A bear was spotted roaming the streets of Kentlands in Gaithersburg early Wednesday, and then again, apparently almost 12 hours later.

At 6:32 a.m, police responded to a report of a bear sighting on Quince Orchard Road and Darnestown Road. According to the Gaithersburg police department, officers tried to find the bear, but were advised by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to leave the animal alone and let it find its way back to its natural habitat.

The bear was spotted later in the day in a picture posted on Twitter, with a time stamp of 5:38 p.m.

Bear sightings are not uncommon at this time of year, the natural resources department said. The sightings tend to peak in late June and early July, but can continue throughout the summer. Around this time of year, young bears leave their mothers to find territories of their own, sometimes traveling 100 miles or more, according to Harry Spiker, the DNR's game mammal section leader.

The DNR advises people who see a bear to give it space. People should not approach it or allow it to be fed, cornered or surrounded. All food sources, such as trash cans, should be removed. Bears can also be scared away by making noise, such as yelling or banging pots and pans.

Those who see a bear can contact DNR at 410-260-8540. For after-hour emergencies, call 410-260-8888.