These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit .


Abingdon Dr. W., 1626, No. 302-Jonathan V. Last to John M. Hancock, $264,500.

Alexandria Ave. E., 213-Eric C. Lyttle to William C. Ragland, $732,000.

Avon Pl., 707-Shirley A. Wallace and estate of George Michael Semeniuk to Paul J. Larkin III, $479,000.

Braddock Pl., 1200, No. 507-Eugene K. Hopkins to Vito Su, $320,000.

Brighton Ct., 3842-Elliott Gaskins to Joshua S. Braun, $484,500.

Cameron Station Blvd., 400, No. 434-John C. Geis to Jonathan Lee, $325,000.

Colonial Ave., 1141-Brendan J. Dallas to Laura Gray, $575,000.

Custis Ave. E., 610-Pulte Home Corp. to Elissa M. Scannell, $1.2 million.

Donovan Dr., 4909-Peter M. McLaughlin to Richard L. Ohlemacher, $865,000.

Duke St., 4600, No. 1426-Clemencia C. Ferguson to Steven Hertenstein, $157,000.

Edsall Rd., 6101, No. 404-Melvin L. Menns to Evan Allen, $203,000.

Franklin Ct., 2712-Douglas A. Simon to Susan Neilson, $509,000.

Franklin St., 726-Sandor Karacsony to Stephen McNamara, $509,000.

Glebe Rd. W., 838-Edward J. Avila and Anthony J. Dicanio to Faiza Baluch, $562,000.

Groves Ave., 10-Michael G. Fowler and Jeremy L. Stewart to Jeffrey K. Emory, $820,000.

Hampton Dr. N., 3101, No. 1117-Charles T. Ackerman to Leslie Carbone, $375,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 4503-Mary A. Lucero to Edward S. Byrne, $311,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5355-Michael A. Suarez to Kathryn Flachsbart Akins, $439,900.

Ingle Pl., 104-David T. Morris to Harold B. Harris, $425,000.

Jason Ave., 3813-Braxton T. Coombs to Ginsburg Appel, $375,000.

Kell Lane, 4676-Casie Guidry to Robert A. Dunk, $556,500.

Kinsey Lane, 4657-Matthew D. Fleming to Kara Chaffin, $575,000.

Lee St. N., 125, No. DH208-Marilyn M. Young to James Hamlin, $429,343.

Leslie Ave., 1811-Patricia U. Goodman to Deenita D. Moak, $585,000.

Longstreet Lane, 4673, No. 304-Brandon C. Mason to Michael B. Wilson, $404,000.

Maplewood Pl., 2909-David R. Bowes to Thomas F. Murphy III, $680,000.

Martha Custis Dr., 3138, No. 224-Jennifer Cox to Carmen Ferro, $254,000.

Masonic View Ave. W., 7-Henry J. Reske to Marianne K. Albin and William G. Breckenfeld, $666,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 133-Todd Marshburn to Ka C. Leung, $445,000.

Park Rd., 305-Robert M. Schoenhaus to Pamela A. Mielnik, $929,000.

Pelham St. N., 1011-Ronald K. Shamblin to Zachariah Lucas, $569,900.

Pickett St. S., 253, No. 401-National Residential Nominee to Pedro Marronetti, $340,000.

Pitt St. S., 701-C. T. Moseley to Roger L. Demik, $1.19 million.

Randolph Ave. E., 120-Patricia A. Smith Dowdell and estate of Grace R. Buckley to Windmill Hill Corp., $600,000.

Ripon Pl., 1625-Andy Q. Zhang to Douglas M. Gray, $299,000.

Russell Rd., 1219-Jeffrey Liesemer to Radames Pena Jordan, $834,900.

Saint Stephens Rd., 1201-Charles Paul Ziegler to Keith J. Lipton, $800,000.

Slaters Lane, 828, No. 201-Nikesh Jindal to Valerie R. L. Piselli, $559,000.

Strutfield Lane, 4560, No. 1308-Sarah V. Weise to Timothy M. Vanhouten, $299,000.

