These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Alfred St. N., 813-JB Associates II Corp. to Charles E. Thomas III, $860,000.

Ashby St., 318, No. C-Bank of America to Blue Home Ventures Corp., $144,900.

Braddock Pl., 1200, No. 615-John A. Durant to Daniel E. Fraley, $385,000.

Cambridge Rd., 303-Michael R. Nixon and Gerardo F. Rivera to Matthew M. Breslin, $731,150.

Cliff St. N., 1757-Joshua L. Golden to Edward T. Skirbunt and Kristine M. Ellison, $475,000.

Columbus St. N., 834-JB Associates II Corp. to Kevin M. Saupp, $793,825.

Dearborn Pl., 3602-Eugene J. Toni to Thomas M. Hunter, $635,000.

Edsall Rd., 6101, No. 201-Phyllis E. Riedler to Traci L. Templer, $197,000.

Eisenhower Ave., 3833-Pennymac Corp. to Anton Fionov, $435,900.

Fayette St. N., 525, No. 420-Fayette Street Condos Corp. to John K. Billingsley, $339,000.

First St., 635, No. 203-Dwight C. Fulton to Nancy J. Appleby, $700,000.

Gordon St. S., 34-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Danielle Rothrock, $297,000.

Hickory St., 2920-Charles R. Mann to Emlak Investors Corp., $320,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5340, No. 715-Louise Nyce to Xiang Zhang, $189,500.

Jamieson Ave., 2181, No. 1807-Edward J. McKinney to Gordon Soper, $935,000.

Laverne Ave., 315, No. A-Colin S. McElwain to Clare Cherkasky, $439,000.

Linden St. E., 24-Jason M. Conley to Rachel Spehler, $535,000.

Maris Ave., 5121, No. 300-Rachael Warren Feiertag to Margaret D. Midyette, $250,000.

Montgomery St., 802-JB Associates II Corp. to Douglas C. Sumerfield, $651,915.

Newcomb Pl., 4710-Michael J. Stack to Andrew L. Ridenour, $795,000.

Pocosin Lane, 5272-Ruben Hernandez to Mark R. Brzezinski, $700,000.

Royal St. S., 801-Lisa H. Jankowski to Michael L. Doxey, $901,000.

Sanborn Pl., 110-Michael J. Carroll to Matthew A. Markham, $533,000.

Sycamore St., 2916-Joseph A. Chapman to Blair E. Sondker, $413,500.

Watkins Mill Dr., 3832-Christopher D. Holmes to Matias Palavecino, $590,000.

Wolfe St., 22-Bank of New York Mellon to Helmut G. Mertins Sr., $2.12 million.

Yoakum Pkwy., 203, No. 906-Lafayette Federal Credit Union to Jennifer B. Muse, $180,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 307, No. 1206-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sherrita Barkley, $196,000.


Armistead St. N., 670-James Taylor to Sara Nebiyeloul, $385,035.

Mayflower Ct., 5915, No. 304-Gale Baker to Storie K. Olsen, $135,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arlington Blvd., 2511, No. 27-Christopher M. Jaarda to Thomas G. and Elizabeth A. Rice, $250,500.

Barton St. N., 246-JLS Investments Corp. to John Michael and Stephanie Ward Cibinic, $999,000.

Brandywine St. N., 2168-Scott H. Rome and Midori J. Hargrave to Brian D. Skelly and Caroline J. Ball, $467,000.

Clarendon Blvd., 2400, No. 908-Sara and Zachary Leiner to Jonathan E. Vespa and Kimberly S. Murphy, $395,000.

Columbus St. N., 3313-Jon F. Mains and Maxine Sardinia to BCN Ventures 1 Corp., $685,000.

Danville St. N., 741-Rita I. Svarcas to Benjamin F. Abbott, $654,500.

Edison St. N., 412-Tyler Rosen and Liana Wyler to Steven and Kris L. Angerthal, $619,000.

Fairfax Dr., 6932, No. 202-Pramita Moni Sengupta and Jeffrey Breinholt to Aron Wedekind and Kassia Omohundro, $360,800.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 721-Tracey E. Byrd to Lloyd B. and Diana Osafo, $220,000.

Garfield St. N., 1201, No. 210-Patricia Barr Straughn and Christine M. Barr to Jonathan and Rebecca Dipasquale, $500,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 851, No. 619-Ada L. Loo to Leonard Pick, $526,000.

Highland St. N., 1020, No. 310-Brian D. Crawford and Liliam H. Jara Apaza to Maria M. Kosova, $556,000.

