Prosecutors say Daron Wint was flush with cash after the crimes, going to New York and taking his fiancée on a shopping spree with wads of $100 bills, the same denomination as the cash delivered as ransom. Wint’s public defenders contend their client was set up.
Officials have declared the five dogs, which attacked a foxhound and its owner, to be “dangerous.”
(The Washington Post)
(The Washington Post)
Most mothers are as nocturnal as raccoons. In fact, I haven’t slept since 2004. And I know how to get stuff done.

The letter urges the board to reconsider, saying eliminating the RAC would "undermine the strides Metro has made" and decrease transparency.

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Here’s what Washington would have looked like in L’Enfant’s day — and in his imagination.

The man attempted to cross over the southbound lanes of Landover Road when his car struck another, police said.

Manassas police said the threats were made via social media against Osbourn High and Baldwin Elementary schools.

The injuries are not life-threatening, officials said.

Eight teams from across the country participated in a bell ringing competition on Oct. 20 at the Washington National Cathedral in D.C.

Riders on Metro's Blue and Red lines should expect delays for Monday morning.

Lots of sunshine this week and somewhat cooler than normal temperatures.

Authorities suspect medical emergency.

Tech firms and carmakers are staking claims from San Francisco to Boston, as cities become the focus of the self-driving rollout.

Police presence to be increased today.

Unclear how canine became confined.

His organization supports more than 75,000 dollhouse-size exchanges around the world.

For the region, temperatures will fall close to the freezing mark, making this the coldest night in the D.C. area since late April.

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How four Democratic women in Virginia aim to spark a blue surge.

The school system charges $455 per credit, which the group and students argue is too burdensome for some families.

Volunteers fear the center is shifting from farm programs to more equestrian activities.

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