Terrill St. N., 1015-Arthur E. Davis to Leala McCollum, $570,500.

Uhler Terr., 107-William E. Zidbeck to Charles E. Patrick, $825,000.

Van Dorn St. N., 1647A-Kun S. Luu to William A. Publicover, $359,000.

Virginia Ave., 1001-John P. Merrill to Joy M. and Jon J. Cameron, $685,000.

West St. S., 320, No. 303-Soraya M. Alliss Laplace to William P. Warren, $647,500.

Yoakum Pkwy., 307, No. 504-R. Rene Dupuy to Brenda J. Edgerton, $185,000.


Beauregard St. N., 301, No. 502-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gustavo A. Nina Arnez and Claudia Camacho, $120,000.

Morgan St. N., 6030-Mary E. Firor to Kaushik Chakrabarti, $499,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit .


Albemarle St. N., 3712-Kenneth W. Branch to Charles D. Dilks, $1.39 million.

Barton St. S., 1210, No. 319-Dyann S. Bishop to Michael Lachowicz, $275,000.

Brandywine St. N., 2156-Christopher J. Pisamo and Audrey E. Noonan to Stewart M. Johnston, $500,000.

Calvert St. N., 2050, No. 406-Bryan Fork to Betina Vega Dimaranan, $375,000.

Edgewood St. S., 1401, No. 485-Andrew P. Reynolds to Renee Lurker and Zachary Carr, $399,000.

Fairfax Dr., 7009-Stuart Nelson Hecker to Michael Whipple, $599,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4061, No. 301-Michael P. Fordiani to Darcey C. Krug, $316,500.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4091, No. 403-Michelle Scavello Beckman to April Grace Aytona, $383,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 811-Alexander Shegai to Chang He and Yang Sun, $233,000.

Frederick St. N., 409-Banks Custom Homes Inc. to George Clark, $1.04 million.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 326-Christopher Larsen to Robert Chaidze, $679,989.

Garfield St. N., 1201, No. 302-Jui Hung Wei to Kristin Panzarella, $450,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 851, No. 1315-Carolina Valle to Michiko Yamamoto Ebanks, $380,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 2043-Marie B. Barton to Kirsten M. Duncan, $459,000.

Henderson Rd. N., 4141, No. 723-Anna Gutnik to Kathleen C. Waugh, $420,000.

Lexington St. N., 2612-Laura A. Vikander to Steven G. Hearne, $1.08 million.

Military Rd., 3165-Showman Homes Corp. to Howard T. Minners, $1.44 million.

Ode St. S., 909-Patricia Lou Sutter to Victoria McFadden, $349,000.

Pollard St. N., 880, No. 624-Hilbrand Edwin Romeijn to Nelly Hong, $530,000.

Quincy St. N., 888, No. 303-William C. Clark to Amanda B. Robinson, $410,000.

Randolph St. N., 1001, No. 608-Jason T. Schwarz to Bhavna and Kusam Lata Dhir, $366,000.

Randolph St. S., 1307-Joseph P. Jaworski and Jill C. Beidleman to Perry A. Meyer Trust, $690,000.

Rock Spring Rd., 4957-BCN Ventures 4 Corp. to Paul Domson, $850,000.

Stafford St. N., 900, No. 2426-Adam T. Severt to Christopher J. Ryan, $513,000.

Taylor St. N., 900, No. 516-Robert Leland Bixby and estate of Robert O.F. Bixby to Jack J. Bottash, $150,000.

Taylor St. N., 1908-BCN Ventures 1 Corp. to Robert B. Fox, $1.45 million.

Thomas St. N., 256, No. 256-3-Kimberly Stergulz Presland to Robert L. Marsh, $198,000.

Utah St. N., 1024, No. 625-Jessica Colbert Moore to Chuyuan Zhong, $349,000.

Venice St. N., 3483-Carl W. Hurst III and Catherine Hurst Debenedetto to 836 Whann Avenue Corp., $1.07 million.

Wakefield St. N., 1725-Patrick Oliverio to Dennis Paul Sweeney, $862,000.