John Marshall Dr., 2712-Patrice C. Ashcroft and Diane L. McCurdy to Spiros and Andrea Komis, $625,000.

Lee Hwy., 5566, No. C-62-Beth H. Driver to Elizabeth Ayers, $260,000.

Pollard St. N., 820, No. 501-Lina Ghadir Ahearn to Aparna Darisipudi, $500,000.

Powhatan St. N., 3439-Brad Alan and Suzanne C. Murphy to Alicia N. Fuller, $635,000.

Randolph St. N., 1000, No. 802-Nectar Projects Inc. to Dynamic Capital Corp., $336,100.

Spout Run Pkwy., 3000, No. B412-Anne Marie Kelly and Duane G. Merrill Jr. to David Anthony and Lourdes Z. Horton, $285,000.

Stafford St. N., 900, No. 2625-Estate of Vanja Svensson Huth and Christina M. Higgins to Suleman Qazi, $725,000.

Taylor St. S., 1610-Robert A. Ayers Jr. to David W. and Rebecca L. Jenkins, $545,000.

Thomas St. N., 416-Buckingham Commons Corp. to Joseph R. and Diana A. Campa, $680,750.

Utah St. N., 2311-Mary Angela Garcia and Douglas A. Lathrop to Jeremy Wilson and Tuan Khanh Dinh Le, $720,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 1312-Maria Elena Fernandez to Leslie J. Girard, $290,000.

First St. S., 2600-Niva and Ashish Barua to Razia Sultana, $323,000.

Third St. S., 4663-Classic Cottages Corp. to George O. and Jeanne K. Driscoll, $650,000.

Fifth St. S., 3601, No. 208-Barbara K. Green and Sydney A. Winslow to Irma Matias, $100,000.

Eighth St. S., 5518-Elizabeth A. Turpin trust to Monica Stapleton, $237,000.

11th St. S., 5181-Andrew A. Cruikshank to Michael A. Bernhard and Mary B. Papadakis, $427,000.

14th St. S., 3711-Joahus L. and Raquel Rogers to Casey J. and Richard Robinson, $500,000.

17th St. N., 4726-Cynthia A. Santelli to Lee H. Davis, $645,000.

21st Rd. N., 4762-Trent A. Nichols and estate of Margo Jane Nichols to Charles Garrison, $441,000.

25th Rd. N., 5722-Gregory E. Neppl to Gareth H. McGuinness, $597,800.

27th St. N., 6233-Bryan L. Clark to Brian W. Butler, $780,000.

39th St. N., 4213-Young Lee and David Flanagan to Christine and Erik Maginnis, $840,000.


Glebe Rd. S., 3650, No. 366-Comstock Potomac Yard Corp. to David W. Rosenthal, $359,900.

26th Pl. S., 750-Thomas M. and Wendy C. Haas to Steven N. and Jessica H. Panfil, $1.11 million.


Greenbrier St. N., 2203-Crest Development Corp. to Irfan Qaiyumi, $1.35 million.

Inglewood St. N., 2016-Robert J. and Selma S. Lynch to Scott H. and Midori H. Rome, $739,000.

Lebanon St. N., 960-Carolina M. Heavner to Karen Yankosky, $630,000.

12th St. N., 6349-Kevin C. Pflaging to Adam M. Schwaber and Stephanie D. Wilson, $570,000.

22nd St. N., 5708-Daniel S. Peale to Nathan H. and Jennifer L. Miller, $811,000.


Nash St. N., 1200, No. 205-Gregory N. Priddy to Peter A. Milone, $250,000.

Oak St. N., 1600, No. 933-Francis L. and Tia M. Mace to Gregory N. Priddy, $535,000.

21st Ct. N., 1556-John Murray to Embree C. Hunnicutt Jr., $849,900.


Buchanan St. S., 2859-Christopher T. Houchin to Adam Pfau, $396,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3046-Vicky J. Stallsworth to Cheryl L. Heskett, $475,000.

Wakefield St. S., 3373, No. B-Roger C. Nottingham and Helene Vonnegut to Craig A. and Shannon L. Tieman, $424,000.

Woodstock St. S., 2929A, No. 1-R. Anne Wilkinson to Lauren C. Kinney and Jacqueline C. Kinney, $305,000.

28th St. S., 4885, No. A-Virginia B. McGee to Lindsay M. Webster, $377,400.

36th St. S., 4316-Uri and Judith Arkin to Joel Churches, $416,000.