D.C., Md. & Va.

Officials in the District, Maryland and Fairfax County, Va., say it may be too late to safely mail ballots.

Daily coronavirus caseload surpasses 2,000 in D.C. region again, as infection rates continue to rise

The average is the highest in the region since Aug. 8 and mirrors a national increase.

D.C. voting guide: What to know about early voting, mail-in ballots

Answering questions about voting in the D.C. election and the deadlines voters need to know.
Skies gradually clear Friday. Sunny, chilly weather for Halloween.
Three governors declare region can be a hub for energy from ocean breezes.
The family of Karon Hylton, 20, and the community demanded details of the police encounter that ended in Hylton’s death.
With socially distant parades, scavenger hunts and candy chutes, the coronavirus has shifted how families are celebrating without traditional trick-or-treating.
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Answering questions about Maryland early voting, mailed ballots and voting on Election Day.

After resisting calls to remove the Confederate general’s statue, Virginia Military Institute reversed course Thursday as pressure builds to change the climate on campus
“How could I have been duped this way?” says one victim, a psychotherapist in Montgomery County.
Virginia State Police are continuing to investigate Monday morning robbery and shooting.
The recent departures of two officials and a summer of protests over racial justice has spurred the private school into action. Some question how long the commitment will last.
The killing occurred on 75th Avenue, police said.
A political action committee sent out text messages to voters misconstruing Biden’s response to suggest he had “endorsed sex change operations for children as young as 8,” which is not true.
The aviation industry sees testing as a key strategy for restarting travel — particularly international travel, which has been hardest hit as countries have closed borders and imposed strict quarantines.
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Eric Sopp's mother called police last November because her son left the house in a car, drunk. Soon after, a Baltimore County officer shot him dead as he emerged from his car with no weapon.
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The Post asked three public health experts what they planned to do for the Thanksgiving holiday, how they will make those decisions and what precautions they will take against the coronavirus.
Daniel Swain was charged with trespassing and failing to comply with health emergency. He says he ‘feels disenfranchised.’
Frustrated protesters smashed the glass front door to the Fourth District station and screamed “Justice for Karon.”
Karon Hylton’s moped was struck by a vehicle as police tried to pull him over.
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Updated forecast: Zeta’s rain rapidly exiting D.C. area after one to three inches, but more showers overnight.

Skies gradually clear Friday. Sunny, chilly weather for Halloween.