With at least 19 shot in 5 days, D.C. seeks to quell gun violence

Amid a blistering heat wave, police were called to crime scene after crime scene, finding dead and wounded victims in homes, at hospitals and on the streets.

Dispute involving children led to fatal shooting of 11-year-old boy, police say

A confrontation that led to Karon Brown’s death came after of a series of fights, the alleged shooter told D.C. police.
Capital Weather Gang

Showers and storms are likely this evening into Tuesday

Once evening storm risks wane, additional rounds of showers and perhaps some rumbles are likely through the night.

No cooperation with ICE: Montgomery’s new ban is strongest in D.C. region

An executive order signed Monday in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction prohibits executive-branch departments from, among other things, using local government resources to assist federal agents in civil immigration investigations.
Gamers compete this month in Vancouver, B.C. (Bloomberg News)
Gamers compete this month in Vancouver, B.C. (Bloomberg News)

Coming to a high school near you: The brave new world of esports

Virginia just became the latest state to embrace competitive high school video gaming. Yes, parents. Those late-night sessions are like running laps and doing reps.

Weather Service predicts high temperatures in the upper 70s for the District on Tuesday

The incident occurred near the C&O Canal towpath.

The complaints allege segregation and a lack of support in Kanawha County.

A suspect was tracked down by police dogs and is under arrest.

A Maryland man was arrested in Philadelphia in the July 15 killing in District Heights, police said

Doppler radar caught invisible, damaging currents of air in the act.

Park Police on Monday identified the woman as Rachel Parkerson of Severn, Md.

Decades of service at the Man Alive treatment center in Baltimore was abruptly halted when a man demanding methadone walked into the center and opened fire.

The victim was found in the Triangle area Saturday night, police said.

Delwaun Lyons, 23, was slain in Southeast.

Police are investigating the Friday night incident.

Why a bill promoting auxiliary dwelling units in Montgomery County has elicited vocal backlash.

The 59-year-old woman collided with a vehicle in Frederick County, Md.

Authorities said Brandon Cohen called 911 and said he’d killed his grandfather.

They received the no-cost tickets through a partnership between the UniverSoul Circus and local churches, synagogues and mosques.

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