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Alexandria and Arlington home sales

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These sales data were recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments.

Alexandria Ave. W., 103-James M. Wells to Patrick E. Kelly, $780,000.

Armistead St. N., 401-Bunthoeun Thou to Larisa Y. Shelt, $136,000.

Bashford Lane, 500, No. 3313-HSBC Bank to David A. Weiskopf, $240,000.

Braxton Pl., 700-William S. Lind to John Patrick, $491,500.

Burke Ave., 2301-Sheila A. Kelly to Christopher J. Albritton, $550,000.

Caton Ave. W., 8- West Caton Corp. to Simul Parikh, $520,000.

Columbus St. N., 718-King Street Properties to Eris Bodley, $595,000.

Dartmouth Rd., 1226-Christopher M. Cutler to Roberta W. Massiah, $660,000.

Davis Ave., 2607-Alan A. Margarella to Christopher D. Van Blarcum, $859,000.

Edsall Rd., 6141G-Venus Properties Corp. to Luis Malave, $165,000.

Edsall Rd., 6250, No. 203-Joseph M. Piljay to Ryan W. Kirkpatrick, $170,000.

Fayette St. N., 713-Craig P. and Lawton P. Cummings to Todd A. Browne, $95,000.

Glendale Ave. E., 538-Anne C. Downey to John P. Markey and Stephanie Marie Gleason, $420,000.

Gretna Green Ct., 248-Residential Value Corp. to David L. Jupiter and Franziska E. Gelhaus, $457,000.

Gunston Rd., 3414-Michele K. Shea to Daniel H. Jones, $210,000.

Helmuth Lane, 323-Darlene G. Hopkins to Samuel E. Poindexter, $564,000.

Holland Lane, 309, No. 119-Brian Anderson to Anthony T. Felthous, $430,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5367-John E. Broughton to Joseph C. Swanson, $467,500.

Howell Ave. E., 22A-George R. Bogart to Matthew C. Burge, $550,000.

Jamieson Ave., 2181, No. 801-Ronald L. Geer to Daria L. Darnell, $470,000.

King St., 3119-Owen D. Young to Ryan Flanery and Tiffany Miller, $441,000.

Lambert Dr., 4634-John P. Stevens to Edward H. Johnson, $625,000.

Lee St. N., 115, No. 502-Diana R. Fox to Donna J. Fleming, $600,000.

Madison St., 400, No. 901-Stephen C. Scott to Dorothea H. Tostanoski, $520,000.

Martin Lane, 165-David Biggins to Rita I. Sullivan, $490,000.

Mosby St., 2901-Chickasaka Corp. to Jeffrey West and Kimberly Schrader, $445,000.

Murtha St., 261-Dale Dekinder to Marvin T. Branan, $700,000.

Overlook Dr. N., 512-Thomas M. Stimson to Timothy R. Shephard, $875,000.

Page Terr., 2408-Rosa L. Ford to Timothy Goobic, $587,500.

Payne St. S., 400-Rafal Mlawski to Heidi E. Cornell, $775,000.

Pitt St. N., 1109, No. 1B-Lisa D. Thayer to Kevin M. Dixon, $310,000.

Pitt St. S., 632-Duane R. Deason to Brenda Doherty, $1.42 million.

Powhatan St., 1120-Melody Jensen to Megan L. Greer, $485,000.

Reed Ave. E., 181, No. 311-Ahmet C. Bayazit to Mark Bui, $383,500.

Russell Rd., 9B-Nolan Properties Inc. to Brian M. Leigh, $254,000.

Seminary Rd., 5187-Jack A. Albright to Roberto A. Orihuela, $330,000.

Stevenson Ave., 6300, No. 522-Nathan Sleeter to Harold J. Guillen and Perry L. Warren, $185,715.

Strutfield Lane, 4550, No. 2203-Jeffrey W. Staker to Glen M. Lambinicio, $260,000.

Talbot Pl., 5100-Ethel Anne Auten to Cesar G. Saba, $447,500.

Upland Pl., 735-Adam R. Weiss to Geoffrey S. Abel, $537,500.

