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These sales data were recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments.

Alfred St. N., 529-Catherine Murphy to David C. Taylor and Julia L. Walker, $610,000.

Bellefonte Ave. E., 407-Rudy Digiovanni to J. Garrett McWilliams, $455,000.

Brighton Ct., 3806-Aaron J. Dicaprio to John R. Allers, $445,000.

Cliff St. N., 1711-Monica L. Nemecek to Melissa K. Buchheister, $449,900.

Donovan Dr., 5140-William T. Swigert Jr. to David J. Strine, $610,000.

Edison St., 3728-FFC Properties Corp. to Jennifer L. McDaniel, $290,000.

Fayette St. N., 525, No. 304-Fayette Street Condos Corp. to Janet Valdes Dapena, $335,000.

Furman St. N., 208-Arvindbhai V. Zalavadia and Amy M. Satasia to Nipul Zalavadia, $408,000.

Gunston Rd., 3462-Nathan Adderson to Indra E. Priede, $385,500.

Harrison Cir., 914-Stephen C. Harvey to Patricia A. Harrington, $460,000.

Hillside Terr., 1303-Noreen R. Hill to C. Meade Rhoads Jr. and Margaret I. Kleysteuber, $350,000.

Holland Lane, 309, No. 216-Harry Handelsman to Lane I. Charters, $435,000.

Jamieson Ave., 2121, No. 607-David Samec to Natalie Mayer, $455,000.

John Ticer Dr., 5007-William R. Winkler to Jeffrey M. Prokop, $938,000.

Leadbeater St., 16-James Wilson to John M. Ross, $455,000.

Martha Custis Dr., 1225, No. 1117-Robert W. Custer and Nancy C. McKenzie to Abdallah Bouhabib, $250,000.

Michigan Ct., 1238-Michael Diffley to Taylor Dewey, $585,000.

Nob Hill Ct., 2930-Clois E. Smith and Barbara J. Ernst to Ricardo A. Iglesias, $285,000.

Pearson Lane, 5816-Faye R. Davis to Mihir P. Torsekar, $475,000.

Pitt St. S., 824-Alissa Z. Marglin to Scott Seedorf, $609,500.

Powhatan St., 910, No. 301N-Columbus Street Corp. to Mia T. Masten, $541,900.

Quantrell Ave., 5801, No. T6-Fannie Mae to Jose L. Perea, $81,000.

Randolph Ave. E., 108-Frank P. Pratt Jr. to Christopher S. Denby, $475,000.

Reynolds St. S., 75, No. 215-Latash S. Mason to Blue Homes Ventures Corp., $108,000.

Russell Rd., 2802-Walter E. Hock Sr. to Elias I. Voces III, $499,000.

Stevenson Ave., 6300, No. 621-Launice B. Owens to Andre Bogui, $191,000.

Terrett Ave., 2503-Leon McCann to Bret Gramlich, $837,000.

Thomas St., 410-William B. Baird to Lucia Lodato and John Gubser, $597,500.

Van Dorn St. N., 1565A-Christopher M. Greenlaw to Andrea Summers, $310,000.

Woodmire Lane, 5107-Max R. Youmans to Michael T. Wilhelm, $495,000.


These sales data were recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments.


Arlington Blvd., 2503, No. 7-Geraldine McCann to Jerry Ta, $248,000.

Clarendon Blvd., 2400, No. 603-Joseph T. and Suzanna Brannan to Francois and Marie Maudave, $389,000.

Columbia Pike, 5300, No. 404-Beeren & Barry Investments to Katie Perry, $275,000.

Edgewood St. N., 1046-Donald Michael Abrashoff and Bruce A. Carter to Andrea Manafort, $1.9 million.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4071, No. 201-Amanda M. Stitely to Todd B. and Joseph F. Boessen, $302,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4600, No. 640-James A. Hradsky to Rissa F. Obcemea, $145,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 812-Margaret C. and Gary M. Lefebvre to Bryan P. and Tamara Michele Salek, $591,000.

Henderson Rd. N., 4141, No. 417-Stephanie R. Millian to Amanda Escalante and Patricia E. Spencer, $315,000.

