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(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
A flamboyant candidate in the style of Trump faces a more cautious veteran legislator in what could be a growing GOP field.

A fight for forest equity in Southeast D.C. takes on new urgency amid pandemic

Ward 8 has more than 500 acres of forest, but few trails. An environmental organization is fighting to give the city’s poorest residents equal access to nature.
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I-66 is expanding amid a pandemic, and toll lanes are two years away. Commuters already are seeing the changes.

The multibillion dollar project will deliver the latest addition to the region’s growing network of express lanes.
This scam, with a link to Fairfax County, is among the exploding number or such ruses carried out by people who claim to be police or federal agents.
Psychiatrist Jerrold M. Post analyzed everyone from Menachem Begin to Saddam Hussein at the CIA. In a 2019 book, he analyzed Trump, too.
New studies show charters are underfunded despite academic successes.
Traffic backs up in Stafford County after crash, police say.
Wind chills struggle to get into the 40s today. Actual temperatures turn colder through the next few days.

Car crash was reported, but victim had a gunshot wound, police say.
The suspect had served 10 years in prison before joining Cure the Streets
“A big milestone” for young cub with the Mandarin name.
Police said 8,000 calls were received from Nov. 25 to Thursday.
The transit agency has proposed severe service cuts, including no weekend rail service, due to a nearly $500 million projected deficit.
Removing the test could result in a more socioeconomically diverse freshman class.
The Richmond politician says the charges, which stem from a visit he made to a Church Hill precinct in 2019, are unfounded.
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Here's what to know about President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration day, including who may attend (will President Trump be there?) and how to get tickets.
Prosecutors say the altered document by Kevin Clinesmith in the Carter Page surveillance warrant “fueled public distrust of the FBI.”
The plan calls for 95 percent of patients to achieve viral supression and start treatment the day they test positive.
It would be the first snow in 11 months.
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D.C.-area forecast: Last night’s storm races away, leaving us with chilly and windy conditions

Wind chills struggle to get into the 40s today. Actual temperatures turn colder through the next few days.