Van Dorn St. S., 60, No. 111-Fannie Mae to Galina B. Belcheva, $142,500.

Watkins Mill Dr., 3863-Beth A. Mann to Jonathan R. Marx, $455,000.

Windsor Ave. W., 602-Wendy R. Taylor to John E. Kiesner, $759,000.

Wyndham Cir., 3313, No. 4207-Suburban Property Inc. to Prasad S. and Nishant Surapaneni, $230,000.


These sales data were recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments.


Adams St. N., 2030, No. 507-Mary Margaret Burke to Alexander Marceil, $275,000.

Barton St. S., 1303, No. 207-Thomas J. and Anne Dannaher to Teresa Harris, $260,000.

Buchanan Ct. N., 2022-Gregory J. and Christine L. Kerr to John C. and Philomena Borghard, $655,000.

Columbia Pike, 5300, No. 716-Russell S. Foster to Aymee and Carlos Buzzi, $349,000.

Courthouse Rd. N., 1301, No. 501-Ryan P. Clancy and Erika Kallstrom to Daedalus Holdings Corp., $421,000.

Dickerson St. S., 750, No. 211-Carlos B. and Alicia M. Gamez to Rebecca Zimmerman, $111,000.

Fairfax Dr., 3800, No. 108-Michelle R. Birk and Lisa Germani to Frank J. Birk, $400,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4149, No. 101-Joy Leah Myers to Tri Van Nguyen and Tuyet Thi Thai, $270,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 208-Lizzie Helmig to Valery X. Volkau, $195,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 139-James R. Johnson to Scott J. Nemeroff, $407,500.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. B35-Patrick Freaney to Michael and Keri O’Sullivan, $277,000.

George Mason Dr. N., 610-Clarence A. Ropp Jr. to Daniel McLean and Dana Salter Aldis, $639,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 851, No. 820-Alexander B. and Christina B. Layton to Naga Pradeep Kalla, $569,000.

Granada St. N., 101-Mark Alan and Cynthia Owen Keen to Wassim and Rida Alami, $619,000.

Highland St. N., 516-David A. Katz to Kendell and Karon Gene Pease, $860,000.

Ivy St. S., 717-Jean E. Stoner and Matthew Keeton to Jamie D. Gross and Erik A. Einbinder, $624,900.

Lee Hwy., 4371, No. 401-Wesley M. De Vela to Diana and Rossen Roeva, $235,000.

Lorcom Lane, 4390, No. 402-John M. Howell to Minal M. and Keshav M. Dani, $200,000.

Military Rd., 3607-Lucie Colvin Seward to Katherine S. and Allen Wilson Matheson, $799,000.

Oakland St. N., 2048-William Arthur and Marianne Vicki Lukas to Angela W. Sosdian, $790,000.

Pershing Dr. N., 4320, No. 3-Georgia Sorenson to Maryann Cathrine O’Neill, $212,000.

Queens Lane N., 1737, No. 128-Jeffrey M. Wills to Molly M. Mimier, $310,000.

Quincy St. N., 1807-Koji and Erin Hirota to Thomas Nguyen and Trisha R. Nguyen, $630,000.

Randolph St. N., 1001, No. 322-Amy and Richard Ackerman to Eugene G. and Stephanie D. Lockhart, $343,000.

Rolfe St. S., 909, No. 2-Martin G. Ennis to Colin C. Diefenbach, $355,000.

Taylor St. N., 1050, No. 405-Amanda Gurski to John D. Barth and Michele Ducharme Barth, $341,000.

Taylor St. S., 912-PennyMac Bank to Benjamin and Claire Skidmore, $581,000.

Upland St. N., 2522-James G. Boylan to Andrew and Harsharen Kaur Sellgren, $820,000.

Vermont St. N., 1001, No. 113-Angela M. Capone to Michelle R. Quiroga, $329,900.

Wakefield St. N., 824-Daniel K. and Joanne L. Boice to P.B. and Devasena Reddy, $150,000.

