What is so rare, a poet once asked, as a day in June, and if we were to search for rarity in June in Washington thus far, we might note how little rain has fallen here.

As of late Friday, with the first full week of June only hours from its end, the official rainfall figure for the month here is 2 / 100 of an inch.

That figure seems puny for a city that only last year set a record for wetness. The total precipitation in the city for 2018 was 66.28 inches. That is more than an inch a week.

With 18.05 inches of rain reported at Reagan National Airport so far this year, we have had 1.21 inches more than normal, according to the Weather Service.

So despite the paucity of drip, drizzle and downpour thus far in June, we remain relatively unparched and seem unlikely to soon resemble a desert.