It is probably too early for an explanation, but Saturday in the District seemed to be a day of robberies with an unusually diverse set of weapons, neighborhoods and getaway methods.

They involved guns and at least one knife. A bike, a scooter and a car helped robbers flee in neighborhoods across the city.

One of the latest robberies, according to preliminary accounts, came about 11 p.m. near the bustling corner of 13th and U streets NW. Three men grabbed property and fled, apparently on foot. Two hours earlier, on Smith Place SE, a man on a scooter had joined two others in a robbery.

A teenager wearing Air Jordan sneakers robbed someone about 8:30 p.m. on Galveston Place SW.

Shortly after midnight, as many as a dozen people reportedly took part in a robbery near the Calvert Street NW bridge. About that time, someone on a bike carried a gun in a robbery near 10th and U streets.

Robbers on Morris Road SE showed guns before fleeing in a car. A knife was used at 11th and Kenyon Streets NW.