Northern Va. cases ebb as numbers hit record highs elsewhere

As the commonwealth’s trend lines diverge, health officials are dealing with a continued spike in cases in the Hampton Roads region.

Two D.C.-area restaurant employees were assaulted after enforcing mask rules. Others worry they will be next.

As businesses reopen, retail and restaurant workers find themselves on the front lines of the coronavirus culture war.
A scene from one of the taped performances broadcast during the gala. (Courtesy of the Washington Ballet)
A scene from one of the taped performances broadcast during the gala. (Courtesy of the Washington Ballet)

The Washington Ballet thought a virtual fundraiser was safe. But it still may have put artists at risk.

The fallout is a lesson for other arts groups. They must build trust to reopen.

Yes, even in small, single-stoplight towns they’re saying his name

Across America, citizens continue going out into their streets to remember George Floyd, swelling what may be the largest protest movement the United States has ever seen.
“You can’t take pictures of something if you’re not where it is,” said the author of a new memoir.
Police also identify Northwest man killed Friday in possible robbery attempt.
Police said two victims were shot and one suffered blunt force trauma.
In the Baltimore area, some businesses have been affected more than others and are taking a variety of approaches to manage the shortage.
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Authorities have identified a third vehicle involved in the fatal crash June 27.

A man was fatally shot Sunday morning in a residence on Breezewood Terrace in Greenbelt, Md., police said.
The revelation came as prosecutors told a judge they planned to seek an indictment against Tyler Timberlake from a grand jury.
Language barriers, lack of in-person help from case workers and job woes mean some refugees continue to struggle.
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Mugginess and afternoon storm chances also increase as the week wears on.
The timing of the planned switch has little to do with Native Americans.
There will be blood: I’ve never experienced a Washington summer without being bitten.
Officials say the shooting happened as the train approached Mount Vernon station.
Shower and storm chances will gradually increase through Monday morning.
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