D.C., Md. & Va.

(Carlos Barria/Reuters)
(Carlos Barria/Reuters)
The groups will escort their respective graduates during Wednesday’s events.

Student accused of stealing sign in Capitol welcomed ‘INFAMY’ on Instagram, FBI says

“INFAMY IS JUST AS GOOD AS FAME,” the college student wrote above a mirror photo posted to Instagram either the day of the Capitol riot or the day after, according to the FBI. “EITHER WAY I END UP MORE KNOWN. XOXO”

This teacher was called to protect the U.S. Capitol as a National Guard member. He now holds class from a Humvee.

“I would rather teach the class, even if that means I’m very tired,” said D.C. National Guard Sgt. Jacob Kohut, who teaches class on his breaks.
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With Washington on high alert since the Capitol breach, a small fire stopped the proceedings.
As coronavirus pandemic intensifies, many colleges are starting classes online.
Even after electoral college vote, GOP congressmen and others bow to Trump’s fantasy that election was somehow invalid.
It’s not often you’ll see a 7-day forecast in mid-January this quiet.
Secret Service and Park Police issued reminder about Monday holiday.

Arrests come as authorities hope to head off further violence around Joe Biden's inauguration.
Muriel Bowser told Americans to stay home during the inauguration. As always, she pushed for D.C. statehood.
Latest arrests in Capitol riot also include Albany, N.Y. man and cousins from Texas, Louisiana.
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The quiet Sunday brought little relief to a city on edge from the deadly attack on the Capitol. Each day leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden comes with fear of additional violence and ever more security.
Tame and seasonable conditions continue for the start of inauguration week.
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Both individuals were stopped near checkpoints that are part of an unprecedented inauguration security zone.
Cold, wet and covered in mud is no way to go through life.
“I would dare say we have the best reopening plan anywhere in the country,” Bowser said.
Northeast Regional trains will end their trips at Union Station on Tuesday and Wednesday, skipping the stations in Virginia.
Today should be a lot like yesterday, but with more of a breeze. We're slightly cooler tomorrow and even breezier by the afternoon.
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Two groups may be allowed to protest inside the secure zone with a Park Service permit, as legal experts caution against government overreach.
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D.C.-area forecast: Chilly weather all week long but little precipitation

It’s not often you’ll see a 7-day forecast in mid-January this quiet.