Lions, tigers and bears — oh my!

So there were no lions or tigers, but there was a sighting of a black bear in Northern Virginia.

The black bear was seen in the area of the Belmont Country Club and Ashburn Village in Ashburn, in what local police called a “rare sighting.”

A video posted Sunday showed the bear walking through light snow and around a car outside a home. It doesn’t appear to find anything and goes back through the yard and past a white picket fence.

On Twitter, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office warned that while black bears are not aggressive, area residents should do two things: keep your distance and “bear proof your property.”

This spring, a 100-pound black bear was spotted along Route 15 in Frederick, Md. And last year, a black bear was seen in the Centreville and Fair Lakes area of Fairfax County.

Black bears are common throughout Virginia but not seen often in more densely populated areas.

Area residents are reminded to do the following at their homes:

— Secure your trash in tight containers that bears can’t get into. Or even better, keep it in a secure building, inside.

— Don’t put meat scraps in a compost pile.

— Clean your grill.

— Don’t leave food for pets outside.

— Ask your neighbors to follow these recommendations, too.

Typically, if bears can’t find food around homes, they move on in search of more natural, wild food.