Bullwinkle, an old and arthritic steer found himself stuck in the mud on Monday and appeared exhausted after finally being extricated. (Courtesy of Anne Shroeder/ Star Gazing Farm)

In Montgomery County, there lives an aging and arthritic steer who prompted concern Monday after getting stuck for hours in the mud.

The steer, named Bullwinkle, weighs about a ton and apparently got stuck after heavy overnight rain, according to Anne Shroeder, who operates Star Gazing Farm, an animal sanctuary in the upper part of Montgomery.

Probably a cross between the Holstein and Brown Swiss breeds, he is about 14 1 / 2 years old and has spent almost all that time at the Maryland farm in the Boyds area, Shroeder said.

The county fire and rescue service worked for three hours with cables and straps to free Bullwinkle, said Pete Piringer, the service’s spokesman.

But apparently exhausted by his earlier efforts to get free, he could not stand, Piringer said. Shroeder said Bullwinkle was later moved to drier land, and she planned to camp out near him Monday night to watch over him.

On a very hot day Bullwinkle, an arthritic steer, was extricated from mud in Montgomery County, Md. But he was not immediately able to stand, authorities said. (Montgomery County Fire and Rescue photo)