The man accused of shooting and killing two people in Olney in 2011 will plead not criminally responsible at his trial, his lawyer told Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Cheryl A. McCally Thursday.

No trial date has been set for Rohan Goodlett, 37, who was arrested in March 2011 and charged with shooting and killing two people three days apart: Punyasara W. Palkumbure Gedara, 41, and Goodlett’s 81-year-old neighbor, Nazir Ahmed.

Previously, Goodlett was ruled incompetent to stand trial, but that ruling was reversed in May. He will be evaluated to determine whether he was criminally responsible at the time of the killings. He will enter his plea at a hearing that has been set for September, according to his lawyer, Mary Siegfried.

Goodlett is being held at a psychiatric hospital in Jessup.

He was involuntarily committed there in October 2011, after allegedly attacking a fellow inmate, and later, a correctional officer. Last week, a grand jury indicted Goodlett on two counts of first-degree assault in those cases.

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