Boy who falsely shouted that an active shooter was present set off Ballston Quarter panic

Patrons fled the suburban Washington entertainment district as police locked down a movie theater and the surrounding area and began a systematic search.

A prosecutor said he would recommend that Rayful Edmond III get time served for cooperating

The government instead recommended that the drug kingpin’s life term be reduced to 40 years for helping prosecutors understand the workings of the drug trade and convict about 100 other dealers.
Nasreen Alkhateeb was struck by a car last year in a Whole Foods parking garage. (Andre Chung for The Post)
Nasreen Alkhateeb was struck by a car last year in a Whole Foods parking garage. (Andre Chung for The Post)

Being struck by a car changed how this filmmaker sees her own story and the ones she wants to tell

Nasreen Alkhateeb didn’t give much thought to how disabilities are portrayed on screen — until she was clinging to the hood of a car and her foot hit the pavement.

The 26 students love dogs, eating pizza and reading Jeff Kinney’s books.

The Arizona Democrat and former congresswoman, who survived an assassination attempt, is making a return trip to the state.

Police arrived but said it remained unclear what prompted reports of a threat.

The victim was found after gunshots were reported.

Trixie and Clementine are “mini marvels” who live in the Small Mammal House.

Some categories of crime — notably homicide — have increased substantially over this time last year.

The plan has sharply divided the community.

Aris Eduardo Lobo-Perez, 18, was arrested hours earlier for public intoxication.

The city faltered in handling complaints about the home where a blaze killed a 9-year-old boy and a man.

The backlash shows no signs of waning in suburbs critical to control of the legislature.

Showers and storms may move through from early-mid evening, but Sunday turns out brighter and warmer.

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For 20 years, a unique research vessel from Washington sailed the seven seas.

The high-occupancy toll lanes will replace the HOV-3 lanes on Interstate 395 in Northern Virginia.

The new guidance comes about a week after three couples filed a federal lawsuit alleging the required disclosure of race is unconstitutional.

A Republican Senate staffer has appealed the state’s strict concealed-carry law, saying he must protect himself against people who don’t like the president.

A hit-or-miss raindrop is possible either day. It turns hotter again Monday.

No cause known for death of 18-year-old.

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