomorrow to be dry.