Lee Hwy., 2100, No. 206-Charles Frederick Barenthaler to Timothy A. Miller and Jessica L. Kerr, $378,000.

Lincoln St. N., 2305-Steven J. and Delilah I. Lutgen to Kelly S. and Jason J. Miller, $656,500.

Pershing Dr. N., 4324, No. 3-Richard Dejong to Megan I. McKnight, $210,000.

Quantico St. N., 2513-Corey F. and Katherine L. Huber to Dana Elizabeth Lehr, $750,000.

Randolph St. N., 1000, No. 204-Margaret Nowak to Wen Hu and Chengsheng Jiang, $519,900.

Spout Run Pkwy., 3000, No. C605-Stone Financing Corp. to Brette R. Lawrence, $255,000.

Thomas St. N., 229, No. 103-Andrew Einhorn to Sarah V. Manaker, $339,000.

Veitch St. S., 512-Lakandula and Marina Dorotheo to Nikhil S. Salvi, $460,000.

Wakefield St. N., 716-Mark A. Fowler and Daniel L. Smith to Matthew R. Pestone and Leah A. Twardzik, $570,000.

Wilson Blvd., 1800, No. 315-Jeffrey Ray and Kristen Colleen Hal to Ted and Miriam Nissly, $535,000.

Third St. N., 4607-Richard L. Semiklose and Craig H. Forstater to Scott and Darden Sachs, $650,900.

Seventh St. N., 4400-Dean S. Kimelheim and Rose Ella Slavin to Jaclyn S. and Tyler Laverick, $550,000.

Ninth Rd. N., 3131, No. 41-Michael W. Green to Salim Khoury, $734,000.

13th Rd. S., 2600, No. 396-Noel S. Carman to Daniel P. Reilly, $351,900.

17th St. N., 4618-Sherry Ann Austin to Patrick T. and Heather R. Gutierrez, $705,000.

20th St. S., 3023-Carolee Vanhorn to David E. and Solongo Richardson, $485,000.

28th St. N., 5206-David L. McQuay to Derek J. Guthrie and Jane S. Kim, $618,500.

36th St. N., 6507-Michael J. and Patricia S. Francesconi to Eric C. and Hope C. Krutz, $1.73 million.


Eads St. S., 1211, No. 1803-Prithvi and Kulwant K. Hanspal to Yashspreet Singh Hanspal and Jessica Fantrazos, $334,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3650, No. 349-Jovanka Lukic to Judah Friedman, $248,000.

22nd St. S., 1407-Pescado Corp. to Marla Jean and Christopher Charles Wohlfeld, $839,000.


Jefferson St. N., 627-Edgewood Corp. to David M. Hogan and Cheryl D. Haas, $1.03 million.

Underwood St. N., 1807-Dennis Todd and Heather Hersperger to Veena Reddy and Scott R. Johnson, $900,000.

22nd St. N., 6105-Bruce H. Harmon and Lindsey R. Harmon to Kent and Michael Finnerty, $580,000.


Nash St. N., 1200, No. 251-David G. Robinson and Pavlos Livanios to Jenny Jordan, $500,000.

Oak St. N., 1600, No. 530-Carl F. and Penny L. Pompei to Diarmuid Corry and Orna Tubridy, $540,000.

19th St. N., 1111, No. 1409-Osmar Nunez Vilches to Nigel Parkinson, $599,910.


Buchanan St. S., 2852, No. C2-Patricia M. Jones to Thomas Kelly Kareth, $247,500.

Kenmore Ct. S., 2662-Jacob J. and Alissa M. Repanshek to Nathan and Jacqueline Saettel, $675,000.

Wakefield St. S., 2848C-Barbara E. and John M. Fitzpatrick to Steven and Alisha Holdcroft, $270,000.

25th St. S., 2301, No. 202-Ann Courtney Hopkins Lewis and Carter Hopkins to Jennifer B. and Richard A. Christenson, $275,000.

28th Rd. S., 4657C-Freddie Mac to Kelley M. Grant, $290,000.

35th St. S., 4230-Matthew P. and Elizabeth H. Abrams to William R. and Kristen E. Schaffer, $440,000.