Wayne St. N., 1276, No. 708-Ryan G. and Samia M. Brennan to Eric J. Hanft and Jennifer L. Rockhill, $548,000.

Wise St. S., 128-David D. and Blair Matheson Keene to Lauren M. Kean and Jeffrey M. Turner, $450,000.

Second St. S., 2510-Peter J. Davis and Zoe Davis Rizzuto to Sara A. Bickler and Carl B. Long, $489,000.

Fifth St. S., 3716-Julius C. and Kelly P. Lai to Michael T. and April C. Evans, $700,000.

Ninth St. N., 3830, No. 801E-Christina Macro to Brian and Jacqueline McCauley, $780,000.

11th Rd. S., 5122-Christopher Thomas Nelson to Travis Alan Sloane, $432,000.

15th St. N., 2001, No. 407-Ryan Bullard to Jason Thomas, $569,000.

16th St. S., 3525-Thao Trinh to Jennifer L. Bester, $449,000.

21st Rd. N., 4102-Gregory and Anne Loomis to Jacobo Dib and Lisbeth Urich, $645,000.

27th St. N., 6209-James Edwin and Nicole G. Malcolm to Daniel J. and Alison E. Grantham, $675,000.

31st St. N., 4306-Herbert and Alice E. Sufit to Sterling Capital Corp., $670,000.

36th St. N., 4417-4417 36th Street Corp. to Robert and Pamela Tanenbaum, $2.5 million.


Arlington Ridge Rd. S., 1101, No. 610-Neille Mallon Russell to Willard Lee and Anne L. Edwards, $500,000.

Army Navy Dr., 1300, No. 422-Kevin A. Kernan and Farbod Zarkeshian to Clemente Hinojosa and Veronica Chavez, $370,000.

Eads St. S., 1211, No. 1306-Charles R. Silkett to Ryan Garret Wilson, $400,000.

20th St. S., 606-Daniel A. Troutman to Nicolas F. and Stephanie L. Negretti, $1.2 million.


Greenbrier St. N., 831-Marc A. and Annemarie Selvitelli to Christine Chen, $547,000.

Lexington St. N., 891-Cartus Corp. to Alasdair J. and Abby Bownas, $685,000.

Sixth St. N., 5710-Kevin J. and Heathere Evans Keenan to Jed Karsten Diemond and Josephine Iacuzzo Diemond, $820,000.

11th St. N., 4910-Whitestone Home Improvement to Joseph and Abigail Marchetti, $129,500.


Arlington Blvd., 1730, No. 603-Monet Haeri and Ehsan Soroush to Sasan Oghlidos, $267,700.

Nash St. N., 1881, No. 1510-Ostrich Investments Inc. to Susan Clifton, $1.5 million.

Oak St. N., 1600, No. 318-Hernando and Maria E. Quintero to Kathleen Sheehan, $585,000.

Oak St. N., 1600, No. 815-Gerald and Jeanne Mossinghoff to Julia Jaewon Yoo, $610,000.

Rhodes St. N., 1418, No. 424-Waterford Arlington Corp. to John E. Haberland and Sarah C. Gibb, $759,900.

21st St. N., 1821, No. 4-Marvin D. Hoff to Daniel T. Leonard, $259,800.


Buchanan St. S., 2321-John C. Lawther and Jessica C. Haney to James and Amy Gay, $612,000.

Culpeper St. S., 2448-Robert L. and Virginia H. Klarquist to Xinghuo Wang and Yejun Huang, $510,000.

Stafford St. S., 3151-Nancy Freeman to Michelle M. Martin and Joseph R. Burbo, $495,000.

Wakefield St. S., 3454-Karin I. Nordlander to Monica L. Robbers, $510,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2514, No. 2-Danielle Conboy Notari to Ugur Ozkardesler and Courtney A. Drew, $510,000.

25th St. S., 2311, No. 304-William S. and Karla C. Pezdirtz to Harold Duran and Kristel Cordoba Coats, $349,000.

29th St. S., 4803-Benjamin W. Moeling and Sandra Huang to Harald J. Breitenstein, $415,000.

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