Washington Blvd., 3515, No. 316-Donellen S. Schlosser to Benjamin J. Buker, $310,000.

Westmoreland St. N., 2200, No. 432-Edgar A. Zayas to Andrew J. Underwood, $530,000.

Woodrow St. N., 809-Jordan Manor Wakefield Corp. to Emre Nizameddin Uremez Ilter, $897,870.

Yorktown Blvd., 5105-Raymond A. Cramer to Henry Brown Cribbs III, $615,000.

Third St. S., 3612-Miriam B. Lipscomb to Robert Carl Watson, $389,900.

Fifth St. S., 3601, No. 303-David Schmitt to David J. Gamble Jr., $225,000.

Sixth St. S., 4613-James A. Jacobs to Christopher Cassatt, $825,000.

Eighth Rd. S., 5101, No. 313-Hui Sheng Wang to Marta Martinez, $130,000.

Ninth St. N., 3830, No. 709E-Overbrook Lot 19 Corp. to Elizabeth Tran, $525,000.

Ninth St. S., 3417-2DJ Corp. to Robert Alan Mackay, $1.05 million.

11th St. N., 2859-Michael W. Hutchinson to Ruth Chisnell MacNamara, $1.39 million.

14th St. N., 2330, No. 402-Frederick T. Stocker to James M. Fagan, $757,000.

15th St. N., 2001, No. 405-Daniel Joe Hatem to Gerald J. Shields, $465,000.

18th St. S., 2905-Richard L. Bragunier to Maya A. Hermann, $515,000.

20th Ct. S., 3019-John F. Fortwangler to Omar Tazi Mokha, $463,000.

23rd St. N., 4118-Kathryn G. Butler to Candace Bryan Abbey, $650,000.

27th St. N., 3608-Warren H. Amason Jr. to Christopher Finger, $1.38 million.

36th St. N., 5065-BCN Ventures 3 Corp. to Robert Andreev, $1.83 million.


Crystal Dr., 1300, No. 1707S-Joan K. Jordano to Johan Huldtgren, $550,000.

Eads St. S., 2416-Christopher Hayes Pruitt to Thomas Dunbar, $799,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3650, No. 355-Mary Ann D. Aker to Robert A. Miller, $330,900.

19th St. S., 601-601 19th St. Corp. to Amy Elaine Bryant and Joshua Kane Cancel, $635,000.

21st St. S., 1100-William R. Stiff to Jay M. Burcham, $1.05 million.

26th St. S., 907-Stephen Mark Louis Watmore to Fergus Oxley, $652,010.


Lexington St. N., 2217-Leighton L. Thomas to Daniel Stuart Phelan, $615,000.

Sycamore St. N., 2119-Robert A. Bateman to Kevin P. Starace and Kylie H. Walker, $587,000.

Ninth St. N., 5131-Alex Sun and Scott Shay to Amy Rasmussen and Jeremy Chaillet, $900,000.

15th Rd. N., 5822-Tara A. Wilcox to William J. Johnson, $615,000.

19th Rd. N., 6047-Stone Financing Corp. to Gregory R. Singleton, $800,000.

22nd St. N., 6105-Kent and Michael Finnerty to Suzanne Kathryn Philion and James Paul Claus Eberhard, $1.46 million.


Nash St. N., 1881, No. 2210-Shaun P. Gilmore to Maelliott Corp., $2.5 million.

Queen St. N., 1615, No. M603-Michael D. Green to Gregory A. Riegle, $1.52 million.


Arlington Mill Dr. S., 2572F, No. 6-Richard L. Knowles Jr. to Mary I. Slonina, $469,900.

Meade St. S., 2810-Michael L. Albrittain to Bethany Pepper, $385,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2418, No. 3-Rudi R. Ottina to Paul A. Bonsiero, $525,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2546, No. 3-Jody M. Beasley to Andrew D. Bennett, $438,000.

28th Rd. S., 4640A, No. A-Stephen M. Hammel to Oscar A. Maradiaga and Christine Varela, $310,000.

36th St. S., 4210, No. B1-Brittanny M. Wildman to Myles Martin Jr., $264,900.