The Past, Rediscovered
In 1872, the 18th president of the United States was apprehended at 13th and M Streets NW for speeding on his horse.
This time the goal is not just to slim down but to work toward getting a specific item removed from the D.C. Department of Health website: “More than half of all adults living in D.C. are overweight or obese.”
Chris Murray spots a bird during the annual Christmas Bird Count at Battery Kemble Park. (Salwan Georges/The Post)
Chris Murray spots a bird during the annual Christmas Bird Count at Battery Kemble Park. (Salwan Georges/The Post)
“This is where we find out who the real birders are every year,” said Chris Murray, president of the D.C. Audubon Society.

Bill would also increase penalties for bump stocks and large-capacity gun magazines.

Fairfax County in Virginia became the latest to join an expansion into the suburbs.

After widespread amounts of 3 to 4 inches, the rain should end by this evening.

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The well-preserved tomb belongs to a royal priest named Wahtye and is filled with drawings of his family.

Police said Curtis Davis was fatally shot in the 1100 block of 1st Street NW.

Area residents show resourcefulness, resentment at another rainy day.

Emily Butler was found dead in her cell from apparent suicide in November 2017.

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Mr. Conklin’s design of the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue helped revive the Penn Quarter neighborhood.

East of the Anacostia River “a lot of folks . . . are not even aware of these scooters”

An unprecedented series of heavy rain events helped make history.

Avoid driving routes near creeks and streams, which are overflowing in some areas.

Some said the new name lacks imagination.

The polarizing figure announced his retreat as Republicans pondered how to end a losing streak.

The youngster lost by a single vote. Here's what Hillary Clinton told her.

The man who has not yet been identified, was found Saturday with trauma to his upper body.

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Stephen Benson knows what it’s like to wield, and wear, handcuffs.

Shooting was in Anne Aroundel County, Md.

ODU economists find five straight quarters of growth for Virginia, but warn that federal deficits and dysfunction are a threat.

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