As unrest grows, officials try to separate protesters from vandals. It’s not a simple task.

Aggressive police tactics can push otherwise peaceful protesters to respond in kind, while others come prepared for destruction.
Police at a shop in Georgetown on Monday. (Amanda Voisard for The Post)
Police at a shop in Georgetown on Monday. (Amanda Voisard for The Post)

Where riots raged decades ago, shopkeepers again clean up shattered glass

It has been decades since Washington has been the stage for the kind of chaos that unfolded over the weekend: car fires, police in riot gear, sprawling crowds of protesters and mobs of looters.
The protesters cheered this morning as homeowner Rahul Dubey, 44, emerged from his rowhouse.
A fourth night of protests in the nation's capital ended with arrests after law enforcement swept a peaceful protest from Lafayette Square ahead of President Trump's visit to St. John's church.
The monolith commemorates the mustering of Alexandria citizens at the start of the Civil War.
Salisbury Mayor Jake Day takes leave of absence this week ahead of year-long deployment in Africa.
For this year’s primary — during a pandemic — city encouraged residents to vote by mail.

Nominees for Baltimore mayor and all eight congressional seats are on the ballot
A warm front moves through today, touching off a shower or two before ushering in warm and muggy conditions.
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Rubber bullets and chemical gas were fired at demonstrators in Lafayette Park as the president spoke in the Rose Garden.
The car left Suitland Road and struck a pole late Sunday night, according to police.
The victim was fatally shot in Riverdale on Sunday.
After hours of largely peaceful protests Sunday, there was looting and vandalism in many neighborhoods.
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